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Twilight Sparkle The Pokémon Heroine of White - TwilightXLuna

In the world of Pokémon and Ponies two young fillies will meet at a large castle and become great friends but they will be torn apart by evil. One of them will help to save the world of Ponies and Pokémon from the evil group.

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Chapter 13 - The Sad Truth found out (Edited on the 25/12/2017)

Twilight woke up to the sound of metal clapping, and something hissing profusely. She opened her eyes, her vision foggy and blurry. She groaned softly, attempting to move her hooves, but realized she was tied to something. Twilight blinked, clearing her vision, and what she saw surprised her. She was in this room filled with

Team Plasma members

Her eyes widened considerably, looking very confused and appalled. Confused because she didn't know why she was tied up to a column, and appalled because Team Plasma was there with her!

"What the Hey!" Twilight shouted at them, a few of them turned around, realizing she was awake.

"She's awake! Report to Lady Moon, Night Flight!" A member said.

"Roger!!" He ran out of the room, the rest of the Team Plasma members working. Twilight's left eye twitched. Nightmare Moon? Wait, If Team Plasma are the ones that have her tied up here, then that meant,Twilight couldn't get any more pissed than she was now, drawing up conclusions from the information she knew. 'Did Luna have them kidnap me!?' Twilight thought, shaking her head in disappointment. 'I should have known that Luna would be behind all this. Luna went THAT low to have them kidnap me, For what?!' Twilight wiggled violently, trying to free herself from the ropes that strangled her hooves. Twilight cried out, annoyed that they would do something like this.

"Pst! Hey! You!" Twilight whispered, the youngest member turned around, afterward glancing around to see if she was addressing another. He brought a index hoof to his chest, then saying.

"Who? Me?" Twilight rolled her eyes at that comment.

"No, My mother Yeah! You! Who else am I looking at?" Twilight replied, sounding forceful with the young member. He flinched, and then quietly walked over to her almost like he was hesitating. He looked around before looking down at her, a fearful look on his face.

"What is it?" He said.

"Why do they have me here?" Twilight asked.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that. That's up to Lady Moon to say to you, not me." Twilight would've face palmed, but her hooves were tied.

"Well, Can't you tell me anything!?" Twilight growled silently, urging him to give her information. He jumped noticeable, surveying the room for the third time.

"If Lady Moon sees me talking to you I'll get fired!" He whispered, but then he bowed to her before leaving. "I'm sorry your high...Urk! ...Umm... I...have to get back to work." He scampered back to the machines, helping the other grunts to their work.

"Wait, What?" Twilight could have sworn he was about to say something, but he cut himself off. She sighed, merely sitting on the cold floor of the large room. There were large machines powered by electricity, and computers scattered around the room. Many were looking up information on them, and researching on their own account. Twilight too was entranced by all this that she hadn't realized that Nightmare Moon had entered the room. All the Team Plasma members turned their heads, and after seeing the Sage, all stopped what they were doing and bowed to her. "Nightmare Moon!" They all exclaimed loudly, it was then that Twilight realized that somebody had come in. And seeing Nightmare Moon only reminded her of the other mare she had meat. Twilight's throat grumbled a growl, just seeing this mare was repulsive. Nightmare Moon had this aura of evil around her that Twilight didn't like at all.

Nightmare Moon raised a her hoof, an evil smile on her face. "As you were." They all complied, going back to their work. Twilight watched as the green eyed mare now faced her, half of Nightmare Moon lips curving upward in a smirk. "Well if it is not Twilight, What a pleasant surprise. It seems the Shadow Triad found you with no trouble. They were surprised when they found you had no Pokemon in your possession. Is that true?"

Twilight glared at her, and knowing she would try to do something with them, she thought up of a lie in her head, one that Nightmare Moon would believe, hopefully. "My Pokemon aren't with me I set them free." Nightmare Moon chuckled at the answer, looking rather pleased.

"Marvellous, Then it's pretty clear that there is no way for you to escape. Unless any of you decide to betray Team Plasma, a word of advice- Don't even dare on betraying the Lady if you wish to keep your heads attached to your bodies, Understood!?" They all gulped loudly, all of them nodded their heads, briefly touching their necks. Nightmare Moon turned back to look at the vulnerable trainer in captivity.

