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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. (Awesome Avatar by Rain-Gear. It's my favourite mlp fan art.) Source: http://rain-gear.deviantart.com/art/Flares-551497981

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When a strange plague hits the rest of Equestria, a pony records her experiences.

She lasts 50 days after the apocalypse.

Figured Starlight Glimmer needed a horror fic.

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On the Day of the Dying Sun, she performed Astrum Nova. From then on, that world ceased to exist.

Twilight Sparkle, daughter of the highly exalted Captain Night Light, was (to put it lightly) hilariously underwhelming. The only reason why she was one of Princess Celestia's students? Because a place as a personal student of the princess was a reward for the captain. Other than that, she was a scrawny unicorn with no actual magical talent, other than the whole bunch of magical theories crammed into her head. To make it worse, Sunset Shimmer, greatest unicorn the world has ever seen, was her only classmate. But Celestia has entrusted her with a journal, and the knowledge of the Elements of Harmony and the harmonic energy field they radiate, keeping Equestria safe from harm for eons. As a sinister plan for a coup emerges in Canterlot, Twilight must find and gather the Elements and their bearers. But how is this possible, in a world where castes and tribes separate true friendship? In this story, Twilight must discover new friends as she uncovers dark truths and questions about the events leading up to the present-day Equestria. Who was Starlight Glimmer? What was Astrum Nova? And most importantly, how is it possible that the journal was written by another (and for some reason, winged) Twilight?

***FEATURED 25/5/2016:twilightsmile:***
Credits for cover art here

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