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MLP/Vampire: The Masquerade Crossover

A dead man, with a living will. Baptized in blood, he could rule the night. Until this denizen of a World of Darkness awakened one evening in a World of Light. How will the Princess of the Moon react to a night predator? What dark secrets haunt this displaced son of Caine? Can Equestria tolerate his existence? Or will his grisly thirst lead to Final Death?

A Story of Personal Horror.

Chapters (15)

MLP/Skullgirls Crossover. Contains Skullgirls Spoilers.

A weapon lands in Ponyville. A living weapon. Bound and changed, she fought her world's gravest threat. Now she's free, for all the good it did her.
She is called Painwheel: a raging monster with the heart of a little girl. Will she find peace? Or more tragedy?

Ladies and Gentlemen(?), it's Showtime!

Chapters (33)

Sequel to Solar Sails: Marooned In Equestria.

Sarin Miles - Modified Soldier and alien - has just become a permanent addition to Equestria. Abandoned by her species in a world of ponies, she needs to adapt to living in the capitol, Canterlot. And she has no idea where to proceed. Such is her new mission: to figure out what her mission is.

Elsewhere in Canterlot, Whole Heart, the flawed Crystal Pony, seeks a place in a country she's just arrived in. How will these expatriate outcasts cross paths, here in the beating heart of Equestria?

Warning: Readers should probably read Marooned In Equestria to understand the characters and the wider universe the series exists in. Additionally, this story necessarily contains spoilers for Marooned. Reader discretion advised.

Chapters (7)

Sergeant Sarin Miles - Modified Soldier G7-H3 - serves her Empire loyally. The Fatae Empire spans hundreds of worlds, carried on ships propelled by sunlight through the ocean of Ether that is Space.
But in the middle of a scouting mission to a strange, previously undiscovered planet, her boat crashes. Now she's stranded alone on a bizarre world, where magic is stronger, the beasts tougher, and the residents almost too friendly to be believed. Can the super soldier survive on Equestria? Will her superiors mount an extraction? Or has Sarin Miles been marooned on the planet of ponies?

It's a story of duty, adventure, wonder, and tested loyalties.

Cover art shamelessly ripped from Disney's Treasure Planet.

Chapters (13)
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