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Because she's not that good.

Like Really...

Really not that good at her job.

Sequel to Luna Saves Equestria In Her Sleep

Made Popular On 5/31/18

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:yay: Sister sequel!

Thus we know Celestia is a real princess, because if she were faking, everypony would know it.

Lol, I laughed so hard on this one! Bravo, sister! You still got it!

She gave the acting preformance Equestria needed, but not the one they deserved.:trollestia:

That was cringeworthy... well done.

When unable to settle things with poise, just wing it with cringe.:trollestia:

the thoughts of starving ponies filling her with glee.

(Well done, bae!)


Now write "Cadance saves Equestria with baby pictures"

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