• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Rainbow's Horn - Cerulean Swirl

Rainbow Dash gets a unicorn horn! Yet she looses the one thing that matters most to her- her wings.

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"Alright, Scootaloo. Are you ready?"
"Yes, ma'am!" came the reply.

The sun's light and warmth warmed Rainbow Dash's back as she looked down from her position in the air. It was a beautiful day, one that Rainbow had seen but not yet gotten to enjoy. The sound of her flapping wings and the feeling of being in the air once more shot excitement to every place in her body, and she knew that eventually the corners of her mouth would hurt from beaming so much. She couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day, or better ponies to spend it with.

Scootaloo's hopeful and determined face looked up to Rainbow from her place on the soft green ground. She gave Rainbow a careful smile, almost as if she were joyous, but fearful to accomplish what her beloved mentor was instructing her to do. Soarin', who was beside the pegasus filly, also smiled up at Rainbow, but more genuinely this time. He was just as joyous as Rainbow was about her recent transformation, but he knew his joy was nothing compared to his marefriend's.

"You can do it, Scootaloo!" said a voice nearby. Scootaloo turned away from Rainbow to smile at the voice, and Rainbow winked in the voice's direction as well.

The speaker was none other than Twilight, who sat comfortably, levitating a glass of ice cold punch just nearby her mouth. However, the studious purple unicorn was far from alone.

A checkered picnic blanket was laid out on the soft green ground, and everypony had decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by having a picnic right under their best friend's home, all the while casting frequent glances into the sky, watching.

Peace and contentment eminated from each pony as they lounged on the blanket, enjoying various sweets and foods brought in by one another. Rainbow was extremely pleased that each could spend time with her today, and she was also glad to see that the deep violet circles that had painted their faces previously weren't so deep anymore. This pleasure mixed with her excitement, all the while adding to her unexplainable joy.

Pinkie Pie sipped loudly from her glass of punch, and Spike offered Rarity a refill on hers as each picnicker watched their rainbow friend be at bliss once more. Applejack took a large bite out of a fresh Red Delicious apple, and Fluttershy finished a cucumber sandwich in a final delicate gulp.

"Okay, Scootaloo. Now, when you get off the ground, it's always good to have a nice breeze propelling you forward. This makes it easier to start flying." said Rainbow, and made a gesture with her hooves to indicate wind blowing by.

Scootaloo nodded, and began flapping her wings very quickly, the buzzing sound of her tiny wings filling the air even quicker. Soarin' stood close by, observing, and the pegasus filly turned in the direction that the wind was blowing and waited for a good and subtle breeze.

"That's good, squirt. There should be a really good one in a minute..."
As Rainbow continued with her instructions, Twilight tried to focus on her current task. Taking another careful swallow of punch, she looked down at the empty parchment, inkwell, and unused quill that she had brought with her. She knew that this incident would make an excellent letter to Princess Celestia.

Igniting her horn, she levitated the quill into the air, dipped it in the inkwell, and held it, poised, over the empty parchment. Before she knew it, her eyes had escaped into the sky once more, and she watched tentively as Rainbow mirrored Scootaloo's actions from her place in the sky. Before Twilight could mentally scold herself for not focusing and going back to her task, Rarity broke the ice. She too, was watching their best friend, while sporting a very stylish pink sunhat.

"She does look very happy up there, doesn't she?" asked Rarity to nopony in particular, her gaze still wistfully watching Rainbow. Twilight acknowledged her friend, and saw something flicker behind Rarity's irises. Twilight looked more closely, but the flicker had vanished, and Rarity looked the same again. Meanwhile, there was a tidal wave of agreement supported by everypony, not a single refusal to be heard.

"She is excellent at flying, though. It does seem like...so much fun. I wonder...." continued Rarity, her voice trailing off.
Curiosity sparked in Twilight, and the gears in her mind started turning.

Does she mean?...., thought Twilight.
Nah, she couldn't, concluded Twilight with a shrug, and turned back to her parchment, forcing herself to concentrate.

There's no way I'm going to finish this, is there, she thought after staring at the parchment for several moments and having her mind blank. Finally giving in to her eye's wishes, she turned her head back towards the sky, like everypony else's, lowering her quill, and continued to watch, feeling the desire to fly melting in her mouth and crawling into her heart.

