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Spoiled Rich keeps her family under an iron hoof. Filthy Rich has learned to work with her, but Diamond Tiara has a much more difficult time with the manners and behavior expected of her, as she's just a filly. She knows the rules, and she abides by them as much as she can, but she doesn't like them.
Sometimes she needs a reminder why they behave in such a way in their house.
In our house, we are the best.

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A neat little twist! I enjoyed this.

I'm certain this cover art belongs to another user, since I've seen it before.

This is a good little story, but if the art belongs to someone else you might want to change it. If I find the exact story that has it, I'll be sure to edit this, but I'm currently on a mobile device, so searching for it would be difficult.

I attempted to find the source of the image using reverse image search, but I could not find anything. If you do know the source, or if it belongs to someone else, do let me know. I can easily fix it.

i don't really get it. can someone elaborate?

Well, right you are. I have fixed it.

Diamond Tiara's mother tells her she has to behave in a certain way because it's expected.
What is not explained is exactly why it's expected, but at the end, when the servants are cleaning, Diamond Tiara is afraid of them. The question is why she is afraid of them, and the implication is that it's the servants who hold the expectations of Diamond Tiara's family. The servants are implied to be something that she should be afraid of.


Excellent work like always, Waxworks!

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Why does this make me think of a song?

ill be doing a reading of this next week its so dark hehehe

I really enjoyed this. Effective use of horror. The servants are suitably frightening without needing to be overtly cruel or evil. It is left up to the reader as to whether Diamond's fear of them is deserved or not. Indeed, the best part about this is that you see Diamond's situation and realize this is her life, and wonder whether or her own imaginations and fears are in the place of actual danger. After all, what happens if they aren't 'perfect'? Is it something truly horrifying (which to me would make the implication worse), or is it something more relatable but still scary in its own right? Many questions. Most of them good. Good work!

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