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Twilight Sparkle The Pokémon Heroine of White - TwilightXLuna

In the world of Pokémon and Ponies two young fillies will meet at a large castle and become great friends but they will be torn apart by evil. One of them will help to save the world of Ponies and Pokémon from the evil group.

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Chapter 2 - A White Legend (Edited on the 21/08/2017)

Before long, Twilight and her mother were over at Fillydelphia. Twilight was nervous, she hugged the Pidove she was holding softly. She swallowed, seeing many little Fillies her age there. She looked at her mum, who was only smiling as she looked around the place. She felt a lot of Volcaronas in her stomach, they bounced all over the place, twisting and turning. She looked around at the competition, she knew she wouldn't win. These fillies probably were better than her in singing ability like a Swanna has with dancing!

"Well, this is it Twilight. Your first contest ever." She said. Twilight bit her lip, it would've bled if she didn't have her Pidove there to calm her down. It chirped quietly, she looked down at it reassuringly, smiling.

"All the young fillies that are competing in the contest are to come with me, parents are to wait in the front, where they get special seats." A stallion through a speaker said. Twilight looked up at her mum, she nodded over to her and pushed her slightly. Twilight nodded, following the rest of the fillies inside. All the parents of the little fillies went inside with them, but all the fillies went behind the stage in order to prepare.

"All right. Any questions before we get ready fillies?" He asked. "My name is Back Stage. My wife, Star Shine, is going to help you all dress up. Here she comes!"

"Alright Fillies! Are you all ready?" She asked, they answered by all cheering happily. Twilight, didn't say anything, she merely stared. She was in the front of the group. "This contest is only held once every Winter! Here, at the Musical Theatre at Fillydelphia! Don't you all get nervous out there! Alright? The show starts at six! It's only four thirty, so we have one hour and thirty minutes to get all you fillies in your Pokémon dresses, and then pick the song you want. OK, Who's up first?" All the little fillies raised their hooves, and urged Star Shine to pick them. Twilight looked around, rolling her eyes at their enthusiasm. They should be! One of them was going to win anyway, right? "OK OK! Settle down! You, come here!" It took from 15-30 minutes to get them all in their dresses. Twilight saw there was one in a Volcarona dress, another filly in a Gothitelle dress, Munna dress, Blitzle, Audino and many others. Twilight still hadn't gone to dress, she looked all around. Many of them looked very fitting in their dresses. Twilight wondered if she should tell Star Shine she was left. But decided against it, she was as nervous as a Ducklett learning how to swim! Star Shine wiped her forehead. "Woo. I guess that's it."

"No! You forgot her!" A Mare said, placing a hoof on Twilight's back.

"Yeah! Don't forget her!" Another said.

"Oh! You were so quiet! I didn't notice you! Well, come here darling! Right this way!" Star Shine exclaimed. Twilight blinked, she walked slowly over to Star Shine to the changing room. After they entered, Star Shine smiled at her. "What's your name darling?"

"T ...Twilight ...." She responded.

"I like that name. Well Twilight, let's see here look up." Star Shine commanded softly. Twilight looked up into her teal eyes and blinked. "Purple eyes. None of the fillies outside have purple eyes. You look innocent and pure. I know JUST the Pokémon for you!" She quickly went over to the box, and dug deep for the dress she was looking for. "I know it's here ... Maybe .. Oh yeah!" She went over to a different box and found what she was looking for.

"You know which Pokémon this is?" Star Shine asked, holding up the unfamiliar dress. Twilight shook her head.

"I thought I would never seen this used until you came along." Star Shine grinned, she pointed at the dress. "This Pokémon dress, is from Reshiram."

"Re .... Shiram?" Twilight said, tilting her head. She's never heard of it before, now that she thinks about it, maybe in a book she read once. But she didn't know what Reshiram was at first. Until now. Star Shine nodded, her smile grew even more.

"Now, you change into this dress, while I go and find a white rose and the gloves." Star Shine said, running and going to another room, closing the door with magic behind her.

"Well Pidove, guess this is it." Twilight said, placing her down with magic. She looked up at Twilight, and chirped angrily. Twilight smiled down at her, "What is it? You don't like me calling you Pidove?"

She nodded her head, flapping her right wing.

