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After the board rejects her research application, Doctor Luna tries something foolish; using herself as a test subject.

Surely diluting a pony's inner darkness is a worthy goal? Surely perfecting her elixir is worth the risk? Surely.

Thanks to Yami Vizzini for prereading and to Nonagon for prereading/editing.

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Good stuff. So now I have to read this.

'cause it's gonna bother me if I don't say something...

Surely diluting a pony's inner darkness is a worthy goal?

I think you meant to use 'distilling' rather than 'diluting'.

6630980 The potion was intended to dilute it. Things don't always turn out like we want, though :raritywink:


<uncomfortable British policeman's cough>

Well, then, carry on as you were, good author.

Oh, right. I should comment on this.
It kind of... rambles. Overall, it's good, but it doesn't seem to actually conclude.

Still, I like it.

Despite you saying that the story is not good, I'd say it's great the way it is. I see it as a neat origin story for Nightmare Moon and how she was suppressed or "killed". Not sure if you can kill a nightmare. -shrug-.
Thank you for sharing this.

dr.jekyll and mr.hyde nice i love it

I like this interpretation of Jekyll and Hyde, and Luna's motivation seems reasonable, but the pacing is so fast.

Tee-hee, methinks I like where this is going :pinkiecrazy:


“For science,” she muttered.

It should be:

"For Science!" She exclaimed, the cry piercing the heavens with her enthusiasm.

"For Science" is not something that can be muttered after all.:twilightsmile:

Good premise, execution is... well. The story isn't even <10k words so I'd say this was just a concept story.

Oh, no Nightmare Moon prospective?:fluttercry:

She's awake
She's a part of you
I say embrace her
Level each other out

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