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MLP/Vampire: The Masquerade Crossover

A dead man, with a living will. Baptized in blood, he could rule the night. Until this denizen of a World of Darkness awakened one evening in a World of Light. How will the Princess of the Moon react to a night predator? What dark secrets haunt this displaced son of Caine? Can Equestria tolerate his existence? Or will his grisly thirst lead to Final Death?

A Story of Personal Horror.

Chapters (15)
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5552168 considering what has been written so far he is probably either a Tremere or a Ventrue, personally I'm leaning toward Venture.

I love the story, keep up the good work! :D

5552601 I'm actually leaning toward Tremere seeing as he used Auspex in the cave and just showed he knows dominate and those are 2 of the Tremere's starting disciplines along with my favorite if he was taught it Thaumaturgy

Looking forward to more.

“So are doing something this weeken- HEY!”

So are you doing somthing

very enjoyable chapter I do so love WoD vampires at least Old WoD Vampires

Intentional or not, I see a Pirates of the Caribbean reference in there.

5655006 It was unintentional, then. Where exactly?


“I'm listening,” said Dougal, neutrally.
Her sword swung through the air. Tip came to rest against Dougal's throat.
Dougal noted the blade. Felt it against his skin. He gulped, mildly concerned. “I am listening intently.”

this part, from where Elizabeth has the gun pointed at the guy in "dead man's chest"

5660455 Oh right! I completely forgot about that!:twilightsmile:

one human-like creature with prominent horns.

HA a Gargoyle awesome so he is a Tremere

I'm loving the story. Douglal is a badass, even if his backstory is super sad.

5744582 And we haven't even gotten to his Embrace, yet.

Great chapter. Not much that I can say right now, but I like the progression.

5758142 Originally, there was another scene advancing the plot more. But when I finished writing it, this chapter ballooned from twelve to over twenty pages. So I instead chopped it off, and have it set for the next chapter. I'll add a bit more, and probably have it out tonight or tomorrow.

5758205 Sounds awesome man, can't wait.

Damn attacked by what I'm assuming is a Tzimisce and his ghouls would be pretty fucking terrifying.

5758901 Which is why it's all the worse that it's not mere ghouls.

Getting good an exciting! Hope the next chapter comes soon!

Gangrel, Timi and maybe a Nosferatu.
Suck to be on the bad side of the sabbath.

It's getting good! (Specifically reffering to the flashbacks here.)

That guy calling Dempsey a mouse immediately made me think of the movie Mouse Hunt, for some odd reason

holy hell, i just realize that Dougal work for the Giovanni... it's not going to end well for the group who attack them ( I assume they are Sabbath)

5777837 well he was working for the Italian mob and in World of Darkness 90%+ of mob leaders work for clan Giovanni

5778004 Not necessarily. Many do, but they hardly corner the market on organized crime.

White Wolf released a book called World Of Darkness: Mafia sometime in the early 2000s that handled members of the (Sicilian) mafia in the World of Darkness. It outright stated it was working a more romantic image of the mafia, as opposed to the one in Real Life that is a crumbling shell of its former self. In the oWoD, the mafia as we know it still exists as a force in organized crime, though it has to compete with the Russian Mafiya, the Asian Triads and Tongs, the South American Cartels, and of course the Giovanni, who are a distinct group. It also handles how the mafia connects and/or interacts with the various other supernatural creatures. One of its suggested plots is having the local mafia don call upon the supernaturals within his ranks and have them work as a group, not knowing that the various types hate each other and would have a lot of drama in the course of doing their duty to the family.

5778004 Although, that doesn't mean various mob bosses aren't under the thumb of one vampire or another. It's usually a Ventrue or Brujah or even Lasombra...the latter which can cause tension between a Lasombra's loyalty to the family versus loyalty to the sect, whether that is Sabbat or Camarilla antitribu.

5778695 my mistake probably just misunderstood my ST when he described them also another player was giving his opinion and he exaggerates groups to the extreme, I still internally facepalm when he talks about how he believes the Mechanicus works in 40k.

5778724 Honestly, like all things in the Storyteller system, the Storyteller has the final say on what is true in their game. That said, I personally find it sort of limiting to have one group be entirely in charge of one thing, or to have something be true of all instances in a group (other than obvious things, like clan weaknesses). The Ravnos as a clan were held back for years by the image White Wolf had for them as just being vampire Gypsies. Then again, for a while there White Wolf was generally culturally insensitive to Romani peoples. Just check out a book called World of Darkness: Gypsy. Actually don't because it's racist and horrible, and later books denied everything said in it. Anyway, the Ravnos were made much more varied and potentially interesting by making their seat of power be in India, and the Romani ones are just an offshoot the west saw most often. It made them potentially have greater depth...

...which is why it's so puzzling that White Wolf established all this as it was busy killing off a vast majority of the Ravnos, as a result of the Reckoning. White Wolf has made a number of questionable decisions over the years, and the 20th Anniversary Edition's habit of being canon agnostic was probably the best way to go overall.