"What are you planning to do to me?" Twilight asked, mixed emotions of anger and fear in her voice. Nightmare Moon chuckled once more, even louder than before.

"That, we'll have the Queen decide." Nightmare Moon whispered, before leaving the room in a very good mood, she stopped at the door. "Oh, and one more thing. Don't think you've fooled me with that ridiculously poor lie. I know you didn't liberate your Pokémon. Luna has told me much about you. The trainer who claims to love her Pokemon dearly. She told me of your dreams. About opposing Pokemon Liberation. Ponies don't change dreams one day to another."

Twilight watched as Nightmare Moon exited the room, she thought about her poor Pokémon, who must be worried sick about her. 'Will somepony please help me?' She thought, leaning her head back on the column, and closing her eyes. 'My Pokémon I hope nothing happens to them Somepony Anypony Protect them!!'

At the same time Twilight was thinking that, Sunset was thinking something similar along the lines. 'Our friend I hope nothing happened to her Somebody Keep her safe until we find her!' Sunset thought, her green eyes glancing up at the sky, realizing it was almost sunset. "Well We might as well head back to the Pokémon Center."

"Bolt?" said the little Dragon Pokémon on his back. Sunset Shimmer's ears twitched, and then responded to the Axew.


"What will happen if we never find Twilight?" He asked. Sunset Shimmer stopped walking, looking down at the ground, thinking of the possibility. "Sunset Shimmer?"

"I don't know, Spike" Sunset Shimmer replied, closing her eyes and deeply thinking. "If we never find her then we just have to keep on looking!"


"Now if only there was a sign!"

"Out of our way! Coming through!" Someone yelled, it sounded very familiar to Sunset Shimmer and to Spike.

"What's the" Spike started, but then Sweetiebell zoomed passed them, Moondancer, Scootaloo, Applebloom and Luna right behind them. Everybody was watching at how the fox's little legs carried him across the streets.

"What the BUCK!?" Sunset yelled galloping after them. Sunset and Spike were following behind and then the zebra asking. "Moondancer, What's wrong? Did you find anything?"

"Sweetiebell caught Twilight's scent!" Moondancer exclaimed with a grin, to which Sunset's eyes widened to. Spike was just as pleased, a smile growing eagerly on his face.

"Really!? That's great news!" Spike exclaimed, hopping happily on the Zebra. But Sunset looked suspiciously at Luna, frowning at her as they all ran like lunatics.

"Wait Aren't you that"

"Luna is helping us!" Scootaloo exclaimed. "There's no need to worry! Moondancer and Sweetiebell asked her for help!" But Sunset was still wary of the indigo maned teen, and merely squinted at the individual.

They all followed Sweetiebell, who turned a corner, and bumped into a door. "Oof!" Sweetiebell rubbed her head, and her eyes moved to glance at place.

"The Café?" Sunset said, stopping close to Sweetiebell. Luna stopped too, realizing it was the place that Twilight got mad at her. She flinched from the memory, almost feeling the cold water hit her face again.

"Luna, Wait for us here!" Moondancer exclaimed, pushing the door, the sound of the bell ringing. Scootaloo flew off of Luna's back and onto Sunset's back, sitting next to Spike. All of Twilight's Pokémon entered the Café, and received stares from everyone there. Moondancer was the one to hold the door for Sunset, as she slowly and cautiously walked in. Sunset returned the stares that ponies were directing at them, and gave them a few fierce stares. Moondancer still held the door, watching from a distance at how Sweetiebell's nose was connected to the floor. Scootaloo reached a chair, but it was currently occupied by a mare, who was looking down at the little fox in astonishment. In front of her, a colt no older than the young mare was sipping his coffee. Sunset walked over to where Sweetiebell was, receiving stares from the young couple in front of her. Sweetiebell jumped on the table, almost knocking down the container with spoons. She sniffed at the table, and then after a moment, she jumped off going to the place where Sunset stood. Sweetiebell lifted her head, his golden eyes meeting Moondancer's violet eyes. "Anything?"

