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Adorkable Sunshine

"Someone Wise Once Told Me To Write What's In My Heart So - Blood, Valves And Cholesterol."


Fluttershy loses somepony close to her heart, as Dash gets a view from her soft spoken friend she did not expect.

We all must face a dark day, how we act truly defines who we are.

This Story Is A Gift For Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever. She Lost An Animal Friend Lately And I Pray She Will Find Her Beauty Again.

Lovely Art By Timekept.

Made Popular On 1/19/18
Featured On 1/19/18

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That's pretty good

Even sassy animals have a soul, they might act grumpy to some but in the end the know love and compassion.

Thank you as well.:twilightsmile:

Faces fade and the noise comes to a stop, ponies gathered around the plot. one by one did they walk away, to be seen again on a better day. First the blurs and then the friends, each giving broken words that did their best to mend.


This was an amazing story thanks, Adorkable you’re the best! Yes I did cry a bit but at the end it taught me a lesson to always show my beauty.

Already 13 likes on this story and it only came out an hour ago! :yay: I think this story is going to be featured.

Edit: Looks like I was right this story just got featured on the Fimfiction box.

A good message, if a little short perhaps.

I saw a very interesting take on this concept done in another story. Angel bunny had passed on and Fluttershy was holding a small ceremony with a few close friends. At the end of it all however, she opened up a little basket with a tiny baby rabbit inside and named the new bunny Angel, with the implication that this was not the first time this had happened, that rabbits in Equestria live about as long as normal ones and that she keeps taking on a new Angel bunny every few years to ease the grief. It wasn't exactly a healthy thing to be doing, but I thought it was interesting and this reminded me of it.

Wow!:fluttercry: this is gold!
have my like!

How come I get the feeling that the likes are from people who are glad Angel is dead.

I sure hope not, the poor creature is just sassy. Not a horrible crime by any point.

I'm happy you enjoyed this, I know the pain of losing a friend. But the world always has more love to share, we need to just be patient.

Thank you.

:pinkiesmile: Awww thank you.

That sounds like a interesting tale, if you find the tale by any chance share the name. I'd enjoy checking it out.

I know it's a bit short, but I wanted it to be just that.

Short and sweet, to the point and hopefully with a message that sticks with you.

Amazing... I mean... Flutter Shy is just so in her character. I was really sad though. Good job. Angel is amazing and I love him. Who wouldn't love a ball of white fur that has some attitude. *Actually I know a lot of people who hate him but I still don't.*

Thank you so much!

Yes I see Fluttershy as a caring and very mature pony, one who would not dwell on the sadness but celebrate the life that once was.

I adore Angel, he is only sassy because he wants Fluttershy to not be walked over, he in a way is like any friend who just wishes happiness for thier loved ones before they go.

Aweeeeeeee poor Angel!

Speaking as a writer that's written about the pain of loss, heartache and all the other things that dampen one's day, I have to say this was pretty smart writing. I lost a friend to cancer eleven years ago and there's not a day that goes by when I don't miss him. The good memories of him stay with me and take the sting off. This story reminded me of this. Great job.:yay:

ANGEL!!!!!!! This was really good, especially since its for Puppy.

It’s been a while since I looked at these comments about the story. I have almost found my beauty I’m kinda getting there.

That's good. I would ask how Ellie is but...

Yeah she’s doing fine with Cougar up in heaven.

You interrupted me reading 'My Little Trixie'! But that's good.

I will! It's really good.

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