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Twilight Sparkle The Pokémon Heroine of White - TwilightXLuna

In the world of Pokémon and Ponies two young fillies will meet at a large castle and become great friends but they will be torn apart by evil. One of them will help to save the world of Ponies and Pokémon from the evil group.

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Chapter 5 - Childhood Troubles of a Pony (Edited on the 25/12/2015)

"Hey! Luna! Wait up!" Twilight called.

It was three days after they had asked Nightmare Moon if they could go outside. Twilight was wondering when they would, she was getting tired of waiting. But she was mostly thinking about what Luna did. Luna's nose had touched her cheek before, and she was finding herself touching that spot way too much. What was that all about? She had to ask Luna, or she would never know. Right now, she was running after Luna, she was running full speed off somewhere. Woobat and the Deerling were off somewhere, while Scootaloo and Luna's Zorua were in Luna's room. But she wondered where the Woobat and the Deerling were, but brushed it away. They would appear soon enough.

Luna made an abrupt stop, Twilight accidentally bumped into her, making Luna look back slightly. "Next time, Say when you're going to stop." Twilight groaned, rubbing her nose after it collided with Luna's head. "What's this all about anyway?"

"They brought a new Pokemon in! I wanna meet him!" Luna exclaimed, continuing her walking. "He's in my room!"

"What kind of Pokemon is it?" Twilight asked.

"I don't know But let's go and see!" Luna said enthusiastically, she grabbed Twilight's hoof and pulled her over to her room. Luna opened the door, and saw a little purple Pokemon in the room, playing with a ball. Zorua was on the other side, growling at it menacingly.

"It's a Purrloin! Awww!" Twilight cooed, she let go of Luna's hand, going over to walk closer, bending down to it's level. Luna in the meanwhile looked over at Zorua, seeing him growling at the Purrloin. She walked over to his friend, trying to figure out what was wrong. Twilight held her hoof out to the cat, but the little feline extended it's claws and scratched her. "Owww!"

"Twilight? What happened?" Luna asked, hearing her cry out randomly.

"Nothing, Nothing!" Twilight hissed in pain, clutching her left hoof. She looked down at it, realizing there were three bleeding gash marks across her left hoof.

"Oh He seems friendly!" Luna exclaimed looking over at the cat, not realizing he had scratched Twilight.

"Where's Scootaloo?" Twilight suddenly asked, Zorua's ears perked, he ran over behind the Skateboard ramp, looking back at Twilight. She looked at the cat, then followed the little Zorua. Suddenly, she heard chirps behind the Skateboard ramp, she ran over and saw Scootaloo in the corner, tears in her eyes. Twilight gasped in response, seeing the little bird so distressed. "Scootaloo!" She picked up the little bird, seeing another scratch mark across her wing, luckily, it wasn't bleeding, the cloth was merely broken. She suddenly glared down at the scratch mark, and walking over to the Purrloin. "What did you do to Scootaloo!"

She received a dangerous hiss in response from the Purrloin. Luna suddenly went in front of the Purrloin and blocked Twilight from passing.

"No! Don't hurt him!" Luna exclaimed. "He hasn't done anything!"

"What! What about me?" Twilight yelled, "Do you even KNOW what that CAT did!"

"He didn't do anything!" Luna stated. Twilight growled, holding up her scratched hand, Luna gasped.

"You see this? HE did it! And he also did THIS!" Twilight said, showing Luna, Scootaloo's scratch on her bandage, almost falling off.

"Is this true?" Luna asked the Purrloin. It closed it's eyes and looked away, swishing it's tail slightly before meowing. Luna was confused now, she glanced back at Twilight who was frowning angrily. "He says he doesn't know what you're talking about."

"What! You little" Twilight started, but stopped herself before she said anything. Twilight growled, "Luna, this scratch didn't appear on it's own! Nothing in this room gives gashes with CLAW marks! And it wasn't your Zorua! We're definitely not blaming HIM!"

"Pokémon don't lie." Luna exclaimed. "If he said he didn't do anything, then I believe him!"

"And you're going to believe that with ALL Pokémon?" Twilight huffed.

"You know what? I have no time for this! If you're going to believe a Pokémon you've met for just what, two measly seconds! Then I'm not going to stand around here and witness this. Don't talk to me until you believe me!" Twilight yelled, she held Scootaloo tightly in her right hoof and walked out of the room, leaving the door open. The room went silent for a few moments, Zorua jumped on Luna's shoulder, frowning down at the Pokémon.

