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hello im Shock Wave, a self made Alicorn princess :)


let me 'splain you a thing · 6:41pm May 7th, 2014

So i've got many ideas for how shock waves story is going to go, but i also have an idea for some other stories. I'm planning on doing multiple short stories for pairings of many fillys and colts. but its up to my readers to decide pairings. it can be coltXcolt, mareXmare, coltXmare, ColtXDraconniquis, mareXdraconniquis, and any other pairing you can think of. it can be regular pairings or pairings noones even thought of, like an older apple bloom and dirpy or something. give me your ideas

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1216298 Most certainly, I'll put you up on my page as one of the great allies of fimfiction if you want :D Just need a pm of your avatar and a link to your favorite music, princess :) *bows again*

1193405 *taps shoulder* is that offer still up for grabs dear sir?

1193273 Yes, most certainly, Princess.

*Bows respectively* *Turns and Trots away*

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