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Rainbow Dash, after suffering a severe accident involving a high powered fan, refuses to return to the hospital to heal her broken wing. Instead, Twilight takes her in and makes her a potion to heal her wing. In an unfortunate accident, the potion swaps Rainbow's wings for a horn! As Twilight searches for a cure, she tells Rainbow that she may have to live with the horn for a while.

*Thank you to sapoltop on Deviantart for the photo: Uni Dash*
Featured on 6/22/14!!! :D

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 239 )

Thumbs up all the way bro.

when comes it that rainbow losses her wings

That what you get rainbow for trying the fast way all the time

I like things that involve a Pegasus turned Unicorn RD having to deal with the change. It's just, that I don't see many of them go very far.:fluttershysad:

:rainbowderp: Great story I cant wait for the next chapter.

Chapter Four. Which I just posted, if you're interested.



~Skeeter The Lurker

Short chapters... Not bad so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, this certainly is...different. It has piqued my curiosity and thus I shall give it a read.

Wow this updated fast :rainbowderp:

Might want to get an editor to go through and point out / change any speeding and / or grammar mistakes. Just in case

In response to your comment=
Yes, I do update quickly. This is mostly because I don't really like to wait for somepony to update a really good fimfic. So, to spare you the wait, I update quickly.
-CS :pinkiesmile:

You called her eyelashes... chunky.

Why is this not a real episode in the series? And why can't I click the like button more than once? I must read more!


You did overuse the word saucers though.

the story's great (so far):pinkiehappy:. Pleeeaaaassseee write more:applecry::fluttercry::fluttershysad::raritycry::raritydespair:

You have earned a like, a favorite, and a potatoe my good sir. I look forward to updates.

Characters are a Little off :twilightoops:

Did you find an editor?

I pictured the characters crabby because of the lack of sleep they received the night before.
I did find an editor, though. :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

2941324 First, stop replying to these comments on my user page :ajbemused:

Second, I'm not on about them being 'crabby' as you put it. The way they act and talk is a little off. Usually when a person is in shock, they know where they are and what's their doing, their just in shock. So Dash asking "where am I" after Twi hit her is dumb :ajbemused:

Also it would have been better if Dah had a panic attack, her dreams, love life (?) and her wings are on the line. That means hyperventilation, wide eyes, all that stuff. Look it up.

You also may need to sort out your pacing, the fics story goes a little too fast. Plus Discord only ate Twi's book coz he was messing with her, not because he liked them. And since hes 'reformed' he probably won't try it. Overall that felt like a dumb reason as to why the pages where missing.

I might follow Discord and eat my sisters pages of her VIP books

I thought that was overused.
I was attempting to make this more comical by slapping Dash again. I meant no harm to her character.
I know exactly what hyperventilation is. Don't worry.

I'm so curious I really need to know whats going to happen next! :twilightsmile:

2941376 Hahaha it would be hilarious if Dash freaked out over her love life despite that having nothing to do with losing her wings.

2952064 that's kinda what it implied in the story :rainbowlaugh:

Nice story so far - although I dont like the comedy-touch so much :/ It has WAY more potential for a sadfic.

Oh, and did I notice some Soarin x Rainbow shipping :pinkiehappy:?

I'm still working out a few things. I'm still not a hundred percent sure whether I should take the sad road just yet....
On the other hoof, what can I say? I'm a big fan of Dash and Soarin'. :twilightblush:

Amazing! This is the best RD story I've read of FimFiction.
Why? No suggestive themes!
Keep it up!

"This comment was posted before reading"

I can already see pinkie's party for RD for "Sorry you lost your wings, But you got a horn, Party!"

That was awesome! Could you do more? :raritystarry:

Promising ideas, competent writing, split up your paragraphs to enhance readability though. Will be watching.

Wow, they seem more in character now :rainbowkiss: great job!

How about go too Canterlot, I'm sure they have a book on it there.:eeyup:

Interesting enough. I'll be watching! :raritywink:

"Easy Spells for New Unicorns"? How common is Rainbow's predicament anyways?

The book is for filly unicorns. In case you're wondering.

I love this should we expect more soon?

please more, this story is awesome and I want it to continue.

Don't worry.There will be more.

Nya I like this story so far.............. time to keep on reading!:rainbowdetermined2::derpytongue2::applejackunsure::coolphoto:

2934094 I agree short chapters
hey I am not against that though!
my stories have very short chapters
100 to 500 pages:eeyup:

I am going to comment on all chapters

Too many comments cant be bothered to read them:ajbemused:

Hello, everypony!!!
Hope you're enjoying the story so far. :pinkiehappy:
I just wanted to say how I appreciate all of you very much and thank you so much for reading!!!!
And thanks to my amazing editor, Unforgotten. Where would I be without ya?
More to come!
-CS :pinkiehappy:

This is going to be interesting:ajsmug:

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