Rainbow's Horn

by Cerulean Swirl

First published

Rainbow Dash gets a unicorn horn! Yet she looses the one thing that matters most to her- her wings.

Rainbow Dash, after suffering a severe accident involving a high powered fan, refuses to return to the hospital to heal her broken wing. Instead, Twilight takes her in and makes her a potion to heal her wing. In an unfortunate accident, the potion swaps Rainbow's wings for a horn! As Twilight searches for a cure, she tells Rainbow that she may have to live with the horn for a while.

*Thank you to sapoltop on Deviantart for the photo: Uni Dash*
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Chapter One

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Twilight Sparkle surveyed a potion bottle and tried to concentrate. After taking a brief peer at one of her large potion books, she turned back to the bubbling vial. It was filled with an opaque liquid that was colored sunset orange and lemon yellow. It bubbled slightly over a Bunsen burner and smelled strongly of oranges and wood. She took a quill and, after dipping it in the inkwell with her magic, began to feverishly write down observations about her bubbling potion. What she was attempting was risky, crazy, and a little bit demented. But, it was well worth the risk.

The craziness began on one boring sunny afternoon in the Golden Oaks library, where Twilight Sparkle, a studious and hyper organized purple unicorn, sat on the balcony reading one of her many books. It was such a nice day that she saw no reason to read inside, so the decision came upon her to read in the sunshine. She was perched on the balcony, and a glass of lemonade sat close by, ready to quench Twilight’s thirst if need be. Though the unicorn read plenty of nonfiction books, it was always refreshing to read a nice adventurous novel, perhaps a mystery or even a suspense. A mystery novel was chosen today, about a pony who had trekked up a mountain, and found an abandoned lodge there, that was rumored to be haunted. The particular part that Twilight was on was when the pony was finding the third clue about the lodge, in which the pony found the cellar to be full of an extensive brewery of some sort.

Twilight turned the page in her book and momentarily looked up to feel the breeze rush through her mane and the sun beat down on her forehead, warming her horn. She smiled at nopony, silently thanked the pegasus ponies for a wonderful day, and went back to her novel. Before her eyes could land on the words, a yell pierced the air. Twilight bolted upright and stood at once. She moved her book and glass of lemonade behind her away from harm, and scanned the blue sky for any signs of danger. The yell was louder now, and through the blue abyss Twilight caught sight of a sky blue pegasus with a lovely rainbow mane streaking across the sky faster than usual. She appeared to have gone out of control, which Twilight assumed it was because of a new trick that her friend had been practicing.

She came closer, yelling profusely, and Twilight, seeing this, focused her magic and aimed her violet horn right at Rainbow. If this worked, then Rainbow could be safe from crashing into the library and getting seriously hurt-again. Twilight closed her eyes and performed the spell she was thinking of. In midair, Rainbow stopped moving so quickly and began to move slowly. Twilight dug her hooves into the balcony and squeezed her eyes tighter. Rainbow was slowly coming toward Twilight and the balcony. Squeezing ever tighter yet pausing slightly to open her eye to see if the spell was working, Twilight concentrated. Rainbow floated down still slowly and then her hooves touched the balcony and Twilight rested. She felt drained somehow, but at least her friend was safe from the predicted crash. Rainbow smiled at her unicorn friend and flapped her wings out, as if to stretch them.
“Thanks, Twilight! Again, new trick. That’s the last time I go near a high powered fan.”

“You’re welcome, Rainbow. Just next time, please be careful. Remember what happened last time?”
Rainbow blushed at the memory. She did remember. She had ruined several cakes at Sugarcube Corner, and the roof had been damaged pretty badly by the extensive amount of water. Pinkie Pie had a hard time smiling after all that. Rainbow had been reluctant to go into the hospital again, so Twilight asked the doctor if he could bandage Rainbow Dash up and then send her home. After much arguing, the doctor agreed. But that did not mean that the doctor had insisted the next time an accident were to occur that Rainbow come immediately to the hospital for heal and examination. This was promised by Twilight that something of this nature would not happen again.

“You’re pretty handy with that horn,” said Rainbow, pushing the memory of her wing out of her mind. Twilight smiled.

“Thank you. If you want I can lend you a book about Modern Unicorn Magic. It’s really good. And it talks all about magic and horns and things like that if you-”

“No thanks, Twilight. I enjoy a good Daring Do novel as much as the next pegasus, but I’m off reading for a bit.”
“What if you had your own horn? There’s a section about pegasi turning into alicorns or vise versa in the book!”

“Are you kidding me? The day I get a horn is the day I get my mane dyed purple. I love my wings.”
“Well, just be careful. Enjoy the day!” said Twilight, cheerily, and went back inside the library, leaving her sky blue friend on the balcony. Rainbow shrugged, and flew off somewhere in search of a cannon.

Later that evening Twilight was snuggled in her bed with the same novel(she was almost done with the story and she was sure she had the mystery all wrapped up) the thought of Rainbow having a horn revisited her. She laughed at the thought of one of her best pegasi friends having horns instead of wings. As a unicorn, it took Twilight almost all her life to figure out how to work her magic. Now that she had mastered it, it became fun and easy to use. It became, literally, a part of her. Spike came in the room to go to bed, and when he did, he saw his ‘boss’ and faithful companion pondering something while she was reading. He took no mind of it, figuring that she was only figuring out what was going on in her story. He got into his basket and pulled his baby blanket over him. It felt warm, and he was about to go to sleep when she woke him.

“Spike?” she asked, turning off the light and putting her novel on her headboard and laying back on her pillow.
"Yeah?" he gurgled. He was about to pass out.

“What if… what if Rainbow Dash had a horn instead of wings?”
Odd question, he thought to himself. But then again, why would the pegasus pony EVER agree to that? She loved her wings, and with the records she held, it didn’t seem like an option even to consider.

“Why?” he asked.
“Just wondering.” she replied.

“I don’t think Rainbow Dash wants to give up her wings.” he replied, and turned over.
“Goodnight, Twilight.” he said, and closed his eyes.

“Goodnight.” she replied, but knew that no sleep would come to her.

Chapter Two

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The next morning Rainbow Dash was up early, taking care of some clouds that clouded the sunrise. Few ponies were up, and those that were were going about their business slowly. There was barely any wind, but the sky was a painting, the pride of its artist. As she flew through a cloud, her thoughts drifted back to yesterday and the fan she had encountered.

She had been flying by Ponyville Tower, and they had just installed a new fan to cool the clock down and prevent it from overheating. It faced outward, toward the area by Fluttershy’s cottage. It had only been on the clock one day, so there were stallions milling about packing their things and leaving. Tents were coming down, ladders were being removed. The last few tweaks on the fan were done yesterday, and Mr. Breezy had vacated the premises, going back to his fan shop in the square.

Rainbow’s mind went right to work, figuring out velocity, wind speed, and all the technical tweaks to deal with in a new trick. She was wondering how fast she could get to Canterlot without doing a sonic rainboom when, of course, the fan came to mind. At first it seemed like a foolish idea. Why would anypony be interested in just flying to Canterlot when first class service was provided on the train? But then Rainbow thought why not? If a pony were to know how fast it would be to get there without using the train, then travel could be faster, cheaper, and for that matter, easier for pegasus ponies. Of course normal ponies would take the train, but pegasi would be able to fly there.

Rainbow decided to do a couple flips to build up speed and a few wing drills before attempting to use the fan’s power to blow her to Canterlot. Hopefully, that much speed would take her there without causing a sonic rainboom. As much as she loved doing them, sonic rainbooms wore her out completely and almost reduced her to a sack of lazy. She didn’t like to tell her friends how much she was tired after performing one, because Celestia knows how much they did each day and used their strength. Plus, Rainbow Dash was not a pony to be a whiner. Each pony in their circle of friends had duties and responsibilities. They worked hard. So Rainbow saw no reason to complain about her pain in front of her friends.

As Rainbow went nearer to the fan, she noticed a security system close by to it. Apparently Mr. Breezy and the rest of the ponies that had installed the fan were worried about this very thing happening, so they installed a security keypad by the fan in case of emergency. Realizing her new trick had been shot dead in the water, Rainbow turned and started to fly off.
But what she didn’t know was the security system had been faulty ever since the fan’s installation, and it sparked as she left. She turned again and flew closer. The security system buzzed, then sparked more, and made a series of electrical noises before finally making a dying noise and not sparking or buzzing anymore. After that, Rainbow cautiously pushed the security system’s door open and peered inside.

A strong electrical smelling smoke came out of the box and Rainbow began to cough. Turning around to see if anypony was around and seeing the coast was clear, she waved the smoke away as best she could and examined the system. It wasn’t elaborate, just three controls. One was a dial that increased the fan’s speed, the lowest being one, the highest being five(it was set on one). The second was a button that read ‘Emergency Shutdown’. The third was, strangely, a self destruct button. Why Mr. Breezy would install that, Rainbow hadn’t the slightest idea.

The first thing Rainbow did was increase the fan’s speed. She turned the dial to three, and flew around to the side of the fan where the blast would not get to her. The fan blew at a medium speed, and it wasn’t at a snail’s pace. When it looked safe to fly, Rainbow bolted in front of the fan, opened her wings, and the fan blew her a ways before she stopped. Sensing fun, which she loved, Rainbow flew back for more, this time setting the fan on four.

It was much faster and blew her even farther than the previous setting. After enjoying a few more blows, Rainbow went back and set the fan on setting five, the fastest. But when she flew in front of it, it shot her out in a random direction, super fast. It was probably at the same speed that a sonic rainboom would occur. Rainbow, flying out of control, turned and kicked in the air, trying to get a hold of herself. That’s when almost an instant she was on the library’s balcony and a familiar purple unicorn was looking at her concerned.

Thinking back of the previous day, Rainbow smiled slyly to herself. The only real reason to her why she couldn’t handle setting five is because she couldn’t control herself in the air, which she figured she’d do. If she could handle the Dizzitron, then she could certainly handle some fan. Though Twilight warned her to stay away from danger, danger was Rainbow’s middle name. Rainbow Danger Dash. And what was some fan compared to her skills?

She flew ever closer to Ponyville Tower and vowed that she would handle setting five that day. She could; she was absolutely positive that she could handle it. No sooner had she flown closer to the fan when it did exactly what it had done to her yesterday: blow her hard and fast off into the blue sky. The wind from the fan had not changed: it was still the same fast, uncontrollable gale. Rainbow allowed herself to be tossed in the air a few times before stretching her wings out and flipping a few times. She had gone fast before, but the added wind speed of the fan was enough to make ten sonic rainbooms all at once. Rainbow had absolutely no idea that such a fan could be this powerful.

She tried a few more flips and a couple backflips. These were performed as smoothly as butter, and the added speed made each go faster than the next. When she was well away from the fan she could still feel its gale, even from where she was.

“I’ll fly against it,” she said aloud, and after pondering such an idea for a minute, she decided it would be a great way to test her strength. Every daredevil wanted to be faster than the next, and Rainbow was one of the fastest ponies in all of Equestria, besides the Wonderbolts, of course.

Rainbow flew forward. The fan drew ever closer as she picked up speed. She felt the gale of the fan draw closer as well. Soon she was about five feet away from the tower, and was pushing all she had against setting five. It was strong, to be sure, but as she had convinced herself before, she was stronger. She would not tire. She would not give up. When she touched the tower, that would prove her inferred strength.

She stayed there in a stalemate with the fan for about five straight hours, just flying against the current. It was quite a workout, but the fatigue hadn’t reached Rainbow’s mind. What was keeping her going was proving herself stronger than the fan, and finding the correct wind speed to get to Canterlot. But soon, the fatigue did reach Rainbow’s mind, and she slowed ever so slightly. It was reaching nightfall, and her eyelids grew heavy. Slowly but surely, her eyelids closed, and her mind began to tune out. As her wings stopped flapping, the fan seized this moment to blow her out of its way. It succeeded, and the blue pegasus flew haphazardly far, far away from the fan. Just like Scootaloo had on that camping trip, Rainbow found sleeping in midair quite peaceful. Every muscle in her body ached, and though she was over fifty feet in the air, that wasn’t what bothered her most. What bothered her was that she wasn’t stronger than a measly old fan. She had come close, but it had only pushed her away. She asked herself if machines could possibly be stronger than Rainbow Danger Dash. She wouldn’t lead herself to believe that. Nor would she ever, for that matter.

The last thing Rainbow remembered before the black embraced her was the grassy ground, coming ever closer by the minute.

Chapter Three

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The humidity and mosquitoes woke Rainbow the next day. It was late in the day, and the sun was directly overhead. It burned her eyes and the rest of her body as she cautiously and carefully opened them. She was outside of Ponyville, most definitely, but it would be easy to fly back. She rubbed crust out of her eyes and tried to sit up. When she did, pain shot through her body, especially landing in her wings. She couldn’t do more than fold them without getting more pain. She used her hooves to carefully unfold her right one, which seemed to be in the most pain. It was in a strange shape, much like the shape it had been in when she had broken it. The realization hit her, and she yelped.

She couldn’t have her wing broken a third time, or else the doctor would without a shadow of a doubt keep her in the hospital FOREVER. Why did things like this happen to Rainbow? The Wonderbolts NEVER got their wings broken. They tried daring tricks and never got a scratch. Why did Rainbow take a beating every time she tried a trick like that? There wasn’t enough Daring Do books to keep her entertained, and though her friends would visit as often as they could, laying around made Rainbow feel immobile. Almost as if she would never fly again. “NO!” she said, her voice hoarse. How would she be able to get out of this? There was nopony out here to help her, and though she thought it would be easy to fly back, she couldn’t now. She was…grounded.

“NO!” she yelped again, and forced back the tears that came.
But she couldn’t give up hope. It was only a break. She would wait six weeks and then it would be gone, just like that. She would fly again. And she would beat that fan. The determination and perseverance filled her and she slowly got up. Her hooves, it seemed, were just fine. It was only her wing and head that hurt. She sighed, and began her journey to Ponyville.

Before long she could see Golden Oaks Library coming into view, and Rainbow never thought she’d be so happy to see the library in her life. She walked as fast as she could(she wasn’t up to galloping yet) to the building, and threw open the door. She gave a few thirsty, exasperated, and exhausted gasps before she collapsed on the carpet.Twilight, who happened to be returning her mystery novel to the shelf when Rainbow came in, ran over to her friend, fearing the worst. The first thing she did was shut the door. She levitated the spare bed out of its place in the other room and set it just by the desk with the pony sculpture on it. Then she levitated Rainbow on the bed and left momentarily to find her first aid kit. When she returned, her friend’s eyes were closed and soft snores came from her.

At once Twilight sprang into action. First Twilight soaked Rainbow’s clearly injured wing in warm water, and carefully dried it with a towel. Then she used bandages from her kit to wrap the wing, not tight, not loose. She then busied herself with smearing antibiotic ointment and band-aids all over Rainbow’s other cuts. She put a cool washcloth on Rainbow’s forehead, and then covered her friend with a blanket. After checking on Spike, she rushed to the phone and called every one of her friends with news to come to the library immediately.

Within ten minutes they were all there, around the bed and watching her attentively. She appeared to be sleeping peacefully, and there seemed that nothing would bother her-for now.

“How’s her wing?” asked Fluttershy, quietly.
“More hurt than ever. I’m not sure bandages would work at this point. We may have to bring her to the hospital again.” replied Twilight, worriedly.

“She would never agree to that again. Remember what happened last time?” asked Rarity.
“What else can we do?” asked Pinkie, on the verge of tears and a straight mane.

Twilight pondered this for a minute. Then, just like that, a single thought came to Twilight, and a small smile bloomed on her lips.

“I have an idea.” she said, happily.
“You do?” asked Applejack.

“What’s your plan?”
Twilight grinned a sly smile and skirted over to a bookshelf where she kept her potion books and selected one. She flipped around in it briefly before finding the suitable page. She levitated the book over to her friends so each of them could skim the recipe.

Healing Potion
Fix anypony's limbs without the hassle of going to the doctor!
-Three Goldeneye Hibiscus Flowers
-Thin paper for writing problem on(only use paper for limbs; if wing is damaged, please use a pegasus feather instead)
-Five cups of oranges
-A half cup of sawdust
-Crushed mint leaves=one and a half cups
-A cup of sugar
-A capful of vanilla
-Lemon colored food coloring
1. Warm a bowl of water, crush the Goldeneye Hibiscus flowers and stir in them.
2. Add the lemon food coloring, then stir counterclockwise for ten minutes. Add sawdust a little at a time while stirring. Add oranges periodically in a pattern= oranges, stir, oranges, stir, until there are none left. Stir at low heat.
3. Add the vanilla and sugar and periodically add the mint leaves. After adding all the leaves, either write the problem or stir with the pegasus feather clockwise until the potion turns lemon yellow and sunset orange marble.
4. Allow thirty minutes for cooling.
5. Serve. Allow twenty four hours for healing. Subject should drink every drop of potion to allow healing.
WARNING: Clouds are not supposed to be added to this concoction. If this is accidentally done, please refer to page one hundred thirty eight.

"A healing potion?" asked Rarity.

"Yes." said Twilight.
"Whatever it takes to heal her," said Fluttershy softly.

Why aren't we allowed to add cloud?" asked Pinkie, and after realizing what she had said, giggled.
"That rhymes!" she said, happily. Everypony, to accommodate her, gave small giggles in return.

"I'm not sure why we can't. But we'd better be careful. Some of these potions are known to reverse." replied Twilight.
"Well, what are we waitin' fer? We'd better get started right away." said Applejack.

"You all aren't busy?" asked Twilight.
"For Rainbow Dash, we can skip whatever it is we need to do," said Rarity, speaking for all of them.

"All right, My Little Ponies. Let's get started," said Twilight, and skirted out of the room Rainbow was in and over to a cherry wood cabinet and from it produced several glass vials and a large glass bowl.

"I'll mix it here," she said, and peered at the recipe again, as if to memorize it.
"Goldeneye Hibiscus flowers?" she inquired, turning to each of her friends, who had followed her into the room she was in. The room where their friend lay had its door shut.

"Oh!" exclaimed Pinkie, happiness returning for a short while.
"Those are those really pretty flowers that bloom in Canterlot garden! They only bloom once every year, and only fifteen are planted each year because they only produce that many seeds each time. They’re magical flowers, so that’s why they’re hard to come by. But, I will tell you, Princess Celestia just gave Daisy three the other day! I was over there smelling Rose’s daffodils when the package came," finished Pinkie with a smile.

