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A shadow's Rainbow - the_fandom_menace

When one becomes corrupted by darkness they feel they need to drag someone else down with them. Sombra does exactlly this when he returns to the Crystal empire and chooses the member of the mane six he think would fit best to rule by his side

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chapter 2

“Queen?” Rainbow asked in a shaking voice.

Sombra nodded. “And a fine queen you will make.”

There was a long silence as Rainbow stared back at the dark unicorn before her, trying to process all that had happened, all that was happening right now, and what she feared/prayed would happen. Though she wouldn't really admit it, even to herself, she was scared more scared than she ever thought she could be. What was Sombra planning for her? She could only hope whatever it was, it’s wasn't anything she couldn't take, She tried her best to stay together she wouldn't dare breakdown now, especially in front of Sombra. Instead she glared at the supposed king trying her best to stay brave.

“Is that what you had Twilight with a blade at her throat for? To enslave her? Ruin her life for your own selfish gain?!” She spat.

“Oh, such big words from such a little pony.” Sombra cooed.

“What happened to that “a mare of my stature” crap?”

Sombra ignored her. “And not ruin her life, but rather improve upon it.” His horn illuminated and with a loud *FOMP* and a bright light a tiara similar to Sombra’s crown appeared and landed in his hooves. “At my side she would've ruled over the crystal empire and all the miserable ponies that dwell in it. Every one of her needs met and the crystals our slaves would harvest would be ours to with what we please.” Sombra’s gaze suddenly shifted to Rainbow. “But I don’t need her now…” Sombra placed the crown atop Rainbow’s head then brushed a hoof under her chin. “I've found someone better.”

“Well when she gets here let me know.” Dash replied sarcastically.

“Twilight was much to bland, while her magic ability was great she wouldn’t have been much fun to play with.” Sombra leaned even closer caressing Rainbows cheek with his hoof. “But you, you have spunk. When you challenged me I knew you’d make a much better queen.”

“You like the abusive women, eh?” Rainbow said raising an eye brow.

“I prefer the term…” Sombra’s mouth was now inches from hers. “…feisty~”

“Puh, I’m guessing logic isn’t a requirement of being a king.” Rainbow said trying to mask her fear.

Sombra chuckled darkly. “I can tell you till, my dear Rainbow…” Sombra leaned close to Rainbow’s ear. “Marriage is required to become my queen.”

Rainbow’s pupils shrunk as she tried to move away from Sombra. “N-no! way!!” She grunted. “Get away from me! I aint marrying you!”

"Not yet anyway..." Sombra nibbling Rainbows ear a bit
Rainbow shivered but continued. "Not ever!"

Sombra appeared to be losing his patience. He leaned his head forward so that his horn was touching Rainbow forehead. His horn illuminated with dark magic and soon Rainbows eyes had turned green with red irises with the trail of purple smoke waving out the sides of her eyes. Her head began pounding as dark whispers filled her ears. She clenched her teeth in pain but again was unable to closer her eyes.

“Gah!!” She cried out. “St-stop it!

“Now listen.” Sombra said sounding dead serious. “And listen good.”
Rainbow quickly nodded.

“While you’re hear you are my queen and you will be treated as such, however I expect you to do exactly what I tell you, whenever I tell you, and I don’t want to hear any back talk. Just do as I say and you’ll be fine, understand?

Rainbow nodded. “Y-yes…”

Sombra ginned and released Rainbow from the spell much to her relief.

“That’s better, now be a good little pony and hold still so that I can get those nasty chains off.”

Rainbow didn’t protest this time, one because she couldn’t take another dose of the spell, and two with her hooves free she could figure out a way to escape. Sombra’s horn began to glow and with a small clank, the chains loosed on Rainbows hooves. She brought them in front of her and began to rub the scars that the chains had left. This was her chance.
She tried unfurling her wings but nothing happened.

“What the…”

Just like before, it was almost as if she didn’t have wings, the one thing that set her apart from other ponies and she couldn't even tell if they were there . Panicked, her hooves flew to her back but a sharp spark of pain forced her them away.

“Ah ah ah. No touchy.” Sombra said in the tone you’d use for an undisciplined foal.
“What…what did you do to my wings?!” Rainbow demanded.

“Just the nessacary percations to make sure you don’t try anything you may regret.” Sombra pointed to Rainbows back.
Rainbow whipped her head so that she could see her back. Her wings were encased in more of Sombra’s dark magic.

“So…” Rainbow looked up at Sombra with sad eyes. “I can’t fly?”

