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Late one night, a young Spike asks Celestia why he is the only dragon in Equestria. Celestia tells him a very old story: the time two sisters challenged Tiamat—the Matriarch of Dragons—to a contest of knowledge.

Thanks to JeffCvt for editing and Blank! for writing most of the iambic pentameter/some of the rhymes.

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I was hoping to find out how Spike's Egg came to be in Celestia's possession but this is good too!
This was a good read, I shall recommend it to others that like Spike Stories.

Great, now I want to read about The Honorable Dragon & The Fair Maiden. CURSE MY ROMANTICISM!

:moustache: So Rarity's exploiting my honorable nature. .:raritystarry:
:trollestia: Call yourself an Element?
:duck: another ruby master?:moustache: Please Lady Rarity.


“Well, I mean, obviously I wouldn’t disagree with the Princess, I’m sure she knows best. Just take anything there with a grain of salt, is what I meant.”

Poor Twilight. You can actually hear her train of thought derailing. :rainbowlaugh:

The Honorable Dragon and the Fair Maiden.

Oh dear. Dragon porn.

Hmm. Interesting story.

I like most of the story but it feels somewhat lacking information. Is it set after defeating discord or a different earlier creature? If it is discord could they not have used the elements of harmony? And weren't they Alicorns, which would mean they could just fly up to the mountain instead of going through the forest?
Only other problem I can find is I feel 'and' is used too much in parts describing something instead of using commas, though I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's an interesting take on the nature of dragons with potential for more stories of that time, I hope you'll expand on it.

P.S, Did you choose the name Tiamat for a reason? I feel it's ananalogy for the dragons due to it being the name of a Mesopotamian goddess, who I believe gave birth to younger gods and a was a symbol of chaos.

6039088 It was supposed to be Discord, but you can pick whomever. Tiamat isn't unbalanced or chaotic; she has a consistent set of morals and goals, they just don't match up with pony ones. I don't think the Elements would've had any effect on her. Even so, lasering someone because you don't like where they are living is a good way to make enemies. They couldn't fly up to the mountain because of all the smoke.

In trying to mimic the fairy tale style, I used really informal language and intentionally skipped a lot of details. For me, the allure of fairy tales is all the assumptions they make. They use dreamy, incomplete logic and assume that you will agree. They only explain the absolute necessities and it gives them a unique mood. Of course, constructing a story this way is never going to feel as naturalistic as centuries of oral tradition.

As for the name, I chose it because it seemed grandiose. Originally she mentioned having other names (all taken from this list), in order to underscore her high opinion of herself, but it didn't fit into the iambic pentameter. There's still a bit of that (like when she mentions being an acquaintance of Hemera). The Mesopotamian Tiamat had different depictions (including a dragon or serpent), so I left it up to the reader whether this Tiamat is the same figure or not.

A fun snippet, Just browsing your stuff now. I'm going to be starting a story soon, but don't tell anyone :D

It's nice to see people exercising their creativity. While it was short, there is something to be taken from it, and that is important in a story.

6127013 Yeah, this was more of an exercise in trying to mimic fairy tales. I don't think the final result is as good as it could have been, but at least it was a good learning experience


Trivia; the dragon version of this fairy tale is called "The Matriarch and the Charlatans". It's a lesson about how one should always set clear terms and conditions, because non-dragons have no problem exploiting a dragon's honorable nature.

I love how you get different morals from each side of the story...

And the winner writes the history books.

Trivia; the dragon version of this fairy tale is called "The Matriarch and the Charlatans". It's a lesson about how one should always set clear terms and conditions, because non-dragons have no problem exploiting a dragon's honorable nature.

It could also use a moral about paying attention: Both Celestia and Luna identified themselves in their answers.

This idea is really cool. I first thought of having a theory, how Spike's egg came into Celestia's posession, but that is even better. A possible explanation why dragons loathe ponies. Really cool ryhmes by the way. Good job.

Shouldn't this have an "Alternate Universe" tag, since we know canonically that there are indeed other dragons in Equestria? (And in the comics, also in Canterlot!)

6374565 No, it's not an alternate universe because Celestia is telling a story. If the story were presented as absolute fact, it would probably need an AU marker, but the story isn't presented that way.

6375362 OK, makes sense.

6374118 But they don't loath them in the canon.

The teen dragons call them 'namby-pamby' and 'lame'... but that's an entirely different thing than 'loathing' something.

The red dragon didn't seem have any problem with them at all until Dash kicked him in the snout.

When you LOATH something and are strong enough to do something about it, you tend to destroy the object of your loathing at your earliest opportunity.

Okay. well then I guess, I chose a too strong verb.


This was a great story and Tiamat should see that her own pride cost her the challenge.
When the sisters returned to Canterbury the stallion had naturally mysteriously disappeared.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later #61.

My review can be found here.

Author Interviewer

Hah! I knew that had to be the winning question, and she lost because she was too prideful to have good manners. :)

Well, it's certainly more fair than "What have I got in my pockets?" A wonderful Equestrian folktale. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to find it.

Good, but bizarre character usage.

A pair of generic OCs would've been fine instead using Celestia+Luna vs uber-god-queen of all dragons for all time and explains why dragons are so rare in MLP.

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