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Twilight Sparkle The Pokémon Heroine of White - TwilightXLuna

In the world of Pokémon and Ponies two young fillies will meet at a large castle and become great friends but they will be torn apart by evil. One of them will help to save the world of Ponies and Pokémon from the evil group.

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Chapter 9 - She So Has Anger Management? (Unedited)

Author's Note:

Sorry it has been so long since my last update but with getting a new job and a new laptop as well as settling in with the new job and many other things that have been happing this year I just hope I can get the story done by the end of the year. So I hope you all like this new chapter.

Happy 20 years of Pokémon

TwilightXLuna Out :twilightsmile:

They were now in the Pokemon Center, all four of of them. Twilight,Rainbow Dash, AppleJack and Pinkie Pie were sitting by a table. Chatting away while they drank a cup of sweet Oran Berry juice. They were all laughing, their Pokemon eating Pokemon food on the ground near them, and all playing innocently with each other.

"Yo. There was this mare that was talking about Pokemon Liberation right outside the Pokemon Center." Rainbow Dash said taking a small sip.

"Liberation? For what?" Pinkie Pie asked, looking at Rainbow Dash curiously.

"I dunno, some strange indigo maned mare dressed up in clothes from the eighteen hundreds was talking about it." Rainbow Dash replied. "She was saying how ponies treat Pokemon unfairly and they should be set free to live happily where they belong."

"That's horrible!" Pinkie Pie said.

"And no one spoke up to this nonsense?" Applejack questioned.

"They were all pretty confused and were thinking it through after her speech. I hope they don't do what she says." Rainbow Dash said. "Unless, Of course, The Pokemon are happy about it. Will they liberate their Pokemon?"

"I'm pretty sure they aren't going to do that!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a confident smile on her face. Everypony turned to stare at her with an exaggerated look on their face.

"They won't?" The trio exclaimed. Pinkie Pie nodded with a smile on her face.

"Yeah! Even though we all know the opposite of what I say is going to happen!" Pinkie Pie giggled. They all groaned heavily, looking down at their Pokemon as they played. Twilight was particularly staring at Pinkie Pie's Tepig, Cherry Jubilee; And Rainbow Dash's Oshawott, Tank. She looked pretty interested in what Tepig was doing, who was only using her feet to scratch her head. She was all over Cherry Jubilee, pulling on her ear and tickling her.

"Hey, Pinkie Pie. If I didn't know any better I think Tank likes Cherry." Twilight whispered, the other mares had heard, and were looking down at the small Pokemon.

"Tep! Tepig!" The pig oinked, as Tank jumped on her back and sat on her, grabbing her ears and pointing forward.

"Oshaaaa." he exclaimed.

"Teeeeeep. Tepiiiig!" she groaned, walking forward as she squealed in delight. Rainbow Dash laughed under her breath while Pinkie just full on squealed.

"Awww!" Pinkie exclaimed. Cherry sweat dropped hearing her trainer.

'Tank, all this is making me hungry.' Cherry said.

'Quit your whining, I'm having fun!' he exclaimed.

'Pathetic piece of bacon.' Snivy replied.

'HEY! Why don't you say that to her face!' Tank growled.

'Make me.' Snivy said.

'OK. Guys! Enough! We're all friends!' Moondancer said, trying to calm everyone down. 'You poor excuse for a leaf!' Tank yelled.

'Tank! Don't call him names.' Moondancer said.

'I have no time to argue with you. You Oshawott are not WORTH my time.' Snivy said, and turning around to walk away.

'Scootaloo, Do us a favor, gust his butt outta here.' Moondancer said, getting tired of the Snivy.

'Would be my pleasure. 'Scootaloo said, using a gust attack and blowing Snivy off his feet.

"Scootaloo." Twilight laughed. "That wasn't very nice."

"Whatever he did." Rainbow Dash said. "I can tell he was provoking Tank."

"Whatever! Let's go to the next town before I regret going on this adventure." Pinkie exclaimed. "You know how antsy I am right now! Let's go Let's go!" They all took their belongings and their Pokemon and left.


