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Every so often, a storm comes along that even the Pegasi can't control. Best they can do is warn everypony to bunker down and ride it out. Equestria hasn't seen a blizzard this bad in over half a century. AJ and Big Mac were out when the first winds hit, so Applebloom's stuck with Granny Smith in the farmhouse.

But ol' Granny remembers, she tells Applebloom. She remembers the last blizzard, and what came with it. Can't help but wonder if they'll stop by again.

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Comments ( 11 )

I enjoyed this one. Good job on it.

This was mighty fine work!

7600748 thanks! May I asked how you stumbled across it?


The Angels sing to me and I hear their mournful plea.
I come and seek that which Angels doth decree.

(SA reviews)

Excellent work! I love this sort of story, where you can't be real sure what is and what isn't. I definitely expect to come back to this at some point.


7650202 Thanks! I'd also recommend my story 'Crooked Stems', but admittedly, it's a lot darker than this one is. Either way, glad you liked it!

Dark, eerie, and very good. Equestria has its secrets, and this story feels like one of those.

7987018 Some secrets might be better left unknown, but then I'd be out of a job.

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