• Published 2nd Oct 2014
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Sometimes I wonder
About my old blunders
The choices I made
The consequences that stayed
Among others

Sometimes I wonder
Why father kissed me
Why mother dismissed me
Why they both left me
with nothing to say

Sometimes I wonder
Will she forgive me?
Will he forget me?
Why did it spare me?
Did they regret my help?

Sometimes I wonder
If an impact I made
If she would have stayed
If they could make their way
Without me

Sometimes I wonder
Then I remember
That I am forgetful
In my old age.

Memories fade
Better that way

Sometimes I wonder
If others feel the same
If my promotions were wise
If I could ask them
Would they despise me?

Sometimes I wonder
If they will wonder too


A pony knocked softly on the door.

Celestia’s pen left the page. “Come in,” she said.

Luna poked her head in. “We will be late for the meeting, sister.”

Tia closed her journal and stood up. “Of course. Sorry, I was just writing something down, before I forgot it.” She joined Luna in the hallway.

“Honestly, sister. Sometimes I worry about you,” Luna muttered. “Spending so much time with that journal cannot be healthy.”

The hallway was empty, save the mutterings of a crowd from the other end. It was loud enough to pierce the doors; no easy feat.

“You collect many hobbies in old age, dear sister,” Celestia said simply.

“I can only imagine.”

Celestia’s smile flickered. “Hopefully you won’t have as many as I do, then.”

Luna laughed. “By Tartarus, let’s hope so,” she said playfully.

The doors swung open, and the two princesses settled into their thrones as the meeting began.

Author's Note:

We can't all be Langston Hughes.

Thanks to Sereg and JapaneseTeeth for editing.