"I don't know what's wrong with her Purrloin" Luna said. "Don't worry, I believe you!"

'I don't know what she's talking about.' He replied, yawning loudly. 'Ponies make such a big deal over wounds, they're all liars, just look at me. I'm a Street Cat. A loner I don't take pity from no one.'

"What happened?" Luna asked. "Did you have an abusive trainer?"

'I'm not going to tell you. You pitiful pony. I don't need your pity.' He replied, Luna flinched. She certainly didn't like to be called a pony, since Ponies weren't as nice to Pokémon as she was. She was raised with Pokémon anyway.

"I I'm not a pony!" Luna exclaimed, her hoofs smashing into the floor. "I'm a Pokémon!"

The Purrloin busted laughing, mocking her. 'You're one funny pony. Do you seriously believe that you're a Pokémon? Alright. I'll tell you what happened to me, since I actually take what you just said into consideration.' He said with a smirk. Luna calmed down a little bit, blinking, and then he sat down on the floor. Her hoofs were crossed, as she started intently at the Purrloin. 'Alright, first of all, don't get comfortable with me. And don't touch me either, no cuddling, no hugging, nothing. I don't like to be touched, even if it's one of those dirty little Pokémon that run around in this rusty waste. Nothing.'

Luna nodded in response, while Zorua just scoffed.

'Touche.' Zorua replied to his rules. 'Selfish much? Or is that with ALL Purrloins?'

'I would most appreciate if your little foxy snout would keep it down. Is stupidity a family trait perhaps?' The Purrloin said. Zorua growled.

'And I would appreciate it, if you would cut aggravating me. I won't allow you just waltzing right in here and insulting everybody in this room.' Zorua growled. 'I could take your scrawny butt and kick you right out of here in an instant.'

'Just try to, runt.' He hissed.

'I don't need to dirty my paws with a worthless Pokémon like you.' Zorua smirked. 'I have better fish to fry.'

"Stop it!" Luna exclaimed. "Zorua, please."

'Alright, Luna. Only because you asked so kindly.' Zorua grinned. Purrloin rolled his eyes, licking his paws.

'As I was saying, before I was interrupted. I had many trainers once Many of them were nice to me. I had at least four trainers before. The first one treated me kindly, but he had to go away to another Region so he couldn't take me with him. He was the nicest trainer, but he left me. The second trainer, wasn't so nice, but he still took care of me. He set me free after seeing I wasn't giving him what he wanted. He would always want me to battle for him, but I would refuse, I was scared to back then. The third trainer, was abusive, he would always come drunk every night, and would hit me everyday until he fell on the couch. I had to run away from him, and then the fourth trainer. She was really nice, but it wasn't the case, She grew evil each day I was with her, and she was blaming me for her troubles. She placed me in a bag, and threw me in a garbage pail in the big city Luckily, somebody found me in there, and when they opened the bag, I made a dash out of there-! I've been a lone Pokémon ever since, and any trainer that would try to catch me, I would show no mercy to them. What the Kid? Hey! Kid!' After he finished telling his story, he had seen the filly shed tears.

"I-I'm s-s-so sorry! I never knew!" Luna cried.

'Come on. I told you! I DON'T NEED YOUR PITY!' He hissed angrily, which made Luna only cry more. 'Gosh, How am I going to get this kid to shut up?'

'I do that, but it's not really easy consoling, Luna.' Zorua rolled his eyes at the feline. 'Nobody told you to tell him your story. Should of been a smart cat and stayed quiet. Then again, you should keep talking, maybe you'll say something intelligent.'

'Say that to my face you' He stopped there, realizing he had no comebacks.

'Peh, YOU try calming the kid.' Zorua laughed.

'I'm doing no such thing! I'm not going to waste my time trying to help a snivelling little baby!' He yelled, and after that he walked out of the room, leaving Luna broken down. 'I have no time for this.'

Luna rubbed her eyes, looking down at Zorua, who smiled up at her and rubbed his head against Luna's face. Luna smiled slightly. "You're such a nice friend, Zorua." Luna stated. Zorua snickered, before running to the door and standing there. Luna got to her hooves, rubbing her eyes more. "He's right! I have to stop crying! We have to help him."