".....help you there, Scoots." Rainbow was saying, and Twilight saw something fly across Rainbow's expression. In an instant, Twilight recognized it. It was disappointment. Before Twilight could question why, she was answered, as the rainbow pegasus lowered herself from the blue abyss and onto the soft ground.

Once there, she kept her wings open, cast a modest smile over at her friends, and turned her attention back on her student and her coltfriend.

Twilight watched as her rainbow friend exchanged a wink with Soarin', and in an instant throw out a cyan blue hoof and secure it just under Scootaloo's front. Soarin' followed suit, and opened his wings. Scootaloo, on the other hoof, was pleasantly surprised, and a slow beam crept on her muzzle because she too knew what was to happen next.

Rainbow began to flap her wings, and Soarin' did the same, all the while their gazes fixed on the filly they were carrying securely.

Before Twilight knew it, the three were in the air, and were hugging the cloudless sky. All eyes watched, and all movement stopped as Rainbow exchanged a look with Soarin', and began to fly forwards, towards the gleaming sun.

The cheer was out of Twilight's mouth before she could process it.

Every eye turned from the sky to their purple friend, and after a few moments of staring, Applejack shrugged, and followed suit. Smiles began to creep on muzzles, and one by one, everypony who was lounging took up the cheer.

From the air, the sense that all her friends were cheering her on gave Rainbow new hope and excitement to press on. She looked from Soarin' to Scootaloo to her friends, and let the biggest beam she had ever let onto her muzzle come and rest there.

Soarin' returned this beam, and Scootaloo gave one as well, and the three continued to fly towards the sun, the wind racing past their faces and the cool air of the sky chilling them ever so slightly.

Rainbow and Soarin' turned, and flew back to where everypony was cheering, Twilight at the helm. Rainbow and Soarin' and Scootaloo too all began to encircle the air far above the blanket, going slowly but not snail paced, and quickly but not fast enough to drop Scootaloo.

With the wind whipping quickly past her now pegasus friend's mane, Twilight let a whoop escape her lips and watched tentively as the three pegasi flied above her. Rainbow heard this cheer, and glanced down at Twilight and everypony to give them all the beam that had painted her face.

It was then that Twilight saw it, but only for a slim second. It was deep magenta, the same color as Rainbow's magic had been, and it was shaped like a star with too many points.

Twilight knew what it was instantly; she'd know it anywhere. It was a scar, right on Rainbow's forehead. And in the same place as a unicorn horn had been.

The shrieks of joy and happiness echoed through her ears, and with one final glance from her view in the air, Rainbow let a cheer of her own rise out of her throat and into the sky.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Rainbow Dash here. Over the past few weeks, I learned that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, and lying to those you really care about is never a good idea. Maybe lying sounded like a good idea at the time, but if I had just told the truth in the first place, those ponies I love so much would have been loyal to me in trying to help.

So, I guess you could say that I learned how to be more honest, like Applejack. Maybe she could use some help being more loyal, am I right? Just a joke for you.

Hey, just a friendly note ahead of time, don't ever let Spike near a cloud resistant potion. I couldn't believe it when he told me, either.

Also, there's this strange little scar on my forehead where the horn was, so I guess the horn and it's magic will always be with me? I dunno. I'll ask Twilight.

Soarin' and Scootaloo are here too. They say hi. They also say that they want me to go flying with them and get me out of the house. It seems I can't fly enough lately.

I think it's time to go. Hope you enjoyed reading my letter, your majesty, and I hope to learn more lessons along with everypony else in the future.
See ya!
-Rainbow Dash, Soarin', and Scootaloo

The End

Author's Note:

I have a few last notes before I sign off on this story, so here goes.
Thank you so very much to my editor, Unforgotten. I appreciate all your help when you could give it. You are AWESOME!!!!
Thank you to my loyal followers and readers. You all helped me to finish it, even through my writer's block, and offered some interesting insight on the story.
Thank you to the admins over at the MLP FIM Fan Club, RedStar76 and Bronydragon. I love you guys!!!!!
I have one more thank you to give out, even though they may never see it. I would like to give a huge thank you to Rainbow87dash. Even though you may have annoyed me at first, I appreciated every one of your comments.
Anyway, that's all. To writing more! :D

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Comments ( 102 )

4636156 Thank you. Your input is most helpful :pinkiehappy:
I haven't seen Fluttershy see any death anywhere on the show, so....

