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An airship wreck leaves Rainbow Dash and Rarity stranded on a deserted island. Together, they must find a way to survive until help comes.

If it comes.

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Is this the daily?

This is the daily, isn't it?

Bring on the RariDash.

Don't have time right now but always interested in something RariDash, so when I have time I'll read it.

I love raridash, therefore I love this. Moar soon? :pinkiehappy:

It'll be a daily fic for as long as I can keep it going, so hopefully!

This is so good, can't wait for the next chapter!

This is off to a promising start. I enjoyed the build up to the flight and the interactions between Rarity and Rainbow have been a lot of fun.

The Twin

Really like this story, the interactions are great and the characters are perfect. Good job :pinkiehappy:

Dat stewardess.

Jetstream is way too happy, and also a pegasus. She's going to die, isn't she?

She'll get Rainbow to the spa and then get shitfaced drunk together, won't they? :rainbowlaugh:

And then rarity got shitfaced:raritydespair:

“Wrong A-word,” Rainbow muttered, abandoning the argument and finding something else to focus her ire on.

Yeah, Rares. The correct term for referring to Rainbow Dash is adoracute. Don't you know anything?

I mean, my love for Ace Combat is well known...

Yeeee Dashie in a tennis dress.:rainbowkiss:

The Twin

Huh... thought either Rainbow was gonna win or they'd tie, I wasn't expecting Rarity to win so easily... and you even made it believable that she did, good job.

Alas, poor Rainbow Dash. She was never seen again... :ajsmug:

I'd feel sorry for Rainbow, but she needs this, deserves this, and secretly enjoys it to boot.

She's going to melt like putty and bashfully try to deny it in the cutest way possible, ain't she? :rainbowkiss:

Gonna turn Rainbow Dash into Putty Dash.

I believe you're doing very well. :rainbowdetermined2: Keep up the good work. :raritywink:

Rarity will SO pamper Rainbow with a nice massage once they crash and all.

Ferry, however, looked like he was going to be sick. “Ugh, I hate this part about airship travel,” he muttered, resting his forehooves against his temples. “What even was that?”

Well, it could be pirates or bad weather, but personally? My money's on a space kraken.

I think it is a little bit early to be 'kraken' jokes. :pinkiesmile:


I love this story already.

God, I really love the way you write Rarity and Rainbow. This is a good fic.

Kinda like Pinkie Pie, except with less diabetes

Yep, definitely sticking with this story now. Best line ever.

Oh, finally! Well, not that their time on the ship hadn't been cute and all, but I want to get to the meat if it too :pinkiehappy:

Is it Sky pirates?:pinkiehappy:
Is it bad that I hope it's sky pirates?

Fun times, dead ahead.

Alright, just straight up killing ponies.

Hope we get some Rainbow/Rarity Vs. pirate action in the future.

Oh c'mon, don't make the classic Daring Do maneuver and break her wing, it'd be too cliché :derpytongue2:

Other than that, damn. Didn't expect pirates. This certainly became considerably more interesting :rainbowdetermined2:

Agh. Bloody called it - distressed ship posing as bait.

Now this is gonna get really interesting.

Interesting that Squall recognized Rainbow Dash as an Element bearer, without mention of her Wonderbolt status.

Am I bad for loving Squall for that snarkastic retort? Because damn :rainbowlaugh:

RIP ship.

She struck keel in the nose, forcing him back

Needs to be capitalized.

Well, most likely a snapping cable made their lives hell right now. Or maybe saved them.

that one dislike you have is because of some guy who wanted first

The Twin
Called it Sky pirates! That being said I hope the captain is ok, can You survive a stab to the neck?

The Twin
Ah the old we don't have time to do things safely so we'll just fly into a hurricane plan, while It always backfired It does show that Squall cares more about the profit then the passengers and her crew.

The Twin
Couldn't have said it better myself

So Rainbow has a completely busted wing and Rarity cracked her horn to get them together. Crap, let's hope they can recover after that.

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