The Group of Light 71 members · 146 stories

We are the writers, artist, and reviewers of tomorrow we bring light to times of darkness.

1. Eli (President Pikachu)-President
2. Scootaloo96- Vice President
3.Thunderbolt Sentinel
5.Rainboom H Harmonia
6.Poetry Motion
8.Sleepy Panda
9.Lightning Crystal

1. Sythax
2. Tavi4
3. Soprano Beat
4. NewUnitedEmpire
5. Comet Swirl
6. The Daring Cookie
7. Vex Scratch
8. Phantom heart
9. Sea Swirl
10. Four elements678

Current Contest
Art: Scootaloo and Rumble Ship. NO CLOP!
Story: Trigger words- Watermelon/s, and Guardians. Use either, or both. NO CLOP!
Winners: None

Stories of the week

1. Try to be nice if there are any fights or trolling of any kind you will be kicked from the group
2. You must follow the Contest rules.
3. Listen to the Admins and Co-Admins.
4. Know your place don't try to "Put the admins in their place" if you have any problem try to talk it out.
5. Have fun! and enjoy yourself!
6. No Spamming
7.Follow the Rules of Eris/Erin
Admins and Cos:
1.You need a GOOD reason to kick someone
2.Help anyone if you can
3. Don't prevoke any fights
4. Don't abuse your powers
5. Follow the Rules of Eris/Erin

Rules of Eris/Erin
1.No lying about certain things
2.No RPing for gain in the group (I'll talk to if you don't understand)
3. No Clop Fics
4. No using of Alts for Gain
5. No starting of Cults

President of the Group
Every 4 months there will be voting for President of the group
He/She has a bit more power the the Admins only he can make and change rules He/She can be impeached and depending on the Severity can be kicked and banned.
Current President: Eli (For now)

Anthem: Innocence by Madeon ft. Aquilo

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I'm only joining this group because Madeon.


This group shall fall under the dominion of the Imperium or face Exterminatus.

I'm fairly infamous, ain't I?:trollestia:

I love how you guys have that specific rule for Eris. It's hilarious
You have planted the seed of a new group and it took root. Congratulations!

I'm hereby informing you that I'm confiscating your group without your permission and placing it in the garden known as New Groups. Despite the relocation, you are still expected to take good care of your group. Any and all complaints should be addressed to the 'Talk To The Hand' department of the garden where they will be put into a drawer indefinitely.

Haha, I just realized I'm somehow Co-Admin. Thanks. :twilightsheepish:

398211 Umm you mean a Co Admin...Yeah

  • Viewing 20 - 39 of 39
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