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Twilight Sparkle The Pokémon Heroine of White - TwilightXLuna

In the world of Pokémon and Ponies two young fillies will meet at a large castle and become great friends but they will be torn apart by evil. One of them will help to save the world of Ponies and Pokémon from the evil group.

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Chapter 4 - Bad Hair Day (Edited on the 24/12/2015)

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long but I hade so many things popping up all over the place. Hope all of you like this new chapter and have fun reading it.

First of all I am writing for fun

Second of all I am new at this

Third of all why is everyone calling me a man when on my webpage I said I am female

Fourth of all I am Australian

Fifth of all I do not have an editor

And sixth of all

TwilightXLuna Out

Twilight woke up with a yawn, her head was resting on something soft. But it wasn't hair her head rose a little bit, and she then knew she wasn't on blue hair anymore. She blinked to left, she saw Luna sleeping peacefully. Wait.. Luna! Twilight sat up quickly, she was sleeping on Luna's stomach! Oh the embarrassment! The irony! She was glad her mum hadn't seen that, Twilight would lose her mind. She looked over at Luna's face again, her embarrassment fading from her Darmanitian red face. She looked around and realized the Pokémon were all wide awake, playing with each other. Twilight yawned once more, covering her mouth, watching over them as one pushed the other. The little Deerling watched at the antics of the Zorua and the Woobat. She stood on her hooves, watching them play, stretching her body, and walked over to the door. She went to open it, but Cadence and Celestia entered with smiles on their faces, almost looking as though they had something extremely excited to say. Twilight closed her eyes, feeling too tired to open them again.

"Did you sleep well Twilight?" Cadence asked at that same moment, Twilight briefly opened her eyes a little bit, afterwards she opened them halfway, looking at the mares droopingly.

"Yes I did, The floor is darn hard though, Doesn't this kid have a room or something?" Twilight asked, placing her two hooves on her back and bending backwards. She heard slight cracks, and sighed in satisfaction. She rubbed her eyes, getting used to the bright light.

"She does, but Luna mostly sleeps here with her Pokémon friends." Celestia replied.

"Can't she take her "friends" to her room?" Twilight said, making quotation marks with both her front hooves.

"Oh, Nightmare Moon doesn't allow them in Luna's room, it's the reason why she stays here most of the time." Cadence said. "Luna loves her Pokémon friends dearly."

"I can see that can you show me to the bathroom? I'm afraid I'll get lost." Twilight said.

"Of course!" Celestia exclaimed. "Come with us."

"Wait, What about her highness?" Twilight mentioned poking Luna's side with her hoof. Luna moved slightly, but not enough to even wake up and acknowledge Twilight. She pouted like a Magikarp, and looked back at the Goddesses, then back. "Hey, Luna, Luna!"

Luna jumped frightfully from her sleep, and closed her two oceans eyes from the brightness. She rubbed her eyes, getting used to the light. Luna opened one of them and saw Twilight, Celestia, and Cadence standing there looking down at her. "Huh? It's morning already?"

"Hey Is it? I can't tell." Twilight asked, looking over at the two Adults. They looked at each other before giggling. They glanced back at the two children and nodded in response. Twilight sighed, before jumping slightly. "Well, To the bathroom!" Twilight ran about the hallways, while Celestia, Cadence, Luna, and the other Pokemon were walking. Scootaloo and the little Deerling were the only Pokemon that were running around with Twilight. The three merely walked in silence as Celestia and Cadence walked through the hallway, leading Twilight to the bathroom. Twilight looked around the ginormous castle, looking through every door to see if she would find anything interesting. She grinned as the Deerling walked on ahead, sniffing the ground, and glancing up occasionally.

"Hey! By the way, What am I going to change into? If you don't mind me asking." Twilight asked.

"Oh, You'll be spared with some new clothes of course. We made sure we were to get you suitable clothing. It's neither too big, nor too small!" Cadence replied from far behind.