Four pairs of eyes fell on Pinkie, and in return, she smiled wider and began humming a snippet of song to herself. Applejack began to say something, but Twilight stopped her.

"Don't try to understand," she reminded the farmer. Applejack nodded, but still looked inquisitive.
"Pinkie, would you go get those Hibiscus flowers for us?" asked Twilight, smiling at Pinkie.

"“Of course I will! Maybe I’ll get to smell the daffodils again!” said Pinkie, and with that, bounced out of the library. After Pinkie left, Twilight grabbed some parchment and dipped an eagle quill in her inkwell.

"Rarity, I need mint leaves. Enough for one and a half cups. Applejack, I need sugar and vanilla. Fluttershy, I need lemon food coloring. I can take a feather from Rainbow's wing. When you come back, I'll send the order for more. Do you all think you can handle that?" she asked, not looking up from her scribbles of parchment.

A chorus of yeses filled the room, and a flurry of color passed out the door, Twilight levitating lists out after them. Twilight got to work. She dragged her Bunsen burner out of the cabinet and plugged it in. One turn of the dial on it showed it heating up. She began to ready vials and test tubes and a spoon. Then, she left her station briefly to check on Rainbow, who was still sleeping as if she would never wake. Twilight carefully edged the blanket away and unwrapped the wing, which was still in a mangled position. She carefully reached out and plucked one feather off it, and after she had it, she replaced everything and tiptoed out.

The feather was placed by the bowl, but in a place it would not be spilled upon. Twilight warmed some water and poured it in the glass bowl and only got a second to wait before Pinkie came barreling in.

In her hooves were the Goldeneye Hibiscuses, and Twilight levitated them over to a cutting board. After giving Pinkie the order for oranges and sending her on her way, Twilight went over to the cutting board and eased a flat tool over the flower. After it had been crushed, she crushed the other two flowers and levitated the mush to the bowl, where it was placed gently inside.
Twilight began stirring the water. It began to change golden in color, just like the flower had been. Fluttershy came with the lemon food coloring, and Twilight gave her the order for sawdust, and now. She stirred the lemon coloring counterclockwise and timed herself just so. Fluttershy and Pinkie arrived with the sawdust and oranges, and to Twilight’s pleasure, the oranges were already sliced. She got out measuring cups and added the sawdust a little at a time. Then came the oranges, a stir then a cup of them.

Right on time Rarity and Applejack returned with the rest of the supplies. Twilight added sugar and vanilla and Applejack eased the tool over the mint leaves. They were added safely. Her friends helped in other ways. The final phase was in reach, and Twilight delicately stirred with Rainbow’s feather until the potion began to change color. Orange and yellow marble, just like the book said. And with that, it was done.

“It’s done, everypony. I couldn’t have done it without you.” said Twilight, wiping off sweat from her forehead.
“Now it just needs to cool,” said Rarity, and sighed.

“But that’s easy. Rainbow will be better before we know it.” said Twilight, confidence returning.
She levitated the bowl over to her cabinet and set it carefully atop it. Her friends pitched in and helped her mop up. Spare things that weren’t needed were put in vials and went into the cabinet. Rarity wiped the counter and Pinkie mopped the floor. Applejack washed the vials and Fluttershy dried. Twilight redressed Rainbow’s wing. When everything was done, the five friends settled by Rainbow’s bed with apple juice to watch their friend rest.

After about fifteen minutes of silence, the door clanged open.
“Hi everypony! I’m home!” yelled a familiar voice.

Twilight ran to greet the purple dragon.
“Shh, Spike! Rainbow’s trying to-” she didn’t finish out of surprise. The purple dragon appeared to be covered with clouds.

“Spike,” she said, exasperated. “How did you?-”
“Lickety Split took me sky swimming,” said Spike shyly.

“But you can’t-”
“He brought the cloud down to the ground so I could reach it,” interrupted Spike, and blushed.

“Well, get washed up. You can’t let those clouds near my potion.” said Twilight, sternly, and went back in the other room to join her friends once more.

“Fine,” said the dragon, not really listening, and skirted near the stairs, dropping clouds. Little did he realize Twilight had left a novel on the floor and the dragon did not see it. He tripped, fell, and clouds landed everywhere. Right into the open bowl of potion. The dragon got up right in time to see a small pink explosion in the potion, then all was well again. He peered in the bowl, and after seeing all was fine, got the broom to sweep up his cloud mess.

Thirty minutes came and went, and soon Twilight went back inside the main room to retrieve the potion. She used her magic to levitate it to where Rainbow lay, and put a cold washcloth on Rainbow’s forehead so she’d wake up. Rainbow woke with a start.

“Where am I?” she asked, groggily.
“You’re in the Golden Oaks library, Rainbow. There’s uh, been an accident.” explained Twilight, softly, and set the bowl of potion on the bedside table.

“How are you?” asked Fluttershy, softly.
“Are you better now?” asked Pinkie, worry returning.

“How do you feel?” asked Rarity.
“Don’t crowd her, everypony, give her some air.” said Applejack.

Twilight was pouring the potion into a cup and after the cup was filled levitated it over to where Rainbow lay.

“What’s this?” asked Rainbow, still groggy.
“A potion to heal you.” said Fluttershy, quietly.

“To heal what?” asked Rainbow, now wide awake.
Before anypony could do anything, she whipped back the blanket and discovered the bandages. Before anypony could comfort her, her eyes filled with tears.

“NO!” she cried, and tried to keep the tears from spilling out of her pinkish purple eyes.
“My life is ruined!! I’ll never fly again!” she said, miserably, and tried to resist the tears again, but they came anyway.

The memories came flooding back to her. Before she had been knocked out by fatigue, her wing was already damaged. She remembered the fan and walking into Ponyville hurt and scarred.

Everypony tried to comfort her, but Rainbow didn’t budge. She still began to cry out in misery. Twilight once again levitated the cup in front of Rainbow’s muzzle and spoke calmly.

“Rainbow, if you drink this, you will be able to fly again. Drink every bit of it, and then wait a day, and then you’ll be all better. You’ll be flying by tomorrow!” said Twilight, cheerily. Her friends nodded and uttered remarks of agreement.

“Drink this? What is it?” asked the pegasus.
“It’s a healing potion.” replied Twilight, and shoved it further in her face.

Rainbow took it between her hooves and stared at it. It was lemon yellow and sunset orange marble, with a pink streak in the middle that looked vaguely like a chunky stubby sharp stick. It bubbled softly and smelled strongly of oranges and sawdust. Rainbow smelled the hint of mint in it as well. After peering at it a few minutes more, she tore her eyes away and felt its weight in her sore hoof. She gulped, and wiped away some tears.

“Here goes.” she said hoarsely, and brought the cup to her lips. At first the potion tasted bitter, like mint and wood mixed together. Then the potion tasted solidly of oranges. Finally, it was sweet and vanilla-y and as Rainbow watched as she drank it, she watched the potion became bright and shimmery, like drinking liquid light.

After she drank it, she put the cup somewhere and began feeling strange. Her sight was blurry, her head burned immensely, and then she felt so sleepy, as if she had stayed up all night. Her wings felt as her hooves did when they fell asleep. All she remembered before she blacked out was her friends all standing over her, peering at her attentively.

Chapter Four

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When Rainbow’s eyes fluttered open, sunshine was streaming through a window. She had been up late with her burning head pain, and her wings had felt strange, as if they were falling off, but that was probably side effects with the potion she had drank. She sat up, and no pain came. She smiled, and lay back down. That strange potion had worked!

Rainbow felt immensely better than she had yesterday, despite the burning head pain. Before she examined her now fixed wing, she realized all her friends were sleeping beside her bed. They all looked exhausted and were sprawled out in various places by the bedside. Rainbow smiled sleepily.
“Morning!” she cried, a little too cheerfully. One by one, her friends began to slowly wake.

“Morning,” said Pinkie, and her eyes fluttered open and she peered at Rainbow Dash. Then she turned as white as a sheet and her eyes became as big as saucers. She was looking at something on Rainbow’s forehead.

“Morning, Pinks. How are you?” said Rainbow.
“F-F-Fine.” she stammered.

Rarity lifted her head and Rainbow wasn’t surprised to find her mane already in a perfect style.

“Morning!” said Rainbow, cheerily again. Rarity started to say good morning back, but then her eyes became as wide as saucers when she saw Rainbow. Same with Applejack. And Fluttershy. They were all lined up by the sides of where Rainbow lay and were staring at her, as white as sheets, looking at her forehead.

Is something wrong! Are they surprised by how fast I have healed?, she thought to herself.
Finally Twilight woke and groggily pulled her head off the foot of the bed. Her mane was in disarray, and she had bags under her eyes. Twilight was probably up late tending to me. Not that she'd need to, , thought Rainbow.

As her purple head reared up, her violet eyes came from sleepy slits to wide awake saucers. She turned as white as a sheet, just like everypony else in the room, and began breathing hard. It was then that Rainbow began to feel terrible about something. She slowly turned around, fearing the worst. Yet, nothing was there. It looked as it had always.

“Why’s everypony looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?” prompted Rainbow, not really suspecting much. She had frequently gotten up the morning after practicing a new trick to find a spot of her pillow damp. Maybe they were surprised someone as awesome as she drooled. They already knew she snored.

“R-R-Rainbow Dash…T-T-T-There’s been an accident…” said Twilight shakily.
Before Twilight could enlighten Rainbow on the accident, the door swung open and Spike appeared with a broom. He was about on his morning duties. When he saw Rainbow, his eyes widened, but he didn’t turn as white as a sheet. In fact, he didn’t look surprised at all. To be honest, he looked rather upset.

“Twilight Sparkle! How could you?” he asked, and Rainbow saw tears in his eyes.
“Do what?” she asked, absentmindedly.

“Turn Rainbow into a-” He didn’t finish, because Twilight had clamped her hoof over his mouth.
“A nothing!” she singsonged in Rainbow’s direction.

“Everything’s just fine, Rainbow. You might have some head pain…”
A chorus of yeses sounded from her other friends, and they all wore unsure smiles. By then Rainbow knew something was up. They were trying to tell her something wasn’t wrong, but something indeed was. She whipped back the blanket to look down at her wings. One look assured her fears. Her back was completely bare. There were no bandages. There were no signs of heal. There were no wings.

Rainbow was at first struck with depression and extreme remorse. Where had her wings gone? Why were they gone? Would she ever fly again? WOULD SHE EVER FLY WITH THE WONDERBOLTS AGAIN? What about Soarin’? Now that she was wingless…he could find somepony else! She shoved that thought away. It was unbearable to think about what Soarin' would.

She did not keep the tears from coming. They sprinted down her cheeks faster than she could run. She yelped in remorse and sobbed uncontrollably. The only thought that ran through her head was: My wings are gone. My wings are gone. MY WINGS ARE GONE!! She didn’t know whether they’d come back or they were gone forever.

Then a pang of red hot anger surged through her. She finished crying and grieving and shoved those thoughts down deep inside her. Right now what she wanted to do was get. Them. Back.

“Twilight Sparkle!” she barked, forcefully, and everypony in the room jumped. This time, Twilight DID turn as white as a sheet. Beads of sweat came streaking down her forehead.

“WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY WINGS?” she yelled, filling the entire air with her anger. She was sure all of Ponyville could hear her, but she didn’t care. She charged straight at her purple friend and tackled her to the floor, snorting wildly. She ignored her friend’s protests and moved her muzzle straight in the purple unicorn’s face.
“Where are they?” she deadpanned, her eyes baring into Twilight’s.

Before Twilight could do anything, Applejack and Pinkie had hoisted Rainbow off Twilight and safely on the bed. They each chose four corners of the bed to stand by, and watch Rainbow, if she were to attack again. She tried, kicking and snarling, before they pushed her back.
“Rainbow,” said Applejack softly. Rainbow’s head whipped in Applejack’s direction.

“I know you’re upset. But you have to give Twilight a chance to explain.”
Rainbow whipped in Twilight’s direction and discovered her friend weeping softly. She softened. She did not like seeing her friends cry. Ever, for that matter.

“What happened?” she asked quietly.
“I made this potion yesterday, and I did all the steps perfectly.” said the purple unicorn, tearfully.

“But something happened. It was supposed to be yellow and orange marble, just like the book said. The only thing you weren’t supposed to add was clouds. I didn’t, but somehow…” her voice trailed off.

“What?” demanded Rainbow Dash.
Wordlessly, she levitated a hand mirror over to Rainbow. Rainbow, took it and peered inside.

The creature in the mirror was surely not Rainbow Dash. She looked just like her, though. She had the flowing rainbow mane and the pinkish purple eyes. She had the sleek sky blue coat and the chunky eyelashes that Soarin’ loved so much. The only thing that was different about this pony was a sky blue unicorn’s horn, sticking out of the flowing, wild rainbow mane.
“Haha, nice trick mirror, Twilight.” said Rainbow, giggling. Surely this was just a joke. She was game for a good prank. It must have taken such a long time to pull this off. Pinkie must have worked overtime on this. Rainbow laughed harder.

“Good one, guys. Hey, high hoof! You guys seriously freaked me out. Joke’s over.” she said, but her smile faded as she realized nopony else was laughing or smiling. Her expression became terrified.

“It is a joke, right?” she asked, her voice cracking.
In response, Rarity took Rainbow’s hoof in her own and lifted Rainbow’s hoof to Rainbow’s forehead. One touch made Rainbow realize the truth. There was absolutely no denying it now.

Rainbow Dash had become a unicorn.

Chapter Five

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Twilight and everypony else winced as they awaited another temper tantrum from their rainbow friend. It never came. She sat on the bed, motionless, while everypony simply stared at her, awaiting her reaction. At first the rainbow pony sat there for what seemed like forever, staring off into space. Then she slapped her face, like she was slapping the very thought of a horn from her mind. Then she began laughing hysterically.

“Look, everypony!” she said, giggling crazily. Everypony exchanged unsure and worried glances.
“I’ve got a unicorn horn! And it is SHARP!” She repeatedly tapped the very tip of her horn and gave a crooked smile.

“She’s in shock,” whispered Rarity to Twilight.
“Looks like it.” replied Twilight.

“Rainbow, dear, how about resting your head on the pillow, yes? It will, um…make you feel less, uh… jumpy.” said Rarity, trying to be reassuring.

“Okay!” said Rainbow, giggling.
As soon as she sat on the bed, she began breathing extensively. Twilight exchanged glances with her friends, and they too looked worried. Rainbow's eyes bugged out, and she focused all her attention on her bare back, in the same location her wings would have been. She curled up into fetal position and began breathing harder and quicker. Her breathing became in short bursts and sharp intakes as Rainbow breathed. Finally, Applejack went over to Rainbow, and gave her a slap on the back, as if she were trying to stop Rainbow from choking.

"Let's just calm things down a bit, now." she said, softly, and everypony murmured agreement.
"There's no need to hyperventilate.

Instead of calming, Rainbow had begun to ignore her friends and had begun to whoop at the top of her lungs, much like Applejack had done when she was tired. This time, Pinkie resisted the urge to join in, and stayed on the sidelines watching her like everypony else.

“Whee! I’m a pencil!” she cried, as she stuck her horn into one of Twilight’s many books and shook her head violently.
Twilight couldn’t take much more of the hysteria, so she went over to where Rainbow was ‘drawing’ and faced her. Rainbow’s eyes looked as they had the first time around, much like their friend Derpy’s eyes. Twilight breathed in deep, squeezed her eyes to slits, and raised her hoof.

The slap rang out like a gunshot. It took only a moment for Rainbow to stop shaking and stand on all four of her hooves. She appeared to look wide awake and surprised at where she was.

“Where am I?” she asked.
“What are you all doing here?”

Applejack gave it to Rainbow straight.
“Ya went into shock hysterics when ya discovered your wings were gone and they were replaced by a unicorn’s horn,” she finished.

“My wings are gone?” asked Rainbow again, eyes widening.
“Yes. They are.” said Rarity, softly.

“But we are gonna get them back for you, Rainbow. Don’t you worry.” said Twilight, kindly.
“I’ve got a HORN!?” she wailed, looking up and remembering the bump on her forehead. Right before she went back into the land of hysteria, another loud slap rang out. Rainbow shook her head for a bit, before finally focusing.

“Okay. How long will this dopey horn be here, anyway?” inquired Rainbow.
“Well…you might have to tolerate that ‘dopey horn’ for a while until I find a cure.” explained Twilight, carefully.

“What?” asked Rainbow, her voice squeaking like Sweetie Belle’s.
“Yes. I’m so sorry, Rainbow Dash, but…it is what it is.” said Twilight, and went briefly into the other room to retrieve the potion book to read the warning.

“However, this book might have a cure. Spike must have accidentally put some clouds in the potion when he came in covered in them.” babbled Twilight, and she levitated the book off the shelf and began feverishly flipping through it.

“Did you notice anything unusual about the potion, Rainbow? It was supposed to be lemon yellow and orange marble.”

“Well, it was lemon yellow and orange. But there was a pink streak in the middle. I thought it looked like a unicorn’s horn.”

“Well, there you go.” said Twilight, and sighed.
“AHA!” she said triumphantly.

“Here it is.”
If you accidentally added cloud to the Healing Potion, read here.

The potion you have brewed is something called a Cloud-Resistant Potion. What this means is that the potion cannot have cloud in it or else reversal or increasing effects will happen. If a limb was trying to be healed and cloud was added, the subject should feel pain in all limbs. If a wing was trying to be healed and cloud was added, the subject’s wings will be replaced by a unicorn’s horn. To remove pain in all limbs, refer to page 142. To reverse the unicorn horn back to wings, refer to page 156.

“Apparently you’re supposed to have a unicorn horn because somepony, or should I say some DRAGON added cloud."
explained Twilight.

“Well, at least we know that what accidentally happened was supposed to, and there’s a cure.” said Rarity, sighing heavily in relief.

Rainbow sighed as heavily as she could manage. The tension in the room relaxed.
“Rainbow Dash, do you still feel alright?” asked Fluttershy quietly.

“No I do not! My wings are gone! And instead I have this awful THING!” said Rainbow, not trying to mask her anger and hurt.

“Well, I never!” said Rarity, turning up her nose.
“Horns aren’t dorky! At least you have one!” said Pinkie hotly.

“Simmer down, ya’ll. It’s been a long mornin’. Twilight will find a cure and then this whole mess will be over.” said Applejack, calmly.

“I vote for calm.” said Fluttershy, softly.
“Applejack’s right,” said Twilight, looking up from the potion book that she was flipping through.

