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Derpy doesn't understand why ponies don't accept her. After losing everything she ever loved, only the power of friendship, and love, can she become understood, and finally be accepted as normal.

fartartartar edited this whole story, and added many details. Go check out his page :pinkiehappy:

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5689360 Question. If you hate it... why bother reading it?

5689360 HISSSSS!! Leave my favorite pegasis alone! Wait... wait... can we not have a Crystal Lily argument again?

I absolutely love this story! Sequel, seauel, sequel! Plese? Pretty please? Pretty please with a derpy on top?

5689502 May I ask a favor of you? Can we never have a Crystal Lily argument again? (Ps, hi to you too)

Oh, my bad. I forgot to give a Sweetly Review! (Its to see if you get the sweetly approved) Oh, you came so close to getting it! The only problems were:
It could have been a bit longer,
What happened between Derpy and Time Turner? I like suspence, But not that much!

5689360 wow I wasn't expecting my very fist comment, to be a negative one :fluttercry: I like constructive criticism, but this was a little too much criticism, and not very constructive. But you can comment whatever you want, I'm just a beginner writer anyways...:ajsleepy:

5689494 oh your so sweet! I might make a sequel! But maybe not for a while, I have a bunch of stories lined up to write. That Chrystal Lily argument was very harsh, I'd prefer if it stayed off my story :rainbowlaugh: but thank you so much for supporting me!!!

5689426 thanks for commenting!

5689556 Oi! Enough of that sadness. Thats how the Crystal Lily argument started! So please cheer up!

5689527 I guess you'll have to find out what happened between them in the sequel! :raritywink: it was short, because I wanted to get it up ON Derpy Day. But I guess I failed sorry!:rainbowlaugh:

5689581 hey, it is an honor to be as close to getting it as u were! Not many people get it anyways!

5689579 IM CHEERED!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh: I don't want that argument on my story!!!! :twilightoops:

5689586 somehing tells me you are just catching up....

5689590 Yes, I was posting stuff on deviant art, and when I went back to fimfiction, I have like ten new notifications

5689602 is your deviantart avatar a pink unicorn mare?

5689618 I don't have a lot of my art uploaded yet, just some of my more recent stuff.

5689625 u have deviantart up too?
(as in another tab)

5689631 Yes I do. Are you going to tell me how to post my pictures? Lol

Thank you for commenting on my Derpy picture!!!:heart:

5689664 so, what did you mean, when you said 3 isn't an even number, and you only like even numbers? You said it on a Derpy picture, but I don't know what the number 3 has to do with my art... Lol sorry

5689679 Like I said on the comment... I have Oc- cdo.

5689674 I understand what your trying to say, but I think the only problem is lack of detail. Because when I was writing this, I saw the detail in my head, but I didn't bother writing it all down, because I figured the reader could see it too. I read your message, but I can respond to everything, because I don't write a whole story in one comment, sorry. But thanks for being a bit more... Constructive.:twilightsheepish:

5689706 perfect! Thank you. I'll do that!:twilightsmile:

I love it!:heart: It's so just i don't really know what to say

5689998 Awww!!, thank you so much!!!:heart: best comment iv'e gotten so far :pinkiehappy:

This is very rushed....
There are a lot of this kind of story...
Still, is it is a nice story...short and sweet.:pinkiehappy:

p.s. keep writing!

5690621 Thanks! But the reason it's so rushed, is I was trying to get it up before Derpy day was over. But I failed at that, so I'll have to edit it a bunch!!!!

This story! I like it! :raritystarry:

Stop it! This story was so sweet it's making me fat!


5691276 Aww thank you so much!!!!:heart:

The ending really caught my interest! cute story overall! Great job:scootangel:

5695121 Thank You so much!!:pinkiehappy:

5695129 I'm choking on the cuteness. *gak hack choke* :heart::derpytongue2:

5696033 Aww thanks!:twilightsmile: don't die!:rainbowlaugh:

5696052 tee hee! (p.s. that's was the girly-est laugh ever!) :raritywink:

5696062 Girly laughs are the best!!!:rainbowwild:

5696072 we have so much in common, It's scary! :pinkiecrazy: we should include Sweetiebelleluvsu.

5696161 What do you mean include her? IKR! I have a lot in common with a lot of pegasisters!!

5696162 idk, I just feel like she would be a nice edition to our conversation, know what I mean? And yes, It seems that pegasisters across the nation have the same things in common, it's like.... a MIND LINK!!! :pinkiegasp::rainbowderp:

5696173 It looks like she went to bed two hour ago :fluttershysad: IKR!!!! It's like we all like the same show or something!!!!!:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

5696183 like I said..... MIND LINKS!!! LOL

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