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"Are all these... yours?" Fluttershy asked Ember about the dragon eggs. "No... none of them are!" she denied. But what if this wasn't just a lie, but a BIG lie...?

Takes place straight after the episode Sweet And Smoky.

Featured from 29/5/19 to 30/5/19

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Poor Smolder!

Better hope Smolder never becomes dragon lord someday. :twilightoops:

Indeed. :derpyderp1:

Yep. Sounds a bit too much, to me... :rainbowhuh:

:moustache: I got the blood stone scepter ......
:raritystarry: I feel so divine Spikey Wikey!!!!!!

:yay: See Twilight I was right...babies lots and lots of cute babies


Ha! All hail the Dragon Lord; mother of the new gen of dragons. Wonder if we'll see them in Gen 5?

Who knows? The leaks can't reveal everything... I hope. :moustache:

*reads the title*

I see what you did there.:ajsmug:

Yep. :coolphoto:

I don't think you have anything to worry about there... :raritywink:

Wow, just wow!:twilightoops:

And yeah, quite the bomb to drop on Smolder on their way out. :rainbowlaugh:

Ember is Better mother of dragons then human mother

Dunno why but I never liked the idea of Ember being a wore, I just can't picture her like that :V

Bit of a shock yeah... :pinkiegasp:

Perhaps... :unsuresweetie:

I wouldn't describe it like that, she's just doing her best to help her species. Different cultures, and all that. This fic is not meant to taken too seriously anyway, it was just a bit of fun based on that adorable scene in the episode when Fluttershy made her blush. :twilightblush:

Sorry, never watched GoT, so all I know is Dragon mothers make better mothers then human ones... because they gave birth to them.

Hmm interesting point... :moustache:

Yeah, I know but you're the only one that put it like that the others I've seen just do what they want and don't bother with explaining

Well, I like to think I'm more descriptive than that. Everything has a cause and reason, after all. :rainbowderp:

Okay, you said to me comment on Bellow. LOL

Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you found it funny. :rainbowlaugh:

Knew it wouldn't be long before someone addressed this.

Thankfully Spike didn't accept becoming Dragon Lord, can you imagine what Twilight would say if he was a father of many baby dragons as well? XD. It would be true chaos. LOL

Actually, if you read the story closely, what happens with drakes after the coronation is slightly different. A tad unfair, but that's the way it works. Look at Ember's father for instance...

But you're right, it would be chaos incarnate having that many hatchlings around the School of Friendship. :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah I know about the context of the story, that's why I thought what would happen if Spike was on that situation LOL.

Now Ember has to deal with how to become a good mother or just a mother XD. Why do I have a feeling she will ask help to Torax?

Yeah, that would open up a whole new lot of possibilities.

We could even have a spin-off show... Ember, Thorax And The Thousand Hatchlings. Hey, get me Hasbro on the phone. :duck:

Ember asking Thorax for parenting advice. This is a wonderful idea. Do it.



I would like to see an alternative story about that thousand hatchlings would be in fact all from Thorax and Maybe Phenrix LOL.


If I think I can turn the central idea into a half-decent fic, and enough people want to read it, who knows? :raritywink:

Well, many times you write a story it gets featured, so, of course, there is a lot of people who like to read your stories. XD

Well, thanks for noticing, but just because a person writes a story that's popular it doesn't mean the rest of their fics would be as well received. Or maybe if I wrote about less popular characters than the ones featured here, it wouldn't get as much attention. Basically, I try and appreciate whatever readers I can get, and do my utmost to write the best stories I can for them, whatever they're about. :twistnerd:

So with Applejack and Rarity a thing and Ember being all Mother Teresa that leaves the option for Spike: Smolder.

I know this is supposed to be a joke premise but wouldn’t dragons be worried about inbreeding if everyone literally has the same mother? It’s the equivalent of having step-kids marry each other.
Still funny though.

As I said before, this fic is just a bit of fun based on the scene where Fluttershy makes Ember blush in the latest episode, and is not meant to be taken too seriously. I'm glad it amused you, though. :yay:

The conversation that took place in this story was a little too technical and maybe a little too uncomfortable for me to find it very funny. I don't know. I felt like I was sitting through a biology lecture as opposed to a short story. :ajsleepy:

9651301 Well Ember had to explain the reason behind the situation somehow, and I can’t see any other way she could’ve done it. Thanks for reading anyway :scootangel:

Ships, ships everywhere... it’s like I’m at sea. :twilightoops:


Ember chuckled uproariously at Spike's understandable confusion, and once her violet laughter fire had died down, answered him as best as she could. "[...]. Just think though, Spike... if you were here when my breeding instincts were at their peak, you might have a few little ones of your own to look after now! Missed out there, didn't you?"

This quote, right here :rainbowlaugh:

I thought, considering your username, you might've appreciated it :raritywink:

Oh I do, I’ve said several times that their should be an absurd tag as random doesn’t seem to capture it sometimes.

I'd love to see a continuation of this fic, after Ember and Garble had sorted the hatchlings and figured out which belongs to who (father-wise).

Didn’t hate, nor did I like it. It is rare a story like this just leaves me confused more then anything.

Leaning more towards not a fan but won’t dislike it just move on Neutral. Damn this odd.

I see. Well, at least I generated some kind of emotional response, even if it was bewilderment. Thanks for reading! :rainbowdetermined2:


If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you should never say never... :rainbowwild:

Who said never?

It means: I'll never say I won't write a sequel, because I might one day. :rainbowkiss:

Have a like. I just wasn’t sure what to comment about

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