“Right now all we can do is wait for something to come up in my research. Rainbow, you can’t go home for a while, so you can stay here. Everypony else, to avoid tension and fights, you all need to get some real sleep. I’ll call if anything comes up, but right now I just need some peace and quiet.”

Everypony exchanged glances. There was careful silence while Twilight eyed everypony.
“I have been needing some beauty sleep…” said Rarity, her voice trailing off.

“We aren’t leaving Rainbow,” said Applejack, firmly.
“But what about Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack? Big Macintosh can’t do it all himself.” said Twilight, carefully. After a brief pause, Applejack spoke.

“Alright, ya’ll. Let’s give Twilight some space.”
One by one, each pony slowly left the room after casting sympathetic glances in Rainbow’s direction.

Once they were all gone, Twilight instructed Rainbow to take a nap. Like their friends, Rainbow needed some serious shuteye. Though Rainbow resisted, Twilight turned off the light and shut the door tightly. Now she could be alone with her research.

She opened the potion recipe book to page one fifty six and sat down on the wood floor to read. As she turned there, she only saw pages one fifty-four and one fifty-seven. One fifty-five and one fifty-six were gone, and all that was left was a few jagged edges still sewn in the spine. The pages had been ripped out. Fear etched itself in Twilight’s heart and she frantically skimmed pages one fifty-four and one fifty-seven for any evidence to reverse the spell. There was none.

It was yet another beautiful day in Equestria. Now, in Discord’s mind, it surely wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough. Here he sat on his favorite sofa that Fluttershy had been ever so kind to let him borrow, eating a bowl of his favorite snack, shredded paper. It was actually a lot of fun to read a bit of each piece of paper he was about to consume. He pulled one out, it was an advertisement for Hay Fries. Discord popped it in his mouth and chewed. Delightful taste, he had to say. He pulled out another random scrap of paper. On the top of the paper, the title read: “Cure for An Accidental Unicorn Horn,”. He shrugged, speared it with his fork and stared at it. This probably wasn’t important; Twilight wouldn’t mind if he had taken a few random pages from her books. No big deal.

“Uh-oh.” said Twilight, and called out for Spike. He came, clutching a feather duster and wearing a bandana, looking slightly disgruntled and covered in a thin layer of dust.

“What is it?” he asked.
“Have you seen page one fifty-six in this book?” she asked, shoving the copy in his face.

“No. Why would I rip out a page?” he asked, and disappeared to dust more.
“This is bad. This is really bad.” said Twilight, almost on the verge of going nuts.

“It’s okay, Twilight. You’ll find something. Rainbow can’t stay a unicorn forever, after all.” she reminded herself, and started to pull several books off the shelves.

Rainbow wouldn’t stand for sleeping. She was too keyed up, too upset and angry and hurt to sleep. A million thoughts were zooming about her head like racecars. First, she was beyond hurt that her wings were gone and she didn’t know when they would return. Second, she was angry that they were gone, and she was angry at herself for not going to the place she could trust. Thirdly, she was gloomy, because now that she was grounded, there seemed nothing to do. She was in a library, she was grounded, and worse, she was bored. She had already read all of the Daring Do books three times each, and though Twilight persisted over her reading, Rainbow didn’t think much of reading in return. What was always on Rainbow’s mind was Soarin’, Scootaloo, the Wonderbolts, and new tricks that seemed impossible. The fast way of life was Rainbow’s sanctuary, and Twilight’s way of life seemed boring and unfulfilling. Sure, reading extensively made Twilight extremely intelligent, but little else came out of reading in Rainbow’s opinion.

“Ugh!” she said aloud. Surely things couldn’t get any worse.
“Rainbow!” Twilight singsonged happily as she opened the door.

“What? Have you found anything yet? Can I go back to my normal self?” she asked, enthusiastically.
“Well, no…but I was thinking maybe instead of keeping you cooped up here, maybe you’d enjoy a walk in the sunshine. It’s a lovely day, and I know how you hate sitting around.” replied Twilight.

A walk sounded like a fine idea. At least it was something to do.
“Yes, but what will everypony think when I walk around without wings?” asked Rainbow.

“Nopony will notice. But here,” said Twilight, and levitated a sapphire satin blue cloak over to Rainbow and tied it around her.

“This should hide your predicament. Besides, I don’t really think many ponies will notice.”
Rainbow sighed heavily.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

Chapter Six

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Sweat trickled down Rainbow’s forehead as she walked in the sunshine. Twilight was painstakingly wrong. Ponies of all kinds gave Rainbow a strange look. Rainbow tried not to meet anypony’s gaze. She looked up into the brilliant blue sky, and chuckled to herself. She remembered flying by this road and barely even noticing the ground. How strange it seemed walking on it now.

Why aren't you flying?, her mind questioned her.
I can't, remember?, she told it, annoyed. Even her subconscious wanted to fly. It wasn't the only one.

"Ugh!" she said aloud, and brought her hooves down with a hard smack on the ground. After this was completed, she winced by the pain.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash!” singsonged a familiar, young, painfully nearby voice.
Rainbow yelped and hid behind a nearby cottage. If anypony were to see her…she would be toast. She peered around the side of the house, and inspected the other side. She sighed in relief. There was no sign of Scootaloo or Soarin’ anywhere. Those were the only two ponies that Rainbow was in no mood to see.

“Whatcha doing behind this cottage, Rainbow Dash?” asked a voice behind her. Rainbow gave a small yelp and almost jumped out of her skin. She turned to see her little apprentice, Scootaloo, on her trusty scooter. The orange pegasus filly looked her usual chipper self, but Rainbow figured that the giddiness came about because she was being mentored by her lifetime hero. Rainbow was always flattered to be a hero in somepony’s eyes, and at times, a bit too flattered.

“I um…I uh……You see…um…uh…” Rainbow stuttered.

“Well, I was just wondering if we could practice that new trick of mine we were talking about the other day. I really have been excited about it.” said Scootaloo, and beamed. Rainbow almost sighed in relief. Scootaloo wasn't fazed by her mentor's excessive stuttering.

Ever since Rainbow agreed to be Scootaloo’s mentor, they had been having weekly sessions. Every Wednesday, Scootaloo would wait underneath Rainbow’s cloud home and they’d spend one or two hours either practicing new tricks or basic flying drills. Sometimes Scootaloo would sit on the ground in front of Rainbow and the two would just talk. It was nice to do that occasionally. Scootaloo was very determined and persistent, and never let Rainbow know she was tired or ready to stop. Rainbow could push Scootaloo all she wanted and Scootaloo would happily oblige. But today was Monday, so their weekly session was two days away. Rainbow didn’t have the heart to tell Scootaloo of her predicament, so she smiled widely and sputtered a quick lie.

“That’s really cool, squirt. But I am really sorry. I have a dentist’s appointment all day today. My molars are looking pretty bad.” said Rainbow, and gave a sad whinny. Scootaloo’s face fell slightly. Then, in almost an instant, it brightened again.

"Alright. I guess I'll see you on Wednesday, then? Our usual time?" she asked.
"You bet!" said Rainbow, trying to look and act cheerful.

“Oh, and by the way, nice cape!” said Scootaloo, happily, and after a huge smile, scootered away.
After Scootaloo was safely out of eyeshot, Rainbow tiptoed behind buildings and skirted safely behind trees until she was at the hill of her dwelling. Her cutie mark as the mailbox flag was a dead giveaway. Her cloud home looked as gorgeous and floaty as ever, the rainbow river flowing gently off its side. How Rainbow wanted to fly up there and see Tank and all of her things. Reality got hold of her again, and her shoulders slumped. However, there was one thing she could accomplish, though.

“Better check my mail.” she mumbled aloud. She opened her mailbox(which emitted a loud creak) to find it painstakingly empty.

“I never get anything good anyway.” she said to nopony. She turned and began to walk away, grief consuming her. The walk Twilight had suggested had been nothing but a total bust.

“Hey, you! Just who do you think you are?” asked a familiar voice. Rainbow froze all the way to her hooves. She began shaking and breathing hard. What rotten luck she had, bumping into her coltfriend at a time like this. She had to get away from here. NOW. She began galloping away, far away from her home until Soarin’ landed right in front of her and she bumped into him and went flying for the first time in days. It was a three second sensation, and she was about to smile when she landed with an uncomfortable bump on the ground and Soarin’s eyes baring into hers.

“Pawing through my-” he said, angrily, until he realized who it was.
“Oh, hey, Rainbow!” he said, and leaned in to kiss her. Rainbow smiled uncertainly and put her hooves on her coltfriend’s mouth.

“Hi Soarin’! I just um…I’ve got a really bad cold and it’s highly contagious. I really don’t want you to get sick so um…I wore a cloak!” she babbled, smiling awkwardly the entire time she spun this tale. The last time she had lied this much was when she had to tell Pinkie about house-sitting for a vacationing bear. She hid a smile at the thought.

He looked sympathetic.
“Why didn’t you tell me? I could have postponed my visit! Didn’t I tell you last week I had a day off today? I figured I’d come by and see you.” he explained, giving Rainbow puppy-dog eyes.

“It’s alright, Soarin’. Why don’t you come back later? Like, when I’m feeling better, okay?” she said, and gave him a smile before galloping off.

“Where are you going?” he called.
“To the doctor!” she called back.

“Get well soon!” he called in response.
But Rainbow was already gone.

The second Rainbow got into the library she collapsed on the front mat, panting slightly. The cape fluttered softly by Rainbow’s sides. Twilight turned in surprise, and after realizing it was Rainbow, she sighed and turned back to her books, which were in a monstrous pile. Twilight’s face was streaked with dust and she looked disgruntled and frustrated.

“Have you found anything yet?” asked Rainbow, exasperated.
“No.” said Twilight, and rubbed a spot of dust from her cheek and gave a delicate cough.

“How was the walk?”
In response, Rainbow ripped off the satin cape and flung it across the room. Twilight looked at her for a moment, annoyed, then regained herself and kindly asked Rainbow to pick it up. Rainbow did, with great reluctance, and after she did, she returned to her place of stay. Twilight poked her head inside to see her friend sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor, on the verge of tears. Twilight briefly left the room and returned with a weathered old leather book with gold script on the front of it.
“That horn isn’t completely useless, you know.” said Twilight, calmly.

“To me it is. How am I supposed to use it? You said you’ve been studying magic ever since you were a filly. I’m grown and don’t know a hoof about it. And until now, I’ve wanted to keep it that way.” said Rainbow, fingering the horn on her head and thinking of her wings wholeheartedly.

“Well, not all spells are complicated. There are tons, if you can believe it. I know you miss your wings-”
Rainbow gave her a look that said: “You think?” that threw Twilight off briefly. She regained herself and continued.

“-But I’m working on it. I promise we’ll get them back. You won’t be with a horn forever.” Twilight used the book to nudge Rainbow the shoulder. When her friend glanced at it, Twilight gave Rainbow a comforting smile. This did little to persuade Rainbow.

“Give it a try. Besides, if you’re going to be with said horn for a bit, you could use it.”
Rainbow sighed heavily and took the book in her hooves to humor her friend. The title read: Easy Spells for New Unicorns! Train Your Unicorn To Know The Best of the Best! . Rainbow rolled her eyes, hid a chuckle, and opened it. A dust army marched out of the book straight into her nose and began attacking. She coughed a few minutes and sneezed several times before continuing her study. She peered at the Table of Contents. Twilight gave her a helpful smile, and went back in the main room to do more research, closing the door behind her.

Introduction………………………………..................page 5
How To Use………………………………..................page 7
Opening Door Spell………………………………......page 12
Silverware Maneuvering Spell……………..............page 13
Book Page Turning Spell………………………….page 15

The list continued all the way down until the last few entries:

Repair Spell………………………………......page 56
Conclusion……………………………….........page 57

Rainbow shrugged and opened to the first spell, which was the door opening spell and examined it. As much as she hated to admit it, Twilight was right. If she was going to be grounded with a horn for a bit, she might as well learn a few simple spells, like at least opening a door. She peered at the pages and read the spell.

DOOR OPENING SPELL=open any door that isn't locked to get where you need to go!
1. Go to a quiet place where you can concentrate. Please make sure there are no distractions for the magic to work.

Rainbow Dash looked around to double check her surroundings. She knew was alone, but she wanted to make sure nothing spontaneous happened. Getting a horn was probably one of the stranger things that had ever happened to her. That and probably representing the Element of Loyalty, which was pretty epic.

2. Focus on the door you would like to open.

Rainbow stationed herself in front of the door Twilight had just gone through and almost laughed at the prospect of actually doing magic.

3. Put the image of the door being opened with your magic in your head. Clear out everything else that may keep this image from filling your mind.

Rainbow cleared out everything that was on her mind. The image of her opening the door filled it. This was unusually hard, because besides considering doing magic, Rainbow was still trying to get over that she had just barely gotten away from Scootaloo and Soarin’. But, nonetheless, she did it.

4. Close your eyes, and wait for the magic to fill you.

Wait. Hold the phone. Did the book just ask Rainbow to ‘wait for the magic to fill her?’ That was probably the stupidest thing she had ever heard. She threw her head back and laughed. She laughed so hard, tears came to her eyes. It wasn’t that funny, but Rainbow needed a good laugh, after all that had occurred. After her outburst, she giggled again before actually doing it.

5. After you feel the magic rising inside you, close your eyes, and picture the door opening, as shown in Step 3.

Rainbow closed her eyes, and imagined the door opening with her magic. It was a odd sensation, but something was definitely rising up inside of her. It was like anticipation for Hearth’s Warming Eve, or when Soarin’ first kissed her. She opened her eye just a tiny bit, and saw magic the color of her eyes forming around the door. She gasped, but regained her concentration with some difficulty. More magic firmed around the door and Rainbow squeezed her eyes tighter. Then, without further ado, the door whipped open and slammed on the other side with a great bang. Twilight, hearing the bang and almost jumping out of her mane, whipped around to Rainbow’s direction and gave her wide eyes. For a few minutes, the two ponies stood and stared at each other for what seemed like ages.

Rainbow thought Twilight would get mad because she slammed the door, but to Rainbow’s surprise, a beam formed on Twilight’s lips.

“WOW!” she cried, and for a moment Rainbow half expected the smile to pop off Twilight’s mouth it was so big.
“You did that? Cool! When I did it the door flew off! At least your door managed to stay on its hinges, huh?” said Twilight, and came over and gave Rainbow’s horn a tap.

“Big deal. I made a door slam. When I was a filly I performed a sonic rainboom. And I did it again, just recently. Twice, actually. Easy peasy.” said Rainbow pushing Twilight’s purple hoof away.

“I suppose you’re right. If you get too used to that horn, well…you might not want to give it up.” said Twilight, and went back over to her research.

“I can’t keep getting distracted,” Rainbow heard her say.

“If Rainbow wants her wings back…”
“Of course I want my wings back!” said Rainbow, answering Twilight’s mumbles.

“I ran into Soarin’ and Scootaloo today and I had to lie to both of them! You think I like doing that? I can’t go out in public again or else somepony else might figure it out and tell them! ” cried Rainbow, and bit her lip.

“Yes, well. I’ll get right on it.” reassured Twilight, and carefully went back to glancing at a book.
Rainbow went back into her place of dwelling and sat on the edge of the bed, as she had when Twilight came in with the spell book. Rainbow spotted it at the end of the bedside table and picked it up and threw it across the room in a rage. The book ricocheted off the door that Rainbow had opened and landed in a heap on the floor. She sat awhile, thinking angry thoughts and silently cursing Twilight for taking her wings away before the guilt consumed her. She sighed heavily andfelt deflated somehow. She got up from the bed and walked over to the book and picked it up. She stared at it for a few moments before walking over and replacing it on the bedside table. She apologized to Twilight in her head and lay on the bed. If she was going to cry, now was the time to do so. But no tears came to Rainbow. She felt numb and deflated, and knew for sure more anger would come. But instead of crying or getting extremely angry, Rainbow gently closed her eyes and slowly and surely drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Seven

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Soarin’ and Scootaloo were staring at Rainbow like she had grown another head. Rainbow was in a place where the background was black and they were the only ones for what seemed like miles. She saw nothing else but them, and she couldn’t see where she was. All she could see was their faces, their looks of confusion, of perplexity.

“Where’s your wings?” they said, though their voices sounded far away and like they were talking into a fan. Rainbow tried to speak but couldn’t. Everything blacked out for a brief moment, then the image reappeared.

“Look at my new marefriend!” said Soarin’, and Twilight materialized beside him. They nuzzled noses. Rainbow tried to speak but when she opened her mouth, no words came out.

“Rainbow, I got a new mentor!” said Scootaloo, and Fluttershy materialized beside her. Then there was laughing and Rainbow was falling and somepony was shaking her and then-

Rainbow woke with a start. It was morning; sun streamed into the window of the library. Rainbow felt groggy, and she had a small headache. There was a strange but good taste in her mouth, like tomatoes and something spicy. She felt more of the spicy stuff go in her mouth. It was hot and good, and it almost burned her tongue. Everything came into focus. Twilight stood over her, levitating a spoon into a nearby soup bowl and then into Rainbow’s mouth once more.

“Good morning, Rainbow. Did you sleep well?” she asked, softly.
“Morning?” Rainbow gurgled.

“Yes.” answered Twilight, dipping the spoon back into the bowl with a soft clink.
“Did you find anything while I was sleeping?” asked Rainbow, sitting up and rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

“Well, I looked through almost a hundred books yesterday, and that’s not even a sixteenth of the library. But I have a lead, and really good news!” she said, giddily.
“What?” asked Rainbow.

“Look!” said Twilight, and with one movement of her hoof, shoved a piece of parchment in Rainbow Dash’s muzzle. Rainbow rolled her eyes and pulled it from her horn, smoothed the hole, and began to read.

Dearest Twilight Sparkle and friends,
As you know, the Summer Sun Celebration is upon us once again, and in the spirit of ‘again’, I am delighted to announce that Ponyville has once again been chosen to host this wonderful celebration! I would like it if you and your friends could have your usual positions, for old times sake. I’ve already notified the mayor of Ponyville, but please send me a letter as soon as you can. I will be out of Canterlot for a few days, so my secretary should get it. Thank you, and I’ll talk to you soon! Sincerely yours, Princess Celestia

“I’ve already sent her my acceptance. You’re going to help me and everypony else organize the Summer Sun Celebration!!” said Twilight, happily, clapping her hooves together giddily once again.

“I’m glad for you and everything, but Twilight, are you crazy?” asked Rainbow. Twilight stopped clapping her hooves and looked at Rainbow, somewhat upset.