'Psh. He needs all the help he could get. What about err, Twilight? Maybe she Oh no wait. That dumbass scratched her. I don't think she wants to help.' Zorua said.

"He really did scratch her?" Luna asked curiously.

'Why would you even think Twilight would lie about that? Didn't you see the mark on Scootaloo too? Luna, she didn't lie.' Zorua answered.

"She said not to talk to her until I believed her"

'You're going to believe that stupid cat over her?' Zorua suddenly exclaimed, making Luna jump. Zorua had never made an outburst like that before. 'Come on Luna! That's what that idiot wants!'

"Well, OK. I'm going to go and apologize to her." Luna exclaimed, following Zorua outside and looking for the girl.

"There you go, Twilight!" A Plasma mare said, finally finishing up patching her hoof. "And you too little Pidove!"

"Thank you." Twilight said with no emotion, she was still sore about Luna. If only........

"Twilight!" A voice exclaimed. Twilight turned around on her chair and looked over at the pony who was calling her.

It was her mum!

"Mum!" Twilight said, getting off from the chair and going over to hug her Mother. "I forgot all about you!"

"What? Twilight, how could you? Heehee! I've been living here too! They really do have fancy clothing, don't they? Well, It's not really fancy, It's pretty normal to what anyone would wear." She replied with a scrunch of the nose. "But it's better than wearing those things that ponies wore in the olden times of Kings and Queens, like in those fairy tale books you always read." Twilight nodded, a grin on her face.

"Mum! I met a Princess!" Twilight exclaimed, Scootaloo walked over to Twilight's leg and chirped. "Scootaloo and me did! Really!"

"Oh! A Princess? That's only in fairy tales Twilight" Her Mum said, Twilight's eyes widened, a little sparkle in them.

"But I did! Cadence and Celestia told me!" Twilight said.

"Those two young mares? How exciting Twilight! Where is she?" Her mum asked, but Twilight frowned in disappointment.

"You'd be disappointed." Twilight said.

"Oh? Why?" She asked. She placed a hoof on her daughters cheek, looking into her eyes. "What's wrong with her?"

"She can talk to Pokémon, not that it's wrong or anything, but I'm just mad at her right now." Twilight mumbled, crossing her hooves.

"Aww. What did she do, darling?" They both sat down on chairs inside the room, talking to each other. Scootaloo poked Twilight's leg, asking her to pick her up. She did so, and held her softly in her hooves. "Hello, Scootaloo."

"Well" Twilight began her story, up until the end. Explaining how Team Plasma would bring in Pokémon for the princess that were abused by trainers, and what happened in her room today. "And she believes that Purrloin over me, So I told her not to talk to me until she believes me."

"Oh dear, you'll get over it, I'm sure she didn't mean to offend you But seems to me you're kind of jealous." She laughed at the word, hinting at some sort of understanding of her feelings. Twilight blushed many shades of red.

"Me? Jealous? No way, Mum! I'm not jealous. I'm angry! Which is totally different from being jealous." Twilight exclaimed.

"Why so defensive? You're jealous. I can tell. I was like that too with your father, I now what it is to be jealous!" Her mother laughed, placing a hoof on her head now. Twilight puffed her cheeks, looking away with her blush still remaining. "Jealous, jealous, jealous! Oh You haven't even told me her name. What's the lucky fillies name?"

"Mom! Please Her name is Luna." Twilight said.

"Luna? as in the Moon, Luna?" Her Mum replied, Twilight nodded in response receiving a raised eyebrow in response, she lost it, suddenly looking excited. "Where is she?"

"She could be in her room but"

"Oh! Let's go!" Her Mum dragged her up and out of the room, taking her through the hallways looking for the mysterious filly.

"I don't want to see her!" Twilight said.

"I do! Now come Twilight. She's not going to bite, Right?" Then she laughed out loud, poor Twilight's face resembled that of an Emboar. She wasn't really up for a greeting with Luna, if she would, it would not be pleasant.

Luna was clearly looking for Twilight all over the place. She looked under the table, in the fire places, behind the vases, EVERYWHERE! She pouted, almost about to give up, but not before seeing a trace of purple pass through. She quickly scurried outside of the room and saw it was Twilight and another lady with her. She quickly followed behind, her hooves carrying her closer and closer to Twilight. "Twilight!"

Twilight turned back after hearing her name called out aloud. Realizing it was Luna, she bit her lip, but replied. "Luna!"

