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This story is a sequel to The Sombraverse: Prelude

Twilight Sparkle and Spike found themselves in a desolate, war-torn Equestria at the hooves of Starlight Glimmer. They saw the toll King Sombra's armies have taken on the world.

Now they're trapped there by the claws of something much, much worse. After a strange mare steals the spell, Twilight and Spike find themselves at the mercy of an otherworldly foe. They've been told they won't be free to return to their own time until they complete a certain task for him.

Not only that, this world seems to be changing them as well. Twilight can't seem to get a handle on her anger, and Spike's body is undergoing changes he can't understand. As the wear of a world at war drives them apart, the only thing keeping them together is this world's Applejack. Cold, driven, and intuitive, she may be part of what Equestria needs to topple the Shadow King for good.

After all, there's more than one monster lurking in the shadows, and the only way for Spike and Twilight to set things right in their own timeline is to save the world in this one.

Book One of the Sombraverse saga.

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Our beloved hero, Princess Twilight Sparkle, has been given her most daunting challenge yet.

Put a pony on the moon. The "Non-Alicorn" way. Celestia's getting antsy about other nations getting there first, Luna wants Twilight to cover up some remnants of her "WOE IS ME I AM STUCK UP HERE" phase, and Cadence just wants to watch stuff blow up.

It's up to everypony's favorite Alicorn and friends to go where only a moody teen princess has gone before.

...This is going to get messy, isn't it?

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Every so often, a storm comes along that even the Pegasi can't control. Best they can do is warn everypony to bunker down and ride it out. Equestria hasn't seen a blizzard this bad in over half a century. AJ and Big Mac were out when the first winds hit, so Applebloom's stuck with Granny Smith in the farmhouse.

But ol' Granny remembers, she tells Applebloom. She remembers the last blizzard, and what came with it. Can't help but wonder if they'll stop by again.

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[National NaPoWriMo 2015 story submission #2]
Twilight and Spike found themselves in a dystopian universe when Starlight Glimmer's spell brought them back to the present. Problem is, now the spell has gone missing, and they're stuck. How will they survive in a grim and darkening world? how will they find their way home? was the spell lost, or was it stolen?

A prelude to the Sombraverse saga.

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Derpy called Lily here for a reason. A very important one.

Lily probably thinks it's about something else, but it's really a matter of life and death. Derpy knows what Lily's been hiding. The secret can't be hidden forever. There's lives on the line.

There's a monster lurking around Ponyville, and Derpy will do whatever it takes to destroy it.

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