Twilight was on her own, since everyone decided to part ways and go at their own pace. Pinkie and Rainbow decided to go together because they didn't really know what they were going to do. Applejack, Well she was Pretty much on her own, and if Twilight were to tag along with her, she wsa sure Applejack would just not talk AT ALL. She would just be reading her apple farming books, and Twilight found that really that apple farming was no to her taste. Currently, in her team, were still Scootaloo and Moondancer. They were trained well, after having beating her first Gym leader, which happened to be three of them. But she only battled one, this fire type user named Spitfire. She regret telling her she had a Snivy. But it would be of no use anyway. They said that trainers had to battle opposing types in order to see if they were strong enough to beat them at a type disadvantage. But she still won, for she had used Scootaloo against the Pansear and defeated it easily. Twilight smiled. She was now getting ready to enter the Gym/Museum, she walked with her Pokemon inside her Poke Ball, because they needed their rest before she were to challenge the gym. She lost her train of thought when she bumped into somepony.

"Oh, I'm sorr" She began but gasped, seeing who it was. It was Luna! She backed away a distance from her, as Luna walked closer to her, a blank and dark look on her face. "You!"

"Twilight, was it" She began.

"Why do you keep forgetting my name?" She asked sounding offended. Not that she cared that Luna remembered. She was seriously creeping her out now. Was Luna stalking her?

"I am not stalking you, if that's what you're thinking." Luna said. Twilight jumped in surprise and backed away from Luna even more.

"HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS THINKING THAT!?" Twilight panicked, holding her hooves up in a dramatic way. Luna chuckled, but it didn't sound like the real ones. It sounded like it was fake.

"I'm not as stupid as you think." She said, shaking her head. "I saw the look on your face. You were looking at me as if I were some lunatic."

"That's because you are!" Twilight said. "I don't understand you! You go being nasty to me out of nowhere, and then you talk to Pokémon? How can I NOT think you're some psycho that escaped from a mental hospital!?"

"Ponies are encasing my friends in these Poke balls, all for this 'Poke Dex' in which your cousin spoke of. I loathe the Poke Dex and find it utterly useless, I do not need a Poke Dex to know more about my friends." She said, suddenly angry.

"Whoa! Chill!" Twilight exclaimed. "And first of all. We need the Poke Dex, so we can find out more about Pokémon that way. Unlike you- You can speak to Pokémon, while we can't. We obviously can't know more about them by talking to them because we can't even understand their language in the first place!" Luna went silent at this, lowering her head, and then speaking.

"You disgust me." She said bluntly, she looked up from her cap, her eyes holding pure hate inside them. Twilight gave Luna a glare of her own.

"Hey, then we're both on the same level. Buddy." Twilight hissed. "The Poke Dex may not look right to YOU! But it gives us information to know more about Pokémon and the way they behave so we can grow more CLOSER to them. Ever thought of that? Instead of judging the Poke Dex, why not look at the good side?"

"There is no good side to this Poke Dex. Trainers lock up my friends in 'Poke Balls' just so that they can fill the Poke Dex, making them nothing more than a source of information to fill the item with information. They are being used as tools, and that is something I believe-- excuse my language, is bucked up." She said. "There is nothing I hate the most, that my friends being treated like tools of battle and research. Pokémon have feelings, and trainers abuse of them, engaging them in fights that are utterly atrocious..........."

"Ahh! You're starting to sound like Applejack! You're making my head hurt!" Twilight yelled, grabbing her mane, and pulling on it.

"I want to see things no one can see. The truths of Pokémon inside Poké Balls. The ideals of how Trainers should be. And a future where Pokémon have become perfect. Do you feel the same?" She asked softly.

"No! You're crazy!" Twilght said. "Just stay away from me! I can't STAND you talking!" She retrieved her Poke Ball with Moondancer in it, ready to send him out. Luna eyes, she could've sworn had a tint of darkness in them.