"You're Luna! Oh my! Hello!" Her mum waved, Luna looked up at her with a blank face, not knowing what to do. She was speechless, this pony looked similar to Twilight, except older.

"Umm, Yes, this is Luna." Twilight mumbled.

"My name is Twilight Velvet. I'm Twilight's mother." She said. "Pleased to meet you."

Luna nodded slowly, she looked over at Twilight, suddenly changing expressions, her face showing regret and sadness. "Twilight .......... I'm sorry ............ about not believing you." She mumbled. Twilight couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"You ................................... You're apologizing?" Twilight asked.

"I just wanted to ....................... say I'm sorry for doubting you. I always thought Pokémon would NEVER tell lies .......................... I'm sorry .................................." She said, almost begging for forgiveness.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" Twilight Velvet silently said. "Come on, Twilight. Give her another chance, Will you?"

Twilight looked down at the floor, a frown on her features. Should she? Luna clearly was a helpless kid. What could she do? 'Meh, might as well forgive her.' Twilight thought. "Alright, Luna. I forgive you." Luna almost instantly lost his look of melancholy and it transformed into a wide smile, which she was still trying to get used to.

"Y-yay!" Luna exclaimed, bouncing up and down. Twilight rolled her eyes, laughing slightly.

"Oh. Your luck is growing Twilight! Maybe when you two grow up, you'll come to marry each other!!!!!" Twilight Velvet joked. Twilight made a disgusted face, along with Night.

"Mum! That's not funny!" Twilight exclaimed, her entire face red. "Every time I'm with a filly or colt, you always say that."

"What? You two look ADORABLE together!" She exclaimed. "Oh, I am such a romanticist and plus Twilight, if my mother's instincts don't deceive me, I think I'm actually right on this one."

"Marry? What's Marry?" Luna asked, Twilight slapped her hoof on her face, grunting in annoyance.

"One of these days, I have to teach you all about this stuff, because, this is beyond reason! How old are you?" Twilight asked.

"I'm seven years old." Luna replied.

"You're seven! I know more than YOU and I'm FIVE! Haven't they taught you at least what husband and wife are? You're a princess for Pete's sake!" Twilight asked exasperatedly.

"Calm down, Twilight. Maybe we should go outside? I think they'll allow us to at least take a step out. Don't you think?" Twilight Velvet wondered. "They can't keep us locked in here forever!"

"Yeah, but they said, they were going to send somebody to us when it's time to go outside." Twilight said. "I wanna go today! It's so boring here!"

"Can we? I'm really excited." Luna exclaimed. "I can't wait!"

Twilight Velvet checked her watch to see the time. It wasn't the end of the day yet, so why not?

"Well, let's go then!" Twilight Velvet said, Luna ran next to Twilight's mum, but Twilight grabbed Luna by her collar with her magic and pulled Luna.

"Woooooooah, wait! Hold your Zebstrikas!" Twilight said. Luna stopped, turning to look back at the girl that pulled on her.

"What is it?" Luna asked, and Twilight replied. "You can't go outside like THAT, It's COLD outside!"

"I completely forgot about that." Twilight Velvet admitted, placing a hoof to her chin.

"Let's go ask somepony!" Twilight exclaimed, she entered a door, seeing many grunts in the room, she didn't know whom to ask. "Urr, excuse me! Hello? Can any of you tell me if we can go outside? I've been waiting this entire week .................."

"Of course you can, do you have an adult coming with you?" one asked.

"Well yes, my mum is coming with us. OK, Just wanted to know, thanks." Twilight said, she was about to leave.

"Wait just a second!" Another said. "You're going to take forever climbing down Victory Road. I'll send somebody else with you. Nightmare Moon will be furious if we don't protect and keep Princess Luna safe." Twilight shrugged, then left the room, smiling at her mum and Luna. "They said yes, but that somebody has to come with us."

"Alright! Let's find something warm to wear in the meanwhile." Twilight Velvet said, after minutes of asking the grunts where to go, they finally received jackets from the ponies that worked there and were able to finally go outside. "Alright, I think we're all set." Twilight and Luna nodded in response, Zorua, Night, Woobat and Deerling were with them now. Accompanying them on their adventure outside was a Team Plasma Grunt.

"Yes! Finally! Fresh breeze outside!" Twilight said, when Twilight Velvet opened the door, they were all met with a cold breeze. "OH MY GOSH THAT'S COLD!"