“My job last year was clearing clouds, and in case you haven’t noticed…” said Rainbow, looking up in disgust at the horn.

“Rainbow, maybe you don’t have to clear clouds,” said Twilight, trying to put an encouraging smile on her face.
“Maybe you could help Rarity with decorating or Applejack with baking! I’m sure we can find you something to do.” said Twilight reassuringly.

“No. Without me, the sun won’t shine, unless…” Rainbow sat bolt upright, and an idea filled her.
“Fluttershy! I have to talk to Fluttershy.” said Rainbow, excitedly. Twilight, looked confused, but didn’t say anything. Wordlessly, the violet unicorn whipped out a piece of parchment and a quill and began to write feverishly telling the shy pegasus to please find her way by the library when she had a minute. Though Rainbow’s outburst was strange, Twilight was glad the former pegasus had some happiness left in her.

“Spike!” Twilight called, her voice echoing through the quiet, empty library. The purple dragon seemed to materialize out of somewhere, covered in dust and wearing a funny apron and carrying a feather duster. Twilight opened her mouth to question, but decided against it, and went back to the task at hand. Rainbow found the sight of Spike to be familiar and nice; she hadn’t seen Spike around for some time.

“Yes?” he asked, hiding the disgruntled look on his face.
“I need you to send this right away.” said the purple unicorn, levitating the scroll over to the dust-clad dragon.

“Right away,” he said, and inhaled, blew a stream of emerald green flames that enveloped the scroll and sent it out a nearby open window.

“Is there anything else?” he asked hopefully, wondering if there was a possibility he could get out of his work. Unfortunately for him, the violet unicorn shook her head, and frowning, the dragon disappeared once more. Rainbow Dash turned to Twilight.

“What’s your lead?” she asked, standing and positioning herself. Twilight motioned for Rainbow to come into the other room. Rainbow followed, and Twilight positioned herself at a large desk stacked high with books, scraps of parchment with oodles of scribbles littering them, several quills and inkwells, and splotches of spilled smudged ink. It appeared that Twilight had tried to clean the smudges, but failed, and so they sat on the desk, like a burp in a symphony, out of place in the organization.

“Well, that book said that the potion was cloud resistant, but I myself never added any clouds; Spike did. But what I’m doing is looking through my reversal spell books, and my counter spell books to see if there’s anything. If I can counter the potion with a spell, it just might work. Or what I could do is mix another potion for you…” Twilight said, her voice trailing off as she studied her rainbow friend.

“No possible way. More potion? What if something else goes wrong? What if instead I loose my cutie mark or an eye or something?”

“Consider it a possibility,” said Twilight, wearily.
“If I can, and there are no other methods, then we’ll just have to be more careful.”

“Fine.” said Rainbow. Twilight had finally worn her down.
“There’s always the possibility of going to Canterlot. We could look in the arch-” Twilight.

“THAT’S IT!” sputtered Rainbow. The thought had just come to her. Joy and relief filled her all at once. The thought was so refreshing, and it fizzled inside her like a million fireworks.

“We’ll go to Canterlot and have the princesses fix this!” she said, slapping her hoof across her forehead, barely missing the horn, her happiness and hope resurfacing for the first time since the mention of Fluttershy and the prospect of seeing her friends.

“Forget you trying to do it! They have much more advanced magic. They can do it! Let's go!” The former pegasus seized Twilight’s hoof and began dragging her to the door as fast as her hooves would take her. Twilight sputtered and groaned, but oddly enough, let Rainbow do it. Twilight was only happy to almost have old Rainbow back.

Noticing Rainbow not realize leaving without the cloak, Twilight levitated it out of the library before closing the door and tied it around her rainbow friend. As soon as the two ponies were outside, Rainbow took off like a shot, galloping as fast as her hooves would take her. Twilight, seeing this, shrugged, and then began to trot after her. As they galloped, ponies gave strange looks to both of them, but none of them said a word. Galloping wasn’t strange in Ponyville either, and some of the ponies that watched Rainbow and Twilight remembered when they had run through Ponyville like that. These fond memories were remembered, and carried with the ponies as they went about their business. Rainbow knew where the train station was and she knew how to get there. A mantra flew through her head.

Wings! Wings! Wings!, chanted the voice in Rainbow’s head, egging her on to go faster, to push harder, to be there quicker.

The feeling of galloping almost felt like flying, and Rainbow knew that with each hoof on the hard ground, the closer she was to flying. Her legs weren’t out of shape in the least, and it felt so refreshing to get a good run in. Rainbow’s eyes drifted up into the blue sky, what she could see from over her hood, and knew that soon, very soon, she would be up there. The sky was blue, but lots of clouds milled about, and the former pegasus was reminded that time was of the essence, and if she didn’t get her wings back soon, the sun might be blocked out.

“Wait for me!” Twilight called behind Rainbow, but Rainbow didn’t stop. The train station came into view, the iridescently painted train stood like a beacon of hope. Seeing how close she was to her wings, Rainbow galloped even faster. To passersby, all that was visible of the former pegasus was her cloak and her cyan colored coat, streaking across Ponyville as fast as she could. She zipped around the train and out of Twilight’s line of sight.

“Wait!” called Twilight, running faster, waiting to hear the train’s whistle or the hum of the engine. But there was nothing. Silence filled the air, and Twilight trotted around the train with ease and saw her Rainbow friend standing motionless, staring at a sign plastered on the station’s door. No ponies were anywhere in sight, and even the conductor and the ponies that ran the train station were gone too. Wind blew through the station, and there was no sound except the chirp of a far off bird. Twilight walked up to the station’s door and stood next to Rainbow to read it.

Hello, valued guest! The train to Canterlot has been suspended for some time due to construction on the tracks. Many holes have been spotted and now are being fixed for your general protection. All trains and times to Canterlot and back have been suspended until further notice. However, the Ponyville Train Station does still offer tickets to Fillydelphia, parts of Saddle Arabia, parts of Manehattan, and the Crystal Empire starting up again at noon tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope you’ll ride with us again soon!

Sincerely, the Ponyville Railroad Station
For a few moments, neither pony spoke. Rainbow gazed halfheartedly at the note, not speaking. Just staring at it blankly. Twilight had to admit she was disappointed, but she hid her feelings and thought of another way to contact the princesses.

“Rainbow?” she asked softly. The former pegasus took no mind, and continued staring blankly at the note, her left eye twitching slightly. Twilight placed her hoof on her friend’s shoulder.

“We should go. I will send a note to the princesses as soon as we get back to the library, telling to come to Ponyville at once.”

After thirty minutes of coaxing, demanding, pulling, and pushing, Twilight was finally able to pry Rainbow away from the train station. The walk to the library was silent, and Rainbow focused on the ground, her head down, the entire walk back. Twilight watched Rainbow carefully, waiting to help Rainbow if need be. This opportunity never came, for Rainbow walked slowly all the way back to the library. As soon as the two walked inside, a familiar melodic voice welcomed them, and who should be sitting inside but Fluttershy, as pretty and as shy as ever.

“Oh! Hello Twilight. Hello Rainbow.” said the pegasus, softly, blushing as she always did when ponies heard her sing.
“Hi, Fluttershy! Did you get my note?” asked Twilight.

“I came as quickly as I could. What’s the matter?” she asked, carefully, looking at Rainbow for explanation. Rainbow, on the other hoof, was still immensely disappointed because of the note on the Ponyville Train Station’s door, but she managed to swallow her feelings and decided to harp on them later. She regained her posture, and put on half a smile for Fluttershy’s sake. She was sure that the smile was the most half hearted one she had ever smiled, but the last thing she needed was Fluttershy upset.

“Hey, Fluttershy,” she said, trying not to sound hoarse.

“RAINBOW wanted me to send you the note. It seems she has something to talk to you about.” said Twilight, giving Rainbow a nudge toward Fluttershy. After smiling, Twilight turned away from the two to locate some parchment, her inkwell and quill. There was no sound except for the soft scritch scritch of Twilight’s quill on the parchment.

“Yes?” asked the pegasus, ever so sweetly, her eyes wide.
“Well…” said the former pegasus, clearing her throat, and sighing.

“You know how there has been a lot of clouds in the sky lately?” she asked. Fluttershy nodded.
“I was kinda hoping…you might…want to help me in clearing a few. Just until……until I get my wings back?” she asked, looking up into Fluttershy’s teal eyes. The pegasus didn’t say anything for a few moments, and sat there, as if pondering this.

“I don’t know…” she said, her pink mane falling into her face.
“I could help you, if you want,” Rainbow offered, trying not to sound half-hearted or gloomy.

“The reason we’re asking is because Princess Celestia pulled a few strings and allowed Ponyville to be the location of the Summer Sun Celebration again this year. We all have our usual jobs, except Rainbow. We were going to try to get a train to Canterlot to speak with the princesses, to see what they know, but unfortunately, all trains to Canterlot have been suspended until they repair the tracks.” explained Twilight, not looking up from her parchment.

“Will you?” asked Rainbow, hopefully.
“I guess so…if it will help Ponyville…” said the yellow pegasus, uncertainly.

“Great! I'll get some of the other pegasi in Ponyville to help you, as well!" said Twilight, and gave an encouraging smile, then disappeared to find Spike so he could send her letter.

“Great.” said Rainbow, giving half a smile as she had done before, and gave her shy friend a big hug. At least this solved ONE of her problems.

Chapter Eight

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A day later, Rainbow was in her usual place in the library, stretching out. She refused to become a sack of lazy, so she stretched as often as she could, and after that huge run just yesterday, she decided to keep in shape, in case she wanted to run again. While she was stretching, she had also started to read more. She knew it was egg-head-ish of her, but since there was little else to do, she saw no reason to stay bored and lazy. She had decided on the same book of unicorn magic that Twilight had originally made her read. Some of the spells were boring, but Rainbow refused to ask Twilight for any more books like this one, for fear Twilight might get the wrong idea. Daring Do books were always a delight, and Rainbow had those at her use as well, so she was covered. Twilight, on the other hoof, kept to her research, and only spoke when she was talking to herself or when she needed to ask Rainbow a question. The library had been very quiet, and not many ponies came to visit. So on that quiet, sunny day, Rainbow was stretching out her calf muscles and was reading a spell on how to levitate silverware when a knock sounded on the door.

Both Rainbow’s and Twilight’s heads snapped up, and they exchanged a glance. Rainbow zipped over to the door leading into her room and shut it, and once she had, Twilight called over to the door: “It’s open!” Rainbow stuck her eye through the keyhole of the big oak door and sat on the floor of the library.

The door swung open and who should walk in but Scootaloo, wearing a blue helmet and carrying her trusty scooter. Rainbow hid a gasp, and tiny beads of sweat began to form, her heart jumping into her throat from fear. Judging from Twilight’s expression, she was shocked as well. But she regained this, closed the volume she was reading, and stepped out from the desk to face Scootaloo. Scootaloo slid her helmet off her head, and it was then that Rainbow saw that the little filly’s brilliant violet eyes were filled with concern and sadness.

“Hello, Scootaloo! What a nice surprise. What brings you here?” asked Twilight, trying to sound cheerful.

“Twilight! You have to help me!” said the pegasus filly, brandishing a confused frown.

“What’s wr-”
“Could you please tell me where Rainbow Dash is?” interrupted Scootaloo, a look of urgency passing her face.

OH NO!!, screamed a voice inside Rainbow. Today was Wednesday, mentoring day! Rainbow stuffed her hoof inside her mouth and bit down on it.

How could I forget?, she screamed at herself. It was the one thing she shouldn’t have forgotten, and yet she had. After everything that had happened, mentoring was the last thing on her mind. She was reminded of mentoring a few days ago, but…that time seemed so long ago.

“Well, I um…” said Twilight.
“Rainbow Dash told me to tell you that she…um…couldn’t mentor you today.” finished Twilight, with a strange smile. Rainbow stopped biting her hoof to study Twilight’s smile. It was much like the one Applejack had given Pinkie when AJ was lying. But she didn’t take much mind, and reinserted her hoof into her mouth, nibbling.

“Did she tell you why?” asked Scootaloo, sadly.
“When I saw her the other day she didn’t mention anything about not being there.”

“I just found out today that she had to go to the doctor.” said Twilight, finishing quickly, putting a worried expression on her face. Rainbow saw that lying to Scootaloo wasn’t easy for Twilight, either, which made sense.

“Again? She must be really sick. Is she in the hospital? What does she have? Do you know which room she’s in so I can visit her?” asked Scootaloo, her face more filled with concern, clutching her blue helmet in her hooves.

“Well…no. She’s at her house, resting. She’s okay, and you shouldn’t worry. I’ll tell her you stopped by, though.” said Twilight, her face slightly relaxing.

“Okay…thanks Twilight. I’ll see you later.” said Scootaloo, and walked out the door, her head hanging. She cast one more glance at Twilight, mumbling something Twilight couldn’t hear, before shutting the door behind her. As soon as the coast was clear, Rainbow stuck a hoof out and placed it on the door. She pushed gently, expecting the door to swing open. But it didn’t; it remained shut. Rainbow raised an eyebrow in confusion, and pushed again, this time harder. The door still did not budge. Rainbow was filled with frustration as she placed her whole body upon the door and pushed with all her might.

“Rainbow!” Rainbow Dash heard Twilight’s desperate call from the other room, but Rainbow took no mind. She wasn’t sure why she was so angry about the door not opening, but all the anger she had bottled up for days was now practically spilling out her ears. She was sure she had never felt this angry in her life. The past days events came rushing to her in one sitting: her discovery at her lost wings, lying to Soarin’ and Scootaloo twice, the dream, the disappointment at the train station. The more she remembered this, the more anger she felt. She let it consume her, and all else was blocked out. She let out a grunt, and lifted herself off the door once more, it still not opening. Without thinking thoroughly, she stood in front of the door, pointed her unicorn’s horn at it, and focused.

Her anger and magic squeezed her insides, and she concentrated harder. She forced her eyes shut, concentrated solely on her anger and of the image of the door opening. She let these two factors fill her, before she could think or concentrate harder, she opened one cautious eye and saw a bolt of dark magenta magic, much like the color of her eyes, shoot out of her unicorn horn and land on the door.

The door, responding to her magic, swung open more violently than before, this time flying off its hinges and exploding, raining its contents down on Twilight and the rest of the library. And then, calm resumed, like nothing had happened at all. It was a few moments before anypony could breathe, and it was a short time before the noise stopped echoing off the library walls. Twilight, covered in debris and splinters, lifted her head, for it had been under her desk when the door exploded. She looked at Rainbow with a mixture of shock, confusion, a bit of anger, and giddiness. Rainbow, however, stood rooted to the spot, all past remnants of her anger vanished, covered in debris as well. For a few moments, nopony spoke, and then a single sound broke the silence. The sound of claws slapping against the wood stairs from the upstairs room.

Spike the dragon had been upstairs napping when the loud noise woke him, and he came wondering what all the commotion was. Instead, he found the two unicorns standing shock still, covered in wood and sawdust, staring at each other with wide eyes, almost as if one of them was accusing the other of murder. It was then that he noticed the other room’s door, the room Rainbow was staying in, was completely gone, and in its place were two rusted over hinges from the other side, hanging haphazardly, one almost on the brink of falling off. He coughed once, thinking this would get Rainbow’s and Twilight’s attention, but it didn’t.
“What is going on?” he asked at last, eying the two unicorns with shock, horror, and confusion. It was then that Twilight shook her head a few times and exclaimed in confusion, knocking herself out of her trance.

“We were just…” she sputtered, searching for words.

“Using magic,” answered Rainbow from the other room, not moving or even looking in Spike’s direction.

“Yes,” said Twilight, rubbing debris off her face.
“Well, keep it down, will you? I’m trying to sleep!” said the dragon haughtily, obviously not affected by the explosion now that he knew what had caused it.

“We will.” promised Twilight, coughing and running her hooves through her tussled mane. The dragon nodded, turned, and went back up the stairs.

Twilight turned to face Rainbow, who was still in a trance. Her rainbow friend was truly a sight; her mane was in disarray, her coat covered in tiny wood slivers, her eyes had a far off look in them, almost bloodshot, her horn red with heat, her tail tangled and bouncy. She was staring at where the door had been, with a look of pure shock on her face.

The library, though slightly covered with wood, was overall okay. There was only one section that was damaged with splinters from the door, and the floor was littered with stray splinters and bits of door, but that was nothing a good sweeping couldn’t fix. Twilight closed her eyes and opened them, focusing more. The explosion had completely got her off track on her research.

“Rainbow?” she asked, turning her attention on Rainbow Dash. Rainbow, in turn, shook her head a few times, as if shaking out of the trance, and finally turned to face Twilight.

“Yeah?” she said, with a cough.
“That…was…” said Twilight, searching for her words. Rainbow braced herself for Twilight to yell at her for destroying the door, squeezing her eyes and tensing her shoulders.

“Strange…but awesome!” said the purple unicorn, happily. She smiled to herself and levitated a broom out of a nearby closet. Without another word, she began to sweep up the mess. Rainbow blinked once, then twice, then gave another cough.

“You’re not mad?” asked Rainbow, raising one eyebrow.

“Well…surprised, yes, and shocked, but not really mad.” replied the purple unicorn, levitating the broom around some scraps of wood.

“Are you gonna build a new door?” asked Rainbow. Twilight nodded, not looking up from her sweeping. Then, as if on cue, another knock sounded at the door, scaring both unicorns. Quick as a wink and before really thinking, Rainbow zipped into her room once more, then realizing there was no door to hide behind.

"Go upstairs!" whispered Twilight fiercely, and Rainbow galloped across the room and up the stairs. When Rainbow was safely out of sight, Twilight called to the door, glancing up from her sweeping.

"It's open!"
The door creaked open as it usually did, and Rainbow stayed in the shadow of the top step, watching whoever appeared below. In walked Soarin' himself, accompanied by Scootaloo. Both wore expressions of sheer concern and worry, and they came up to Twilight meaning business. Rainbow stuffed her hoof in her mouth once more and bit down even harder. After wincing at the pain, her stomach plummeted down to her hooves and her heart jumped into her throat. The two most important ponies besides her friends were in the room right now, and if they discovered her secret, there was no telling what they could do.

"Twilight, we need to talk to you." said Soarin', firmly, motioning to Scootaloo and himself. Twilight however wasn't taking the situation well either, and she looked in the same state as Rainbow; petrified. She cleared her throat, shakily, and composed herself as best she could. She levitated the broom away and put a look of worry and innocence on her face.