"Huh. I expected more from you. Now pay attention. My friends and I will test you to see if you can see this future, too." Luna replied, taking out his own Pokeball from her waist.

"How come you hate trainers using Pokémon for "tools of battle" And you're doing the SAME THING?[/b?" Twilight exclaimed, sending out Scootaloo. "You're such a hypocrite!"

"The only difference, is that I set them free!" Luna yelled, sending out her own Pidove. Both birds eyed each other warily. Waiting for the other to attack. "I believe you can go first."

'Pft, What a dork.' Scootaloo said, rolling her eyes.

"Whatever" Twilight said.

"Scootaloo! Quick Attack!" Twilight said. Scootaloo dashed in the air and tackled the Pidove on the stomach, sending him back.

"Pidove, my friend, use Gust from all angles!" Luna cried. The Pidove obeyed easily and used Gust all over, the place. Scootaloo looked around, as the small twisters were now surrounding her and coming closer.

"Scootaloo! Use Quick Attack to get out of there from the middle!" Twilight exclaimed. As the gusts of wind were coming closer, Scootaloo acted quickly and flew up swiftly to the sky, the gusts of wind having collided with each other and disappeared. Scootaloo flew back down and smirked at the Pidove.

"Intriguing, Outstanding get away but he shall not escape this. Pidove, Quick attack and then air cutter!" Luna commanded.

"Piiiiiiiiaaaaa!!" The Pidove said, flying quickly to Scootaloo, tackled her upwards and then slashing her with an Air Cutter attack.

"Piii!!" Scootaloo cried, falling to the ground afterwards.

"Come on Scootaloo You can do this!" Twilight said. Scootaloo got up quickly and looked determined over to the Pidove, who looked as if he wasn't touched once. "Scootaloo! Use Leer!" Scootaloo narrowed her eyes into a frown, and then her left eye shined, but the Pidove didn't even flinch.

"It's useless. Pidove's ability is Big Pecks, which protects from his defence to from depleting in the slightest." Luna replied.

"Well, it was worth a shot." Touko said. "Scootaloo! Quick Attack! Then use Growl!"

"What a slight mistake, something that's going to cost you greatly, Twilight." She said. "Pidove, Dodge and use Air Cutter."

The Pidove dodged it's attack and slashed Scootaloo in mid air. Scootaloo cried in pain and was sent flying back, falling down with a loud thud to the ground. She struggled to get up, but afterwards, she stumbled back down, fainted. "Scootaloo! You rest up now." She mumbled, going to pick him up. Scootaloo chirped up at her and had a sad smile. Twilight returned it with a happier smile. "You did your best."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk."

Twilight pouted at Luna, and puffed her cheeks. She was seriously acting like Pinkie right now. Scootaloo was seriously hating this mare's guts.

"How sad." Luna smiled. That smile. She just wanted to rip it out of Luna's beautiful face and 'No!' Touko thought. 'I can't think of her like that. She may be cute but She's Oh! Twlight! What have you gotten yourself into?' She took out her other Poke Ball, Moondancer was waiting eagerly inside, waiting to come out.

"Come on out, Moondancer!" Twilight exclaimed, sending out Watt for good measures, while holding Pato in her arms.

"Snivy! Snivy vy!" She said,

'You're going down!' Moondancer said. 'You're gonna regret messing with my friends!'

'Pft. I'd like to see that happen.' The Pidove smirked. Moondancer blew smoke from her nose and looked up at Twilight, waiting for a command.

'Hmph. Ready when you are Twilight!' Moondancer exclaimed.

"OK! Moondancer! Focus Energy!" Moondancer closed his eyes, standing there for a few seconds. She glowed red slightly, and then opened them, turning around and shaking her tail, taunting the Pidove. The Pidove frowned, flying forward to attack Moondancer on his own.

"Pidove! Wait!" Luna exclaimed.