"Oh!" Twilight said, so the mare knew she was listening. "Gosh! Where is it!"

"Oh, just a few steps, Twilight! Watch out!" Celestia suddenly exclaimed. Twilight looked forward, almost bumping into a pony. She glanced upwards, realizing it was Nightmare Moon. She froze suddenly, unable to respond or say sorry to her. Nightmare Moon was really that SCARY!!

Cadence, Celestia, and Luna caught up to her.

"Forgive us Lady Moon, we're escorting the children to the bathroom." Cadence and Celestia both bowed their bodies forward in their greeting, after that passing by, Luna hid behind Cadence, glancing from behind her and staring at Nightmare Moon. Twilight's head turned their direction as they passed by, and followed behind, not wanting to stay with this mean looking pony. Nightmare Moon quietly glared over at them, right after entering a room, where many awaited her in chairs.

"Nightmare Moon, we have been waiting" A sage, looking around his elderly years, and 5 other creatures with different clothing sat close to a long desk. Many of them wore hats, and their hair was of many different colours from being all types from different races . However, they appeared to be sages, with a plan in mind. "You wished to discuss of?"

"Sages Starlight Glimmer, Sombra, Chrysalis, Discord, Tirek, Tantabus." Nightmare Moon replied, taking a seat at the end of the table, looking at the other sages sitting near. "I wish to speak of the New Filly."

"What of the Filly? This 'Filly' you are referring to is no different than any other young, five year old brat from the cities, and outskirts of everyday life!" Tantabus retorted, slamming his misty hoof on the table. "What are you planning Nightmare Moon! This better be good!"

"Even if she has worn the dress of Reshiram, does not mean she will fulfil the prophecy. You are putting too much trust on a mere coincidence! The little filly that wears the Reshiram dress does not automatically pin point the hero of the prophecy. Reshiram and Zekrom choose their respective heroes and then the two holders of the legendary Pokémon place their beliefs on the line and strive to find which is the true hero." Discord said. "She probably has no idea nor knowledge of the legendary dragons Reshiram, AND Zekrom!"

"She is a filly nonetheless. I may not agree fully to this, however, we can't be too sure, this filly MAY be the one we were looking for. We must not let a chance slip away, if she IS the hero from the legends, chances are she is one in a billion, and if we lose her, the opportunity to control the two dragons is slim." Tirek countered. They were having a grand debate, many of the Grunts brought drinks for them, walking back and forth. "She may be the key to our success."

"I am not basing these things on assumption, if not overall, the filly in general." Nightmare Moon replied.

"There is something about her that strikes me as odd." Chrysalis mumbled, but it was heard anyway.

"Would you care to share? Chrysalis?" Starlight Glimmer exclaimed, her eyebrows raising.

"She not only wore the dress of Reshiram as Nightmare Moon said, but her features, her eyes are the most profound, in comparison to Reshiram, they are both similar. And her skin is very much pale, both her and Reshiram have in common, yes." She said, frowning. "She has a Pidove with her, does she not? She was able to befriend a Pokémon as easily as she has done without the use of a Pokeball. I believe a further study should be done on this, 'Twilight' filly. If we are to make sure we have the right hero." Chrysalis mentioned. "If she is not, Nightmare Moon, you might as well say good-bye to your plan. She's all we've got" Nightmare Moon nodded in reply. They spoke further into the plan, debating from here to there.

Back with Twilight, she sighed patiently. She was waiting for Luna to come out of the bathroom. Apparently, she was holding up for more than ten minutes, she didn't mind, but what was the kid doing in there? Playing? She tapped her hoof impatiently, but tried to calm herself down. She shrugged, sitting by the bathroom door, looking up at Celestia for a minute. She looked down at Twilight with a smile on her face. All the little Pokémon sat down, eagerly awaiting to see how Luna looked after she came out of the bathroom. She was already done anyway, she was always quick to get ready, she had taken a shower, brushed her teeth, her hair, and now she waited for Luna. Cadence shortly walked out from the bathroom, she had helped Luna with brushing her teeth, and gave Luna clothes she would wear, giving her privacy. She chuckled softly, shaking her head hopelessly.

