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Hippocampi are underappreciated beings that deserve more respect, and so here is a group dedicated to them! These creatures are half pony, and half fish. They are sometimes known as sea ponies, or merponies. Please be respectful of others, and no NSFW content.

Rules can be found here, and be sure to check for updates every now and then.

Introduce yourself to the group here!

1. Poetry Motion
2.Crystal Note
3.Twister Blitz
(If you'd like to be an admin, just ask)

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400439 No idea.
If you could elaborate how you come up with the name, maybe more of us would enjoy it?
Personally, I have several names for them.

Seems I am the only Pony with a story around here?
Only now, I have two stories swiming around. If some Pony could let me know what you think? do you think I had gotten these ideas right?

They are sometimes known as sea ponies, or merponies

Am I the only person who calls them kelpies?

399176 Then you have your work cut out for you.
I wish you luck in the creative efforts, these many stories does take quite the eager and tireless Muse.
Now I just need to complete a few stories every now and then, too.

Should be room for a few more Mer/Sea Ponies Stories in my collection, I guess.

399175 , lol. I haven't got that many stories yet, but I plan to.:twilightsheepish:

399172 I think I finally found the story.
My list of stories is a bit on the extensive side, you know.
Not sure exactly how much they have been featured at this point, but I do intend to have them on the cast.

399080 , HIYA!:pinkiehappy: That's great! This group can have a good start by getting some stories .


Seems we have been here long enough to have a comment here by now?

Oh, and I am considering to post a story featuring the Ponies you mentioned above.
They are mainly based on the original Sea Ponies.

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