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I write horror stories. I may have others, and there will be fantasy themes and sci-fi themes, and some may even be comedic, but they're mostly horror. Non-pony stuff on my tumblr.


Traveling to Applewood through the San Palomino desert, Trixie is sweaty and tired. The town she usually stopped at on her way through was missing, and she feared it had been abandoned. When she finally sees a town, it's not the one she remembered, being almost a fortress of sorts.
The town is seemingly abandoned, save for strange mirrors in every home. When she finds out what they're for, she also discovers the town isn't as abandoned as she first thought.

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Comments ( 4 )

That was pretty spooky. Good job with creating tension.

Awesome creating tension but now I must know. What were those things?

Slimy things that live in a mirrored world. That's all, and that is terrible enough.

Oooh, this was pretty nifty. Not all questions were answered, but then again, horror rarely indulges us. The unknown is far spookier than the truth.

I fear for what happened to the villagers and to whatever poor pony stumbles across this town next.

Trixie, a word of advice. Some doors are meant to be unopened.

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