"It leads outside!" Sweetiebell exclaimed, bolting out of the Café area. Sunset neighed, standing on her hind legs before sprinting out of there as well. Moondancer waited until they all left before running off to follow the others. Luna watched them run off a different direction than before and followed suite. They followed Sweetiebell, taking the same path that Twilight had taken. They made an abrupt stop when suddenly Twilight's scent ended just when she had come along the corner just fifteen feet away from the Café. Sweetiebell panted heavily, she continued to smell the ground to see if she picked up her scent. But it ended here! Everyone caught up to her, watching her, looking hopeful. Sweetiebell turned to them very much alarmed.

"Sweetiebell, What happened? Why did you stop?" Scootaloo asked, flying down next to the little fox. Her eyes widened, not able to explain what was happening.

"She Her scent!" Sweetiebell started, trying to look for the right words. She just couldn't believe it!

"Sweetiebell, Tell us, Why did you stop?" Sunset said, looking fearful of the answer. They all waited for Sweetiebell to respond. She huffed out a breath, and sent all of them a terror-stricken expression.

"Her trail stops here." Sweetiebell finally said. All of them gasped at what she had said, shaking their heads unbelieving.

"What? What do you mean Her trail stops here!?" Sunset growled, all of them looking agitated and worried.

"That's it! She didn't go any further than this! It stops here." Sweetiebell exclaimed.

"What if she had a friend with her? You know? Rainbow, Applejack or Pinkie?" Moondancer suggested, but Sweetiebell shook her head.

"I got the scent of Rainbow and Pinkie! But then Twilight went in this direction and then it's gone!"

"What if A large bird Pokémon just swooped down and grabbed her?" Spike said, jumping down from Sunset and joining the conversation. "It could have grabbed her and flown away."

"If that were true, wouldn't ponies hear her screaming? And Pokémon around town didn't say anything about a large bird Pokémon in the sky" Scootaloo replied, her eyes growing sadder by the moment.

"This is really starting to creep me out What could have happened to her!?" Moondancer began.

"It's just as what Spike has been saying and all of us are afraid of. She's been kidnapped." Sunset finally said, everyone turned their attention to Sunset with their eyes bulging out from their faces.

"Then that means"

"We have to rescue her!!" Moondancer yelled.

"But where will we find her?" Scootaloo asked. Everyone stood silent, and then out of nowhere, Luna spoke.

"Perhaps My friend can help you." Luna said, ready to take out her Poke Ball, but Sunset sent static in her direction.

"And why the BUCK do YOU want to help us!?" Sunset growled.

"Sunset! She's our friend!" Moondancer began, but Sunset stomped her foot, sending a shock over to Moondancer's feet.

"Don't give me any of that! Just because she's helping us find Twilight, doesn't make her any less suspicious." Sunset growled, but then contemplated over to Luna, giving her the evil eye. "And you Where the BUCK do you come from saying that you're going to help us? And WHY the BUCK are you doing it!?"

"I am merely disregarding the fact that your Trainer opposes to Pokémon Liberation And all of you seem to care for her dearly I don't wish to see all of you so worried, so I'm helping you find your friend."

"BUCK! Is THAT all?"

"See? She isn't so bad!" Scootaloo exclaimed. Everybody else nodded, but they were so blind to it all, that it made Sunset feel disgusted.

"All of you Are you all BLIND!?" Sunset yelled at them, they flinched at her tone of voice. She was getting angry, static flickering off her spiky mane. "You're seriously going to TRUST this mare!? She's not doing this for Twilight You idiots! She's doing it for US! Because WE'RE Pokémon! Not because she cares about her!" All of them glimpsed at Luna, who stared at Sunset with a smile. Luna chuckled softly, which made Sunset even angrier. "You think this is funny!? I just have this feeling in my gut that Team PLASMA is up to this!! And if I find out that you're behind her disappearance I'm going to make sure you get the shock of your life!"

"Believe it or not I admit that I'm not only doing this because you want my help" Luna started to say, looking calm as she spoke to the zebra. Sunset glared suspecting of her actions. "I myself am puzzled why I have chosen to help you But I cannot defer something that is of interest to me"

"So, It's merely interest you have." Moondancer squinted, crossing her arms over his chest. Luna chuckled, shaking her head.

"No, Moondancer, it's not only interest." Luna replied, she looked up at the sky, watching the sky turning a beautiful shade of orange and red. The sun, ready to say it's farewell. "Something about Twilight strikes me as familiar And I can't help wanting to befriend her."