"Why, Soarin' and Scootaloo! Nice to see you both here. What can I do for you?" said Twilight, stammering ever so slightly.

"We've come on Rainbow Dash's behalf. Scootaloo here comes and tells me a few days ago that Rainbow's been missing for a couple days, and I assured her that Rainbow was fine. I know I saw her the other day. So a few days after she talks to me, Scootaloo comes to you and you tell her Rainbow is at home, and when Scootaloo comes to me to check, I go to Rainbow's house and find that she's not there." finished Soarin', coolly.

"What exactly is going on here? Because I'd sure like to know." Scootaloo, in response, nodded. Twilight bit her lip, and from the top stair Rainbow telepathically begged Twilight not to say anything.

"You just missed her, actually." said Twilight, strangely extremely calm. How Twilight could be calm at a time like this, Rainbow hadn't a clue. She was handling things just how she handled Scootaloo earlier, as a matter of fact.

"Oh really?" asked Soarin', raising one eyebrow.
"But you said-" said Scootaloo, her voice trailing off.

"I thought she was in no condition to move." countered Soarin', putting his hoof on Scootaloo's shoulder.

"She is. I got an urgent call from her just five minutes ago saying that one of her uncles in the Crystal Empire is sick."

"If she's so sick how come she's going somewhere?"
"This particular uncle is close with her father, whom Rainbow rarely sees, and she cares for this uncle dearly. She told me she may have to stick it out."

"Doesn't she want an escort?"
"I asked her already, and she said she'd rather go alone."

"Why didn't you argue? Besides, I thought all the trains were cancelled today because of construction."

"I did, but she refused anyway. The construction is only in Canterlot. All the other trains work fine."
"You said she called five minutes ago, right?"

"Yes. When did you check her house?"
"Twenty minutes ago."

Twilight checked the wall clock.
"The train to the Crystal Empire may not have left yet. You may still be able to catch her."

"No use now." said Soarin', finally. Scootaloo looked genuinely upset. There was silence in the room, and Rainbow could not believe the whopper of a lie her friend had just told. She had uncles, to be sure, but none of them lived in the Crystal Empire.

"THE MOMENT she returns, please tell her to contact me IMMEDIATELY." said Soarin'.

"Me too!" said Scootaloo.
"I will. You guys take care!" said Twilight, smiling weakly.

"We will." said Soarin', and both left the library in a slump. After the door closed behind them, Twilight ran to her bookshelves. She ignited her horn and began whipping titles off the neatly organized shelves. She frantically opened each book and flipped through three at the same time. Rainbow came down from the steps, and paused at a window as she watched her apprentice and coltfriend grow farther and farther away from the library.

"What are you doing now?" asked Rainbow, carefully.
"I can't cover for you anymore, Rainbow." said Twilight, her voice a mixture of flat, frantic, and worried as she whipped more books away from their places and opening them.

"They will find out. Why is it such a big deal that they know, anyway?" asked Twilight, not looking up from her research.

"They can't know!! If they do, think about it! What if you don't find a cure? What then? I won't be able to mentor Scootaloo anymore! She may not think I'm as awesome, and she'll find somepony else and not like me as much anymore. And Soarin'...well.....I can't fly with him anymore....I may never become a Wonderbolt either. My life....it will be officially ruined." said Rainbow, sadly.

"Calm down, Rainbow. I will find a cure. I know it. But we don't have much time. And with the Summer Sun Celebration coming up too, we now have less than ever."

Chapter Nine

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Ponies of all kinds and all colors were coming together from all over Equestria and Ponyville itself to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia began sending letters to Twilight daily, preventing her from research. This, in turn, both irritated and angered Rainbow Dash, who was now beginning to miss her beloved wings more than ever. True to her word, Twilight told Rainbow a cure would come soon, but with the increasing letters, Twilight's research became all but postponed. The seemingly good news was that Rainbow saw more of her friends, because they came over frequently to tell Twilight of their own preparations. They also offered Rainbow a lot of possibilities about helping them. For instance, Applejack was devising a new menu for the afterward outdoor buffet, and couldn't decide on a few things and wanted Rainbow's help. Rarity was decorating the Town Hall and all around Ponyville's main squares, and craved help. Pinkie Pie was choosing music tracks to play during the outdoor buffet and she and another pony, a unicorn named Vinyl Scratch, was helping her. Pinkie told Rainbow Dash that she could help pick.

Rainbow Dash, though thankful her friends were offering help, she still felt sort of depressed that she couldn't do much to help. Without her wings the only useful thing she could do was destroy doors and navigate a spoon sort of correctly(it went more to the side of her face than in her mouth). With Twilight busy, Rainbow felt more like a hermit than ever, and longed for the outdoors more than before. Ever since Soarin' and Scootaloo's visit, Scootaloo visited the tree even more than usual, wanting constant news of Rainbow Dash's return or condition. Soarin' did visit, but not nearly as often. Sometimes he came accompanied by Spitfire or Fleetfoot, but they mostly stayed outside and hung out.

Twilight often spoke to Rainbow about calling this whole thing off and talking to Soarin' and Scootaloo, promising that they would understand and that it wouldn't be as big a deal as Rainbow presumed. Of course, Rainbow Dash still thought they would abandon her for lying, and she refused to say anything until she was normal once more. The Celebration, however, drew nearer and nearer with each passing day, and Rainbow decided not to help anypony, but to attend the festival like a normal everyday goer. After much contradiction from her friends, Rainbow finally won them over by saying that with the large crowds, she would be hard to notice, and that she would be spotted by Soarin' or Scootaloo helping them.

Scootaloo and Soarin' would be attending the Celebration, naturally, and they had both informed Twilight that they hoped Rainbow would be there. In the meantime, the weather was said to be absolutely gorgeous; Fluttershy had rallyed the pegasi and together they all had taken care of the weather around Ponyville. Of course, the other pegasi were concerned on Rainbow's whereabouts as well, but weren't given anything but the response that Rainbow was sick somewhere. 'Get Wells' were exchanged, but not much else. Since she was working all through the day, Twilight worked through the nights on her research. She often paced, talked to herself really loud, and kept Rainbow up in the other room. And since Twilight hadn't the time to fix the door, Rainbow got to hear all of it all the time. The night before the day of the Celebration, Twilight stayed up later than she had before, and Rainbow fell into a deep, yet troubled sleep.

When Rainbow awoke the next morning, the sun was already streaming into the library, and this time, Twilight wasn't standing over her and feeding her soup. Instead, Rainbow heard soft snores coming from the other room and suspected that Twilight must be asleep there. She stretched out, and ran her hooves through her tangled bed-head mane. Her hoof found the unicorn horn in an instant, and she gave it a tap for old times sake, making sure it was still there. It hadn't been that she had woken up to find that it wasn't there and her wings were gone yet, and she was still secretly hoping that it would disappear on its own. But no, it was still there, still intact, and regrettably still attatched to her head.

Rainbow Dash rolled out of bed and stretched out her back hooves. She carefully peeked out of the open hole that used to be covered by a door and looked. The library was in complete disarray. Books were everywhere, scattered on the floor and some of their pages tossed about. The shelves were messy, and the only thing that didn't look tossed about was the walls. Twilight's desk was piled high with volumes and papers, and ink spills covered the desk. Twilight, like the room, was in disarray as well. Her mane stuck out at odd angles, and there seemed to be ink splotches on her hooves. There were large bags under her eyes, and her face was contorted in fatigue and extreme stress. She was laying on her desk in a strange position, with her front hooves draped over the front of the desk and her back hooves still in sitting position, and her face facing Rainbow Dash. Twilight's mouth was open, but there was no drool, and soft snores were coming from her. Rainbow could only assume that Twilight was up most of the night. Rainbow went softly over to where Twilight lay, and hesitated a moment before jabbing Twilight in the shoulder.

"Twilight." said Rainbow, and poked her again. Twilight did not stir.

"Twilight. Wake up. Come on, it's time to go to the Summer Sun Celebration. It's unlike you to not be prepared for something like this." said Rainbow, and Twilight still stayed motionless, the soft snores still coming from her. Just as Rainbow was about to drop a book on her sleeping friend who should come downstairs but Spike himself. He looked sleepy and bedraggled, just like Rainbow did. Seeing the mess around him, he looked at Rainbow accusingly.

"Hey, have you both been doing magic again? What did you both do this time? Destroy a wall?" he snapped, grouchily. Twilight's pacing must have kept him up during the night, as it usually did. He rubbed sleep out of his eyes and once again glared at Rainbow.

"No, we haven't done any magic, but today's the summer sun celebration, and its unlike Twilight not to be up with the sun with these things." said Rainbow, ignoring Spike's attitude.

"I can take care of it." said Spike, and walked slowly to another door in the library. He opened it, went in, and shut it behind him. Rainbow heard the faint sound of water running, and when the dragon returned he had a bucket filled with water in his claws.

"Spike, I don't really-" protested Rainbow, but before she could say anything more, the dragon overturned the bucket and let all the water run on Twilight. It must have been cold, because Twilight woke up almost instantly. She gave a small yelp and stood straight up, her back arched and she assumed a cat-like position, her eyes wide open and alert. Spike then nonchalantly threw the bucket to a corner of the library, and this time Rainbow didn't think to question. However, despite looking fully awake, the purple unicorn still was recovering from her stupor. She was babbling helplessly at Spike and Rainbow, and Rainbow could just barely make out what her friend was saying.

"Can only be reversed......that spell...." she babbled to herself, and walked over to the shelves once more. Rainbow Dash could only assume her friend had not yet come down from Research Mode.

"TWILIGHT!" yelled Spike, and the purple unicorn looked.
"What? Can't you see I'm working?" retorted the unicorn.

"The Celebration's today, strawhead! Get moving!" snapped Spike.
"Wait...the Celebration's today?" asked Twilight, her morning anger all but disappearing.

"Yeah. I'm going back to sleep." announced Spike, and immediately exited the room, going as slow as possible.

"Uh....Twilight?" asked Rainbow when Spike had left. Her friends seemed to have frozen up. Then, as if a switch turned on in Twilight's mind, Twilight's morning anger disappeared and her prim and polite self resurfaced. She galloped over to Rainbow, and grabbing the cloak, threw it on Rainbow, and opened the door with her magenta colored magic.

"Come on! The festivities will start soon. I believe they're having a apple bobbing contest this morning, and then there's the Traditional Unfurling of Celestia's Banner after that." babbled Twilight, excitedly.

"Calm down, Twilight. We're not there yet. And what was that you were saying in the library about a spell and something being reversed?" asked Rainbow, eager to know what her friend had found out. Both were galloping now alongside each other, and Rainbow was watching the rest of the town wake.

"Oh, something I found in my research last night. I think I finally have something." said Twilight, happily.

"That's awesome! I'll be getting my wings back in no time." said Rainbow, her spirits lifting. The cloak fluttered by her sides, and it felt good to gallop again.

"So where are we going now?" asked Rainbow, still following Twilight.

"To the apple bobbing. You can follow me, if you like. I'm overseeing it, and then I'm busy almost all the rest of the day. You can hang around Ponyville, if not." said Twilight, panting slightly.

"That sounds okay to me. You go, I'll catch up with you later." said Rainbow, and stopped galloping.

"Remember to be in Town Hall at the right time so Princess Celestia can raise the sun!" yelled Twilight, and disappeared behind a nearby cottage, on her way to Sweet Apple Acres. Normally Rainbow wouldn't have passed up an opportunity to be with her friends, but it felt so good to be outside with lots of time to herself. She was always flying somewhere to be with them, and she never really got relaxing time, so this break was nice.

The town was almost fully awake by now, and Rainbow saw lots of faces that she recognized. It was a chilly morning, so Rainbow wasn't the only one that wore a cloak, so it didn't look abnormal. Rainbow didn't see Scootaloo or Soarin' from where she was, so she was good for now. But she knew that sometime in the day Soarin' would perform with the rest of the Wonderbolts, and she would probably go to see that. If she was spotted by either of them, she would have to explain that she cut her trip early, and didn't tell Twilight she was returning so early. Hopefully when she told them the entire story they'd all have a good laugh about it later, but she was smarter than that. She figured Soarin' and Scootaloo would be upset, and she had lied herself into this. She was determined to get out, though. She would at least try to be honest like her good friend Applejack, but until then, she was stuck. She began a slow trot, and followed the crowds to wherever they were going.

Her thoughts drifted to Twilight and her lead. She could barely hold her anxiety in, and she couldn't wait. Would she be taking another potion? They had reversal potions, didn't they? Would she be eating a plant or something of that nature? Or would she be magicked back to the way she was? Would Twilight take her to the princesses so they could reverse it? Or would Twilight do it herself? Or.....Rainbow couldn't bare the thought....but....would Rainbow herself have to reverse the effect and fix herself? That would take a lot of work; Rainbow wasn't even sure she could do it....But that couldn't be what would fix her. Surely a spell that Twilight could do or even another potion would fix her. She'd be normal again, soon. She knew it.

Rainbow continued to walk through the waking Ponyville, and she found an overwhelming sense of peace. She was about to completely let her guard down when she heard voices behind her. Young voices; voices that certainly didn't belong to a grown pony. They were filly voices. Quick as a wink, Rainbow sprang into action and galloped behind a nearby cottage. She peeked one cautious dark magenta eye around the cottage, and her heart jumped up into her throat. The CMC were passing innocently by Rainbow's hiding place. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were walking on either side of Scootaloo, who looked pretty upset. Rainbow assumed they were trying to make her feel better, from the looks of it. Rainbow kept quiet, and watched as they passed by slowly.

"Aren't you excited to see Soarin' and the rest of the Wonderbolts perform today, Scootaloo?" asked Sweetie Belle, concerndedly.

"Yeah, but it's not the same since Rainbow Dash isn't here." replied Scootaloo, dejectedly.

"But it's okay, right? Applejack told me that Rainbow was sick." said Applebloom, trying to be reassuring.

"She must be all better, because she went to visit her uncle in the Crystal Empire." said Scootaloo.

"How'd you know that?" asked Sweetie Belle.
"Soarin' took me to see Twilight the other day and Twilight said she left."

"Without even saying goodbye? That's not like her."
"Twilight said that the uncle was close to her father, and that's why."

"Oh. Well, cheer up, Scootaloo. I'm sure she's fine." said Applebloom, and the three turned and disappeared down another street. When the coast was clear, Rainbow came out in the open once more, pulling the cloak tighter around herself. She sighed, and began to walk further into the awakening Ponyville.

The day had been pretty nice so far. Rainbow Dash had gotten to observe a few events without being noticed, and she was enjoying herself. After the CMC scare, she returned to Sweet Apple Acres and watched the apple bobbing competition. The day was turning out to be chilly like the morning, so Rainbow wasn't the only pony with a cloak. Applejack and Twilight recognized Rainbow right away, but they didn't watch her long. Rainbow watched as her fellow Ponyvillians bobbed for as many apples as they could before Applejack stopped a stopwatch. Twilight levitated a clipboard and quill close to her to record everypony's progress. In the end it was Roseluck against Derpy, and Derpy ended up winning.

After that Rainbow went to Fluttershy's, where it wasn't nearly as crowded, and watched her rehearse with her bird choir. Fluttershy was very pleased to see Rainbow, as Rainbow was her, and the two enjoyed quality time together over cinnamon tea. After that, Rainbow went straight to Sugarcube Corner to visit Pinkie Pie. Pinkie, of course, was planning the festivities that would commence through the night and evening. She was writing a huge list of things that everypony was going to do, and Rainbow took a peek at the list to see what Pinkie had put so far, and saw nothing but cutesy doodles. Rainbow, who knew better than to question, decided to just roll with it.

Rainbow's more recent stop included going off to Town Hall, to see if Rarity needed help hanging decorations. She didn't really need that much help(as Rainbow wasn't much help without her wings), but Rainbow found it nice to talk with the Element of Generosity, and the two had a nice chat until the Mayor came in and took Rarity to decorate Town Square. Now Rainbow walked farther and farther away from Town Hall, back to the library. There wasn't much else to do, unless she went to the puppet show that was being held at the Flower Shop, which she didn't want to do.

She passed through Ponyville, and the sun warmed her face. A lot of ponies were around her now, and she suspected the entire town was up. In fact, they were moving faster than Rainbow Dash was, which was saying something on a regular basis. It was then that Rainbow snapped out of her Lovely-Day-In-The-Neighborhood attitude and finally realized what exactly was going on. The ponies around her were moving around quite frantically now, and the crowd was pushing her one way. A strange and horribly familiar scent clouded her nostrils, and she began to worry. There was talking everywhere, and Rainbow could only hear snippets of what everypony was saying:

"How did it happen?"
"I'm not sure. Somepony left something in the oven?"

"....can't believe...."
"On a day like today?"

That's when the crowds propelled her around a corner and Rainbow Dash saw it. Smoke billowed up into the clear blue sky, and ponies were everywhere, running this way and that. Fire swirled and burned through a cottage that Rainbow didn't recognize, and firefighters galloped haphazardly around along with all the other ponies, spraying water at the burning cottage. From where she stood, Rainbow could see that the water was just barely helping the burning, and now regular bystanders were attempting to put out the flames as well. Rainbow looked around and tried to figure out something to do. Ponies around her were beginning to notice Rainbow's frozen demeanor, and some yelled at her as they passed by.

"What are you doing?"
"Help us, help us!"

"....crazy unicorns..."
"OMYGOSH! THERE'S SOMEPONY IN THERE!!!" a female voice screeched, piercing the air. As if on cue, a scream pierced the air, and Rainbow Dash recognized it at once. It was a young scream, one that Rainbow rarely heard, but she had still heard it before. There was movement at one of the windows, a second story window, and a shadow appeared. The window burst open, letting loose another burst of flame. A small filly appeared, coughing up a storm. Rainbow's heart lurched when she recognized who it was. With her purple mane charred and black streaks all over her sunset orange coat, Scootaloo was coughing violently. Her violet eyes swept across the crowd, and they locked on Rainbow's instantly, and then what Rainbow had worked so hard for was gone. Scootaloo had seen her, and her face contorted with fear, anger, and sadness. The firefighters yelled at Scootaloo to move, or to look at them so that she could jump from where she stood, but she paid them no mind. The rest of the firefighters and bystanders continued hurling water at the burning structure. Through all the movement, though, the only thing Rainbow could concentrate on was Scootaloo watching her intently.

