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This story is a sequel to The Principal's Project

Forgiveness is a tricky thing to earn. Most people aren't willing to give it, and when you find the rare person who will hand it out like candy, you can never really convince yourself that it's real. This all gets much worse when said forgiveness has the same weight as a royal pardon.

Sunset Shimmer is learning what it's like to be forgiven. But there's someone else who has to learn, right alongside her.

Written for FoME's Imposing Sovereigns contest.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 32 )

Did this Luna try a coup d'etat, or was merely a cat fight over the school?

I love the principal’s project! Look forward to reading Luna and sunset scenes :)

The cell was empty, and Luna was there too.

Hell of a first line.

I need somebody there for her who doesn't remind her about what's happened just by smiling.

"Have you considered smiling less?"
"But Lulu, that would be rude."

Eagerly looking forward to more. This is one heck of a new development to thrust on this Luna.

Happy to see a return to this universe.

Ooh, so nice to see a sequel to The Principal's Project! I'm quite interested to see what happens with Luna and Sunset, and what the story between Luna and Celestia is in this universe. ^_^

So Luna doesn't know about her counterparts sojourn to the moon? The Luna's not talk, or have their imprisonments lasted roughly the same, subjective, length?

Ooh, I liked that story, and am happy to see it continue~!

I'm confused on what the heck was written? what is going on?!

Did you read the previous story or chapter? Makes perfect sense to me.

Well now, Celestia's reaction was surprising. Just how intertwined can the realms be they she is worried about that.

And you've really piqued my interest over just what the Celestia's were doing that drove their Lunas to sororicide.


Wait, Executioner?

On paper, the alicorn is Sol Major. In Luna's mind, she's Celestia-2. Brilliant detail.

"I am Luna dé Sol, Crown Princess of Equestria and Lord High Executioner of the Realm."

Does that make Celestia the Lord High Everything Else?

A part of Luna had absolutely been missing the look of dumbstruck disbelief that she had seen in the eyes of ponies. The fact that this one wasn't about to die only made it better.

Well, that simultaneously raises and answers several questions.

One of the bigger timeslips between the two worlds that I've ever seen, but it does lead to some fascinating drama. Definitely looking forward to more.

Well, this is quite a surprise. :pinkiegasp:

Also, this little mention here?

It was Ne'er-Do-Well all over again.

Hmm... "Ne'er-Do-Well?" Really got me wondering. XD

By all appearances, Celestia was not kidding. She was, however, eating a slice of ham and pineapple pizza.

And to think, they called Luna a monster.

Oh. Oh! Well, that last bit certainly puts Celestia's earlier admonishments in a new context. And she has a point. Even Batman occassionally puts on a funny suit, calls himself Bruce Wayne, and unwinds over a business lunch. I think Sunset and Luna will each be good for the other.


Even Batman occassionally puts on a funny suit, calls himself Bruce Wayne, and unwinds over a business lunch.

That was funny until I realized it's something that I do sometimes.

And then I realized I haven't done that in years.

That is sad.

I am sad.

A twist I didn't see coming. I like it.

That ending... I did NOT see that coming. :pinkiegasp:

But I like it!

Ok... So Sunset is going to fulfill her Celestia's hope, but for the wrong Luna, while also becoming EQG's Robin?


These chapters are very short, but very poignant. I am happy to see this continued.

Given the title and "The fact that this one wasn't about to die only made it better." Our Luna here seems to have a much darker role...

Wow. What a conclusion to this story. I did not expect the plot twist from the previous chapter but I really loved it, and the big scene here between Sunset and Luna was just top-notch. Outstanding work!

I am burning with curiosity about the relationship between the sets of sisters.

I am also confused by the friend bit, as I'm under the impression that this is right after Sunset came through the first time.Or maybe I'm overthinking it and there really are people that walk up to others and say "We're friends now!"

Pretty cool, little shock Luna was a executor...so how is they totally missed the Sirens?

Because Starswirl, pompous showoff jackass that he is, created a random portal in five minutes instead of going through official channels.

The fact that each individual shotgun pellet becomes a fireball makes me wonder what firearm itself looks like on the other side of the mirror.

The meteor shower from "Owl's Well That Ends Well" was what got Cerberus to leave his post? That's a brilliant concept... though it means he was away for an even longer time. Given that, it's a miracle that there were so few escapes.

Magnificent stuff. Luna may have had to be hard with other Equestrians, but she demonstrates here that she can be soft when the need arises. Lovely addition to this world, made all the more so because it implies Sunset never pulled that literal cut-and-paste photomanipulation in the lead-up to the Fall Formal. Thank you for this and best of luck in the judging.

This was a sweet story. Thank you for it.

Are you going to turn this into a series? Seems that there's plenty more that could be added to this AU.

This is such a cool portrayal of what a humanized Luna’s role could be.

Really excellent stuff. Thanks for writing!

Author Interviewer

Just when I thought this couldn't get better!

Author Interviewer

Excuse you, I think you mean "You're all going to love what I have planned for the third story of this trilogy!" >:B

Author Interviewer

God, that first line, though. Still.

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