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Okay so I decided that I will do a Scootadopt first instead of a SoarinDash scootadopt right out the gate.

Scootaloo is once again an orphan, for the third time, after a fire kills her adoptive father she begins to loose hope that she will ever be happy. But she soon finds there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Ya, I know that last bit was cheese. Any way, this is going to be very sad so viewer discretion is advised. It should also give you allot of feels.

To sum this up; Scootaloo's third father is killed, she gets bullied, she gets depressed, Rainbow realizes her true feelings for scootaloo, RD adopts scootaloo as her daughter promising to care for her no matter what, and it has a happy ending. (sorta...)

Named after the song American Noise by Skillet

Editor: Rainboom H Harmonia

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5933858 it's so sad...not as sad as one of mine but still sad

"The small filly raped her for hooves around the mare"
WHOAH, WHOAH, you better fix that.:facehoof:


This story had an actual editor?

Phoenix Nebula please make more chapters for this story

Goodie now there is 1,000,001 scootadopt stories.:pinkiesick:

5935823 I know! Who doesn't love scootadopt!:scootangel:

5935859 Me, because A. she's not an orphan and B. this type of story is over done. we need orginal works not the same old thing over and over again.

Pegasus extended her wing out to the younger one and raped her in it.

My sir, you NEED an editor!
No offence.

Okay so I decided that I will do a Scootadopt first instead of a SoarinDash scootadopt right out the gate.

I'm in for a ride, am I not? :unsuresweetie:

Scootaloo is once again an orphan, for the third time

Dude, that's not how you write sad. There's a certain number of sad events that can happen to a character. Beyond that number, it stops being sad and becomes ridiculous. She lost her parents? Sad. Her adoptive parents die? Sucks to be her. Her other adoptive parents die? Oh man, wonder how many more times this will happen...

Ya, I know that last bit was cheese.

Pointing that out won't make it less cheese...

Any way, this is going to be very sad so viewer discretion is advised. It should also give you allot of feels.

I'm pretty sure it's up to the readers to decide if it was really sad and tears-inducing.

To sum this up; Scootaloo's third father is killed, she gets bullied, she gets depressed, Rainbow realizes her true feelings for scootaloo, RD adopts scootaloo as her daughter promising to care for her no matter what, and it has a happy ending.

I'd delete it: if you spoil the entire story in the description, then why should I bother with reading the story?

Okay, off to the story:

[10:22 am ; 7:37:12 until Fire]

Damn. This is going to be one of those fics, right?

Celestia's morning sun shown brightly throw the cloud window.

Weather report. Yeah, this is one of those fics.

You definitely should get an editor. For starters, Tank is a tortoise (though this may be autocorrect).

[10:58 am ; 7:01:51 until Fire]

'Not only that but she is already adopted, and her dad is not really my type.'

Well, as we know from the description and timestamps, dad's gonna conveniently die in the fire... If it was a murder mystery, RD would be the first suspect.

"Hay, Rainbow Dash you okay?" The orange filly asked. She always felt better every time she herd Scootaloo's voice.

New subject, new line. Currently, it seems like Scootaloo feels better when she hears her own voice.


Don't do that. This works only in comedies. In serious fics it just looks dumb.


Yea, I should have waited for my editor to go over it, sorry.:fluttercry:


Well aren't we the little hater aren't we.:eeyup:


My goal is to improve on other's work. I'm not that good right now but at least I have a goal.


You should give me one could reason not to hate on your stories and your user page right now?:pinkiecrazy:

Okay, I'll rephrase what I didn't like about this story: you basically spoiled the whole plot in the description and you shamelessly admit that you write it for the feels; what's worse, you overdid writing for the feels by dumping so many calamities on poor Scootaloo's head that it shot right through "sad" and landed somewhere in Narm territory. You didn't bother to correct simple typos; it can be done even without an editor. And timestamps and writing sound effects in ** simply don't belong in serious writing. So, as you can see I have a few reasons to not like your story.

You should give me one could reason not to hate on your stories and your user page right now?:pinkiecrazy:

But seriously, do that. Mods just love mass downvoters...


I'm starting to believe you don't have a heart.

5936606 Excuse me sir but I'm editing his story right now so If you could step away for one second and go somewhere else that would be very much appreciated.

Yeah, I also sleep in a coffin and drink tears of small children.

I'm waiting impatiently :ajbemused:

5936651 just read other stories and come to this late okay? thank you

It's decent, it held my interest just enough for me to read it all, so there's a thumbs up for you, but doesn't really grip me and didnt give me any feels, mostly because I'm not really a fan of Scootadopt.

5935910 then why the heck are you readin' this story. And secondly my head cannon says that she lives in foster home, plus I don't recall we see her parents or even someone related to her in the series, so I'm still sticking with the fact that she is an orphan.

5940333 First off I didn't read it. Second, We never see any of fluttershy's family and no one considers her an orpan. Thrid, Scoots has family in the IDW comics which the writers of the show themselfs said are cannon. Therefor Scootaloo was never nor ever will be an orpan.