Something snapped inside Rainbow, and her adrenaline surged. She knew what she had to do. It may not be the best decision, but it was the right one. She had to save Scootaloo. But then the voice of doubt came. She knew she was powerless without her wings; she couldn't fly up and save Scootaloo, and from what she could see, there weren't many pegasi flying by. Rainbow pushed the voice away and knew what she had to do immediately.

In one swift movement, Rainbow Dash flung off the cape, and it fluttered to the ground. At this, Scootaloo's eyes widened in shock, but Rainbow didn't care. What was done was done. She concentrated on the building, and galloped closer to it, much to the protest of those around her. But her fellow Ponyvillians were starting to recognize the former pegasus now too, and as they did, they began to stop what they were doing momentarily. Once she was a good distance away from harm, she found Scootaloo again(who was still being demanded to jump), and concentrated like she hadn't ever before.

She focused all her energy into one image: levitating Scootaloo off the building. She put the image of Scootaloo levitating safely off the building firmly in her mind, and swallowed all feelings of doubt and fear. The energy of magic surged through her, and she could feel it all the way in her bone marrow. Rainbow shut her eyes so tight it felt like her eyelids would rip, and clenched her teeth in concentration. Peeking ever so slightly, she saw deep magenta hued magic ignite her horn. Her eyes drifted to the building where Scootaloo was, and saw magic form on Scootaloo's charred hooves.

Rainbow concentrated more, keeping the image of Scootaloo being safely levitated off the burning building, and felt the energy pump through her. She squeezed her eyes shut harder, and let the energy surge and churn. She peeked once more, and saw that Scootaloo's entire body was now covered in Rainbow's magic and was slowly coming off the place where she stood.

It's working!!! I'm doing it! I can't believe it!!! I'm actually doing unicorn magic!, her mind screamed in happiness.

Shoving these thoughts away momentarily, Rainbow knew she was almost done. Scootaloo was almost safe. With this thought and the image of Scootaloo levitating safely off the building, Rainbow dug her hooves in the dirt road, pushed everything else out of her vision and mind, and let the magic flow. It was painful, and felt like Rainbow was attempting to throw up her own heart, but at the same time it felt rewarding. Like something that was hiding inside her all along was finally pushing out of Rainbow and into the sky like a trapped pegasus. She let out groans and yelps because of the pain, but opened one careful eye and saw Scootaloo in the air, with a look of pure shock on her face. And out of the corner of her eye, she could have sworn she saw a certain pegasus come and join the now gathering crowd. The firefighter's and bystander's work was beginning to work, and the flames were beginning to slowly wane.

Rainbow then shut her eyes, and put the image of Scootaloo safely landing in her head. She began to feel fatigued, but she kept letting the magic flow. Then, with one final peek and one final surge, Rainbow saw the image she had been trying to achieve. Scootaloo, now overwhelmed beyond anything, slowly began her descent onto the dirt road, and in one little blast of magic, Rainbow set her on the ground, where the magenta magic left as quickly as it had come.

Finally opening her eyes and using what little energy left, Rainbow took in her surroundings. She was in the center of a very large crowd, and all eyes were trained on her. Most faces' expressions held shock, awe, excitement, and disbelief. She saw Soarin's face in the crowd, along with, strangely, all her friends'. She hadn't seen them arrive, and she was no too fatigued to even question. The once burning cottage was now just a wet, charred mess, with a few miniscule embers still burning. The firefighters were now staring at Rainbow as well, and the only sound that could be heard was a drip drip drip of water coming off a piece of charred cottage. Rainbow herself was not doing very well, despite the feeling of happiness and relief that she saved Scootaloo. With UNICORN magic. She had unbelievable fatigue, fatigue unlike any she had felt before, and she felt squeezed out and deflated. She felt so fatigued, that slowly, but surely, she was feeling herself loosing consciousness. She stumbled in her place, and lost her energy completely.

The last thing she remembered before the dark embraced her was Soarin's, Scootaloo's, and all her friends faces. She fell in the dirt from where she was and there was silence.

Chapter Ten

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When Rainbow Dash came to, she was back at the library. Instead of sun streaming into her window, soft morning rain pattered at the windows peacefully. She blinked a few times, and focused. She felt sore all over, and still felt extremely fatigued. She couldn't remember what happened after she saved Scootaloo; all she thought of was her friends. Taking a glance around her, she saw that they all occupied her small room, including Scootaloo. Soarin', however, was nowhere to be found. Rainbow was reminded of a similar time earlier, the day she woke up and discovered her wings were gone. That seemed like ages ago.

All were sleeping peacefully, and from the looks of it, most of them had large violet circles under their eyes, indicating loss of sleep. Rainbow wondered if they had lost sleep over caring for her, because she still didn't know how long she had stayed unconscious. Rainbow sat up and relaxed herself on her pillow and listened to the rain. The library carried the soft and metallic rain smell, and the room was peacefully cool. Nothing looked in disarray except for her friends, and Rainbow felt well rested.

"So." A voice pierced the silence. Rainbow looked up and saw none other than Soarin' in the empty doorframe. He, too, had a look of extreme fatigue, but also confusion, shock, and anger. His mane was in disarray, as if he had slept on the floor for many a night.

He had the same violet circles around his eyes like all Rainbow's friends had, indicating the extreme fatigue. This was the moment that Rainbow had dreaded, but now that everypony knew it felt....somehow easy to tell him. It didn't feel as it had before, like the world was going to end if she told. It felt more like it was her duty to tell him, dispite his reaction. Soarin' walked over to Rainbow's bed(dodging all the sleeping ponies) and sat on the edge of it. The two sat in silence for a few minutes and the rain continued to pitter patter on the windows.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked, softly, not meeting her gaze. Rainbow cleared her scratchy throat, and swallowed a few times, but didn't say a word. What was there to say? He would know now anyway and Rainbow's mind temporarily blanked. She opened her mouth to speak, but he spoke before her chance came.

"How did it happen? And when?" he asked, softly still, but this time holding her gaze, and every so often his eyes would escape hers and fall on the unicorn horn attatched to her forehead. Rainbow Dash sighed, and opened her mouth, getting a chance to speak. She would tell him everything. He deserved at least that.

"Well....I guess it started about maybe a month or so ago. I was practicing some new tricks when I bumped into Twilight. She saved me with her magic, and I must have said something about how cool it was that she had a horn....but I don't think Twilight ever thought of turning me into a unicorn. Then Mr. Breezy put that fan in Ponyville Tower, and when I went to go see it, I realized it had this really high speed setting. I wanted to see if I could get to Canterlot with my and its speed combined, so I flew against it for a while."

The more Rainbow spoke, the more it seemed that Scootaloo stirred. Soarin's eyes never left Rainbow's, and she could tell that he was listening intently, so she continued.

"After flying against it I eventually got really tired, but I refused to stop flying against it because....well...I wanted to be faster than a machine. But the machine ended up propelling me outside of Ponyville, and I injured my wing from the impact. I dragged myself to the only place I could think of, the library, and Twilight sorta took me in and cared for me. My wing was broken..."

"Again?" asked Soarin', interrupting, but saying something for the first time since she had began.

"Yes. And, well, since I had been to the doctor before about my wings, I knew that Twilight had told the doctor that this wouldn't happen again. So Twilight got this idea to make me a healing potion, that would fix my wing, so she and my friends made it. It was sitting out or something, and I remember that Twilight said that we couldn't add clouds to the potion, but somehow we did. I remember drinking the potion and seeing this funny little image in the middle of it.

"It was bright pink, and looked like a fat, sharp little stick. Now I realize it was a unicorn's horn, and when I woke up the next day, my wings were gone, and this appeared." said Rainbow, giving the horn a little thwack with her hoof.

"Twilight then threw herself into finding a cure for it, and she told me I'd have to live with the horn until she did. I didn't like that at first, but now it doesn't bother me as much as it once did. I ran into you and Scootaloo those first few days, and that's why I ran away in a hurry. I couldn't bear telling you the truth for fear of you abandoning me, so I said I was sick and my lie began." she said, and her eyes traveled to Soarin' once more. She stopped momentarily; it seemed he had something on his mind.

"That explains the cloak wearing." he said, sighing, and then looked at her expectantly. Without hesitating, she began to talk once more.

"After that there were many trials where we thought there was a solution to my problem, like going to the train station to see the princesses, and doing endless research, but these were unsuccessful. I started to loose hope and I thought about my life now that I had a horn. I began reading spellbooks, which I didn't really like at first, but I learned a few things here and there. I actually attempted to open a door and ended up destroying it."

A small smile played on Soarin's lips as she said this, which gave her new hope.
"I don't know if you noticed or not, but the day you brought Scootaloo in the library was the day I destroyed that door. That's why there was so much sawdust and rubble everywhere. I was actually here the entire time, and because I couldn't face you two and tell you the truth, I told Twilight to lie for me. I was hiding on the staircase when you both entered, which wasn't the bravest hiding spot, but it was still a hiding spot. Then at the Celebration, I saw Scootaloo on that burning building, and I knew what I had to do.

"I could barely levitate a spoon correctly at the time, but she's safe now, and that's all that matters. And I guess....I guess lying was never the answer, even if it sounded so right at the time. I am really sorry for lying to you and not telling you that day....but....I had a nightmare that scared me into lying more. It didn't seem right, but I did it anyway. I understand how wrong I was, and am...and I understand if you don't want to see me or date me anymore...I wouldn't trust me either." finished Rainbow, and looked down. There. What's done was done.

Then there was silence. Soarin' stopped looking at her, and the sound of the rain filled the air. Panic filled Rainbow's stomach, and her heart threatened to break into pieces that would be difficult to place back together. Soarin' still didn't look at her, and tears pricked her eyes. If he said agreed to no longer dating her...then the cyan pegasus would be alone. But...no matter how much it hurt, she knew she had to tell him, and a small part of her figured that she deserved it for lying so many times. She studied him, and waited in anticipation for his response.

"I guess that's it, then." said Soarin', finally. Rainbow looked up, and tears nudged at her eyelids.
"Rainbow Dash, I've known you a long time, but I've never ever heard of you doing something like this. I'm still upset about you lying to me and to Scootaloo, and it will be a little while before I can trust you again, but....I love you. I wouldn't stop dating you even if you were ten feet tall." said Soarin', with a small smile. Rainbow smiled too, but then her smile fell with realization.

"But Soarin'....I may never fly again. I may be a unicorn forever. I may not ever be able to fly with you or with Scootaloo. I have Fluttershy and the rest of the pegasi doing the weather. I'm helpless." said Rainbow, the tears returning. Soarin' moved closer to her and put his hooves around her in a comforting hug.

"Hey. We'll get through this. I'm sure Twilight has found a cure by now." said Soarin', soothingly. By this time Scootaloo was stirring more than ever, and it wasn't long before one violet eye opened and acknowledged her mentor/sister and all the emotion that Rainbow had seen painted on Scootaloo's face on the building returned. She sat up straight, and faced Rainbow and Soarin'. Before saying anything, her eyes traveled up to the unicorn horn perched on Rainbow's head. Before she could say anything, Rainbow took the words right out of Scootaloo's mouth.

"I have a feeling there's a lot you need to know, too. Well...I guess...I'll start at the beginning."
Rainbow opened her mouth once more, and the story came spilling out faster than it had before. Scootaloo listened with all her might, and Rainbow's heart warmed and cooled as Scootaloo's expressions changed from laughing to shock to despair, and then to confusion. However, as Scootaloo listened and Rainbow told, her pony friends around her began to stir as well. They were each slowly but surely awakening by the sound of the former pegasus's truth and the soft pitter patter of the rain. Pinkie Pie lifted her head up first, and she too began to listen while trying to wake. Rainbow wanted to smile in Pinkie's direction, but continued the story.

Applejack's head came up next, and Rainbow had to swallow a laugh at the farm pony, because Applejack looked extremely bedraggled. Rainbow turned away from her two awake friends, though, and resumed letting the truth pour slowly out of her. Rarity was up then, followed by Spike, and then a few moments later Fluttershy arose. The only friend that wasn't up and listening intently to Rainbow was Twilight, and Rainbow didn't expect this development in the least. She took her gaze off of everypony(though their gazes were locked on her), and focused everything she had on Scootaloo. However, Twilight stirred, just like everypony else had, and finally her violet eyes opened, taking in their surroundings.

"Wha?" she said, softly, and looked around the room. Rainbow was nearing the end of her tale anyway, so she finished the story with a grand flourish, and turned to Twilight.

"Good morning, everypony." said Rainbow. It was like a switch was thrown on in each of her friend's mind, because suddenly they sprang into action, even through their fatigue.

"Rainbow! Thank goodness you're awake. We were all so worried about you." said Rarity, fussing more than she needed to, as always. Each of the ponies Rainbow cared about were around her bed now, nodding slowly and yawning, and though the attention was stifling, it also felt comforting.

"I'm glad you're alright, Rainbow Dash. Even if you may have that horn for a little while more." said Scootaloo, slightly cringing. Rainbow figured that the filly was happy for her mentor's living, but she was worried about her current state.

"Thanks, squirt." said Rainbow, and reached over a hoof to tousle Scootaloo's mane. Even though Scootaloo appeared pained, Rainbow Dash knew for sure that she enjoyed being fussed over by her mentor. Rainbow turned to Twilight, who was still struggling with staying awake.

"Twilight, didn't you tell me just before we left for the Celebration that you had a lead on how to cure me?" she demanded, more forcefully than she intended. And then, Rainbow saw something behind her friend's eyes that she herself had never seen before. A little spark buzzed deep in Twilight's pupils, and her irises enlarged. With all traces of sleep gone, Twilight stood up as quick as Rainbow had ever seen her move.

"Yes, that's right, Rainbow. I know exactly what to do." said Twilight confidently.
Twilight ran into the other room as quick as a whip, and in an instant she returned, levitating a rather large and rather weathered old book along with her triumphantly. It was a heavy and unmistakable crimson, with silver lettering along the front. She opened it with her magic, looking quite smug and sure of herself, and rapidly flipped to the page she had in mind. Everypony watched her do this, the sounds of the pages flipping filling the room now, mixing with the sound of the ongoing rain. Once she had found the desirable page, Twilight levitated the book straight to Rainbow. Rainbow caught the book in her hooves, and everypony crowded around to see what was inside.

One Who Is True Remedy : Able to Cure What Has Been Masked Away

Rainbow stopped reading for a moment, despite everypony else still reading, and gave Twilight a look. What was the unicorn up to? Twilight looked slyly at Rainbow, like she knew more than Rainbow did.

"Read further." she said, simply and almost cryptically. Rainbow rolled her eyes, but did as Twilight told.

By drinking this remedy, the drinker will be returned to his/her true self, whatever that may be.
-4 cups of pure water
-2 cups of sugar
-2 cups flour
-A teaspoon of salt
-A stick of butter
-A teaspoon of vanilla
-The tears of one who is innocent and pure of heart
-A hair of the consumer
-2 petals of a rose who has seen a harsh winter
-A cup of fresh squeezed strawberry juice
1. In a large mixing bowl, pour 2 cups of the water inside. Add tiny amounts of the flour in with the water while gently stirring. Add the rest of the water once all the flour is gone so the flour and water blend neatly together. Add both cups of sugar. Stir clockwise for 7 minutes exactly.
2. Melt the stick of butter and combine it with the salt in another bowl. Once this is stirred counterclockwise for 2 minutes, add it to the flour/water mixuture.
3. Stir for 9 minutes clockwise.
4. Add the vanilla and stir clockwise for 2 minutes more.
5. Crush the rose petals. In a seperate bowl, combine the fresh squeezed strawberry juice and the crushed rose petals and stir counterclockwise for 1 and 1/2 minutes.
6. Add that mixture to the original and stir for 3 minutes clockwise.
7. Add the hair of the drinker of this remedy and stir for 3 minutes more clockwise.
8. For the final touch, have one who is innocent and pure of heart cry into the original mixture. If one is indeed innocent and pure of heart, the remedy will become a beautiful yet delicate indigo. If one isn't, the remedy will become a violent and pulsing green. If the potion becomes green, the remedy has become a deadly poison and should be thrown out IMMEDIATELY. If not, proceed to Step 9.
9. Chill remedy for 8 minutes in an icebox at any temperature.
10. Set out for 2 minutes.
11. Serve remedy. Remedy is not to be drinken, but to be eaten with a spoon. All of remedy must be consumed for expected results.

"A remedy?" asked Rainbow, the minute she finished reading. Everypony else finished reading as well, and they all trained their eyes on Twilight, still looking very smug and sure of herself. Twilight nodded. Rainbow inspected the book again.

She remembered how Twilight had said that a potion may be the very thing to cure her, but Rainbow remembered how she had refused at the fear of loosing something else important. But now, as she looked at the remedy, it didn't seem that bad. All they really had to do was find somepony innocent and pure of heart to cry in it, and Rainbow would be herself again. Or at least, that's what she suspected.

At last everypony's attention was on Rainbow once more, awaiting the former pegasus's decision. At this point, it was all up to her if she wanted to go through with this, or if she wanted Twilight to find another way. But Rainbow sighed, closed the big crimson book, and looked at Twilight, everypony watching intently. Finally, Rainbow spoke, breaking the silence.

"Let's do it."

Chapter Eleven

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"Okay," said Twilight, and levitated the book out of Rainbow's hooves.

"But Twilight, how are we going to find somepony who is innocent and pure of heart to cry into the remedy? And how do I know that my true self is really me?" asked Rainbow, and Soarin' nodded.

"Well, I've thought about that, actually. When I found this I went to check in my Unnatural Ingridients book and I actually read up on those tears. And I'm pretty sure that if you're truly meant to be a pegasus, then it should turn you back into one." said Twilight, inspecting the book once more.

"Well, what are we waiting fer? We're ready when you are, Twilight." said Applejack, standing.
"What ingridients do you want me to get, Twilight?" asked Fluttershy, softly.

"I'll bet I can snag the fresh squeezed strawberry juice for you. It might be hard to do in the rain, but anything to get Rainbow Dash's wings back." said Rarity, reassuringly.

"I can get those flowers you wanted!" said Pinkie, jumping into the air.
"I can help you, if you like." said Soarin'.

"Me too!" said Scootaloo.
"Thanks, everypony." said Twilight.

"The only thing we're missing is the tears, and my book on Unnatural Ingridients said exactly where we got get them. We don't need them now, though, so it's okay." said Twilight, and went into the other room with the open book still levitating with her magic. Everypony followed behind her, leaving Scootaloo and Soarin' to be with Rainbow, who was still in her bed.