Twilight laughed out loud, looking at the bathroom door. After a few minutes, Luna's head popped out from behind the doors shyly, and looked at the females in embarrassment. Twilight grinned over to her, and ushered over to Luna to come out. She hid back inside the bathroom, locking the doors.

"Wha? Hey! Luna! Come out!" Twilight said, she knocked on the door softly, to which Luna replied.

"N-no!" She howled, too embarrassed to even take a step out.

"But, I want to see how you look!" Twilight said, placing her hooves on the door. "What's wrong?"

"You, You're gonna laugh!" Luna exclaimed.

"How do you even know? You don't know me that well!" Twilight said. "Now get out here, don't make me get an army of Darmanitians to take you out." There was a few minutes of silence, until Twilight heard Luna unlock the door, and take a peek outside.

"You promise?" Luna asked, almost hesitating to ask Twilight. Twilight tilted her head, but then she smiled.

"I promise, 'Cross My Heart, Hope to Fly, Stick a Cupcake in my Eye! How bad could it be?" Twilight replied, "Now come on out. I'm sure you look fine." Luna gulped, afterwards, taking a step outside. Twilight's eyes widened as she gagged out loud, covering her mouth, she tried not to laugh. She kept her promises, and she wouldn't break this one because she knows what would happen if she broke a Pinkie promise. It took all her will not to laugh at the sight. Luna's main was more wild than it was before, and she looked like a Mareep that was blow dried and it's hair got all poofy! Twilight took deep breaths, biting her lip afterwards. "Well, Luna, that is probably the most, Your main, I mean It's well Not so great."

"I know, it gets like that." Luna replied, a sad stare in her eyes, she knew she was going to laugh, but let it go.

"I know! Let's brush your hair!" Twilight exclaimed. Luna's eyes widened, as she scrambled back inside the bathroom and locked herself in. "WHAT! Hey! Come on! You just came out! What's wrong now? Luna! I didn't laugh! Although I felt like it" She mumbled the last part, and rolled her eyes banging on the door. "Cadence! Celestia, help me out here!"

"Urr, we don't know exactly how to deal with this type of situation very well." Celestia said, fiddling with her hooves. Twilight was about to protest as to why, but shut her mouth. She frowned.

"Luna doesn't really particularly like brushing her hair. It's why she scurried back inside the bathroom. She absolutely hates it." Cadence finished.

"LUNA! COME OUT OF THERE!" Twilight yelled. The other side of the door, Luna was curled up in a titi ball hugging herself, leaning by the door. She glanced back at the door, hugging herself closer. "LUNA!"

"She usually stays there for more than an hour. We usually leave her there to herself to cool down." Cadence said.

"Well. I'm not the two of you. She's NOT going to stay in there! LUNA! I'm going to count to three, and if you're not out here when I get up to three you're in for it miss!" Twilight announced. Luna placed her hoof in her mouth, biting on it, she got up and quickly ran over next to the sink cabinet. Luna watched the door, behind refuge as if the door was going to explode any minute. "ONE!" Twilight bellowed, Luna hugged herself even closer, burying her head in her mess of a main. "TWO!" Luna swallowed, waiting for something to happen, she shook slightly from sitting on the cold floor and a mix of fear. "THREE!" There was a moment of silence. Twilight frowned in response, she turned around and walked away.

"Twilight? Where are you going?" Celestia replied loudly. Luna looked at the door shocked, Luna thought Twilight was going to burst the door open!

"Somebody get some Darmanitian over here! Better yet, somebody get the key to THAT door!" Twilight said. "I need to brush a stubborn filly that hates to be brushed!"

"You need some assistance?" A mare replied. She was one of those grunts from that big group of ponies anyhow, maybe she would help!

"Do you have the key to the bathroom?" Twilight asked her.

