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When one becomes corrupted by darkness they feel they need to drag someone else down with them. Sombra does exactlly this when he returns to the Crystal empire and chooses the member of the mane six he think would fit best to rule by his side

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Interesting...... "Strokes nonexistent beard"

My friend, you could really use an editor...

Unfortunately, I'm incapable of taking that position myself, as I'm very busy IRL.

However, some advice: it's "encase" not "incase"
And the pacing is kinda fast.
As for the idea? It ooks great! Will be keeping track to see how this goes.

Great stuff! I think it's pretty good for your first story on here!! Keep writing please :rainbowwild:

:flutterrage:MMMOOOOAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage: I-if you don't m-mind that i-is.:fluttershysad: I seriously can't wait for the next chapter! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Queen Rainbow Dark Dash:rainbowkiss:

Woah.....King Sombra would actually make a pretty good dad if he was nice and a protagonist...:rainbowderp: Can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

Me need moar! When will the next chapter be? I can't stop thinking and checking up on it :pinkiehappy:

>>Swirly_Quill I agree. As well, more is in order . Do not argue author, your opinion is invalid. (Except that you write the story n stuffs)

I require more of this amazing story and I require it Yesterday !

Comment posted by Violet Emblem X deleted Oct 8th, 2013

3320268 you are turning into Pinkie my friend

3320277 p.s that meant I was gong craaaaazzzzyyyy waiting for another chapter :pinkiehappy:

3320386 I really do need more, this concept is awesome.

3322824 I know, my brain hurts just thinking about when I can read more! :raritycry: pwease make mowe :pinkiesad2:

Dr.AuthorGuy PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!

Reading this again, I require more reading material from this excellent story!

wow people do match rainbow dash with everyone. (i have read the one about the kitchen sink. i am not joking.) :rainbowhuh:

i want to see there this goes. happy writing.

stockhome sydrome! (not sure about the spelling) fight it dash! fight it! :rainbowdetermined2:

please good author, make more! :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:we all await your next chapter!!:heart::heart:

Ruddy Hell, you accursed author. I am going to tear out one of your ribs and beat you to death with it if you do not update soon.

3535305 ill bring a hacksaw but why do they call it a hacksaw it doesn't hack (cupcake refrence)

3554329 Why a hacksaw? A bonesaw or scalpel would be far more useful.

3555039 your right ill get the tools

3535305 Im trying but currentlly I'm working with a lap top that dosent connect to the internet so I have to save the file on a flash drive and take it to a different lap top (which are almost always in use when i need them) and when I did type out most of the chapter it didnt save it, so please allow me to live for just a tad longer and let me figure this out

can't wait for next chapter! We all want MOOOOAAARRR!:flutterrage::twilightsheepish:

3561052 ok but you heed my warning my pet fluffy loves the taste of writers flesh so hurry on now good sir.

3606599 SIR?!! Tut tut dear lad i am a woman *smacks with news paper* now go in wait for an update in the corner!!

3608886 Sorry madame didn't know your were well a madame o.O but i dont stand in a corner without *puts on sexy maids outfit* this on :D

3610042 hmm... Your conditions are rash but fair, you may come out from the corner but keep the outfit on, it amuses me XD

3610398 as if anyone would make me take off this maids outfit. IT'S MY LIFE!!! That and the zipper is stuck. *goes back to being creepily sexy as a guy in a maids outfit*

3610505 how am i supose to work on an update with you distracting me with your mega sexiness?!!

3613938 *takes off maids outfit and puts on invisible suit* there problem solved *starts loudly eating muffins*

3614990 better, yet the sexy still hangs in the air, but i think i'll survive XD

3615023 sexiness can't hang in the air for I AM THE SEXINESS * starts eating muffins sexly while invisible*

3615098 mother of celestia... My mind has officially been blown... *claps* bravo good chap

3615290 by celestias beard i finnaly WON!!! YES I DID IT! Well time for me to go kill zomb ponies and listen to wubs as i do it. *pulls out epic wub cannon* cya use the zomb signle if you need me

3615476 *rides off into the subset majesticly* is it me or is it getting hottercthe cliser i get to this suns *starts on fire* ahhhhhhhhhh

3615476 so done with the update yet *grabs knife* don't want this to get dirty do we?

3618827 nearly there, just have to finish it up and do a bit of editing *pulls out jar* need some jelly with that knief?

3626458 *takes jelly and puts it on toast* thanks

3626612 By the way just a heads up I'll be doing a bit of rewriting to the first couple chapters, not anything drastic just fixing a few mistakes and adding some stuff

3626758 *sweetie bells voice* oh come on!
*pulls out sniper rifle* dobt mibd me just polising it for when i do somethibg dramatic.

I need a new chapter or else this basket of puppies will explode! And you don't these puppies to explode...do you????:pinkiecrazy:

3663877 threatening doesn't work I've tried i even used my maids outfit.

3685697 well you never did a sexy dance now did you?:trixieshiftright:

3687117 do i have to do the dance XD *puts maidsoutfit on*

Must have moar now! If I don't my head will become confetti ammo for pinkie!

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