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This story is a sequel to Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew

Everyone knows the story of the Iron Wing. They all know how fiercely she fought at the battle of Rainbow Falls. Soldiers measure their worth by where they were when she routed Sombra at the gates of Canterlot. Even now, there's a pilgrimage some take that follows her entire campaign.

And anyone who knows anything about the Iron Wing knows about the Demolition Crew. The story of the Crystal Collapse is one fraught with thrills and chills for fillies of all ages, and the closing of the Ghastly Gorge continues to inspire and terrify all who hear of it.

But legends seldom begin as the titans they become. Heroes are not born, but made, through fire and pain and loss. There isn't a pony alive who doesn't know the story of the heroes, but the story of the soldiers who became those heroes is one known only to them.

This is not the story of Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew. This is the story of Rainbow Dash and the Pie sisters.

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this is really amazing i love it:heart:

So what happens to the crystal ponies, having gone from being The Enemy, and are suddenly PEOPLE again.

6752139 Gee, maybe it has something to do with the individual chapters taking the POV of different characters, the last chapter of Iron Wing having been from Pinkie's perspective, and the fact that this story is talking about what is basically Rainbow's first day on the job.

I mean, if I had to guess.

Interesting. That ending line has me wondering if she got so lost in her own story/memory that she flipped out like it was happening again. I think that's what you were going for, anyway.

I like seeing some backstory.

6752238 Yup. That's exactly what I was going for. Well done.

Whoa. O.o That was really, really cool... I think I'm speechless now.

I do love me some backstory. Contrary to what you may or may not think, this is something I think will do perfectly fine living up to expectations. I'll be watching! From your closet

Looks like Rainbow has a serious case of ptsd going on.

I like it. Can't wait for the next one~ :raritystarry:

The words really show how Rainbow is feeling. Good job sir/ma'am!

6752367 Could you pass me my pants while you're in there?

6752772 I'm a woman. Thanks for the ambiguity, though. Thought that counts, and all that.

There are some things certain persons just cant talk about.

If they ever do, the persons listening will wish they hadnt.:pinkiesick:

This is awesome please continue writing this!

6755933 As if anything could stop me!

What I want to know is, why doesn't Tom have a character tag?

Moon Dancer doesn't even have one. :rainbowlaugh:

Pfft, I really don't know. Why aren't there tags for the bullies from Cloudsdale?

I love this presentation of earth pony magic. Just saying.

Beautiful presentation of Maud, I look forward to reading more.

Maud wouldnt have met Mother Of Pearl because its a biological material? I thought earliest steels, apart from meteoritic nickle iron alloys, were equal wrought and cast iron in a crucible? Been a long while since Ive looked up metals though.

Maud and the Zen of airfoil replacement. Kit Cloudkicker would be proud. :moustache:

6780175 I'm completely in the dark about metals, dude.

And so 2016 begins with an ending. An ending that might honestly be a massive disappointment that leaves you all unsatisfied and begging for more, but an ending nonetheless.

Here's to the future.

I was actually inspired by the Prequel to start the story I entitled Peace.

6790081 Wait, seriously? I inspired that thing?

Excuse me, I need to go squee in the corner.

Thank-you so very much for this story.


Well, I assumed it would have been obvious to readers of the first chapter.

It's interesting though. I describe the Helms as being forged by Hate and powered by Love. You've set Pinkie up to be forged by Love but powered by Hate.

Well that explains why Pinkamena became so hateful. And I'm not disappointed that it's an ending, since this was so well written. Excellent job on this story.

6790167 A fascinating juxtaposition, to be sure.

Some say which is worse, the horrors of war that people dont live through, or those that they do, and have to live with.

If you take a little diversion with certain other stories, and consider what little we may understand of war these days, Pinkie could take some solace.

DEATH is waiting.

:rainbowdetermined2: Once more I must thank you for writing these stories, I believe what I loved most was that it portrayed war in a very real light. There is no honor to be had in war; only blood, sorrow, madness, and the scars of mind and body that will never heal.

This was so good. I mean, I toyed with the idea of Pinkie and Maud facing Sombra (me and my SombraPie shipping self wanted to see how it'd work in this AU), but Rainbow? You really captured her fear when talking to Sombra and you captured him as a villain. When you described his laughter and joy, it reminded me of Pinkie, and how she doesn't feel those things because of him.

Good shit, man.

I love this so much. Maud calling Dash "sir" really puts into how much respect she has for her, but as the chapter goes on, you can feel how Maud really cares about Dash. Just as a comrade, but as a friend, perhaps more than that. This ship could work in this world, no prob. (I mean... The war would be a problem, but y'know what I mean...)

...Shit. Just... SHIT. I mean, no wonder Pinkamena isn't like Pinkie. Pinkie loves laughter. She lives in it. She is Laughter. Pinkamena? She despises it. She hates laughter because of the laughter that slaughtered her parents, that tried to take her family away. And she's broken, never to heal right.

Shit, man. This was screwed up in the best way.

6794542 'Screwed up in the best way'. Interesting way to put it.

Meaning that you showed just how Pinkamena thinks. She's twisted and she's messed up from what happened. She's not the same pony as before, and you captured her transformation and her reasoning for the way she was wonderfully. Does it excuse the things she's done? No. Does it explain it so that people can understand why she did it? YES.

"Screwed up in the best possible way" is basically me saying, "You managed to show how twisted Pinkamena is and did a great job of it."

6796190 Oh, I knew what you meant. I was just implying that it could possibly have been interpreted as "the fic sucks, but in a humorous fashion."

Well, I think it's great. Really. I wanted to do a fic for this AU, but I never got up the motivation to do it. Then I read this, and now I got a good 1000 words on my story (my characterization of Pinks is different, though, mostly cause I have my own ideas and I don't wanna rip off of you). I only stopped because suddenly it was 5 AM and I needed to get back on a normal sleep schedule for the new semester.

6796393 I'd love a link to that once it's up.

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