4636250 you know there were some scenes where she fed her otters fish?
I think that could qualify as seeing death.

4636477 Very true. Uno momento. *leaves*
*returns* There we go, all fixed. :twilightsmile:

Nice and peaceful ending there my friend.
T'was a good read. Hope the continuity of such in the magical golden flower some more and that you make more stories like this. :pinkiehappy:


4637400 Thank you, Dragon!!! :pinkiehappy:
*runs at Dragon and hugs him* :pinkiesmile:

Waaaaaaah!!! Unf!
H...hey. Not so...hard. Can't...breathe...
*tickles Cerulean Swirl*


4638036 YEAHHHHHHHHHHH *gets off Dragon faster than lightning*

*gasp* Oh air you sweet nectar of life.
*looks at C with a devilish grin*
*hugs C. Hard.*


Gonna................*coughs* suffocate........
*dissolves into sunlight, becomes whole five feet away* *breathes normally, pants*
I'm gonna.....I don't know what I'm gonna do, but you're gonna get it.

*body scatters in the wind and rebuilds itself behind C*
Let's see how you gonna do that.
*tickles C mercilessly*


4638120 NOOOOOOO *giggles*
*ignites horn, grabs book, and shrinks Dragon and traps him in the book*
*closes book*
There we gooooooooo

4638243 Yeah, it took me forever to finish it, but yes. It is over. :fluttercry:
Thank you so very much!!! I appreciate it.
And um, with all due respect.....I'm not a sir....:twilightsheepish:

4638315 It's alright!!! Hey, it happens all the time, actually. I'm used to it by now. I would very much appreciate this, but it's no trouble. Friends are awesome! :pinkiehappy:
Also, should I be concerned about the thing with Dragon?

4638704 Water under the bridge. :pinkiesmile:
Oh, that's cool. Hey, you have Facebooks too? Kewl. :trollestia:
Anyway, if you want I can recommend some fics for you, if you want.

4638795 Oke doke, then.
Yeah, there is one fic that I really like, but I'm a Disney nut so I'm not entirely sure you'll like it very much. It's called Beauty and her Spike? It's a Sparity, but it's pretty good. I can send you the link, if you want.

4638831 Oh, that's okay. I appreciate the offer, but it's perfectly fine. I'm good. Besides you don't wanna see my ugly mug :trollestia:

4638906 Okay then, I won't. :eeyup:
Still fine, though.

4638930 :twilightsheepish: Thank you.
Okay then. I will talk to you tomorrow, perhaps.:yay:

i personally needed more soarindash. it wud be cool if the stallion who has seen true beauty was soarin, and the beauty was RD:scootangel:

4639609 True. I actually thought about actually doing that, but I decided on using Flutters instead. Sorry you didn't get as much as you wanted.

Oh! Damn! I'm trapped in a... wait. That's C's diary!!! Muhahahahahahaha. The perks of being a writer. I can change your life now. With my trusty pen. Hmmm... Oh. There was this one creep speaking to you and you just ran away. How about I change running away to going up to him, giving him a kiss full force.

Dude. I won't give you all the shit. You have to search for some yourself. When I'm done with a good one I fav it and tou can always look it up in my read later list.

If anything you should be concerned about him. I did things to his mind that are not to use without gun papers. And if he wants he can tell you about Nick the knife ts3 talk.

We can sent messages through the entire web communication on this planet. Doesn't really matter.


Me be waiting patiently already. But da writers not write words fast enough. It's tearing us apart.


Soooooo much waaaaaaiiiiiiiit!!!!


4641256 *snorts* Do you think I'm stupid enough to trap you in a diary? I don't even have one.
That's just some random book I decided to put you in for the time being. My magic is only limited to books, but I've found loopholes. You're in one of them, actually. :ajsmug: And also, should I be concerned about the thing with the creep? Cuz this girl don't kiss creeps. Excuse me while I find a nice bright place to throw up.
Yeah okay. Sure. LunarSlayer can tell me anything he wishes.

