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RariJack is OTP. If you disagree with me, I'm going to come to your house and shit in your mouth.

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I like your profile pic, the Gadston flag is always good to see.

Son, I'm going to need some sauce on your profile picture.

Sorry for not replying to this comment sooner. This is the first comment I received on my account directly, so I never checked my front page. To answer your question, it was a combination of many different things.
1. The grammar was atrocious. I'm not one of those people who freak out about a couple spelling mistakes, but almost every single sentence had some vomit inducing butchering of my holy language.
2. Literally everyone was OOT. I mean everyone, and I even count the ones that didn't talk because they could have done something.
3. The writer was an arrogant shit. He was so pumped up on his artificially bloated ego, he literally censored people in the comments for not liking it. When I get constructive criticism, I embrace it because it's a learning opportunity. Oversensitive pansies like the writer deserve no sympathy from me. If he wasn't being such a cocksucker, I probably wouldn't have even commented. I loathe these sub-bricks who have mouths bigger than their brains.

I know it was published a few months ago, but WHY did you hate “Marks for Effort: Twilight’s Reprimanding” again? Don’t just say it’s liquid shit, I really want to hear specific reasons WHY you think it’s terrible. Is it the characterization? The plot? Or did you just not like the episode?

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