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Derpy called Lily here for a reason. A very important one.

Lily probably thinks it's about something else, but it's really a matter of life and death. Derpy knows what Lily's been hiding. The secret can't be hidden forever. There's lives on the line.

There's a monster lurking around Ponyville, and Derpy will do whatever it takes to destroy it.

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Do you know Clive Barker? Because this looks like something he'd write.

6683424 I haven't read much of him, actually, although I've really been meaning to. The largest influences on this were Hemingway, Stephen King, and a buttload of recurring nightmares. hope you enjoyed it.

I certainly did, although it's going to take more than one read-through to understand all the nuances.

...glad I don't have your nightmares, if this is an example.

6683741 Some of it's a bit oblique. The character that Derpy describes as the one who saved her, Ridley Box, is a character I've been using for quite a while, but this is the first story I've put out there that's actively featured her. Also, some of it is me blatantly setting up a wider universe for other stories.

and this is a watered-down version of them, but the truth is I don't mind having them as much as I used to. It's a constant well of inspiration, even if it's not the safest water to drink.

again, thanks for the feedback!

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