"I'm going to help Twilight. Do you want to help too or are you fine resting?" inquired Soarin'.
"I can help, if she needs me." said Rainbow, not really wanting to sit out this time around.

"I'm sure there's something Twilight could use help with. Can you get out of bed?"
"I'm sure I can." said Rainbow, though not really believing herself.

"Come on." said Soarin', invitingly, and urged Rainbow to get out of bed as he walked through the empty doorframe.
Rainbow sat up, with ease this time, feeling more sore and fatigued than pained. She got up out of her bed, feeling pretty good about herself, and slowly walked to the doorframe and out into the other room.

Twilight had already gotten out her giant mixing bowl she had used when she was making Rainbow's healing potion, and the rest of her friends had gathered by the door, awaiting instructions from her.

Rainbow noticed that her studious purple friend had also gotten out several other smaller mixing bowls, and that several mixing spoons stood at attention just nearby that. There were measuring cups as well, and all were neatly set up in an impressive careful array all around the already lit Bunsen burner. This organization didn't surprise the former pegasus in the least, as her purple friend was known for doing this frequently.

Peering at the book once more, Twilight finally gave her orders, casting a friendly glance over at Rainbow.

"Alright, everypony! Let's get Rainbow's wings back!" she said, her voice going just above the soft rain. There was an upbeat chorus of 'yeah's, 'yes'es, and even a 'let's do this!' provided by Soarin'. He went over to join the others in front of the doorway, and in preparation of leaving, Pinkie Pie took this opportunity to open the door wide, letting the metallic smell of rain seep into the library even more.

"Okay! Applejack, I need pure water, enough for four cups, and stat! Fluttershy, I need a bag of sugar, enough for two cups. Pinkie Pie, you can go get me a bag of flour. Rarity, I need a teaspoon of salt, so if you have a saltshaker somewhere close by, that'll be great. Soarin', I'll let you take care of the stick of butter. Be careful, everypony!" said Twilight, finishing the first round of the orders. Everypony nodded, and were just about to go out into the rain, when there was an interruption.

"WAIT!" A small voice piped up from behind Rainbow. Rainbow turned to see none other than Scootaloo, who was looking pretty anxious.

"What is it, Scootaloo?" asked Twilight, over the rain but still kindly.
"I want to help!" was the reply.

"I can watch her." said Soarin', and Scootaloo gave Twilight a hopeful smile. Twilight's eyes raced to her friends poised at the doorway, to Scootaloo, then to Rainbow, before finally giving a short sigh.

"Alright then. Scootaloo, could you get me a teaspoon of vanilla?" asked Twilight, trying to hide the urgency in her voice.
"Yes ma'am!" said Scootaloo, giving a little salute. She galloped over to where Soarin' and the rest were waiting to go. Before Twilight could dismiss them again, another interruption occured.

"Wait!" This time it came from Rarity, who was smoothing down one of her royal purple curls feverishly.

"What is it this time?" asked Twilight, sighing.
"Rainbow, where is that old cloak of yours? I simply cannot get my mane all wet or muddy, I just had it done a few days ago, and I-" She was muffled by something. Before Rarity could even finish her sentence Twilight had it levitating in front of her and was pushing it into Rarity's muzzle.

"Let's go, ya'll!" said Applejack, pulling her hat down slightly over her eyes and throwing her forehooves up and beginning to gallop out into the rain. She was followed by Pinkie Pie, who was followed by Fluttershy, who was followed by Soarin' and Scootaloo. Rarity was the last to leave, unsurprisingly, but she tied Rainbow's cloak around her self hastily, pulled the hood up over her head, struck a pose, and then galloped out into the rain.

A few careful minutes passed, and the door remained empty and the rain kept pitter pattering away. Twilight busied herself with organizing her supplies and double checking the recipe. Rainbow, who hadn't moved from her position just beside the doorframe, went over to where Twilight was.

"Twilight? Can I help get the stuff too?" she asked.

"I would love your help, but I'm not sure there's much you can do now. Unless you can find tears or a specific rose, that is. I wish you had spoken up earlier." replied Twilight, not looking up from her organizing. Though Rainbow hated to admit it, Twilight was correct. She mentally kicked herself for not speaking up when Twilight was giving orders for the normal things.

"Hey ya'll!" said a voice by the door, and both heads nearby snapped up to intercept the visitor. It was none other than Applejack, who was sopping wet yet carried a small also wet paper sack.

"Good job, Applejack!" said Twlight, and levitated the bag out of her soaked friend's hoof. Twilight levitated the sack over to her work station and opened it while Applejack shook herself dry in the entryway. The rain was steadily harder now, and a fresh wave of worry crashed over Rainbow. She didn't want her friends to get hurt, but Applejack seemed unfazed despite being wet. Rainbow turned her attention over to

Twilight, who was lifting a curious and very pretty vial out of the sack. It was medium sized, at least the size of Rainbow's hoof, leaf shaped, and seemed to be made of glass. Even Twilight didn't seem to know exactly what it was, so she didn't pop the cork at the end of the vial. She, along with a stunned Rainbow, carefully looked over to Applejack. What wasn't the farm pony telling them? Seeing their expressions, Applejack shrugged them off.

"That there is fresh rainwater. It's purest when ya get it straight from the clouds." she said, as if everypony knew this fact.
"Um....Applejack? I know I'm the unicorn now here, but....last I checked you don't have any wings." said Rainbow, speaking through her shock.

"Oh, uh...we get it from pegasi....Granny says it helps make the apples bigger..." said Applejack, sheepishly. There was silence while the two unicorns studied the farmer. A slow blush crept onto the farmer's face before she seized her wet ponytail and began wringing water out of it.

"It's the purest water Ah could find!" she protested. There was more silence, and then Twilight broke the ice.

"Okay, then. I guess this will have to do. Are you sure your farm doesn't need this? " she asked, and popped the cork on the vial but held it poised over the large mixing bowl, a measuring cup floating nearby.

"It's fine. Hey, we can always get more, seein' as it's rainin, and all." said Applejack. Twilight shrugged then, and poured some of the water into the awaiting measuring cup. Once it was full she poured the cupful of water into the bowl, making sure not to spill anything, and tipped the vial back over the now empty cup. This cup, when filled, was poured into the bowl, and Twilight levitated the cork up from its resting place and secured it back on the vial. The vial was then placed on the worktable for later use. Rainbow knocked herself out of her shock, finally, and sighed, watching Twilight.

Applejack opened her mouth to say something, but somepony else from the thickening rain came in and almost bumped into the farmer. Then another pony came out, and suddenly the dry entryway wasn't so dry anymore. Two more dripping ponies stood sopping, but both carrying some sort of bag or container.

It was none other than Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, whose manes had flattened on their faces from the water. Pinkie Pie carried a wet brown sack like Applejack's in her mouth, and Fluttershy carried a white bag in hers. Pinkie Pie was still as happy as she ever was, and she bounced further into the library(sending droplets of water everywhere) to where Twilight was, and set the wet bag right down on Twilight's worktable, earning herself a look from Twilight for disrupting all the organization.

Fluttershy, however, lingered in the doorway, before carefully walking over and pushing the white bag onto the edge of the worktable. Both then took places beside Applejack near the wall and away from the entryway, and stood dripping, awaiting further instructions.

"All right, thank you, everypony." said Twilight, and levitated the ingridients brought out of their wet carriers.

"Applejack, could you find me some fresh squeezed strawberry juice at this hour? Enough for one cup. And Pinkie Pie, you said you could get that rose for me. Remember, it's a rose that has seen a harsh winter. Fluttershy, you can stay here for now."

With the fresh round of orders given, Applejack and Pinkie Pie both nodded yes before galloping out into the rain once more. Fluttershy stood by the entryway, not sure of what to do, dripping and panting. Rainbow, seeing Fluttershy's hesitation, caught Fluttershy's eye and motioned for the wet and shy pegasus to come and take a seat by the former pegasus.

Fluttershy looked relieved, and skirted over to where Rainbow was, before finally sitting herself down next to her rainbow friend and sighing quietly. Both of them turned their attention to their purple friend.

Meanwhile, Twilight had a large mixing spoon in her magic possession and had the bag of flour in the air as well, along with the measuring cup she had used earlier. The measuring cup dived into the damp bag of flour and brought out a small mountain in the cup. Twilight levitated the excess flour off the top of the cup and levitated this excess amount back into the bag.

Then, she began stirring the water gently with her magic, while at the same time levitating tiny amounts of flour from the cup into the water, all the while taking multiple peeks at the recipe book. While she stirred, Rainbow heard noise outside, and within seconds three more soaked ponies were standing in the entryway, making little ponds around their hooves.

Rarity was there, levitating a package that was tied up with a red colored ribbon with her magic, though she didn't look very pleased. Rainbow smirked and saw that the cape hadn't really kept the unicorn very dry, even though Rarity had tied it tightly around herself. Scootaloo and Soarin' were there as well, both carrying packages.

Scootaloo held a tiny white sack in her mouth, and Soarin' carried a brown sack like Applejack's and Pinkie's in his mouth. Rarity untied the cloak with her magic, and levitated her package over and on Twilight's worktable, without receiving a glance from her still busy friend.

Scootaloo trotted over to Twilight's worktable as well and set the package down, and Soarin' did the same. Rarity came over to where Fluttershy and Rainbow were and stood to drip dry while Soarin' and Scootaloo found places oppostite and drip dried.

Silence filled the air, and the only noise was the tiny tinkling of Twilight's spoon hitting the bowl's edges. Rainbow watched as Twilight moved onto the second cup of flour, carefully mixing and adding in tiny amounts. She hadn't looked up from her work, but when she heard silence in the room and looked up, she realized that every eye in the room was on her. She kept her stirring going, adding flour, but spoke as well.

"You know, you could all help me, if you want." she said, and felt the tension in the room melt.

"Okay, Twilight. What can we do?" asked Soarin'.
"I'll help." offered Scootaloo.

"I could do something." said Rainbow, and Fluttershy nodded.
"Can anypony get me a towel?" Rarity asked, wringing water out of her not so perfectly quaffed mane. Twilight, still stirring, rolled her eyes and levitated a towel out of the other room. Accepting it with her magic, Rarity then began to towel herself.

"Okay, everypony. Soarin', could you mop up all the water from outside so nopony slips when they come in? Thank you. Scootaloo, I guess you could help Soarin' with cleaning up the water. Rainbow, you and Fluttershy can open these packages and any more that come in and dispose of them. Thank you, everypony!" said Twilight, appreciatively, still adding the remaining bits of flour.

Everypony nodded and sprang into action. Twilight told Soarin' where the mop resided and he went to go get it, returning with two dry rags that Scootaloo could use. Rainbow and Fluttershy trotted over to the packages, the ones unopened and opened, and Rainbow began opening them while Fluttershy picked up the opened ones in her mouth and Twilight pointed to where the wastebasket was.

With the stick of butter, the saltshaker, and bottle of vanilla uncovered, Twilight finally felt that she was getting some work done. She added the final amounts of flour, and levitated the bag of sugar and the neat little vial into the air, opening bothwith her magic. She placed her spoon on the worktable for the time being. She popped the cork of the vial and poured the rest in the bowl, emptying the vial. She set the vial down on her worktable and concentrated once more. Using the same measuring cup she let it dive into the bag of sugar, surfacing with the right amount.

She poured this cup into the bowl, got more, shaved off the excess, and poured that cup in as well. She levitated the bag of sugar down, as well as the measuring cup, and levitated her kitchen timer and spoon into the air, and set the timer to seven minutes exactly with her magic. She began to stir clockwise, setting the timer onto the worktable, it ticking slightly.

Soarin' and Scootaloo were still cleaning up water, and Rainbow and Fluttershy had opened the packages and disposed of the carriers. There was more noise outside, and the final two dripping figures appeared, carrying packages, just as before. Pinkie Pie came first, followed by Applejack, who shut the door, not allowing any more water to come into the library. As they drip dried in the entryway, Soarin' and Scootaloo worked around them, and Fluttershy retrieved the two packages from her dripping friends.

Fluttershy brought the packages over to the worktable, where she and Rainbow opened them, and Rainbow threw the damp containers in the wastebasket. Applejack had brought a plastic bottle filled with a red liquid, which was the strawberry juice, and Pinkie's package contained the delicate rose, whose petals were slightly blackened on the ends.

Twilight continued to stir, carefully watching the timer ticking beside her, and movement in the library gradually stopped. The floor was mopped, and Rarity, whose mane was now suitable enough, offered her towel to Applejack and Pinkie.

Rainbow and Fluttershy sat on the opposite ends of the worktable, watching Twilight, and Soarin' and Scootaloo took places in Rainbow's previous place of rest, just beside the spare bedroom. All awaited instruction, but all were weary from the gallop in the rain.

While she stirred, and making sure she didn't mess up her careful rhythm, Twilight used her hoof to push a smaller mixing bowl toward Rainbow and Fluttershy.

"Okay. Rainbow, Fluttershy, the Bunsen burner is on, and it's pretty hot, so Fluttershy, if you want to step out and have Soarin' try this part, then that's fine. Anyway, I need that stick of butter melted and combined with the teaspoon of salt in this bowl." she said, not looking up from her stirring. Rainbow nodded triumphantly, and even Fluttershy decided to help, even though it was clear she was a bit afraid of getting burned. Twilight continued to stir, watching the timer, and casting glances over everypony in the room.

Rainbow used her hooves to take the wrapping off the stick of butter, and Fluttershy used Twilight's measuring spoons to shake some salt into the teaspoon. Rainbow placed the stick of butter in the bowl, and squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated. She imagined the bowl getting off of the worktable, and carefully over the Bunsen burner.

"Rainbow, are you sure you should be doing that?" asked a nearby voice. Rainbow recognized it instantly as Soarin', but she sighed heavily, chose to ignore her coltfriend, and concentrated more. Somehow, this time when she concentrated, it didn't seem so hard to levitate the bowl. It seemed easier. She opened her eyes, felt the magic pulse through her, and sure enough, light ignited on her horn, just as it had before, and around the bowl. Like an expert, Rainbow levitated the bowl up and over the Bunsen burner, where the butter began to slowly melt.

"That was....pretty easy." said Rainbow, still levitating the bowl.
"It should be! After Scootaloo, a bowl is a snap." said Twilight encouragingly, not looking up from her mixing.

"Good job, Rainbow Dash." said Scootaloo, but Rainbow could still detect worry in her voice.
"You could have just used your hooves." said Soarin', giving Rainbow a concerned look.

"It's fine, Soarin'. That burner is, as I said, pretty hot, so somepony could have burned themselves." said Twilight, casting a glance over at the kitchen timer.

"Okay, if you're sure. Hey, it probably will be the last time you use that magic, anyway. Right, Rainbow?" said Soarin', and Rainbow heard hope pulse through his tone of voice. Rainbow nodded, and let that sink in. Though she was overjoyed at the thought of getting her wings back, she couldn't help but feel a touch sad. It wasn't all that bad, being a unicorn, and Rainbow felt...changed somehow. Like she had more respect for her friends that didn't have wings.

She shoved these thoughts out of her head, however, at the fear of becoming a sap, and concentrated on the now almost completely melted butter. She held the bowl over the burner for a few seconds more, and soon the butter became nothing more than a pool at the bottom.

She levitated the bowl out from over the burner and onto the worktable, where the magic left her horn. Fluttershy added the teaspoon of salt, and Rainbow grabbed another mixing spoon with her mouth and came around the worktable to inspect the recipe and the kitchen timer.

The timer hovered just by five minutes, so Rainbow went around the table again to where the butter bowl, with the spoon still in her mouth, where she stuck the spoon into the bowl, and began to move the spoon round and around, mixing counterclockwise as the recipe instructed.

Twilight glanced up from her stirring to see what Rainbow was doing, and held back a laugh. Her friend did look pretty ridiculous stirring with her mouth, but Twilight didn't object to this at all.

Rainbow was helping, and Twilight figured that if she said anything, it might hurt the former pegasus's feelings. But she did notice that Soarin' and Fluttershy were on the edge of giggles too. Meanwhile, the room around the five ponies was pretty dead.

Pinkie was conked out on the floor again, soft snores coming from her mouth, and Applejack was sitting on the floor again as well, and she looked like she was about to go to sleep again as well. Rarity was no where to be found, but when Twilight looked around more her vision latched onto the white unicorn sitting on the spare bed in the room Rainbow was staying, her eyes sleepy as well. Even Scootaloo looked like she was going to go to sleep.

The only ones truly awake were Fluttershy, Rainbow, Soarin', and herself. Twilight was fatigued, very much so, but she knew she had to get this done. She knew the others were too, but they all seemed pretty keen on helping, Rainbow especially. Before Twilight could think more, the kitchen timer gave a small ping! on the worktable, which signaled Twilight and Rainbow to stop stirring.

They did, and Twilight levitated her spoon down(which was covered in a smooth, sand colored substance), and Rainbow spit the spoon out of her mouth, which landed with a clatter in another corner of the table.

Twilight levitated the other mixing bowl with the butter in it over to where the flour batter was, and poured all of the butter into the larger mixing bowl. She levitated the small bottle of vanilla that Scootaloo brought and her measuring spoons and opened the bottle. She poured a bit of vanilla in the teaspoon, filling it and being careful not to spill, and emptied the teaspoon into the bowl.

She placed the measuring spoons and vanilla on the worktable. Levitating her timer and spoon back into the air, she set the timer for nine and a half minutes, and placed the spoon back in the bowl and the timer back in its place, soft ticks filling the air.

Twilight again began to stir clockwise once more, letting out a pretty big sigh before speaking again. This whole ordeal was tiring her out.

"Rainbow, will you take this cutting board and this crusher and take two of the petals from off of that rose and crush them for me? Soarin', take this bowl and this measuring cup and that strawberry juice and measure two cups into it? Rainbow, when you are done crushing those petals, put them in the bowl with the juice.

"Fluttershy, you can stir counterclockwise for one and a half minutes with this spoon. Everypony got it?" said Twilight, managing a tired smile and levitating all the necessary objects to the right ponies through her stirring.

Everypony, seeing Twilight's fatigue, nodded and smiled, trying to be helpful, and accepted their designated objects. Rainbow took the rose, picked two slightly blackened petals, and put the cutting board on the table. Placing the petals on the board, she put the crusher in the middle of both hooves, and began moving the tool over the petals extra carefully.

Fluttershy took the spoon, and held it in her mouth, ready to stir. Soarin' took the cup, bowl, and strawberry juice and set to work, opening, measuring, and pouring.