"Buckle up! We're off!" Twilight Velvet exclaimed. "Well, Where to Twilight? Canterlot, or Fillydelphia."

"I don't know!" Twilight said out loud. "I'm too cold to choose!"

"Well, alright. To Fillydelphia then." Twilight Velvet mumbled.

"WHAT! But that's a long walk! And it's really cold! Ponyville!" Twilight exclaimed, Scootaloo was hiding in her coat, her head sticking out of Twilight's scarf, chirping.

"Where is Ponyville?" Luna asked tugging on Twilight's coat. She has a warm coat on, and much like Twilight's Scootaloo, Zorua was inside her coat too.

"Oh, that the place we're going to!" Twilight said. "Let's hurry! It's just right down, Oh .........................."

"No worries. Go! Beheeyem!" The grunt sent out a Pokémon from his Pokeball, and out came a Beheeyem, it spinned before it cried out, looking at the grunt waiting for orders. "Teleport us near Ponyville." It gave another cry before glowing purple, and soon they disappeared from there. They weren't at the Castle anymore, and instead they were near trees, many Pokémon were startled when they had suddenly appeared there, hiding in the bushes. "Thanks, Beheeyem." The Grunt said before calling him back in the Pokeball. Twilight started jumping, realizing they were almost there. Or so she thought, she's never been there before, but she still felt she was close by.

"Twilight slow down!" Twilight Velvet exclaimed, seeing Twilight skipping ahead. Her mother sighed, her daughter was the impatient one. "Can you keep up with her? I can't , She has a lot of energy."

"Um ........... She's nice." Luna nodded not really understanding the question, which caught Twilight Velvet's attention.

"Nice huh? How so?" She urged Luna to continue. Luna looked up at Twilight Velvet with curious eyes, but she continued.

"Well, She isn't mean to Pokémon, and she's kind to me too. Just like Cadence and Celestia!" She exclaimed.

"That's it?" Twilight Velvet said, rather disappointed. "Isn't she pretty? Or cute? Beautiful? Anything?" Luna tilted her head, getting slightly confused by the question. The Grunt laughed at the question, Twilight's mum was really amusing.

"I don't know." Luna said with a rather high pitched voice. She expected her to at least maybe say, 'No WAY!' or 'Eww!, but she actually didn't know.

"You don't know? How don't you know? All you have to do is look at her and see if she's pretty or not. It's not that hard to decide." Twilight Velvet said.

"Is pretty a good thing?" Luna asked innocently.

"Why of course Luna! All those things I mentioned are nice things to say to her, you know. It'd make her happy! For example, your Zorua is very cute!" She said, which made Zorua blush slightly. He smiled a little bit and yawned.

"Oh!" Luna said enthusiastically.

"This is kind of new to see." The Grunt said.

"How so?" Twilight Velvet said.

"She hasn't gone outside in a long time. The last time she did, it was only for a short while, then Lady Moon didn't let her out ever. Until you guys came along." He replied, as they continued walking. Twilight Velvet went silent, Nightmare Moon? That mare with an indigo main? Oh, she couldn't possibly be this cruel to Luna!

"YOU'RE ALL SLOWPOKES! COME ON!" Twilight yelled, being far ahead. She waved to them, telling them to speed it up. They continued walking down the road, soon enough, they entered one of those things? Twilight didn't know what to call them. But she called them 'Useless Entrances'; because all it ever told you what time it was, since she didn't really check the time much, she didn't really like them. If she wanted to know about the city, she would ask somebody that lived around the town, city, or wherever! As she passed through, Twilight checked the time at the time as it rolled across the electrical bulletin board.

'11:00 A.M, Welcome to Ponyville, A Town that respects history and values old things!' (the board I am referring to is from White Version, it's why it says that)

Twilight rolled her eyes, she stopped for a moment, waiting for the others to catch up before walking along with them. They finally entered the Town, everything covered in snow, trees around and neatly aligned. There were many people walking by, but not a great big group of people, just a few Town-folk.

"We're here! Ponyville!" Twilight exclaimed, giving a smile up to Luna, while Night chirped, making the same pose as Twilight. "Let's look around!"

"Twilight! WAIT!" Twilight Velvet exclaimed, sighing again. "Run along Luna, go and play." Luna looked at her slightly, then she ran after Twilight catching up to her. "Those two. Lovely couple aren't they?"

