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"Did I ever tell you about

the night

that the mannequin came to life

and haunted

all... the... costumes...?"

Cover art is a cropped version of a work by Xenon.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 12 )

I don't get it.

I read that last spoken line and all I could think at that moment is the Mortal Kombat Video game. I'm fine with that.

Markiplier would have 20 consecutive heart attacks if this were to happen to him.

:duck: It said to finish it. Spike kill it with fire.
:trollestia: Oh how nice a gift from my little ponies.

Ooh, this story was wonderful . . . should probably get Rainbow Dash off the floor, though. She's still twitching.

Oh I liked this story. I really liked it.

I highly enjoyed this. Thanks for the read. It was silly, yet captivating. I could really imagine Rarity telling this story.

Hehe I like stores of dolls coming to life so was very creepy. The enjoyable kind

Oh, wow. That was great! Very well written and had a nice atmosphere.

I've read the whole thing in Rarity's voice.

Well done, brother/sister. Well done, indeed.

one lovely gray mare even refused to have me do anything for her, and only wanted Twilight's wing measurements for, as she said, reasons.

Omg Derpy your Twilight costume was perfect! :derpytongue2:


At first I dismissed the soft rustling as the leaves of my tree in the wind; I was only partway awake at the time. But then there came an odd clatter from downstairs, and the rustling stopped. I was about to dismiss it and sink back into my slumber, but just as I had started to shut my eyes the rustling resumed.

You used the word 'dismissed' twice. I'd change one to another word.

With a reluctant sigh, I pulled off my blindfold and folded back my covers, sliding my hooves and stretching as I reached to the ground. Also Then suddenly, I ripped off my blindfold and shot out of bed, galloping down the stairs.

I know what you meant here, so replace 'blindfold' with 'sleeping mask'.

best to act swiftly, with precision, with a firm hoof and a cunning mind! My magic wrapped around the hat rack, enveloping it tightly as I braced myself.

She already has it in her magic.

Replace all '...' with ' . . . '

Great Story!

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