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There are many things Booker DeWitt could be described as- a drunkard, a gambler, a professional in his field, and on occasion, a loving father. Contracted by a mysterious client, Booker and his three-year-old daughter find themselves in Equestria. Stranded, and no way back to America in the foreseeable future, Booker and Anna now must adjust to life in Equestria. But everything happens for a reason, as Booker will soon come to realize.

*Character tags to be added as the story progresses*

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I see it got approved. :twilightsmile: Sorry again for not being that much help.

So far so good.

This is spindling itself very much RPG-ishly.

This sounds a bit weird coming from an inFAMOUS fan, but I am really interested in this. Keep it up.

P.S. Troy Baker is awesome.

I fully understand why you set it in this episode.
I like it all the more because of it.

4973948 Those ever so very familiar ponies in the background.
You know the ones.
With the birdcage.
*Evil laugh*

What is this a crossover of?

Bioshock Infinite (sort of)

I'm expecting the Lutece ponies to turn up at some point.

5009042 Bioshock infinite,Well...The protagonist of infinite,Post bioshock infinite.

I sold you... I... sold you

That's all I could see going through Booker's mind at that point

when hearing about how Rainbow situation where she basically sold her best friend

Huh, filler chapter, that's cool.

I wonder...
Tirek drains magic, but Vigors are a middle between science and magic, so would Tirek be able to drain Booker?

5075857 Technically he could, but I suppose he'd get very little out of it- like a changeling draining love from a bitter pony, or something comparable to that...I think...:rainbowderp:

5075865 I wa thinking it'd be like puttin an alkaline into a glass container.

I'm expecting deadly amounts of D'aww when Anna meets Dinky.

Question on the the whole salt/eve usage. Do you plan on having Booker's salt refill over a long time or will it only refill with salt containers?

5166091 I was planning to explain that in a future chapter- but yes, his salts will need time to recharge

Quick question: how old is Anna in this story?

What is this a crossover of?

Comment posted by Hellblazer deleted Jan 31st, 2016
Comment posted by Hellblazer deleted Jan 31st, 2016


It in fact does not state so in the description. I didn't know either intill I read your comment.

5268325 No, it's not stated in the description. And assuming that people are ignorant for not knowing what the crossover is with just because the game is "popular" is quite rude, mate. Tone that down a notch.

5268167 1893 was the official start of the game, and Booker and Anna were sent to Equestria in 1896, so Anna is about four years old.

5270670 Okay, thank you. For some reason I kept picturing her as a very smart baby.

5009196 it's physically impossible to stop them from doing so.

5364309 I meant WITH the human Luteces as well.

oh God... Booker isn't going to pork Derpy is he

5396389 Nooooooooo? Why in the world(s) would Booker do something like that, and especially in this situation?

Because that's how a lot of these stories end up. Sorry, just wanted to be sure:twilightsmile:

Hey... can Anna still make Tears

5428504 No, the only reason Anna/Elizabeth could make tears in the first place was because her pinkie was severed when Comstock took Anna away from Booker.

Ah. So that never happened. Does that mean all the other Infinite timelines were erased> (I pose that as a question... my question mark is busted)

I reached the end of the game you see, but didn't get it... so the other Elisabeths do what they did to booker... it was just confusing

5430154 All of the Elizabeths drowned Booker to prevent him from making a choice, if he died before he could make the decision regarding the baptism, then Comstock never exists, as well as a future Booker.

This is starting to go into Dark Tower territory...

Huh. Just finished Infinite yesterday and now I see this. 10/10 would read again

I'm going to guess that Shock Jockey's cutie mark is her logo.
Also, Devil's Kiss will obviously be a dragon, the ram one I forget the name of will be a minotaur, Undertow will be a sea-pony (I'm gonna say a Kelpie in the same style as Mistguard http://mistguards-burrow.tumblr.com/image/103457250760)

I have to ask though, will you use that Winter's Breath plasmid(despite being bottled like a vigor) from Burial at Sea?

5766614 No, I was not planning to use any of the plasmids from Burial at Sea, if only because I thought that the Vigor plus the plasmids were a bit overkill.

5767637 I only suggest the new one from part 1 because A) No-one can deny that it's really a vigor, as plasmids were injections, while this was to be drank, and B) It was used by Booker DeWitt, formerly Father Comstock, formerly Booker DeWitt.
I always found it odd how the main game was a colossal, overly intricate experiment of the Luteces, but the first extension was them helping Elisabeth remove the last traces of Comstock and the second was them establishing, revealing and maintaining connections between Columbia and Rapture.

Great job, keep up the great work. Also why is it in most stories when a non-native to their world arrives, Twiglight's first instinct is to steal their equipment, and then proceed to fuck with it without knowing what they do? Just wondering because I see this way to often.

6822052 There will be another one, I promise :)

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