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Smolder and Spike hang out in a makeshift lair to discuss life or stir up a little trouble. Just a place to escape Equestria and chill, or in this case burn stuff.

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Always nice to see Spike getting to behave more dragon-like.

I enjoy him hanging out with his peers too, little guy deserves his chill out time.:moustache:

Cool to see Spike hanging out with big dragon sis like this! :moustache::heart:

To the left a homemade workout area created solely out of twisted metal, rusted pipes, and rotted wood. She was indeed a work of art, which she dared not to touch yet due to tetanus.

Hey, like anybody really needs that much of an excuse to get out of exercising, am I right? :trollestia:

Hey, my upvote just triggered the magic number to reveal the vote count.

So far, you are at a very beautiful 10 up / 0 down.

I think people like what they are reading so far :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

EVERYONE needs that space away from everyone and thing, sooner or later
If someone says they don't, they are either a lier or to be avoided like someone that says they aren't afraid when in combat.

"Whatever dork."

Tracking this for this line alone

Awww, great first chapter!

A very good first chapter! I look forward to reading more.

Not a bad start. I'm gonna keep my eye on this one.

So when do we get to see Dirk the Daring?

Darn it! I was just about to make that reference! Aw well, gotta be faster next time.

Well we haven't heard any screaming yet so I guess he's running late?:rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

an interesting start
wonder when the other two are coming into the picture

Will there be more chapters of this cool story soon?

Will this continue?

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