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Queen Umbra lives her life with anger in her heart and spite in her soul. She's tried her hardest to serve the Empire to the best of her ability, yet no one takes her seriously due to a past she had no choice over and a curse that she can barely control. And in the midst of all this, she has forced herself to isolation from others so that none may get hurt.

That is, until happy-go-lucky party planner Bubble Berry comes along.

Now stuck with her annoying ball planner every day until the day of the ball's arrival, Umbra ends up getting caught up in the rambunctious behavior of Bubble. Not that she enjoys it... Right?

Coverart done by: demdoodles on DeviantArt

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TAKE MY YES JUST TAKE ALL OF MY YES *Shoves solidified yes down your throat*

4580008 That's probably dangerous. Solidified yes is highly toxic to humans and probably to ponies as well.

However, it is because of that persona he has created for herself


I noticed that too. Might wanna fix your description, Harmony.

must... resist... urge... to squee. :yay:

I've heard of party crashers, but never a party planning crasher.

That would explain why I'm always seeing people trying to shove all they have onto other people.

4580688 ...You should have them arrested.

Now i want to see someone make a fanart of this where Umbra meets Bubble Berry. :pinkiehappy:

Queen Umbra x Bubble Berry is right next to Eris x Butterscotch
on the shipping level
for me

I cant get Weird Al out of my head. Cant wait for more!

Baby steps but slowly we get to see the change~:heart:

Like, is it illegal to expose yourself to a blind person?

Yes, actually. It's called "mopery".

i know theirs no clop scene but there better be at least an implied sex scene

Oh my god, Bubble is so innocently adorable~

And Umbra needs a hug.

They're on first name basis, that's practically third base! Bubble The Beast!

That was pretty good, reading fan fics like this again felt refreshing.

Love this! :pinkiehappy: just need more please!! :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry: :unsuresweetie: :applecry:

Dark twist: Queen Umbra didn't forget anything. Bubbles simply broke into her room after she fell asleep. :pinkiecrazy:

4820668 You say that as if that wasn't what really happened... :trollestia:

BWAHAHAHAA! Bubble is just great in this chapter.

I wanna see Umbra in pigtails now.:pinkiehappy:

I wonder what else happened last night.:trollestia:

HHhhhhhmmm......... she can remember anything that happened last night she was probably drunk:rainbowlaugh:

I swear if she's pregnant...


That line! That is pure genius!

arlingtonwine.net/images/sites/arlingtonwine/labels/t4516227fo_1.jpg A picture of this should be near the top it would explain everything right away.

Someone draw Umbra with ribbons in her hair! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome story where is them updates

there should be a chapter where his alter ego Berriswainer DaVinci Bubble comes out I totally want to see Umbra's reaction

You have a random colon in the chapter title. Didn't spot any other typos. Good chapter.

Seems to me that Umbra is having the same problem that Nyx had in Past Sins. Umbra is letting others tell her what she's supposed to be/do instead of the other way around. She's the queen. If she likes or doesn't like something, then everypony else can just sod the pluck off!

shout out to my boy elusive also awesome chapter.
Berry be noticing them curves ass man.
get to the sex pls.

How did I not notice that this had updated? First the chase, then long road to friendship, now this... Maybe I need to update my stories less...

Ship this so hard it need FedEx

Umbra's eyes widened. "Oh, sweet Crystal Heart, this isn't going to end well."

Eenope, and I'll be right here, behind my computer screen watching things go to Hell/Tartarus with popcorn, speaking of which, would anyone like any popcorn?


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