5778752 my St actually owns the gypsy book (and almost every other Vampire book) and the only thing he really enjoys out of it is the magic they can do

5778775 Yeah, the magic they get from racial purity.

Personally I'm not against Romani people having magic, just that it's tied to their blood. A Romani Sorcerer using Path magic passed down through the family is much simpler - and less racist - than making them magic just because. Either that, or make them shapechanger or changeling kin. We have enough powered peoples running around as it is.

5778803 I'm sorry is it wrong that when I saw changeling kin I was thinking MLP changelings not Changeling the Dreaming's Fae changelings

5778839 Well, look what site we're on.:raritywink:

5778870 Can I just say Redcaps are awesome and terrifying.

And so the backstory continues. Its really strange seeing the contrast between confident vamp-Doug and almost pathetic mortal-Doug. I like the intrigue.

Oooo. I like dis..

5789840 Almost a half century of time and becoming an immortal monster with spooky powers does wonders for the self-confidence.

Lovely. not enough VtM crossover fics. Also wish somebody would do something with a Tzimisce, but this is lovely.

5795316 I think that's the reason I'm doing the Outsider's Game Cycle to begin with: because certain properties are underrepresented on FiMFiction and in the fanfiction community in general. This was true of Skullgirls and true of Vampire: The Masquerade. And it will certainly be true of the next part of the Cycle, once I finish this one.

Be not confused, my choices will get even more obscure from here on out.

Okay did not see him being clan Lasombra at least till he used lvl 3 Obtenebration, but was confirmed when he had no reflection and well you know the last line of the story

5795678 I was waiting for your reaction in particular. I am not disappoint.

It's not that I enjoy screwing with people's expectations...okay, maybe I do. But I like to play my cards close to my chest when I write; it keeps me interested in the writing process. If there's something very important that I still need to reveal, I stay engaged.

On another note, I was worried all throughout planning this story that I'd slip up and drop a clue so obvious that someone would jump on it in the first few chapters. That someone who had the lore memorized better than me would pick up on the textbook clan vetting process that was Dougal's backstory up to this point. Or that they'd figure out he had more strength than he ought to given the powers revealed up to this point.

I was also worried someone was going to call bullshit on him not having a reflection, and no one seeming to comment on it. Although in that case, my answer would have been "did they need to, though?"

5795756 well in truth my knowledge of vampire is mediocre for the most part because I usually play a changing breed (not a werewolf, one of the other shifters) or a mummy so my knowledge of how most clans operate and think is very limited

Except for the ones from say bloodlines or redemption I really never played as a vampire (except as a Tzimisce once in a Sabbat game that was fun, we played 'going to the zoo').

Ha I was right he was Lasombra. Doing the happy dance he's sabbat after all the way he described the carmilia yep I am elated. Thank you so much

Woo update, been wondering when'd this come back :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Bluecho deleted May 4th, 2015

5937592 That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.

It has risen hail the Baali. the Sabbat think there evil or want to kill the Antidulivans and very on the spectrum although most are indeed simple psychopaths. The baali are founded by Moloch, Nergal/Shaitain, and the unnamed each one a diabolist and utterly evil to the core and unlike the others quite literally being evil makes them stronger.

So happy to see this story again thank you

5937709 I think White Wolf were mistaken when they created a bloodline book for the Baali. By attempting to give a concrete history to the infernalists to end all infernalist vampires, they did them a disservice. By quantifying them, they made them less. Giving them anything but a vague background? Giving them motives and pretensions of nobility? It detracts from their evil.

The Sabbat are compelling because their wickedness is a result of anti-social, inhuman attitudes. It works for them. But it also means they are understandable, and even sympathetic to a degree. Why not fight against the Antediluvians? But the World of Darkness needs something more, something greater. Something driven by no reason approaching rationality than raw, undiluted malice. That and the serving of beings that want the same.

The Inquisition claims they despise vampires that serve anyone as slaves...but perhaps there's something else that drives their purges of infernalism. Perhaps it might even be...fear?

I absolutely agree which is why I was over joyed with the fact that the unamed is left open along with his broods philosphy which would be radically different from modern baali as would Molochs as modern baali mostly worship demons while moloch viewed them as profitable business partners. Really all the modern baali are philosophically Nurgals and adopted by blood ritual one of Moloch's childer. Nergal is stated and a known element Aztec shadow god and ancient vampire/artificial demon can have no childer. Molochs philosophy is inferible and he/she is the lover of Turdor eternally guarding Turdor in her slumber his/childer unkown except for the modern baali founder. The unamed is literally utterly unknown except that he/she is power full and has a blood line of his/her own otherwise an utter ghost with everything from diblerzing tzimiche and replacing him to secretly arranging the defeat of all antidulvians as his or her objective although I personally ran a rp with my male version. The unnamed was white wolfs offered open season for any kind of story you would prefer if you wanted the fear of oh god what is it and what does it want back.

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