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Twilight is about to go run errands with Pinkie Pie, and leaves Spike to foalsit both her little niece and the Cake Twins. Remembering the disaster that was her first meeting with Pound and Pumpkin, Flurry tries to make up for last time by having a friendly conversation with them. Will the twins forgive her?

Set before the finale. Rated T for potty humor (though it's no worse than what you'd see in a nineties Nicktoon).

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Cute but I think it could've been expanded. Really flesh out the whole "Rugrats" vibe. Part of the idea for that show was how little ones viewed the world and what compelled them to do the things they did.

Glad to see this fic come out. Just as good as it was when I proofread it!

Awesome and adorable fic!

I would like to see more of this wonderful story.

Gotta agree it feels kind of short. Though little little kids can make up quickly.

I imagine Spike foalsitting Flurry Heart with Gabby helping him.

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