"Well ... I'll name you ... Scootaloo! How does that sound?" Twilight smiled, grabbing the dress and the slippers in her hooves.

"Pi! Pi!" She nodded her head once more, dancing in happiness.

"Alright! Scootaloo it is!" Twilight exclaimed, walking behind something and taking off her clothes, after a few minutes, she managed to place it on. "This doesn't feel that uncomfortable!"

"Pi! Rrruuu!" Scootaloo cooed, as if wanting to see. Twilight walked out from behind the covers, Scootaloo smiled. "Pi! Pii!"

"Like it? Is it really THAT suiting on me?" Twilight asked. She snuffed out loud, she couldn't believe how modest she was being.


"Is it almost time?"

"Yes, Lady Moon. It's currently five o clock. In one hour it shall start."

"Very good ... All set for the kidnapping?" She asked.

"Yes My Lady!" The grunts exclaimed.

"This year they'll most likely have one of them wear it and that filly, shall be the one to proceed with the prophecy." Nightmare Moon said. "And I will have control of all Pokémon. I shall take over the world!"


"Twilight! Are you done" Star Shine stopped there, gazing upon the little filly in her dress and was wide eyed. "My my, it fits you perfectly!" She waltzed right over and handed her the gloves with her magic. "With these two things, you'll be complete!" While Twilight placed on her long light blue gloves, Star Shine went over and placed the White Rose in her main on Twilight's right side. Star Shine smiled down at Twilight. "You're probably the prettiest one there! Let's get a move on!"

"Do I have to?" Twilight asked, clutching the dress tightly and looking up with a nervous look plastered on her face.

"Of course you do! You're not staying here! A filly like you has to be strong! Or else, forget it, you probably have a nice singing voice too. Don't forget, Be confident! Be strong! And you'll win in the end! Now let's go! Show the fillies and everypony out there, you're the best!"

"You probably told that to all the fillies the same exact thing, didn't you?" Twilight asked, Scootaloo jumped up onto her back, and she followed Star Shine outside to where all the Fillies waited. They all gasped when they saw Twilight in all her glory.

"Woooow! You look so pretty in that!" A Pegasus filly said.

"No fair! How come she gets that one!" A unicorn filly exclaimed.

"Calm down girls!" Back Stage exclaimed. "Or else Star Shine will disqualify you all!"

"That's right! Now you all tell me. Who has bright Purple eyes out of all of you?" Star Shine asked. They all looked at each other, but no such luck. "My thoughts exactly. Now Fillies! When you go out there, you have to tell the musicians which song you're performing! You have to choose from a list of songs ONLY. You may request another song, but it has to be one the musicians know! Alright? Go out there and show them all you've got!"

"Yeahh!" They cheered, they were about to walk out there, but Star Shine stopped them.

"Whoa whoa! Hold on just one second!" She exclaimed. "It's not time yet! I have to talk to the audience, and then I call you one by one! You are ALL enthusiastic!" She walked out with her husband over to the stage. She heard the crowds of ponies already seated, awaiting the contestants eagerly.

"Ladies and Gentlecolts!" Back Stage said over the speaker, and soon very quickly, everything was silent. "We present to you the Musical Winter Contest! We will have a group of young Fillies perform a song for all of you, and then three judges will determine our winner of the contest! Please sit back and relax as the girls sing to the heavens above! Presenting you, our first contestant, Sunset Shimmer!"

"Yay!" the little filly exclaimed, running right out, waltzing over and performing her song. This went on, and on, and on. Twilight's mother awaited patiently for her daughter. She thought she would be the last one, and was glad. Twilight watched on as this Unicorn filly, Trixie, that would go before her looked down on the list on stage.

"Hmm ... I'll go with .... Lone Digger!" She exclaimed. Twilight was shocked, her eyes widened to the size of saucers. No way! That song was her best!

"There's no WAY I'm going to win." Twilight said covering her eyes. "That's my song."

The little Filly smiled, as she performed the song, right after she finished. The crowd stood on their hooves and stomped for her, cheering her loudly.

'There is no way I can't compete with THAT. She's too good!' Twilight thought, she was just about ready to cry. 'I won't win ....... I won't win .......'