"............................" Everyone was silently watching her. "Then why don't you?" Sunset asked. Luna sighed, closing her eyes.

"It's hard."

"Hard?" Scootaloo said, tilting her head in puzzlement. "What's so hard about being friends with her?"

"We'll speak of this at the Pokémon Center I've rented a room there for the night. Would you all like to come with me?" Luna offered, and all of them nodded, not knowing what else to do. They followed her to the Pokémon Center, receiving stares from various ponies, including those of Nurses.

"Good Evening. Aren't those" The Nurse began, but Luna cut her off short.

"Yes, They belong to a young trainer But I assure you, she has asked me to take care of them while she was gone. I have it under control as you can see I'll be in my room, Excuse me." She said politely before walking off, Twilight's Pokémon tailing behind. She took out the keys to her room, and opened it to reveal a bunk bed to the left, and a table to the right. The room wasn't small, but wasn't big either. An open window was in the middle of the wall, it was open, revealing the sunset. Twilight's Pokémon cautiously went inside, studying the place they would be staying the night. Luna juggled her keys in her magic, closing the door behind her once all of them entered. But Sweetiebell wasn't looking at the room, she was looking at the keys in Luna's magic.

"Are those keys?" The fox asked, Luna peered down at her with a smile going to sit on the bed, the little Zorua going to join her.

"Indeed, They are." Luna whispered, placing the keys next to her on the bed. Sweetiebell jumped up to her side, and played with the keys, hearing them clink against each other. Moondancer didn't bother to study the room, feeling depressed that she wasn't with her friend. She sulked over in a corner. All of her Pokémon saw her more than a trainer she was family to them. And having her gone, kidnapped was a low blow for them. Spike had joined Sweetiebell on the bed, but not to play, but to look at Luna sadly. The poor little dragon wanted attention, and that was something only Twilight was able to give him. The little Axew hugged Luna, prepared to weep for his friend. Luna was just as heavyhearted, seeing these Pokémon suffering from the absence of Twilight. She imagined so many more Pokémon just like hers, crying and suffering even more, parting from their trainers. Luna doubted her plans of Pokémon Liberation, she did it for the love and dedication she had for these creatures And to see them suffer even more from this was just as hurtful for Luna to witness she positioned her hoof over the Axew's head, caressing his fur in compassion.

"I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight And I'm sure neither of you will either." Sunset announced, everyone seemed to agree, because there was no argument said to that. Moondancer sighed still in a corner, too sad to get up or even say anything.

"Luna Is this what you really want?" Sweetiebell asked, ceasing to play with the keys and being serious to the young mare sitting next to her. " You really want to see Pokémon that love their trainers To suffer like this? Like we are?" Luna made a respiration of doubt, and stared out the window. She didn't know how to respond to that, and merely gave Sweetiebell silence. There were times when Luna would doubt her dreams she couldn't have been more doubtful at any other moment than now. Her heart only felt the heavy burden of understanding Pokémon and only wanted the best for them. She found this harder than she had thought. Seeing Pokémon love a pony so much. She just couldn't believe what she was seeing. Pokémon, crying from being separated from their trainer. This was something new to Luna, and something that she could not comprehend.

'Where am I going wrong?' She thought. 'Then why? Why can't all trainers be like Twilight? Only then would I be at peace with this world.' She left that thought aside, when suddenly the Poke Ball around her waist began to jiggle. It opened, a bright red light shining upon the floor, to reveal a large Pokémon in the room. Twilight's Pokémon looked at the new presence in the room, and stared at him.

"You're beginning to have doubts I can tell." The Pokémon said. All the Pokémon in the room seemed to stare at the large one that was currently in the room- It looked very much like
"You've known me since I was a child, Zoroark. And you've never failed to read my mind."

"It's a gift that I have." He grinned with a smug look on his face, staring at the smaller Pokémon that were in the room. "I heard everything, You all miss her don't you?" They all nodded their heads. Zoroark sighed, turning back to Luna and seeing the little Axew hugging him. Zoroark sighed, taking a little peek at the other fox that was in the room. Sweetiebell's ears were lowered in sadness, not even bothering to play with the keys.

"You know Luna, I've been thinking." Zoroark said, staring out the window.

"What is it? Zoroark?"

"This Twilight She's just like you." Both oceanic green eyes met, and there was a silence that hung in the room. It was almost like it was cutting off the oxygen.