Don't you forget I'm a writer. I just changed the book into your diary and edited some parts. Let me out if you want to have them taken back and the book returned to its former state. :pinkiecrazy:
I'm totally cereal here. :ajbemused:
Kiddin there.
But seriously. If you won't let me out I'll have to see how you'd like to be trapped in here. I read it already and now I'm bored out of Donald Duck's mind.


4642786 Yeah okay. So.....if I don't have a diary would it be the diary that you wrote for me in my own voice and then when I trapped you in it you edited it? Okay, sure.
Oh, and you can't trap me in there. I can trap others, but others can't trap me. :scootangel:
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Well let's see. If I let you out of there then you'll insist on payback, so let me carefully think this over.

Oh would you look over there. A book born from my sick and twisted mind with all the horrors you can imagine and more. Let me out or I'll magically throw it at you. Together with ominous lights and creepy music.
And no, I won't seek revenge. I like you too much to do anything long lasting.


4642860 *glances at the book, then yawns* *inspects hooves*
It's a book, you forget. Besides, sick and twisted minds are nothing I haven't heard before.
And also, thank you. :twilightsmile:

You haven't seen anything until you saw what I deem sick and twisted.
Also no problem. Just true.


But you're so cute in there! All tiny and two dimensional and powerless.....:pinkiecrazy:
Haha, just a little joke for ya.
Also, :twilightsheepish:. Bestiessssssssssssssssssss

Cute? Tiny? Two dimensional? If anything I became words. You made me more powerful then I ever was. For I am the word. *lightning cracks in the background*
And the friendship is strong in this one.


4642961 I did not make you words, silly. I just shrunk you and made you two dimensional.
I don't think you're all that evil. You will not crack through the barrier of never ending happiness and hope that surrounds me! :eeyup:
And nice reference :yay:

Oh but I could. Easily. I won't though. The horrors I have shall be locked up in me to never be released. For I could weaponize imagination.
Even my gravest enemies would be spared it for I want to be the harbinger of happiness.
One of my motto's is the pun has been doubled.


Exactly! Voice gets it. Thanks Voice. *hugs*
Actually, Scootaloo was going to be the original supplier. I actually had a whole thing at the beginning of the chapter where Twilight mentions that Scootaloo or one of the CMC would be the suppliers. But I decided with Fluttershy instead.
Thank you!!! I wanted it to be really special. :twilightsmile:

4644776 I believe that.
Remind me NEVER to get on your bad side. :twilightsheepish: I've never even heard of somepony weaponizing imagination, though. Perhaps this is your special talent? :twilightsmile:
Yes. Happiness is good.
AWESOME motto. I want one!
Also, I've decided that I will keep you in there, unless you prove to me that you can be one of sunshine and rainbows. Meaning you have to do something so happy and sugarcoated that it almost looks like Pinkie Pie is the one doing it. And you can't fake it, either, because if you do, then there shall be consequences. :pinkiecrazy:
Have we got a deal?

Hah! You really think you can make me do something? Rich! But it's getting a bit cramped here. Sooooo...
Bringisir! *Holds hands out and shoots fire from them*
Ah. Much better. Now with that book out of the way... *eats enchanted bread and grows even taller than before*
A good one. Don't cha think?
And now I'll spread some darkness over the universe.


4647204 You dare challenge me? I hate to do this to you, but you leave me no choice.
*quickly takes shrink syrup and loads it in syringe* *runs to Dragon and injects him with syringe* *Dragon shrinks* *shoots sun energy out of hands and traps normal sized Dragon in magic repelling and non movable and non pop-able bubble*
*pants slightly* That's enough. I refuse to let your darkness be spread. I must trap you further.

Good thing I made a decoy body off screen. You fell for it!
And now... Tartarus chains! *snips fingers and black chains shoot out of the ground, seeking your essence, catching you and breaking your magic abilities*
And just because it is so sweet right now... Darkness Dome of Doom! *claps hands and dome of pure darkness appears around you*
Have fun with that. :pinkiecrazy:


Why is there no alicorn Dash? All that big build up to a cliffhanger in the last chapter and everything goes back to normal?