Sombra lifted Rainbows chin. “Maybe someday I’ll let you fly again.” Sombra’s eyes suddenly turned cold. “That is if you behave yourself.”

Rainbow looked away from his gaze and after a small silence slowly nodded.

Sombra smiled. “Excellent, now…” Sombra tapped the side of Rainbows cheek. “Let’s get you looking queen worthy.”
Sombra stood motioning for Dash to do the same. She slowy stood up careful not to fall back down. Sombra used his magic to open the door. Rainbow however merely stood in place staring at the floor. He stopped looking over his should back at the young mare.

“Come along, my pet.”

Rainbow remained still. Sombra’s horn illuminated again Rainbows head throbbed as she was lunged forward. She shakingly took a few steps towards him showing she was capable to walk herself. Sombra smirked.
“That’s better.” He continued to walk and Rainbow followed closely behind, her tears silently hitting the floor.

“Twilight? Twilight? Twilight can you hear me?!”

Twilight clouded mind could barely make out the sound of her friends’ voices calling her name as she slowly slipped back into consciousness.

“I think she’s coming to!”

“Everypony back up and give her some air.”

Twilight groaned as she tried to force her eyelids open. Opening them barely above a slit she found her vision was blury and she could barely make out the different colored shapes that stood over her.

“Twilight? Twilight come on!”

Twilight felt something lightly slap the side of her face trying to bring her out of her dazed state. She let out another groan and opened her eyes further now able to see all her friend looking down at her. Wait…not all of them…

Memories of what had happened at the crystal empire sunddely came back to her as her eyes shot open and she bolted up into a sitting position.

“Rainbow dash!” Sh shouted. “Where’s Rainbow Dash?!!”

“Easy there sugar cube,” Apple jack said trying to push Twilight back down. “Everythings fine… just lay back-“

Twilight looked around fanticly and she found herself laying in a giant bed with her friends surrounding her.

“Where are we? What happened.” Twilight said paniced.

“You’re in Canterlot castle.”

Twilight whipped her head in the direction of her teacher Celestia’s voice. The said Alicorn was now making her way over to the crowd of ponies. “My bed room to be exact.”

“Princess Celestia!” Twilight said sounding relived. “What happened? Is Rainbow okay? Where is she? Sombra tried to-“

Celestia placed a hoof to the young alicorns shoulder a sad look in her eye.

“Twilight, I’m afraid Rainbow is still at the crystal empire with King Sombra.” Celestia told her.

Twilight’s expression turned to pure horror as she took it what Celestia had just told her.

“Wh…what? No….no….” Tears began pouring from Twilight’s eyes shutting them tight. “Nonononono!!” twilight’s head snapped up and she glared at the sun goddess. “How could you just leave her there!!”

Celestia was taken back by Twilight sudden mood swing but still did her best to remain calm for her students sake.

“Sombra sent you all back here after he got Rainbow Dash under his control.” Celestia answered. “We would have tried to get her back, but the empire is guarded by his dark magic, our magic is useless against it.”

“You know dark magic! You can take it down!”

Celestia shook her head. “His dark magic is much more powerful than ours could ever-“


Twilight was now sobbing and pounding her hooves against Celestias legs.

“HOW COULD YOU JUST LEAVE HER THERE WITH….with that monster…!” Twilight stopped her pounding and instead buried her face into Celestia’s leg. “…the things he might do to her…”

Celestia wrapped a foreleg around Twilight bringing her into a small embrace as she continued to sob.

“Oh…Rainbow….I’m sorry…I’m so so sorry….”

The rest the ponies could only stand and watch as Twilight completely broke down at the loss of their friend. Letting their own tears slide down their faces.

Sombra had released the crystal ponies from there crystal prison only to send them back into slavery either harvesting crystals or serving them in the castle. Sombra had order that Rainbow be cleaned up which lead to much akwardness when she had to convice the “servants” and sombra that she was capable of bathing herself.

After the bath Sombra had the scars around her hooves wrapped in bandages and lead her to her, or their as Sombra said new room. It was rather large and seemed somewhat pleasant compared to the rest of the castle. The purle curtains pulled away from the window so that she could see out over the empire, not that she wanted to with the dreary sky and the suffering ponies just below. A large dresser sat just right of the bed the top nearly touching the ceiling, Rainbow never had had any use for a dresser so that seemed almost pointless to her. A vainity with a large mirror sat against the left wall from the door. It appeared to be made of clear crystal as it shimmered when even the smallest light hit it. The bed was fairly large and she had to admit rather comfortable looking. Large blankets were drapped over the mattress and plump pillows lay at the top.