"How so?" Luna questioned.

"Well You and her, You admire and love Pokémon." Zoroark started, picking up the little Zorua. "But one wants Pokémon together, and one wants to liberate them, You can't have both. Both are destined to become enemies in battle. A sad truth that soon all of us will be facing." Luna closed her eyelids half way, staring at the ground. All of Twilight's Pokemon slowly gathered around the larger one, sitting near him. Zoroark glowed, transforming into the young trainer the Pokemon sitting close to him longed for. Their eyes increased in size, not believing what they were seeing. He looked just like Twilight! Luna looked up, and was face to face with an image of Twilight.

"Look at her closely Luna, Doesn't she remind you Of the two of us?" Zoroark said sadly, holding the depressed little fox in his arms. "Can you look at her, and tell me you don't believe that?"

Luna looked closely at Zoroark in Twilight's form, but then looked away from him. Instead watching as how the sun had finally disappeared into the horizon. The skies were now beginning to darken, and soon enough it was night.


Twilight was alone in the spacious room, not knowing what to make of this situation. She continued to make an effort to free herself from the ropes. But even so, it caused a burning sensation that left red marks around her hooves. She didn't care as long as she was out of this place. 'When I'm free I'm going to FIND LUNA, and give her a piece of my mind!' Twilight thought, using her back legs to pull herself into a standing position. All of a sudden, the doors opened, but only to reveal two beautiful looking mares. One with a rainbow mane different to Rainbow Dash, and another with a main that looked like ice-cream. Twilight was puzzled, what were they doing in such a horrible place? Let alone be a part of Team Plasma. Twilight looked questioningly at them, watching them slowly walk over to her.

"Dear Twilight, You have come back." One of them smiled.

"Come back?" Twilight frowned, she motioned to the room, and then glared at them. "I've never stepped a hoof in this place in my entire life!" The rainbow maned mare looked taken aback from her words, and then gazed at the other mare in the room.

"I see, You don't remember." The ice-cream maned one said, placing a hoof on her friend's shoulder. "I am Cadence."

"I am Celestia." "OK, Cadence, Celestia, Can you do me a favor and tell me why Luna had me KIDNAPPED in the first place? I know she want to liberate Pokémon, but sheesh!"

They took a moment to answer her question, but when she had mentioned their Lady, their faces changed to an expression of surprise. "Luna? Have you kidnapped? Oh goodness no!"

"It was not our Lady's idea to have you kidnapped. That was all Nightmare Moon' plan!" Cadence replied. Twilight looked surprised herself, not believing it. Then that could have only meant one thing.

"Then Does Luna know about this?" The two mares shook their heads. Was it possible that it was Nightmare Moon that wanted her out of the way? Twilight sighed deeply, considering that maybe Luna had nothing to do with this and knew nothing about it.

"Lady Luna does not know you're here. I believe she's in Baltmare, tending to some business." Celestia answered. Twilight kicked her hooves in the air, still attempting to escape. "Don't worry. You won't be harmed, you'll be safe if you cooperate for now."

"Cooperate? What if Nightmare Moon has me stay here forever!?" Twilight shouted. "And what about my Pokémon!? They must be worried SICK!"

"Your Pokémon are fine. We can assure you of that." Cadence smiled softly at Twilight. But she merely gave them a 'I'm suspicious' gaze. "Nightmare Moon will communicate with Luna once she's finished with something. Until then, you must wait what Nightmare Moon is planning."

"I need to get out of here!" Twilight exclaimed, fear growing on her face. "I can't stay here!"

"Twilight, You can't!"

"No! I can't stand being here anymore!" Twilight began yelling, wiggling violently. "I can't!!" She stopped wiggling, only to receive the extent of her thrashing. She felt exhausted, and hungry. "Please, Let me go" Twilight's voice cracked, pleading to them. But they looked guiltily at her, and closed their eyes.