"Vine Whip!!" Twilight exclaimed. Moondancer heaved her chest and let loos vines from her back at the Pidove. It was hit back, and it fell back on the ground. "Hah! A direct and critical hit!" The Pidove did not move, signalling it was down for the count. Luna frowned, but then She smirked, returning her Pidove into the Poke Ball.

'How do you like me now? Punk?' Moondancer said, showing off her tail.

"I see you're flashing in your victory. However, you're not done yet." Luna said. "Tympole, I am in need of your assistance!" She sent out another Pokémon, a little tadpole Pokémon, it was flapping and jumping around on it's tail, a creepy smile on it's face.

"Hey! It looks just like you!" Twilight exclaimed, pointing at the Tympole, both Moondancer and Scootaloo began laughing at her remark. Luna did not reply, merely giving the Tympole a command.

"Tympole, Super Sonic."

The Tympole opened it's mouth before sending out these golden circular waves to Moondancer. It briefly touched Moondancer, and suddenly, Moondancer's eyes looked confused, and dazed. She wobbled in her stance as she stumbled over to Tympole. "No! Moondancer!"

"Now, Round, My friend."

Tympole opened his mouth again, and this time a song emitted from it's unusually big mouth. Twilight covered her ears from how loud it was, seeing Moondancer come into pain, she reacted quickly. "Moondancer! Snap out of it! Moondancer!" She did not listen and instead, used vine whip and hit herself with it. Twilight and Scootaloo slapped a hoof/wing over their faces dramatically.

"Keep going my friend. She won't be snapping out of it anytime soon, then finish it off with Mudshot." 'This is the end. I'm finished!' Twilight thought covering her eyes with her hooves. Tympole threw out a barrage of Mud from it's mouth as it shot at Moondancer, making her fall back on the ground. Fainted. There was silence afterward. A dead silence.

"We lost" Twilight whispered.

"Yes, You have." Luna smiled. "It seems that you have yet to prove the truths you believe in, Twilight, You have a lot to learn." She sent out her other Pokémon. It was pretty large, it was some Gurrdurr. There was no way she could go against that thing! What was Luna going to do!? She smirked darkly, an evil look on her face that made Twilight shiver. She grabbed Moondancer from the floor, who was unconscious and backed away from the Pokémon. The Gurrdurr was advancing on her, swinging his steel beam around, showing his strength.

"What Pokémon is that?" She said, going into her bag and checking her Poke Dex. But suddenly, her Poke Dex was hit with a water gun and she dropped it to the floor in fright. She backed away from it as soon as the Gurrdurr was running towards her. Luna slowly walked over, and bent down to pick up the Poke Dex, examining it. Twilight fell back on her butt and watched as Luna towered over her, the Poke Dex in Luna's hoof. Luna held the Poke Dex in her magic, showing it to her.

"You don't NEED this." She said, dropping it to the ground. "Gurrdurr. If you please." The Gurrdurr walked forward and with it's steel beam, slammed it down on the Poke Dex. Breaking it into millions of pieces.

"Yeah. OK. Fine. Break it. It's not like I can't get another one!" Twilight exclaimed. "Why are you only breaking mine? SPECIFICALLY MINE! Dude! There are a LOT more ponies that have the Poke Dex. Breaking mine won't help!"

Luna bent down, a smile on her face. She lifted her hat from her face, looking into her purple eyes. "I cannot see the future yet, The world is still to be determined. Right now, my friends aren't strong enough to save all Pokémon. Maybe I can't solve the equation that will change the world. So, I need power, Power enough to make anyone agree with me."

"What is this? A math problem? That this plus this equals that? And WHAT power? No one is going to agree with you just because you're powerful. At least I WON'T! I'm totally against all this. You can't hide from the truth Luna. Ponies and Pokémon have been living side by side for years! You can't change the fact that there's still going to be Pokémon/Pony interaction!" Twilight said. Luna looked deeply into her eyes, both of them staring each other off. She blinked. Luna was seriously really close to her face! Just looking at her.

"You're a real creep. You know that?" Twilight said, holding her Pokémon close to her chest. Suddenly Luna eyes widened, and then her eyes held some spark in them.