"Alright, thank you Trixie!" Star Shine said, grabbing the speaker phone in her magic, as the little filly went to sit down with the rest of the young fillies. "Now, Next up! Is Twilight!"

Twilight swallowed, she didn't want to come out. She froze right on the spot, her eyes still wide and teary.

"Umm ....... Twilight?" Star Shine said through the speakers. Twilight's mom bit her lip.

"Come on, darling! You can do it!" Her mum shouted. Twilight had heard her mum, but she was still scared.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlecolts, We have a slight inquiry here." Stare Shine said, she let go of the microphone and walked back stage and was met with a frightened looking Twilight. "What's wrong, Twilight?"

"I ... I .... can't do it!" Twilight said. "I'm going to lose ......"

"Twilight, that's not the only thing is it?" Star Shine asked, placing a hove on her back. "What's wrong?"

"That filly that played that song. That was my the song I was going to play. I don't know what else to play." Twilight said.

Star Shine looked down at the list, and found all of them scratched off. Except for one ......

"Oh look! There's this song here, The cost of the crown, Want to play that one?"

Twilight stared at her for a long time. She knew that song, her mom said she loved that song. It was both depressing yet beautiful. Twilight smiled, she nodded, following Star Shine onto the stage. Everypony mumbled, most of them gasping, her mother was one of them.

"She's so beautiful!" Her mum exclaimed.

"This little filly right here, I've been waiting for a very long time. I've been waiting for a little filly come and finally wear this. It's finally come! The day the Reshiram dress is worn on the Musical Winter Contest!" She said. "Well, Take it away Twilight!" They applaud for her, encouraging her to sing her song. Twilight swallowed, and saw Star Shine whisper something to the Conductor. He nodded his head, and whispered to the group of musicians something. They all smiled, and readied their instruments. Twilight noticed Scootaloo wasn't with her, and looked back as she walked over to her. Twilight smiled, going over and picking up the little bird in her magic and put her on her back. She lost her smile as the spotlight was directed towards her. The brightness of the dress made her shine, making her look as pale as a ghost. She looked upwards, feeling nervous with all eyes on her only. Scootaloo followed her lead, doing so as well. Twilight sighed, she had to do this. The musicians began the music. This was it! Twilight initiated her song.

She stopped the song, opening her eyes. The crowd quickly went into applause the moment she finished.

'It's was good because she goes last so she stays freshest in the judge's minds.' She thought with a smile on her face. She stood up from her chair and stomped with her hooves for her daughter. Twilight, for the first time that day grinned. Scootaloo chirped in happiness while bouncing.

Star Shine was stomping along with her husband and the other fillies.

"Very good Twilight!" Star Shine said through the microphone. "That was probably the most intense song out of everypony! You did very well. Thank you."

Twilight smiled widely, going next to the fillies and sitting herself down. They hoof bumped each other, complimenting Twilight in her song.

"T-thank you ...." Was all she could say, she was breathless. That song was intense alright!

"Now! Judges! Cast your votes!" Star Shine exclaimed.

Twilight sighed, finally lifting the weight off of her shoulders. There were three judges there, they all looked down at a paper, and all were whispering to each other. When they finished, they placed the winners in an envelope. They handed it to Back Stage, who now held the microphone in his wings because he was a Pegasus.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen! The winners." Back Stage announced, everypony went silent. "We'll say them from third, to first. Now, coming in third is Trixie Lulamoon ."

She cheered in happiness, Star Shine held medals in her hoof, handing the Bronze Medal to Trixie. Everyone stomped and cheering. Then the Theatre went silent again.

"Coming in second." Back Stage said, reading off from the list of names. "Sunset Shimmer!" She cheered the loudest, another round of applause was heard, this and a little louder the applause was. Star Shine handed her the Silver Medal, and stood right over next to the other fillies. Twilight swallowed, looking over to her mom. She merely smiled over and nodded at her, assuring her she was going to be OK. Twilight looked back up at Back Stage, waiting with curiosity who was going to win first. "Dear? How about you read this one?"

"Oh, Yeah! Sure. I'm eager to know who it is." Star Shine laughed, she took the microphone and the envelope with the list and handed the last medal to her husband. She looked down at the paper. "And our winner is"

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