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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.


I think the title explains it well enough. This is just a collection of shorts and scenes that I come up with but I don't have any use for at the moment. Any scenes I use in later stories will be linked in the author's notes.


Each chapter/short/scene will have a rating in () in the title so people can get a feel for how mature it will be. Most scenes and shorts won't be more than T so until I have a scene that I feel needs a mature rating the story will be labeled as teen, but not all stories are teen.

Another thing to notice is the Twilight tag. Most of my stories focus around Twilight and that's why I have a specific character tag for her. Also, notice that there is no Violence, Gore, or Death tag. That does not mean there is none of that in the chapters. Each chapter will have (V), (G), or (D) in the title to show which ones have that. I'll be using the random tag to substitute all other genre tags and other to substitute all other character tags.

One more thing, all of these are rough drafts and aren't meant to for criticism, but merely to show a concept or an idea.

I hope you all enjoy!

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This story is a sequel to The Moon and her Star

Twilight and her mother, Luna, return from the moon a year early and though Celestia is suspicious at first she eventually welcomes her sister back and her new niece with open hooves. However, not everyone is so welcoming. Twilight and Luna's relationship is tested time and time again as disaster after disaster stricks Equestria. Will their bond be able to survive, or will it shatter like glass?

Art by littlewashu45

Edit: Made #1 featured on 7/24/18

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Nightmare Moon is alone and wishes to have a daughter to share her kingdom on the moon with. Twilight is alone and wishes to have a mother that will love her. What happens when their wishes are granted? Read and find out.

Russian Translation for the story here. Thankyou NovemberDragon for doing the translation you are awesome.

So let's just turn this into a meme why don't we? Filly Twilight adopted by Villian X! I don't know I saw the ones with Daybreaker and Chrysalis and thought, "Oh what the hell I'll do it too because it's fun!" So here I am bringing you a story in a similar vein. Please enjoy the story and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. If you are going to downvote tell me why you did so I can improve. (Unless you're being an a**hole than I don't want you here.)

Featured on 7/10/18
Day one featured! That's awesome thank you all!


Thank you Julunis14 for the amazing cover art! Go give her some love she really deserves it!

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A retelling of Twilight's Kingdom inspired by PrinceWhateverer's Frailty.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadance must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Twilight will be able to emerge victorious against Tirek. Twilight will be given the greatest responsibility anyone pony can be given; to be the protector, and ruler of all of Ponykind.

Warning: Grossly overpowered Twilight ahead, if you don't like that turn back now!

50 upvotes and I'll write a sequel, so be sure to like and share this story as much as possible if you want that to happen!

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After the leaders of Equestria were kidnaped the Canterlot Nobility were enraged. They now are demanding the subjugation of the changelings, whether peacefully or by force. In a desperate attempt to keep the peace Celestia must make a difficult decision. A decision that will change the life of her former student forever.

NEW STORY! And this time co-wrote with the amazing Julunis! Please go over to her channel and show her some love! This story was originally her's and the artwork is also done by her!

And thank you to Wokarian and Princess_Nika_xx for pre-reading and editing!

I hope you all enjoy the story!

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Prologue rewritten on 5/26/2018

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Twilight wakes up on a strange new world. Her mind is fuzzy and the memories of her friends feel ancient. Read and follow along as Twilight comes to terms with the past and the future that is now in her hooves.

I'm once again attempting to write a proper story instead of a short story. I hope you all enjoy.
Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged! I hope you all enjoy the story!

Art by: shamanguli

Story has been put on hiatus do to other stories demanding more attention. This should be only for a short time, so stick around.

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Rainbow Dash ,being awesome, flies faster than mach three and drives Queen Chrysalis into the ground and saves her friends.

I hope you all enjoy this. If there are any errors point them out so I can fix them! Please rate the story and leave a comment on what you thought of it. Constructive criticism is welcome!

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Sombra has returned and has control over the Crystal Empire and all of northern equestria. Most of Twilight's friends have been captured, unable to stand by and watch Twilight confronts him directly. Will she be able to stop him and at what cost?

This is something in the same vein as soarin and is just me practising writing again. Since I love writing action scenes and badass Twilight moments I wrote this. Typing and editing this took me 35 minutes so it their is any mistakes please kindly point them out to me.

Cover art is not mine and is more of a placeholder. The art belongs to Anzhyra.

Like I said it's a placeholder so if anyone wants to make a cover for this then please go right ahead!

If this story gets 100 likes I'll make a sequel.

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Fast pace one shot

A creature of light and dark stands before him. Only he stands between it and the mare he loves and her daughter. There is no chance of him wining here is were he will die. The least he could do is fight till he is nothing but dust in the wind. Anything to save the ones he loves.

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Nightshade is an OC created by Ponybird21 and she made a request for someone to wright a story about her. Yes Phoenix is my OC and I know no one likes him, but I don't really care.

Alone, cold, and wet. Nightshade makes her way through the Everfree Forest looking for a place to stay. One day a pony by the name of Phoenix finds her cold and miserable. Phoenix promises to watch over her and takes her back to his Universe. Life is great... until some cult decides it wants her to make her the Evil ruler of the world. Yeah things went down hill real fast.

Looking for cover art.

Update 10/27/16: This has become more of a colab with ponybird21.

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