"I know now what power I need." Luna mumbled. She lowered her cap forcefully, covering her face, making slap Luna's hoof away on reflex. She flinched noticeable from the touch, standing up but recovering. "Reshiram."

"Reshiram!" Twilight exclaimed; Remembering the white feathered beast in all it's glory.

"Yes, The legendary Pokémon that, along with the hero, created the Unova region. Tell me. You have heard of Zekrom as well, correct?"

"No. Zekrom looks scary. I like Reshiram better." Twilight replied. Luna blinked down, her innocent looking eyes boring into Twlght's mind.

"Zekrom and Reshiram, You remind me of this Reshiram in the legends. It's appearance is slightly similar to yours." Luna said, looking at Twilight's face and mostly, her eyes.

"Who cares if I look like Reshiram or if I look like my GRANDMA! Just leave me alone!" She exclaimed. "Where are you even getting at with this?" Luna turned her back to Twilights as she said this. Now speaking with herself. "Zekrom, It's my turn to become that hero and you and I will be friends." She exclaimed, before taking her leave.

'It's my turn to become that hero and you and I will be friends' That sentence had really some strange feeling to it. It wasn't a good feeling. She couldn't help but worrying. She looked down at her now destroyed Poke Dex, Now what?

'What am I Gonne do now? She destroyed the reason I left on this journey! I guess I better call the Professor. She's not gonna be happy but first, Pokémon Center!' She thought. She ran her Pokémon to the nearest Center, and after minutes of checking them in. She waited on a chair, in some lobby, looking down at her Xtransceiver that she received from her Mother when she was only 10. Twilight groaned, calling the Professor. She picked it up almost immediately. Odd.

"Ah Twilight! Good to see you!" She said over the gadget. Twilight flinched and held a sad stare.

"Umm, Professor?" Twilight said in fear.

"Y-yes? What is it? What's the matter?" She urged.

"Umm, My Poke Dex broke." Twilight said.

"H-how?? Send it over so I can fix it!" She said. "Um, That's the thing. You can't. It's in millions of pieces."

"Twilight, What happened exactly, The Poke Dex doesn't break by itself." She frowned.

"I wanna say it's my fault, for not protecting it like I should've, You see. This mare! She was really angry at me for using a Poke Dex to find out more about Pokémon and she had this Gurrdurr with this big steel beam and he told it to break it and"

"Whoa! Twilight, Calm down. It's OK. I'll give you a new one!" The professor said. "But take good care of it. Alright? Where are you? I'll send it right over."

"I'm in the Pokémon Center at Baltimare!" Twilight exclaimed, jumping from her chair with glee. "Thank you Professor. I promise I'll take care of it this time!"

"I hope so! That young mare must've been pretty angry about the Poke Dex but why?" She said.

"Something about Pokémon are her friends and Poke Balls and ponies treating them like tools. I don't know!" Twilight said.

"OK Twilight, I'll send it right over on a Pidove. Talk to you later Twilight, good luck." She said before signing out. Twilight sighed in relief, after a few minutes, a Pidove entered the Pokémon Center with something attached to it's leg. It was a bag! Touko waved at the Pidove and it flew right over, landing on her arm. She took the bag from it's claws and looked down at the brand new Poke Dex. She placed it down, and pet the Pidove on the head, receiving a coo in response. She went in her back and got out a treat for it. It cooed in happiness and munched on it gratefully before Twilight let it fly out of the Pokémon Center. Twilight put away the Poke Dex in her bag, and went to the counter and asked if her Pokémon were healed.

"Ah yes, Here you go. They're all brand new! Take good care of them." She said, Twilight bowed.

"I will. Thank you." She left the PKMN Center and walked off to train her Pokémon. Hoping to get stronger to defeat the Gym Leader, after losing to Luna like that.

'I swear. I'm gonna kick her ass next time I see her If it's the last thing I do' Twilight growled. 'There's no way she's getting away for what she did.'

"Anger management much?" Twilight grumbled.