"We're very sorry, Good night." They said, before exiting the room. They left the door slightly open, the only source of light was the one from the window, and from the window high up on the ceiling. It illuminated her body, giving her a moonlight glow. Twilight's eyes brimmed with tears, her shoulders shaking. She fell on her butt, and cried silently. The only other source of light, also coming from the open door. Twilight looked up at the single, small, rounded window that was close to the ceiling. The skies were slightly cloudy, hinting that there was going to be rain soon. 'Or maybe it's Sunset' Twilight thought, the tears now trickling down her cheeks. She knew that cloudy skies would only appear when Sunset was very sad. It happened every so often when she was a Blitzle. She just knew it had to be Sunset. She hadn't heard about any showers on the Weather Channel during the night. 'Poor Sunset, Moondancer, Spike, Applebloom, Sweetiebell and Scootaloo My little Scootaloo Somepony take care of them. I don't care who it is. Take care of them until I come back.'


All of Twilight's Pokémon were all currently asleep, all of them were curled up around Sunset on the floor. Luna lay on her back on the soft bed, thinking deeply about Twilight's disappearance. And what was unusual, is that she felt concerned. Her hoof hovered to her forehead, wiping away the invisible sweat. Her Zoroark was currently asleep on the top bunk, and not wanting to wake any of the Pokémon up. Luna slowly creeped out of bed, with only her black turtle-neck and her pants on. She slipped on her green shoes, and quietly left the room. But even though she was as quiet as can be, Scootaloo woke up none the less. She watched as Luna about to leave the room. But Scootaloo chirped at her, obviously startling Luna. Luna saw that Scootaloo was awake, and didn't dare stop her. She held out her hoof for Scootaloo to fly on. Scootaloo scooted away from the others before flapping her wings, leaping on Luna's hoof and then jumping to her back. Luna smiled softly at Scootaloo, closing the door behind her as she left the room with the little bird.

The halls were dark, but Luna still could see perfectly fine, since the light that of the moon illuminated her way. Some of the rooms were open, signifying that nobody occupied the rooms. Luna couldn't help but glance inside each and every one of them before coming to the lobby area, where there were still a few ponies in the lobby. The lights were dim, but Luna didn't really care about that. She wanted to take a short walk and a breath of fresh air. She finally arrived outside after going through the automatic doors. The two of them secluded themselves from the normally busy city and going up a large hill. Both of them watched the City below, and then turned their attention to the moon, it was a little less cloudy now that it was a little calmer. Scootaloo looked up at Luna, seeing her gazing at the beautiful crescent moon above them. "Luna?"

"Yes, Scootaloo?"

"Why is it so hard for you to befriend Twilight?"



"I'm sorry I was just thinking It's hard because." Luna started, but choked on her own words. "I thought seeing Pokémon happy was the only thing that could comfort me and bring me peace." Scootaloo watched Luna intently, waiting patiently for her to finish. Luna smiled sadly, her magic grabbing a pile of grass and ripping them out from the ground beneath them. "But it shakes me to have a trainer equivalent to her close to me who has that ability to induce me comfort, but at the same time question myself and doubt what I've come to recognize are my dreams, what my goals are."

"You're afraid she's making you powerless?"

"Yes, and it's hard to befriend someone like that because of my life, I've been convinced that liberation was the best idea."

"Well,That's not true because she has loads of friends. Ponies and Pokemon!" Scootaloo replied. "You just have to be up to her level to understand!"

"But how?"

"Start by making believe you're talking to a Pokemon." Scootaloo smiled, but Luna stared at the Pidove with a skeptical look. "Twilight's pretty much just like you! She loves us, and she wouldn't do anything to try to hurt us. She told us one time that we're all family to her, and she wouldn't hesitate to jump in front of a dangerous attack to protect us." Luna smiled sincerely, hearing that from the little bird.

"If every pony and Pokemon cared about one another like you and Twilight do, I could watch over the future of ponies and Pokemon without having to liberate Pokemon from ponies who just use them."

"By the way, do you see Twilight as a potential family member?" Scootaloo asked suddenly, receiving an aghast look from Luna.

"Family member?"

"We all see her like a Mother. What do you see her as?"

"I'm starting to respect her a little more But I believe we should get some rest, you know, to search for the pony whom you've come to know as a mother." Luna stood up, taking one last longing stare at the moon. Scootaloo looked up at her with sad eyes, she reminded her so much of her trainer And it saddened her greatly.

"Yeah, you're right." Scootaloo yawned, flying up on Luna's shoulder and both of them returning to the Pokemon Center to get some shut eye.

Author's Note:

Happy New Year Have a New Chapter

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