"C-couple!" The grunt choked, unable to hold his curiosity.

"Luna's probably going to tell Twilight she's pretty later on." Twilight Velvet said.

"Woooohooo! Sunlight at last!" Twilight said. "FREEDOOOM! RIGHT SCOOTALOO?" Scootaloo chirped.

"Twilight!" Luna exclaimed, Twilight made an abrupt stop, sliding on the snow. She looked back as Luna came running towards her, trying to helplessly catch up. She caught her breath, then looking at Twilight, waiting for her to say something.

"Luna! We're finally outside!" Twilight said.

"I know but ........."

"Let's go!" Twilight said grabbing her hoof and pulling Luna towards a fountain. "Look at this fountain! It's so beautiful!" Luna went silent from hearing the word, she remembered Twilight Velvet's words.

"Beautiful?" Luna asked, not really knowing what it was.

"Huh? It's a term ... um .. well .. it's .. you know what pretty is?" Twilight asked. Luna nodded quickly remembering the term.

"Well. It's a little higher than pretty .. pretty means like .. you know .. UGH! I don't know how to explain it.." Twilight said. "Pretty .. is like attractive .. but in a delicate way .. and beautiful means .. like .. urr .. ummm .. oh gosh.."

"Oh gosh?" Luna said, scrunching her nose, not really understanding.

"NO! I mean .. beautiful .. is attractive, like .. for example for a filly! When she looks nice, she .. urr .. umm .. it's something you say to a filly, that makes her happy! You know? Beautiful it's .. it's a compliment! It's .. something that's nice to see. Like.. this fountain! It's pleasing to see .. so it's beautiful! And the trees, with all that snow on them, it's beautiful too! See?" Twilight explained, pointing at the fountain then the trees.

"I.. understand now." Luna replied with a smile.

"Good!" Twilight said. "Phew .. it's hard to explain .."

Zorua nudged Luna's chin with his nose, crying out loud. Luna looked down at his friend and smiled more, taking him out from his coat and placing him down on the floor. "Pokémon are beautiful" She told Zorua, Twilight almost choked right there. Zorua merely tilted it's head, giving Luna a weird look as if it was confused.

"Luna ............." Twilight started.

"So are the trees! And outside! Playing too!" She said bluntly, not really knowing how to use the word properly.

"Luna ...................." Twilight started again.

"Oh! My room is beautiful too!" Luna exclaimed.

"Luna! You can't just say beautiful to every single thing!" Twilight said.

"Huh? Why not?" She asked curiously, feeling as though she did something wrong.

"It just sounds weird." Twilight said, raising an eyebrow. "You know how weird it would to call ... well .. your toys beautiful? I mean. You could say pretty, well not even that! But, you know like, fun. There are some things you don't say beautiful to, like to somepony you like more than a friend"

"Oh .........." Luna mumbled, but then scrunched her nose and raising one eyebrow in confusion. "To a filly ..... I like?"

"Yeah! To a filly you have a special connection to! Like, more than friends!" Twilight grinned, Luna pondered for a moment before staring at her for a long period of time.

"W-well, anyway.. just try not to use it all the time." Twilight smiled, making Luna grin back.

"Hey! Twilight!" A voice yelled.

"Huh? Isn't that." Twilight started.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Another yelled.

"Those voices ................" Twilight looked behind her, seeing two familiar faces. "Applejack! Pinkie Pie!"

"Cookie! It's you! How did you get here?" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"Stop calling me 'Cookie' or else I'm going to call you Milk." Twilight said.

"Where have you and your mother been. We've all been worried." Applejack said.

"Oh. We've been at a Castle." Twilight grinned smugly.

"Whaaaaaaaaat!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed. "I'm so jealous! Were you sweeped off your feet by your knight in shining armor?"

"Huh? No, no, no!" Twilight waved her hooves crazily, shaking her head at the same time. "I dunno why I'm there in the first place, but this guy"

"You were forced to go?" Applejack asked.

"No I .............." Twilight started

"OH! Maybe you have a mission!" Pinkie Pie said

"No! It's not that ............." Twilight said

"Pinkie Pie don't be stupid, maybe they were kidnapped." Applejack said

"NO!" Twilight yelled her loudest, making everybody around her jump in fright. "You guys must be out of your minds!"