"Ah, yes, they're right here. Here you go." She said.

"My goodness! Thank you!" Twilight huffed, taking the keys in her magic and tried opening the door. Luna heard the noises, as the door knob began to twist, and in a minute, Twilight burst in the door. When she went inside, seeing nobody in the room looked around. The first thing she saw was the brush on the floor, she picked it up, searching the room. She looked back at the door to make sure Luna wouldn't escape, Luna took this chance to tip-toe over to the bath tub, opening the shower curtains slowly and after that closing it again. Twilight took that moment to look back, right after hearing the noise, she was sure she heard it from the bath tub. She walked over slowly, she opened the shower curtains halfway, Luna however, escaped past her from the other side of the curtains, and hid over at the sink cabinet again, glancing from there. Twilight looked inside the tub, making a face of confusion. Then she looked up, and realized the window was wide open. She gasped loudly, dropping the brush to the floor.

"OH dear Reshiram!" Twilight bellowed, jumping over and looking out the window. "I killed Luna!" Luna quietly snuck out from the bathroom, licking her lips. Her hooves slipped however, making a slight squeak noise. Luna froze, as Twilight looked back with widened eyes, afterwards she frowned, she picked up the brush slowly. "Luna. Don't make this any harder than it should. I'm warning you if-" But she took that moment to bolt out of there as quick as he could. "Huh-? W-what! GET BACK HERE!" She ran after her, the brush in her purple magic. Celestia and Cadence watched in amusement as Luna ran as fast as she could away from Twilight. She was pretty quick, but they both had nearly the same speed. Twilight was just about 7 hooves behind Luna, they entered rooms, she tried hard to corner Luna. But she was too good.

"What happened to that Royal Princess! Huh?" Twilight asked. Luna looked back, not even thinking about stopping. Twilight put some speed in her run, "It's JUST a brush!"

"NO! I don't want to brush my main and tail!" She exclaimed, making a sharp turn, running back towards Celestia and Cadence. Twilight followed and stopped in front of the two mares as Luna hid behind them. Twilight tried going from either side to get Luna, but she kept moving away.

"Why not?" Twilight asked.

"It hurts!" She replied. Luna did NOT want to be brushed. Twilight sighed, she shook her head and squinted her eyes at Luna menacingly. She slapped the brush on her left hoof continually.

"I swear to the legendries, you're going to be fish bait if you don't let me brush your main and tail." Twilight said, suddenly having an idea. She sighed, a little frown on her face. "OK, You know what? Forget it, I'm not even goanna brush your main and tail!" Luna's eyes widened considerably.

"Really? You're not?" Luna asked. Twilight should her head.

"But what I AM goanna do, is at least fix it." Twilight said, placing the little brush in her back pockets from her short pants. She adjusted her white tank top, frowning as she dusted away some dust she caught. She looked over at the Goddesses.

"I'll be right back!" Twilight said.

"Well. We'll be next door if you need us, alright?" Cadence replied, after leaving. Afterwards, she took Luna's hoof and pulled her inside the bathroom, Luna's Pokémon friends following. She sat Luna down on a chair near the sink, her big eyes wandering curiously over to Twilight. She looked through the top cabinet glued to the wall, standing on her tippy-toes trying to reach for anything. Luna's eyes wandered down twilight's back, and he glanced down at her pants, seeing something there that bothered her. The Brush. Twilight felt a stare, and looked down at Luna. She was irked. Twilight stared at Luna considerably, due to the fact that she looked amused?

"Luna, What are you doing?" She quickly looked up at Twilight with his innocent eyes, almost saying 'I didn't do anything!'; Twilight blinked, going back to looking for what she needed.

Zorua snickered, Woobat cackled, while Deerling and Night merely stared curiously blinking. She went back to looking in the cabinet, while Luna continued to stare down at her butt, that brush she had from before was there. She was afraid she would use it against her! She extended his hoof, slowly going over to

"EEEEEKKK!" Twilight screamed, Luna nearly jumped and almost fell back if it weren't for the chair. Twilight's hooves went over to her plot, Luna's eyes were wide. "Luna! You don't touch a filly there!"

