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As the Summer Sun Celebration approaches, Princess Celestia sends the young Guard Lieutenant Twilight Sparkle to Ponyville to make final security and preparation checks. In Canterlot the Princess's Apprentice, Shining Armor, works to uncover the hints of an anarchist movement striking at the City's heart. When Night falls the young Princess Cadance is left trying to hold the heart of Equestria together in her aunt's absence

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I'm on the fence about this one. More because I'm not sure how the difference in Twilight's career will affect the rest of the story. There are indications that it could go differently, but there is also a possibility of it being too similar. From what is written already, I am curious enough to see where it may go from here.

5742991 Define similar? She meets the girls still, and yes she still is an Element.

5742991 Twidance Prompt Collab, Kinda spoilery but some of my prompts on this are prototypes for this.

5742999 Not similar. Too similar. An issue I've been told I have with one of my own stories and worry about with a few of them at times. Basically even though there is something different, which should have different results and consequences, the story is so similar to the episode that there is hardly a difference. More than likely I'm wrong.

I'll forego the prompt stories for now. As I said, I am curious to see where it goes. So I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free for myself and others as possible.

5743060 Don't worry, I plan on keeping this its own story. Not just Elements of Harmony Part 1&2 Redux Harder.

5743060 i can think of a few things that would be different mostly events

Will guardspony twilight be armed in a t shirt and flashlight?

5743347 Sadly no, Armor and Colt Repeater Crossbow. Also her family sword. -grins- Though I am a fan and may make references

Comment posted by Commander Darklight deleted Mar 16th, 2015

Somewhat interesting start, not enough here to sink my teeth into yet, so it remains to be seen how good it will be.
Oddly, I just read a good story with a very similar divergence point (Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard), but that one had Shining Armor go to Ponyville.

I hope so, nothing renders an AU so pointless as not letting things diverge far enough from canon.

6344084 No more than I am, I'm just not in a writing space right now. Sorry to all

Comment posted by Shion Wyrmeye deleted Aug 26th, 2015

Great story is there going to be more

I want more chapters.....
anyway good story so far, look good like good idea.

is this ever going to continue?

7099594 apparently not, very disappointing, it was a great first chapter too, very well made.

6344371 any chance of this being continued?


Yes, I am actually working on the second chapter still. No clue if its going to stay glacial release schedule, but I am not dead, nor is this

So who exactly will the romance be between? It seems very promising and interesting but I kinda just wanna know...

If I ever pull my head from my forth point of contact and continue? its Twi/Dance

Dance as in Cadance? Or Moondancer? Cause I haven’t read this in forever. At least a few months.

Will the is be continued?

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