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After going through everybody they could possibly ask, it eventually gets decided that Discord shall be the babysitter of not only the Cake Twins but also Flurry Heart. Now, Discord has never looked after babies before, so he falls back on the tried and true entertainment method of telling them stories. With a bit of a Discordy twist of course.

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You know, I'm surprised that there hasn't been more done - either on this site or in the actual show - about Discord interacting with Flurry Heart or the Baby Cakes. You'd think it'd be a natural! XD

U get a like and a Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

LOVED the stuff about Discord telling the story of his past dealings with Celestia and Luna (from his perspective) as a way to entertain Flurry Heart and the Cake Twins.

Superb work on the characterizations.

There is always the upcoming IDW Season 10 comic books scheduled for May 2020. They could explore character interactions and pairings that have not been done before on the show and previous comic books.


I think that's expecting a bit too much from IDW.

Delightful, though he really should've shown them the pictures...

Well, the pictures in the first book. The second one is best left unwitnessed by mortal eyes, and it'd just give Flurry ideas.

honestly i admit im a little disappointed, i was expecting the babies to unleash the kind of chaos only hyperactive babies can on discord to the point he just hand over his title of master of chaos, pretty much like the incredible short jack jack attack, that aside i like how he talking about his past from his pov to the babies

"Now then...once upon a time, there was a clever, handsome, utterly brilliant Draconequus who roamed the land!

Oh look, Discord is describing himself.
What could possibly go wrong

I agree completely. This narrative has so much potential!

Not quite out of character for Discord, but I think he could tell much more chaotic stories which the foals might actually like more! How about the story of King Stuffypants the Alicorn and the Land of Draconequuses?

This is so adorable. I like how the Cake Twins and Flurry interact and the fact that Discord can speak baby like the Doctor.

This was fun. I enjoy that discord can understand baby babble. Would be fun to see him and flurry have a conversation while shining and cadence watch on, not understanding what’s going on.

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