4649732 *struggles*
I need......I need...... *sun comes out* *powers up* *breaks chains and dome* *sun power flowing through me, magic returns*
You cannot trap the light. *wields solar powered spear*
Now, stop being a coward and fight!

4651333 Yeah. What did you expect?
Everypony would hate me if I wrote Alicorn Dash.

Oh so you want to fight me?
You fool. You underestimate the power of darkness!
*draws sword* May I introduce to you the end of everything, the fall of gods and titans alike, the harbinger of destruction, the one thing even the bravest fear, the black hole blade!!!
*sword emits negative light aura and draws in all light around it*
You can't beat me for I am the beginning of the end of everything!


4651921 Do I?
*sun comes out, diminishes darkness*
I am the Sun, that which shines on everything! The creator of shadows and the creator of good and light and all things happy! My light will defeat your darkness, because you cannot exist without me.
You speak too much. And it is my pleasure to introduce you to the beginning of everything, that which channels all light even when there is none shining. It is the symbol of hope and how evil will never prevail.
Bring it. *wields spear*

It seems you missed some lessons. The darkness is eternal. It is the only thing that can exist without anything else. You try to shine light into a black hole where even light can't survive. I shall bring your foolish attempts to best me to an end.
Trillion gravity crash!!!!!!!!!!
*black hole materializes next to the sun and the sun is crushed by the sheer force. Its remains get sucked into the dark void and nothingness follows*
Now your precious little sun is gone!
What now?
*voice moves around C while she can't see anything*
Even if you bring forth another sun, it will be swallowed by my black hole in an instant.
And before I forget it. It is connected to my life force. So even if you do beat me you still lose because my creation will then be out of control and grow exponentially until everything and everyone will be squashed to less then electronic dust.
*slices a little bit into C's left leg*


Why would anyone hate you?

4652230 That doesn't matter to me. My light is always here, whether you extinguish it or not. Maybe it's not physical, either.
Of course you can take over everything and everyone in the world, but you will NEVER extinguish the light or the hope of the people around you. Maybe it's your fault because you just can't see that. Maybe it's because the dark has turned you into something you're not; feeding off the hidden rage you feel for those around you.
I wouldn't try to bring forth another sun, either. I can certainly do it, yes, but I won't try. You see, you are dooming yourself and everyone around you because you have extinguished the light. Sure, you're a creature of darkness, but have you always been? Weren't you born in the light, to see it, to feel it, to accept it? You are just like everypony else, even though you may see different. The dark exists just because the light made it that way. Do you think the sun can exist without a moon, or the moon can exist without a sun?
You may have hurt me, and taken away my light, but if you wish to take away that which lives and breathes inside me, the pure and raw Element of Hope, then you'll have to kill me, which is something I cannot let you do. There's good in you.
*strains, sharp intake of breath* *cut disappears*

4652396 A lot of bronies hated it when they made Alicorn Twilight canon. The gist of the story was to get Rainbow's wings back and keep her the way she is supposed to be. Sure, it's a fanfic, but it's my fanfic. And I wish to write it how I see fit.

Alot, of bronies hate anything that does not fit nicely into their headcanon

4653096 Exactly.
I am sorry if I have displeased you.

Good? In me? Don't make me laugh!
I was formed in the deepest depths of nothingness to bring forth the end of all! My sole purpose is to extinguish life wherever I may find it. You say I have to kill to destroy hope? What do you think I've been doing these past few aeons? I wiped out star after star in this universe and others, making each and every living being suffer a slow and painful death to the point where they pleaded me ti have mercy on them and end them. I never did. I always made them see the horrors they couldn't begin to imagine when I could. I committed multiple genocide over and over again! And you think there is good in me and I wouldn't kill you without as much as batting an eye? Well.you are wrong!
*summons malestorm of swords and makes it dance around C which is cut from all sides*
The only reason why you are not dead yet is that you amuse me with your little attempts to stop me. I take great pleasure in breaking those that think there is good in me or something that resembles it in any way.

Not going completely insane? I am insanity! And no matter how many suns are born, I always destroy more than new ones are born. It's a slow march, but eventually I can destroy every star to ever come forth and then I'll take a coffee break until new life spawned and I'm able to hear screams of agony and suffering again. It's a never ending job, but I can make it pleasurable for me by hearing the screams of the innocent.


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