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Twilight is out for a night of fun after a day full of Princess duties in Ponyville. So she decides to go to a night club to wind down and have a good night. She spends it with the Lunar Princess. How will it turn out?


My little pony charters are owned by Hasbro
The cover art is not mine. Do not know who's it is
The only thing I own is the story I write for fun so you can read it :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

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Pretty sure I see one occourance where you say hands instead of hooves, but other than that... It's cute and filled with Twiluna and I enjoyed it :)

The colt looked in awe? What his up with his mind:trollestia: BTW I loved this story at least you didn't go into details of there *cough* Love *cough*
So yeah I really liked this story, Keep up with that amazing talent of yours.:twilightsmile:
P.S I imagine that a night club could would most likely play this song:twilightsheepish:

May I just say that the song is JUST PERFECT:pinkiehappy:

6371186 Thanks so much for the feedback I just love to write stories for people to read and yes That kind of music would be playing But I have some others Like:

This Ones My Fave

From the way this story ends, I take it Luna and Twi are married and they have a couple of foals?

loved the fic

7621535 you're welcome, thx for writing it :) i had a great time reading :)

Wait, how did you edit this?

Just a few small changes

Oh okay. It just seems that nothing was changed, is all...

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