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Fluttershy loved picking flowers of all kinds, but one day she finds a magic, golden flower hidden in a large patch. She digs it up and takes it home, hoping to add it to her garden. Little does she know that the flower has magic healing powers that could heal an entire changeling army and their queen along with it. Queen Chrysalis sees Fluttershy take the flower and goes after it. But when she arrives at Fluttershy's house, the flower is gone, and all that is left is a sleeping pegasus and yards and yards of pale, pink mane. Chrysalis makes a choice that could be her victory and her destruction.
A semi-darker version of Disney's Tangled, with a few pony twists thrown in. Enjoy!
I do not own Disney or My Little Pony!!!

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Dat first chapter word count

Consider me intrigued, I'll give it a proper read—but only after bed, where I lay my weary head. :ajsleepy: :twilightsmile:

3843477 Yeah, everypony kept saying how I had short chapters in Rainbow's Horn, so...:twilightsheepish:

Oh I applaud the change. It's a great well-rounded number.
Perhaps a little too well-rounded...

6666 words

Coincidence? Or an evil precursor?


It is a sign! The end times are here! Oh woe is me for seeing the end of the world prophesied in a story word count! :pinkiegasp:

Now where did I throw my holy water... :scootangel:

Again your story delights me to the supreme

3848840 your welcome. You deserved it

I have a question.

Does Chrysalis mean that she'll only erase Fluttershy's memories, or the memories of the entire Mane Six?

Also, will Discord be the one to take the role of Flynn Rider?
Or will he be the guide to the one that is Flynn Rider's counterpart?

Either way, he'll be FURIOUS at Chrysalis when he finds out what happened to Fluttershy... *Is suddenly imagining an Angry!DisQord bringing the wrath of the Q Continuum down on Queen Chrysalis.*
...Or is that the wrong crossover?

3853965 She's going to erase the memories of the mane six(now five) so they'll never remember Fluttershy. She's not erasing Flutter's memory, though. :pinkiesmile: I'll clarify everything in the next chapter.
As for Discord, he's just going along because I'm making a love triangle between Fluttershy, Discord, and of course another pony who is going to be Flynn. :pinkiehappy:
I said I'd add a few pony twists, didn't I?:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Anyway, when the next chapter comes you'll understand. :pinkiehappy:

I love this story! It's cool, and reminds me of Tangled!!!!! :heart:

Why is this placed in the A New World, A New Way group if it has nothing to do with Pokemon / has something do do with Disney?

No offence, but 'there is a place for everything, but not there'.

Well it is in the non cannon folder. Still shouldn't be in the group any way

4558666 Oops!! My bad. :derpyderp2::derpytongue2:
Please excuse me. I'll go ahead and remove it.

I hope this is fluttercord
plus whens the next chapter

3854057 waht avoit spike ? You know he know Fluttershy too ?

Please... Continue...

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