"So, You don't have a mission?" Pinkie asked. "Awww..............Hey. Who's that kid next to you? Is he your fillyfriend?" Twilight slapped a hoof on her face.

"No, She's not ............" Twilight growled in between her teeth.

"Fillyfriend!" Luna exclaimed, with a rather happy look on her face.

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!" Twilight yelled.

"Aww! Twilight! I never knew! When did you meet her?" Pinkie asked.

"Wh- Wh-Whaaa?" Applejack was merely dumbfounded by the little filly's outburst, afterwards looking amused at Twilight's face. Twilight was horrified. She couldn't believe Luna said that! Unless she didn't know what .................

"Pinkie ......... This is Luna. Luna, these are my friends Pinkie Pie and Applejack." Twilight ignored them, rolling her eyes.

"When did this happen?" Applejack asked suddenly, losing her smile.

"Um we only met in the castle! She only ................ She hasn't ................" Twilight was cut off, Applejack's anger was directed toward Luna now.

"Hey! You got some explaining to do, you freak!" Applejack said. Luna frowned at those words, Freak? "Did you send somepony to kidnap Twilight!" Applejack stomped over grabbing Luna's coat and glaring at her. "Spit it out! Out with it! Did you!" Pinkie went in front of AJ, pulling her back.

"AJ don't go looking for fights!" Pinkie said. "You'll get in trouble."

"I don't care! What does it matter? I'm going to the police and reporting her! She obviously had something to do with it!" AJ said.

"Don't do that! You'll get her in trouble! And plus ..............." Twilight started.

"Oh, So now you're protecting her? She's affected your thinking, Twilight!" AJ yelled, pushing Luna a little bit. Luna frowned more, if possible, almost baring her teeth?

Zorua growled at AJ, he pouncing taking a bite out of Applejack's leg. "Ow! Get away from me!" She kicked the Zorua away, letting go of Luna who ran over to her Zorua and picked him up in her magic.

"Applejack! Are you alright?" Pinkie Pie called, going over to her and checking if she was in pieces.

"I'm fine Pinkie!" Applejack said.

"Luna, Zorua is OK, right?" Twilight asked. Luna didn't answer however, she was busy looking at Zorua, checking for any wounds or damages, her face grew angry.

"You. Meany!" Luna suddenly yelled. "You gave him a bruise!" She suddenly pushed Applejack back violently. AJ fell to the floor, her Stetson (Hat) falling off his head, Luna afterwards ran away into oblivion.

"Luna!" Twilight yelled. She frowned down at her childhood friend. "AJ ............ Nice going. I'll see you guys later." She ran after Luna, leaving Applejack and Pinkie Pie alone. "Luna! Luna! Wait!"

"No! Leave me alone!" Luna yelled, hiding behind a bush. Twilight placed Night on the floor, with the Pokémon gathering. Deerling looked up at Twilight sadly, while Woobat sat on her back, clearly stressed too.

"Come on Luna .......... I want to help." Twilight mumbled.

"You-! Your friend hurt my friend! GO AWAY! I don't like you! Go away!" Luna yelled, scrunching in the bushes more holding her Zorua. Twilight stared at the bush, almost feeling depressed. Why was she being so mean? It wasn't her that did that after all. She would understand if she was the one that did it, Luna would be angry with her, but it was Applejack, and Luna's angry with her? What's that all about?

"Alright ... You guys stay with him. She trusts you all more than me, I'll be back when it's time to go." Twilight mumbled to them, turning around and leaving Luna alone. She blinked, peaking from the bush, feeling a little sad for some reason.

'Luna ...................' Deerling started. 'You made her real sad .........................' They all went behind the bush over to Luna and looked at her.

Luna stayed silent at this, and was surprised to hear another.

'Mommy no do nothing!' Scootaloo exclaimed, flapping her un-broken wing. 'Mommy nice! You made Mommy sad!'

'Her friend hurt Zorua. It's partly her fault.' Woobat commented, and Deerling retorted back. 'It wasn't her fault. She wasn't the one to physically hurt Zorua. Did she?'

'Mommy innocent!' Scootaloo exclaimed. 'Mommy! Mommah! Where she goes?'

'I don't know. But It's not THAT bad Luna! It's a scratch! Gosh! There's a difference between a scratch and a bruise!' Zorua exclaimed.