For a few long minutes, there was nothing but the sound of the ever thickening rain as the four ponies worked. Scootaloo had passed out on the floor beside Soarin's hooves, and Twilight yawned, still stirring and taking glances at the kitchen timer.

Rainbow finished crushing the petals, and put the tool back on the worktable. She picked up the cutting board and tried not to get the crushed petals everywhere and turned the board upside down over Soarin's juice bowl. He moved out of the way so that Fluttershy could move to where the timer was ticking inspect the time. It had been six minutes so far, so she returned to her place and they all sat to watch Twilight.

There was more stirring, more sounds of rain, and Fluttershy gave a soft and delicate yawn. Twilight continued to stir. Rainbow sat on the floor and resisted the urge to put her head on the table. She didn't know how she had gotten this tired, but it had hit her like a boulder.

When a little more time passed, Fluttershy went over to the timer once more and inspected the time. It had now been eight and a half minutes, and Fluttershy went over to her bowl, got the spoon from its resting place, stuck the spoon in it's place, and began to stir counterclockwise.

A soft ping! sounded through the room once again, and Twilight and Fluttershy stopped stirring, almost at the same time. Twilight checked the recipe, and levitated the strawberry/rose petal up and over Fluttershy's head and lifted her timer and spoon once more. She tipped the bowl and let the juice and petals fall into the original mixture, the smell of sugar, butter, and strawberries filling the surrounding area.

Twilight set the timer for three minutes, and set the spoon back into the bowl and once again began to stir clockwise. She gave a cough, and yawned, and then turned to Rainbow.

"Rainbow, could I have one of your hairs, please?" she said, casting a glance at the timer.

"Sure thing, Twilight." said Rainbow, and reached a cyan colored hoof to her forehead, dodging the unicorn horn. With one swift movement, she grabbed a single orange-red hair from her head and yanked. It came off, as expected, and a little prickle of pain played on Rainbow's head.

She put the hair on the worktable, and used her hoof to push it near Twilight. She went around the table and to the book to see how much longer they had until she got her wings back. Anxiety was beginning to bloom more fiercely in her chest now, and her eyes raced along the words until she caught a blemish.

"Uh....Twilight? I have a question." she asked, just as a soft ping! filled the air.
Meanwhile, the purple unicorn was setting her timer again, and levitating Rainbow's hair into the mixture and continuing to stir clockwise.

"What is it?" asked Twilight, not looking from her mixing.
"Where do we get tears from one who is innocent and is pure of heart?" demanded Rainbow.

"Way ahead of you, Rainbow. Now is the time to show you that passage I was talking about." said Twilight, not looking up from her stirring but using her magic to levitate a rather small and emerald colored book from her desk. Flipping it open, she levitated it over to Rainbow, who caught it in her hooves. Fluttershy and Soarin' looked on casually as well, intrigued.

Tears of:
-One who is innocent and pure of heart: It is said that the tears of one who is innocent and pure of heart will cure any illnesses and will blot out all mistake or evil. One who is innocent and pure of heart can usually be one of the following: a very young filly, a stallion who has seen true beauty, a mare who is kind to ALL around her, a mare who has never seen death, or one who has never lost hope. Be warned, if one is not innocent and pure of heart, the tears will reverse their effects. Be careful of which remedy/potion you use these tears in. The tears' magic is so intricate that one must be extra cautious.

"So who is this?" asked Rainbow. Checking the time, Twilight nodded toward none other than Fluttershy, and continued stirring.

"Fluttershy?" asked Soarin' and Rainbow together, and their eyes trained on the butter yellow pegasus.
"Me?" asked the pegasus softly, her face filling with shock and replacing the fatigue that had been resting there.

"Oh yeah. That makes sense, considering Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness and all." nodded Rainbow. Fluttershy gave Rainbow an unsure look, but Twilight nodded at Rainbow, indicating she was correct.

"Yes. And Fluttershy, we don't have much time left, so I need you to cry." said Twilight, looking up from her stirring for a bit.
"Cry?" asked the pegasus softly still.

"But....Twilight, I'm not very sad now. And I'm not sure I fit what you're talking about..."
"Fluttershy, we-"

"I have an idea, Twilight." said Soarin', interrupting, and Twilight nodded in his direction, checking the time frantically.
"What are you-" Rainbow began to say, but Soarin' shushed her.

"I hate to do this to you, Fluttershy. I just want to say I'm really sorry in advance." he said, apologetically to a confused Fluttershy. In one swift move, he grabbed the saltshaker, shook a miniscule amount of it on his hoof, and carefully placed a grain in Fluttershy's eye.

"Ow!" she yelped, and Rainbow and Twilight got strange looks on their faces. Twilight's was more horrified with shock, and Rainbow's centered around shock and confusion. Fluttershy's hooves flew to her eyes, and she squeezed her eyes tightly, still yelping softly. Rainbow and Twilight tossed angry looks at Soarin', but he nodded at Fluttershy's shut eyes, and sure enough, tears had began to pool under each. A soft ping sounded, and Twilight sighed heavily, and through her anger and shock, she levitated the bowl close to where Fluttershy was holding her eye in pain.

Tears escaped from both closed eyes and from under both hooves, and tears splattered out and into the mixture. Though two ponies were angry and one felt guilty, they both saw what the one couldn't. The tears were scattered, but when they hit the mixture, the mixture's color began to change from a sandy pink from a rich and delicate indigo.

It was fully indigo now, yet Fluttershy was still crying softly, Twilight and Rainbow had come around the table and had began comforting her. Soarin' went over to the icebox, opened it, got a hoofful of ice cubes, and brought them over to Fluttershy.

"Here you go, Fluttershy. A little bit of that should wash your eye out. I'm really sorry, Fluttershy, but...at least the mixture is done now. Rainbow should be ready to eat it pretty soon." he said, and Fluttershy accepted the ice cubes.

"Are you okay, Fluttershy?" asked Twilight and Rainbow, almost in sync. The pegasus sniffed, wiped her face, and brought a cube up to her eye.

"I'm fine. As long as Rainbow gets her wings back, I'll be perfectly okay." she said, and gave a watery smile before turning to Soarin'.

"It's okay, Soarin'."
After a few moments of rain filled silence passed before Twilight broke the ice.

"Well, that was....interesting. But now that the remedy is finished, we have to chill it for eight minutes." said Twilight, fatigue once again resting in her voice. Rainbow and Soarin' now comforted Fluttershy, and Twilight levitated the now indigo mixture off the table, and went over to the icebox. She opened the door with her magic and set the bowl inside. She shut the door to the icebox and sat on the floor, levitating her timer off its resting place and setting it to eight minutes exactly.

A few minutes passed, and Fluttershy removed the ice from her eye and blinked normally. There was a collective sigh that reasonated through the room as all the remaining awake ponies listened to the thickening storm. Twilight looked close to collapsing, and Rainbow looked longingly at all her sleeping friends.

She still didn't know how long she had been out after the Celebration, and even though it was still in the morning, she felt pretty tired. Soarin' apologized once more to Fluttershy, and sat on the floor. Fluttershy, who was already sitting, sighed heavily and yawned. Rainbow sat beside Soarin', and peace resumed. Rainbow lay her horn-clad head on Soarin's shoulder, and felt her eyes slowly closing.

A soft ping woke everypony up again, and Twilight was up and ready, opening the icebox and taking the bowl out and setting it on the worktable. She unplugged the Bunsen burner, and set the bowl to cool, once again lifting her timer into the air and setting it to two minutes. She double checked the book again, before closing it triumphantly. She got out a clean eating spoon from the cabinet and set it beside the cooling mixture.

Anxiety bloomed in Rainbow's chest again, more fiery and more persistent than ever before. She jumped up from her place beside Soarin' and went over to the timer, watching the time tick by, obsessively. Never before had she wanted something this badly before. She felt like she eaten a cinder block, and she was given a chance to get that block taken out of her. A waterfall of hope and excitement crashed over her, and she began tapping her hoof as the minutes ticked down.

Her excitement alone was enough to feed off of, and Fluttershy stood up, along with Soarin' and Twilight. They were all excited as well, and when the soft ping sounded through the air, Rainbow ignited her horn, and felt the anxiety and hope funnel into creating more magic. She lifted the spoon up, and let it fall into the bowl. She took out one spoonful, ready to eat, but then hesitated.

"Go on." said Twilight, encouragingly. Soarin' and Fluttershy nodded and smiled. So Rainbow did. She put the spoon in her mouth and let the sweet, buttery, and battery taste glide over her tongue.

Like the healing potion, the remedy had a few stages of taste. The first stage was sweet like the sugar and thick like the flour. She put more in her mouth, tasting the butter and salt, and looked down and realized that she was already halfway done. She persisted, seeing the image of her wings fly through her brain.

The halfway stage was bitter and sour, and tasted like she was eating somepony's hate. She ate more quickly here, to avoid tasting the bitterness for too long.

The last stage, and with the final bites, was the most unique and interesting taste Rainbow had ever tasted. It was light and sweet, like she was eating air. It was buttery but not too heavy, and it was a touch sour, but nothing too severe. It was the best thing she had ever tasted, and she wanted to eat it now and forever, but that was not to be.

The second that she put the last spoonful in her mouth, and took the empty spoon out again, her figure and her figure alone exploded in light, illuminating everything in the room.

Everypony who was still awake shielded their eyes, the light being brighter than any sunlight they had ever been under. Everypony who wasn't awake awoke instantly with the sudden increase of light, and all eyes opened. From the outside, all the library's windows were illuminated with this brilliant white light, but only for a second.

Rainbow couldn't see anything either. Everything was blocked out by the light, and all around her was quiet. A mysterious wind came from nowhere, and everywhere she looked she saw white sparkles. The white sparkles appeared all around Rainbow's hooves, and shock and fear shot through her. The sparkles lifted her up into the air, slowly, and adrenaline that hadn't been there for weeks surged through her. She recognized this feeling, and it felt better than anything. The sparkles that had lifted her kept her there, and began to slowly swirl around her hooves, slowly progressing up her body.

"What's going-" Rainbow began to say, but the sparkles were moving more quickly now. Beyond them, she could barely make out her hooves, but they too were glowing in brilliant white light. Soon, they were up to her chest, and once they passed over her body, she felt a strange sensation where her wings used to be. Like a million miniature needles were pricking her skin. It didn't really hurt, but it didn't really tickle, either. Before Rainbow could do anything, the magic was up to her neck, and she closed her eyes tightly and felt the warm sensation of it passing over her. It kept moving, and when it reached her horn, she felt a huge and painful sensation, like somepony was actually taking the horn and pulling it off her head.

She opened her eyes in shock and pain, and when she did, she couldn't see her body anymore. All she saw was glowing white light. She felt something slowly trickle off her forehead, and when she looked up to see what it was, she realized it was her deep magenta colored magic, and it flowed off of her forehead and it was made some sort of image in front of her. She squinted, and realized it was a lightning bolt, the same one on her Element of Harmony necklace.

But before she could squint at it more, the place she was hovering in was filled with a bright and immense magenta colored light, probably from the lightning bolt in front of her, and it was so bright that she closed her eyes, the adrenaline still pulsing through her.


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"Alright, Scootaloo. Are you ready?"
"Yes, ma'am!" came the reply.

The sun's light and warmth warmed Rainbow Dash's back as she looked down from her position in the air. It was a beautiful day, one that Rainbow had seen but not yet gotten to enjoy. The sound of her flapping wings and the feeling of being in the air once more shot excitement to every place in her body, and she knew that eventually the corners of her mouth would hurt from beaming so much. She couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day, or better ponies to spend it with.

Scootaloo's hopeful and determined face looked up to Rainbow from her place on the soft green ground. She gave Rainbow a careful smile, almost as if she were joyous, but fearful to accomplish what her beloved mentor was instructing her to do. Soarin', who was beside the pegasus filly, also smiled up at Rainbow, but more genuinely this time. He was just as joyous as Rainbow was about her recent transformation, but he knew his joy was nothing compared to his marefriend's.

"You can do it, Scootaloo!" said a voice nearby. Scootaloo turned away from Rainbow to smile at the voice, and Rainbow winked in the voice's direction as well.

The speaker was none other than Twilight, who sat comfortably, levitating a glass of ice cold punch just nearby her mouth. However, the studious purple unicorn was far from alone.

A checkered picnic blanket was laid out on the soft green ground, and everypony had decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by having a picnic right under their best friend's home, all the while casting frequent glances into the sky, watching.

Peace and contentment eminated from each pony as they lounged on the blanket, enjoying various sweets and foods brought in by one another. Rainbow was extremely pleased that each could spend time with her today, and she was also glad to see that the deep violet circles that had painted their faces previously weren't so deep anymore. This pleasure mixed with her excitement, all the while adding to her unexplainable joy.

Pinkie Pie sipped loudly from her glass of punch, and Spike offered Rarity a refill on hers as each picnicker watched their rainbow friend be at bliss once more. Applejack took a large bite out of a fresh Red Delicious apple, and Fluttershy finished a cucumber sandwich in a final delicate gulp.

"Okay, Scootaloo. Now, when you get off the ground, it's always good to have a nice breeze propelling you forward. This makes it easier to start flying." said Rainbow, and made a gesture with her hooves to indicate wind blowing by.

Scootaloo nodded, and began flapping her wings very quickly, the buzzing sound of her tiny wings filling the air even quicker. Soarin' stood close by, observing, and the pegasus filly turned in the direction that the wind was blowing and waited for a good and subtle breeze.

"That's good, squirt. There should be a really good one in a minute..."
As Rainbow continued with her instructions, Twilight tried to focus on her current task. Taking another careful swallow of punch, she looked down at the empty parchment, inkwell, and unused quill that she had brought with her. She knew that this incident would make an excellent letter to Princess Celestia.

Igniting her horn, she levitated the quill into the air, dipped it in the inkwell, and held it, poised, over the empty parchment. Before she knew it, her eyes had escaped into the sky once more, and she watched tentively as Rainbow mirrored Scootaloo's actions from her place in the sky. Before Twilight could mentally scold herself for not focusing and going back to her task, Rarity broke the ice. She too, was watching their best friend, while sporting a very stylish pink sunhat.

"She does look very happy up there, doesn't she?" asked Rarity to nopony in particular, her gaze still wistfully watching Rainbow. Twilight acknowledged her friend, and saw something flicker behind Rarity's irises. Twilight looked more closely, but the flicker had vanished, and Rarity looked the same again. Meanwhile, there was a tidal wave of agreement supported by everypony, not a single refusal to be heard.

"She is excellent at flying, though. It does seem like...so much fun. I wonder...." continued Rarity, her voice trailing off.
Curiosity sparked in Twilight, and the gears in her mind started turning.

Does she mean?...., thought Twilight.
Nah, she couldn't, concluded Twilight with a shrug, and turned back to her parchment, forcing herself to concentrate.

There's no way I'm going to finish this, is there, she thought after staring at the parchment for several moments and having her mind blank. Finally giving in to her eye's wishes, she turned her head back towards the sky, like everypony else's, lowering her quill, and continued to watch, feeling the desire to fly melting in her mouth and crawling into her heart.

".....help you there, Scoots." Rainbow was saying, and Twilight saw something fly across Rainbow's expression. In an instant, Twilight recognized it. It was disappointment. Before Twilight could question why, she was answered, as the rainbow pegasus lowered herself from the blue abyss and onto the soft ground.

Once there, she kept her wings open, cast a modest smile over at her friends, and turned her attention back on her student and her coltfriend.

Twilight watched as her rainbow friend exchanged a wink with Soarin', and in an instant throw out a cyan blue hoof and secure it just under Scootaloo's front. Soarin' followed suit, and opened his wings. Scootaloo, on the other hoof, was pleasantly surprised, and a slow beam crept on her muzzle because she too knew what was to happen next.

Rainbow began to flap her wings, and Soarin' did the same, all the while their gazes fixed on the filly they were carrying securely.

Before Twilight knew it, the three were in the air, and were hugging the cloudless sky. All eyes watched, and all movement stopped as Rainbow exchanged a look with Soarin', and began to fly forwards, towards the gleaming sun.

The cheer was out of Twilight's mouth before she could process it.

Every eye turned from the sky to their purple friend, and after a few moments of staring, Applejack shrugged, and followed suit. Smiles began to creep on muzzles, and one by one, everypony who was lounging took up the cheer.

From the air, the sense that all her friends were cheering her on gave Rainbow new hope and excitement to press on. She looked from Soarin' to Scootaloo to her friends, and let the biggest beam she had ever let onto her muzzle come and rest there.

Soarin' returned this beam, and Scootaloo gave one as well, and the three continued to fly towards the sun, the wind racing past their faces and the cool air of the sky chilling them ever so slightly.

Rainbow and Soarin' turned, and flew back to where everypony was cheering, Twilight at the helm. Rainbow and Soarin' and Scootaloo too all began to encircle the air far above the blanket, going slowly but not snail paced, and quickly but not fast enough to drop Scootaloo.

With the wind whipping quickly past her now pegasus friend's mane, Twilight let a whoop escape her lips and watched tentively as the three pegasi flied above her. Rainbow heard this cheer, and glanced down at Twilight and everypony to give them all the beam that had painted her face.

It was then that Twilight saw it, but only for a slim second. It was deep magenta, the same color as Rainbow's magic had been, and it was shaped like a star with too many points.

Twilight knew what it was instantly; she'd know it anywhere. It was a scar, right on Rainbow's forehead. And in the same place as a unicorn horn had been.

The shrieks of joy and happiness echoed through her ears, and with one final glance from her view in the air, Rainbow let a cheer of her own rise out of her throat and into the sky.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Rainbow Dash here. Over the past few weeks, I learned that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, and lying to those you really care about is never a good idea. Maybe lying sounded like a good idea at the time, but if I had just told the truth in the first place, those ponies I love so much would have been loyal to me in trying to help.

So, I guess you could say that I learned how to be more honest, like Applejack. Maybe she could use some help being more loyal, am I right? Just a joke for you.

Hey, just a friendly note ahead of time, don't ever let Spike near a cloud resistant potion. I couldn't believe it when he told me, either.

Also, there's this strange little scar on my forehead where the horn was, so I guess the horn and it's magic will always be with me? I dunno. I'll ask Twilight.

Soarin' and Scootaloo are here too. They say hi. They also say that they want me to go flying with them and get me out of the house. It seems I can't fly enough lately.

I think it's time to go. Hope you enjoyed reading my letter, your majesty, and I hope to learn more lessons along with everypony else in the future.
See ya!
-Rainbow Dash, Soarin', and Scootaloo

The End