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In the world of Pokémon and Ponies two young fillies will meet at a large castle and become great friends but they will be torn apart by evil. One of them will help to save the world of Ponies and Pokémon from the evil group known as Team Plasma that is trying to take over the world by controlling the Heroines to do so. What will happen if she can not save the world she loves and what will happen when an old friend comes back that she forgot about. Well read the story to find out :twilightsmile:.


Ponies Playing the Pokémon Trainers and others

Hilda / Touko / White - Played by Princess Twilight Sparkle
Lord or Prince N - Played by Princess Luna
Hilda's Mother / Touko's Mother / White's Mother / Annabel - Played by Twilight Velvet
Cheren - Played by AppleJack
Bianca - Played by Pinkie Pie
Touya / Hilbert / Black - Played by Rainbow Dash
Professor Juniper ( Female ) - Played by Fluttershy
Female Runner - Played by Rarity
Ghetsis - Played by Nightmare Moon
Concordia - Played by Princess Celestia
Anthea - Played by Princess Cadence
Sage Zinzolin - Played by Starlight Glimmer
Sage Ryoku - Played by King Sombra
Sage Giallo - Played by Queen Chrysalis
Sage Rood - Played by Discord
Sage Bronius - Played by Lord Tirek
Sage Gorm - Played by The Tantabus

Ponies Playing the Pokémon

Purrloin / Liepard - Played by Shining Armor

Twilight's Pokémon

Pidove - Played by Scootaloo
Snivy / Servine - Played by Moondancer
Zorua - Played by Sweetiebell
Deerling - Shiny - Played by Applebloom
Axew - Played by Spike
Blitzle / Zebstrika - Played by Sunset Shimmer

Rainbow Dash's Pokémon

Oshawott - Played by Tank

Pinkie Pie's Pokémon

Tepig - Played by Cherry Jubilee
Munna - Played by Prince Rutherford

Applejack's Pokémon

Snivy - (No Name)

There will be a lot more Pokémon and will add who is playing them when they come in new chapters.


Ponyville - Gym - Gym Leader Big Mac
Las Pegasus - Gym - Gym Leader Daring Do
Baltmare - Gym - Gym Leader Nightingale
Crystal Cave
Celestial Tower
Sun Touch Bridge
Moor of the Moon


The Cover Art is not mine and I do not know who it belongs to but it is great a great picture.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Characters are owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

Pokémon characters are owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.

I own nothing but this story I write.

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5741795 hey I thought of a poke mlp crossover too 1years and months but couldnt write it because my morher said no. im a brony and pok'e fan im watching you!!!!:twilightsmile::pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by MehWasAlreadyTaken deleted Mar 30th, 2015

Cliff hangers!!!!!! Whyyyyyyy! Love it so far

So far this is a vary entertaining story cant wait for more :pinkiehappy:

So far this looks to be a great story. But you sometimes call the characters by their equivalent

Also I'm curious why twilight hiding her wings did she have a bad experience with them or does she just like wairing the jacket that just happens to be hiding her wings becaues if it is the second one I'm going to laph my ass off when they find out about them and the reason why she didn't reviel them becaues no one asked :rainbowlaugh:

6208296 total agreement with you and also I believe that you are having trouble with genders of Twi and Luna. Otherwise you are doing a great job with the story and I can't wait to see the next chapter. :pinkiesmile:

Also I love the new cover gives Twilight a more confident feel to her:pinkiehappy:


Thanks I try hard and the cover art I was trying to find a Twilight one.
Thankyou all :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

a few minor spelling errors but otherwise great! (maybe I can help with spelling?)

6259652 I am good at spelling and grammar. I can definitely help

6263673 ok but wont be any time soon trying to find a new job thanks :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by SilentMech deleted Dec 24th, 2015
Comment posted by TwilightXLuna deleted Dec 24th, 2015

If you do go for Prince Artemis, then I am going to have a really hard time pegging the differences between this and Pokemon White. Because honestly, it's pretty much a re telling of the game with anthros.

No change but this was a funny chapter with Twi's mom in the mix.


Ok so 2 no change, looks like I am not going to change Luna so far. Thanks for the advice

Comment posted by Commander Darklight deleted Sep 20th, 2015
Comment posted by Commander Darklight deleted Sep 20th, 2015

sorry for bugging you but just wondering when you might post a new chapter???

6545449 The next chapter will have a lot of words and I just got a new computer so maybe in the next couple of months

That is Awsome news I can't wait for new chapter espeshaly long ones :pinkiehappy:

This is not looking good for twilight and Luna.

6784359 Next chapter will be out in the new year in about a hour you will find out maby :twilightsmile:

Hmm, wounder what that dress looks like on Twilight.

OH dear Reshiram!" Twilight bellowed, jumping over and looking out the window. "I killed Luna!"


sorry for bugging you but do you by any chance know when the next chapter will be posted???

Comment posted by Zorua and Goodra deleted Dec 24th, 2017
Comment posted by TwilightXLuna deleted Dec 24th, 2017

I really enjoyed the chapter hope to read another chapter soon:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Bronydude23 deleted Dec 24th, 2017
Comment posted by TwilightXLuna deleted Dec 24th, 2017
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