"But the brush" Luna replied quietly, Twilight saw the brush in Luna's hooves.

"So that's why you were looking at my plot!" Twilight said, a huge blush on her face. "Yeesh, what a Princess! Gimme that!" She snatched the brush away from Luna's hooves, and put it away in the cabinet. "There! No more brush! Now don't do that again!"

"I'm sorry." Luna mumbled. Twilight huffed, she hadn't heard her, returning to searching for something, when she found the gel and smiled. She placed it on the sink, she opened both valve knobs, turning on the warm water. She did many different things, some of them turned out really weird. But after almost an hour of work. She finally got Luna's hairstyle down.

"I don't know why I needed this gel in the first place." Twilight said closing the gel and placing it back in the cabinet. She glanced slightly at the brush, grabbing it slowly. Luna stood up from his chair ready to run. "No! Luna wait! Please. Just sit down."

"I-it but It's gonna hurt!" Luna wailed, almost at the brink of crying.

"Trust me, Please? I promise it's not gonna hurt." Twilight said. Luna looked up sadly with her blue eyes, blinking several times. She sat back down slowly, Twilight smiled widely at Luna. Taking the brush and slowly holding it over Luna's head, she shut her eyes tightly. Twilight slowly brushed Luna's main, careful not to make knots. Luna opened one of her eyes, realizing it wasn't as bad as she thought. "See? It's not so bad!" Twilight brushed Luna's main more, fixing some parts that were a little fizzy. She licked Luna hair back, now brushing Luna's pony tail, and removing any knots. Luna whimpered lowly, feeling slight pain from the pull. "Don't worry, once the knots are gone, you'll be OK!" Minutes later, Luna's hair was knot free, and the brush combed her hair easily with no pull. Twilight sighed, wiping her forehead with the back of her hoof.

"It's about time." Twilight said. "I'm really hungry. What about you?"

"Yeah." Luna replied. Her Pokémon made a sound of glee, telling her something in between. "And so are my friends! They're hungry too!"

"Let's not forget about them!" Twilight said, she took out excess hair from the combed and threw the hair out in the garbage before putting it away. Everybody that was in the bathroom exited into the hallway. "Cadence and Celestia said they would be next door, let's go Luna!"

They all entered the room next door, to see Celestia and Cadence. "Oh. You're all here. Luna! My goodness, you look beautiful!" Celestia exclaimed. She couldn't believe her eyes!

"You brushed her hair?" Cadence asked astonished, Twilight nodded in response.

"It's not bad brushing your hair. Right Luna?" Twilight asked.

"It isn't so bad." Luna answered with a blush on her face. "I thought it was going to hurt a lot because it had pointy needles! My friends say brushes were evil!" Twilight, Celestia and Cadence laughed, Luna believed everything her friends told her! They ate breakfast, then after spending more time together. They were walking through the hallways together, talking a little bit.

"So what do your friends like doing?" Twilight asked, while they walked slowly.

"Oh! My friends like play fighting! They really like playing with the balls in my room, and would mostly chase each other around my room too!" Luna exclaimed, showing real interest in what she was talking about.

"Oh, well, what do YOU like doing?" Twilight then asked.

"I play with them too! And I listen to their stories of what it's like to be outside." Luna said, suddenly her sad face returning. "But I hardly get to go outside." Twilight's face held sadness, but suddenly, she had an idea.

"Aww, don't worry Luna! I know! Maybe we could ask Cadence and Celestia if you can come outside with me!" Twilight jumped with a grin on her face. "Maybe sometime this week we can go outside!"

"Really? Can my friends come too?" Luna asked, a face of pure astonishment.