So now they were just sitting on the bed pass whatever time of the day was left. Rainbow stared blanky down at the rug beside the bed. Her crown sitting at her side as Sombra ran a brush through her mane, his cape draped around her shoulders. Normally she loved having her mane brushed but she dare not let him now that.

“I assume the room is to your liking?” Sombra asked pulling Rainbow from her thoughts.

She shrugged. “It’s okay…I guess.” She answered. “I prefer sleeping on cloud though.”

Sombra returned a shrug. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Rainbow raised an eye brow. “Sense when does a villain care what a mare wants?”

“I told you, you are my queen. And I intend to treat you as such.”

“That so?” Rainbow questioned.

Sombra looked up and her for a moment before removing the cape and using his magic to move her wings so that he could slide the brush down Rainbows back.

She jumped a bit at first but then let out a small moan of pleasure slumping her shoulders and arching her back lazily.

“Is that proof enough for you?” Sombra said brushing down again.

“Mmmm…but…you tried to kill me back in the throne room…”

“It was merely a test, and now you’re reciving your reward for passing.”

He brought the brush back up to her neck and slid it slowly down her back again and all the way down her tail. She shivered and let out another moan.

“Um…you highness?”

Rainbow and Sombra both looked over to the door to see a meek looking servant pony standing in the door way.

Sombra growled and levitated the cape back over Rainbow’s shoulders. “What is it?”

“Oh…um…dinner is ready…”

“Bring my Queens here, I will dine later.”

“Yes sir.” The pony squeaked backing out of the room.

Rainbow looked over to Sombra. “How come you aint eating?”

‘And why do I care?’ She thought

“I can eat all I want when I want.” Sombra answered, tying the cape in front and levitating her crown to the bedside table.

“And I can’t?”

Sombra looked at her blankly. “You’ll eat when I tell you to eat.”

“Oh but of course you highness.” Rainbow answered sarcastically.

Sombra rolled his eyes no longer in the mood to hit Rainbow with another mind spell. The pony returned soon after with a small tray. Sombra took the tray and ordered the pony to leave, which he quickly obliged. He brought the tray in front of Rainbow and set it in her lap. She looked down and examined the trays contents. A bowl of carrot soup a roll and a cup of cider.

Rainbow tilted her head. “This is the finest food of the crystal castle?”

“A small preview.” Sombra levitated a spoon off the tray, dipped it into the soup then bringing it up to Rainbows lips.

Rainbow scrunched her nose and turned away. “No way! I’m not a foal!”

Sombra narrowed his eyes. “I thought I made it clear that you’d eat when I told you to eat.”

“I’m not about to be spoon fed by some wannabe ki-“

Rainbow couldn't finish before Sombra had shoved the spoon into her mouth. She nearly avoided choking on it and managed to swallow it, gasping for air afterwards.”

“What the buck do you think you’re doing?!” She shouted.

“If you would just cooperate I wouldn’t have to do things like that now would I?” Sombra dipped the spoon back into the soup and bringing it back to her lips. “Now are you going to be a good little mare, or are we going to have another problem?”

Rainbow looked away from Sombra and sat in silence. Finally she let of a small huff and opened her mouth.

Sombra grinned. “Good girl.” He said pouring the soup into Dash’s mouth.

After the long and awkward feeding process Dash’s dinner was gone and her belly was full. She had to admit the food wasn’t bad and even the cider was passable, though she still preferred the apple family cider.

After one of the servant pony came to take away the tray Rainbow found herself yawning and leaning back on one of the pillows. She was surprised when Sombra climbed into the bed as well and pulled the covers over them. He took off his own crown and set it next to Rainbows on the bed side table.

Rainbow was about to move away from Sombra when he pulled her closer.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” She protested. “I’d prefer to sleep on my own side of the bed.”

Sombra only laughed. “I’m afraid I’m not giving you a choise,”

Rainbow continued to squirm but Sombra only pulled her closer. After about a minute Dash finally got the hint that struggling was useless and she gave in to Sombra’s embrace. He positioned her so that her back was against his stomach wrapping one fore leg around her waist and placing the other under her head to act as a pillow.

Rainbow wanted to complain but her heavy eye lids get the best of her. Letting out another loud yawn she began to slip into unconsciousness, but not before she hear a quiet.

“Pleasant dreams, my queen.”

Author's Note:

Yes I know the part with the rest of the ponies back at Canterlot wasn't very long and that's because it wasn't suppose to be, so yeah there's that

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