"But ............. Twilight's Friend still hurt you." Luna replied sadly.

'Exactly! HER FRIEND hurt me! Not Twilight! You need to go apologize to her. AGAIN!' Zorua said, scrunching his nose a little bit. Luna pouted nervously shifting in her place.

"Are you sure you're OK?" Luna asked her little friend.

'Of course I am! I can walk! It's not like it's going to kill me, it's a little scratch.' He replied jumping down from Luna's hooves. Luna stood back on her hooves, thinking about Twilight, afterwards biting her lip.

'Say sowwy to mommy?' Scootaloo chirped, jumping alongside Luna. She didn't reply and minutes after, she saw the Team Plasma Grunt running towards her.

"Princess Luna!!!!!!! Are you alright?" He asked quickly. Luna nodded, passing him with an expressionless face.

"I'm fine." She said. "Just peachy."

Fifteen minutes later, they all reunited. Luna and Twilight looked at each other making eye contact, but Twilight closed her eyes and looks away sadly. Scootaloo walked over following Twilight despite her trying to isolate herself.

"T-twilight ................"

"I'm sorry!"

Twilight and Luna looked at each other with wide eyes, making eye contact with each other. However, their eyes flicked away immediately, both holding red faces. They hadn't known if it was either of them that said it, or the other. All they knew is that one of them had said it.


They looked at each other again, realizing both were saying it to each other.

"You go first ........" Twilight breathed, unable to withstand her nervousness.

"Mares First .............." Luna smiled a little bit. She merely laughed, so Luna did know at least some manners.

"I'm sorry for the way my friend hurt your Zorua. I'm sure She didn't mean to. She tends to get agitated over my safety. She treats me like her sister." Twilight mumbled, only audible to Luna as she played with her main.

Luna twiddled her hooves in response looking down at the ground. "I'm sorry for being angry with you, it wasn't you fault, after all I mean, you didn't hurt Zorua."

"No kidding ..........." Twilight laughed. "Of course I didn't ......... He'd be hissing at me right about now, and you wouldn't be here apologizing."

Luna blinked a few times, before looking down again. They stood silent, looking away from each other for a few seconds.

"T-twilight .............?" Luna called softly, she looked up waiting for Luna to finish her sentence. "Y-you're ..."

"You're? I'm what?" Twilight urged, her Mum and the Plasma Grunt listening in on their conversation. What nosy ................

"**!***y!" Luna said quickly, it was so quick that Twilight didn't understand any of it.

"What?" Twilight said

"O-oh! I-I'm sorry.. I thought it would be"

"No, you were talking too fast, I couldn't understand you, could you repeat that? More .......... slower?" Twilight made a twisted grin, holding up a hoof, the Pokémon around them laughed at Luna's expression. Her cheeks were all red and flushed from embarrassment. Luna kicked the slow slightly, twiddling with her hooves letting Zorua know she was nervous. He snickered nudging his nose against Luna's leg.

"Ummm." Luna tried to spit it out, but she was too shy.

"Come on. I wanna hear what you just said. Repeat please!" Twilight said getting rather impatient.

"...y.." Luna mumbled, Twilight rolled her eyes.

"Now I can't hear you, speak up!" Twilight exclaimed.

"You're Pretty." Luna mumbled, looking away shuffling with her coat. Twilight was merely surprised, did Luna really mean it? The kid didn't even know how to use the word beautiful! But that was still sweet of her.

"I am?" Twilight said, playing stupid. She wanted to know what else Luna would say.

Luna swallowed a lump in her throat before nodding quickly, scratching her head after that. She opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted.


Luna and Twilight looked over at the Plasma Grunt with a look of confusion. Twilight suddenly grew a frown, unable to hide her rage. "You guys bet on something! WHAT THE................................"

"Ah ah! I said, Luna would say Twilight is pretty before the sun goes down, YOU said She would say it after the sun goes down." Twilight Velvet smirked, holding a hoof out to the Grunt who grumbled unhappily giving what he owed in frustration.

"What?" Twilight said in an angry tone . "You mean to tell me you guys gambled on THIS!"

"It's not a gamble sweetie, it's an investment." Twilight Velvet smiled.

"Sure it is, Mum." She rolled her eyes.

"Let's go back, it's getting late!" Twilight Velvet exclaimed, Twilight and Luna nodded in response, they smiled at each other and followed their chaperones off back to the Castle.

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