5940351 Goddamnit dark! Now I won't have any feels for scootalove in general anymore, thanks alot. :raritydespair:In fact scootalove was what got me into fimfiction in the first place.

5940379 lol the truth hurts espically since your head cannon no longer makes any sense lol

5940403 you should probably delete that comment for those who still believe that's scoots is an orphan. We wouldn't want to break their hearts now would we?

5940412 The fandom must know the truth!


Yes and you must shut up!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Stop being a dick bag and ruining it for everyone else.

5941120 Im simple telling the truth im sorry you are butthurt that your head cannon came crashing down around you lol


You have no heart or if you do its shriveled and dead.

5941334 I love Scootaloo just as much as the next guy she's just not an orphan.

Comment posted by Darthdarius117 deleted May 5th, 2015

5940403 There are THOUSANDS of headcannons that believe that she's an orphan not just me and pheonix so until I see her "parents" or ANYPONY related to her in the show (not the comic but the TV show or EgG even) I'm still sticking that she's an orphan.:scootangel:

5942414 Welp the comics are 100% cannon according the writers of the show themselves which means Scootaloo is NOT an orphan. Which means all of those thousands of head cannons are wrong. There is no way around that fact no matter how much you deny the truth.


There is a way around it, just look at the story tags.

Let me spell it out for you A-l-t-e-r-n-a-t-e U-n-i-v-e-r-s-e!

5943547 That may (or may not) be true, but don't start preaching it around the fandom as if its gospel and going all "The fandom must know it's wrong" bull as if this is like the tyrant twilight phase we had recently. Many bronies love this genre an-... Ya know what flip this, if you say orphan scoots isn't canon, fine, but I refuse to believe it until I see it for myself, and don't just blurt it out as if we're the minority cause that's just gonna piss a lot of people off.

5950416 Whatever if you want to be in denial and delusional and heartless to Scootaloo by taking away her family and giving her a terrible life be my guest, but Im gonna keep her with her cannon family and give her the love and life she deserves.

I read these stories because there always heartwarming in the end and always bring a smile to my face seeing scoots being genuinely happy and loved for the first time, that's why I love reading these fics not because I hate her.

I agree that's why I'm doing it.

Thanks Darius, Your a huge help. I'm tired of people who think there sooooo high and mighty that they can judge and force there opinions on others just because there safe behind there computer.

And people I think to highly of my self.

Well any way thanks for taking my side and two thirds of the fandom's side in this subject.

5952837 No THANK YOU phoenix I never thought that someone would take my side especially the author. So keep doing what you're doing with the story thank YOU.:scootangel::rainbowkiss:


No problem. I'll try my best.

Comment posted by Darthdarius117 deleted May 19th, 2015

This story does need some work, which I'm assured isn't news as I'm looking at so many people being twerps in the comment section.

Major issues:

I'm not gonna tell you this being her third family can't be done, of course it can. You just need to think of a good reason as to why. Is someone out to get her? Or maybe no one is and it's a looming fear she now lives with anyway. Think not only of why this is happening, but the effects it's having on Scoots, beyond the obvious. Is she closing herself off because of the emotional scars? Is she becoming paranoid and begging for attention? Or perhaps worst of all, does she believe she is the root cause and is starting to push others away for their own protection?

You give away far too much in your intro. It's a Scootadopt story so it's not a news flash that she's somehow orphaned, or that Rainbow is adopting her as that's who it usually is. However you went too much into specifics Also save explanations of why you personally wrote the story or any out of story information for last and put it in parentheses so people know it can be skipped.

Next, good and bad need to be balanced. You had the perfect set up for us to relate to Scootaloo with Rainbow Dash training her. Maybe have Rainbow being unintentionally too rough but Scoots forgives her because of how much she loves her idol. Or maybe the game goes so far south with neither of them knowing what they're doing, that it devolves into Rainbow harmlessly beaning Scoots on the head until she's tackled by the perturbed filly and they end up rough housing. These are good things and experiencing them as an audience helps us relate to Scoots.

Next, don't make things too good or too bad. Temper them with a little realism. If Scootaloo is really good at dodging, make her suck at something else. Maybe she can't catch for instance. After all, one pony can only have studied or practiced so many things by age eight. If this is her third time being orphaned, have a good reason as to why. I don't mean balance things, as that's actually unrealistic itself. Just try to figure our logical consequences for things and flesh out things about the characters to try to make them feel more alive.

You've been really nice to me so if you want an editor, I'll give it a shot if you'd like.

I know this needs work I have improved greatly since then and I already have two editors. I posted the story before it was properly edited by both. I guess you could also edit to see if you can spot any thing that the others missed. I cant really do any typing for a month on doctors orders.


That might end up being too many cooks in the kitchen. Look me up in the future though.

6454776 intriguing I am interested in seeing more


I'm trying to start up again. I tried to start again but after the last story flopped so bad I had to pull it, and the guy I was going to have edit it kind of lost it. So know I'm in a slump. I'll try to get back on the ball.

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