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Nurse Redheart works at Ponyville General and has been there for years now. Her work pleases her, and helping other ponies helps her feel like she's making Equestria a better place, one patient at a time.
Lately she's been having some trouble with her memory, though. She's been forgetting things... Big things. Hours of her life just gone from her memory, and she doesn't know why.
Doctor Horse says it's nothing to worry about, and tried to give her work that won't strain her at all, but it keeps happening. It's nothing serious. Doctor Horse said so...

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I really don't understand what is going on in the story.Can anyone explant to me ?

From what I believe to understand as right.
Redheart is a early model nurse robot with limited memory, programmed with the belief that she is real. Screwy had bit off some of her skin, exposing the metal beneath, start of the downfall I guess. Doctor Horse had Redheart slowly reprogrammed to be a 'surgery machine', which resulted in old memories being rewritten. Some point after Twilight became a princess, Ponyville made a new hospital and Redheart was left in the old one to rot. The end is possibly set in the far future, where some apocalypse happen, e.g. Fallout Equestria

This is correct. I'm glad I hadn't made it too obtuse.

I greatly enjoyed this story for the suspense, hints and twist. I thought it was about dark magic/mind control at first, but the little hints had me thinking something else was up until the twist, which made a lot of things make sense.

It took a long time to build up, but overall worked quite well once it got going. The image of her wandering the hospital at the end is especially haunting, to me at least.

Holy cow that was awesome. Seeing Red Heart as a machine is awesome. Gives me all the kinds of the awesome shivers.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This was so creepy and the build up was amazing, i loved it!

Fuck me, that was a ride

Not bad. Dragged a bit sometimes, and there were some mechanical (no pun intended) errors, but decent overall.

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