"Of course they can! You all want to have fun too! Don't you?" Touko asked, bending down on her knees to look at Zorua, Woobat, Deerling and Night. They all cheered gleefully, happy at the idea. They all ran, jumping all over her, and then at Luna. They would get to spend some time outside and show Luna around the place, showing her many of the great things they said. Twilight laughed as they all cheered rather loudly, she looked up at Luna. She raised an eyebrow, when Luna usual blank face was still there, but it held a tint of disappointment. "..What? You don't like the idea?" All the Pokémon stopped cheering, suddenly looking over at the young princess. They seemed to have held sympathy for the filly, Zorua and Woobat knew exactly what was bothering her.

"Zoo!" Zorua exclaimed.

"Ek! Eki!" Woobat stated, nodding his head.

"It's just My Mother won't let me." Luna said, her face transforming into a frown, she looked away from Twilight. "She always says no."

"Who's your Mother?" Twilight asked, she was afraid it was

"Nightmare Moon!!" Luna replied, Twilight's face turned pale, knowing it would be her because of their similar features. She was speechless at first.

"W-well.. W-we c-can work a solution!" Twilight said, sulking a little bit, she was afraid to ask her anything, she was afraid she would bite her head off or something! "She's gonna say y-yes!"

Luna went silent, shrugging her shoulders quietly. Everything was silent now.

"Well, go ask her then!" Twilight said breaking the silence. Luna's eyes widened largely, almost about to pop out from the command, looking at Twilight like she grew a pair of wings (but what Luna did not know was Twilight did have wings).

"What? B-but- S-She's going to yell at me! And then she's going to h-hit me for even t-thinking about going o-outside! And then S-she sends me to my room!" Luna cried. Twilight held both her hooves to her cheeks, a look of fear on them. She seriously felt bad for Luna. Really bad.

"Gosh! She's THAT mean? I thought it was just the way she looks that was scary!" Twilight exclaimed. "Uhhh..W-well! It won't hurt to a-ask. Would it?"

"N-no!" Luna exclaimed. "I-I'm not g-going to ask!"

"S-stop being such a chicken and stand up to her!" Twilight said.

"I can't!" Luna replied, fear written in her features. Twilight pouted, grabbing Luna's hoof and pulling her.

"C-come on! We're going to talk to Nightmare Moon right now!" Twilight said, Luna tried her best to pull back. Actually, she didn't even budge! Twilight tried her best to pull Luna, but she was stronger than Twilight. "You're such a baby!" She realized Luna wouldn't move from her spot. "OK! Fine! I'm going to go by myself, and leave you here! Bye!" Twilight began walking away looking at Luna. Luna merely stared, Twilight continued to walk away slowly, still looking at him. "By myself With no help whatsoever." Luna blinked, confused. Twilight frowned, stomping her hoof. "Are you serious? Well. Do it for you Pokémon friends then, why don't cha?" Luna's face looked in thought when Twilight said this.

Twilight ran over to Luna, grabbing a hold of Luna's shoulders, looking up at Luna slightly. Then she placed her hoofs together, begging. "Pleaaaaaaaase!" Twilight begged. "I don't want to go alone!" Luna looked at her, Twilight was pouting, her eyes all watery. Twilight saw the confused look on Luna's face, and took the chance to take her hoof and begin to pull her. Now Luna was going on her free will! Twilight led Luna through the hall ways, going down the stairs looking for Nightmare Moon. Twilight finally found Nightmare Moon, she was by a door, speaking with the Sages. Twilight swallowed. "Well! She looks busy! Let's go!" Twilight said, but Luna wasn't budging again. "Aww come on!" Twilight whispered. Luna's eyes held no emotion as she stared at Nightmare Moon, Twilight watched as Night Moon spoke with the Sages, one of them had spotted the little kids.

"Ah, Twilight, Luna." Chrysalis called. Luna's grip tightened on Twilight's hoof, getting slightly nervous. "Come here for a minute." They both froze, but none the less, they walked right over. When Nightmare Moons' eyes made contact with Luna's eyes, she flinched and while walking, Luna hid behind Twilight. She didn't feel any better. They stopped in front of the Sages, glancing up at their tall figures.

