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The Infinity Doctor

Remember, the future starts, with YOU!


The life of a self-sustaining, Shock Jockey-powered horse isn't a very lively one...he stands, and he walks, that was about it- until an angel presents him with the opportunity to escape his torment. Now, a new lease on life, he sets out to explore the new land spread before him.

Bioshock Infinite crossover

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 22 )

Intresting, I will give it a read.

Seems promising. Do continue.

Comment posted by Saint Henry The Pig deleted Jul 19th, 2014
Comment posted by Saint Henry The Pig deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

sorry got thirty updated stories and im basically perma grounded . so i aint got time for much reading or writing.

This is actually very clever, and very well written. The chapters are ridiculously short, though.

4791511 Thank you, I'm actually trying to work on making them longer :pinkiesmile:. I like reading long chapters, though sometimes I can't write them as long as I want :twilightblush:

I think your story looks good. Sorry for the late comment.:twilightblush:

No *hides from turrets*

Intresting... Sorta

He got hit with a flower pot?

This was in the portal crossover folder thought you may want to know.


6515915 Well, I put it there, since there're turrets involved, was I not supposed to do that?

well this Automated Stallion seems terrifying.

Quite interesting so far.

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