"Um .... N ....Nightmare Moon .... M-Mam?" Twilight started, fiddling her hooves. Luna pushed her slightly, the clumsy

"What" She replied sternly, Nightmares face almost showing a glare.

Twilight swallowed, looking at Luna, she only scrunched down further behind Twilight.

"Well Can Luna come outside with me? Like N-not right now B-but this week?" Twilight asked. She waited for nightmares answer, Luna glanced up slightly, but then averted her gaze quickly, feeling Nightmare Moon glaring at her. But she wasn't her face was that of pure surprise. OK, Now Twilight wasn't scared. She was horrified! "Well that's all I wanted to ask"

"That's a marvellous idea, Twilight." Discord said. "I think we should let the kids play outside for one day. After all, a Princess can't stay all her life stuck inside a castle. What do you think Tirek?"

"I agree. This is the perfect opportunity for Luna to be shown the outside world and she could develop her ideals, she could begin here" He whispered the last sentence to the sages only. "Lady Moon? Last word in all this."

Nightmare looked at all of them as they nodded their heads, afterwards glancing over to the two children. Twilight wanted to hide, however, Luna did most of that anyway, scrunching away from her mean gaze, almost wanting to seem puny at that moment. She closed her eyes, sighing afterwards. "You are all right. A very good idea, Twilight" Her name rolling off her tongue seemed to make her twitch a little bit. She was, Wait! What did she say? Twilight's eyes widened, so did Luna's, Could it be?

"A-are r ... really!" Twilight said rather loudly. "I m-mean .... T-thank you, miss"

"It's Nightmare Moon or Lady Moon." She said, "And do me a favour, Refrain from stuttering, it's atrocious." She walked away afterwards, leaving the other Sages there with them. Twilight suddenly frowned ... Rude much? What Maractus went up her

"Forgive Lady Moon. She doesn't like children much." One of the Sages mumbled. "She tends to be harsh with them."

"I thought she would say no! She's scary! But don't tell her I said that." Twilight said, they all chuckled. "Well, She never said when though."

"We'll have a Team Plasma member come to you this week to take you outside. Till then, just enjoy your stay." Sombra said. Twilight nodded, smiling.

"See? That wasn't so hard was it?" Twilight said. "That was easy!"

"But You were shaking" Luna pointed out, Twilight tensed, she pouted. The Sages chuckled again.

"Hey, at least I asked." Twilight said. "You were too scared to ask her again." Luna tensed, bowing her head a little bit. "No no! Don't get sad! Come on! We're going outside! Remember? Outside! Nightmare Moon said yes!" Suddenly she looked up, surprised, now she remembered. Her face teared suddenly, her lips quivering.

"Luna! Don't cry." Twilight huffed, stomping her hoof. "Maybe you don't do so good with-" She stopped there suddenly. What she saw, she never knew she would ever see

She was smiling.

Not her twisted smirk. But a real genuine smile. Twilight was beginning to smile herself. Luna's face looked so happy and teary, she was grinning now.

"Luna! You're smiling!" Twilight said. "You're finally smiling!"

Zorua snickered, afterwards he jumped onto Luna's shoulder. "I am?" She exclaimed, her smile growing wider.

"Yes!" Twilight exclaimed. "You're going outside! You're going outside!" She grabbed both his hooves, and began jumping while spinning around Luna, and soon she joined in. Twilight started laughing, and slowly, so did Luna. Both of them laughing happily, something that was supposed to be heard around the dull Castle.

Luna leaned forward, her nose connecting with Twilight's cheek for a few seconds, before she pulled away, initiating her dash to her room. Twilight's eyes widened. What in the world was that? She didn't understand it, brushing it off as something playful, she grabbed Scootaloo and ran after her.

"You mischievous tyke!" Twilight exclaimed. "Come back here!" She ran after her, forgetting all about the Sages that were standing there, leaving them there.