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I love drawing, reading, writing, and killing other people. There's nothing wrong with that, right?


After a long fight against another villian, the Mane 6 take a little celebration in Twilights castle. But what happens when Rainbow's mind is invaded by another evil pony? Will he succeed to take Rainbow Dash with him, or will Rainbow fight until she is reunited with her friends?

Oh and that picture is my art.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 24 )

Kinda rushed but still AWSOME!!!!!
I've only read one other one that I really liked!!
Please more I LOVE IT!!!

Any idea when you will update?

Nice fic! Its not the best ive read but still cool! But don't do a vampire one, im not really keen on them much.

I've actually really entertained this concept in my mind quite a bit - I too enjoy some Sombra x Rainbow Dash. I really like how she continued to resist until it came to hurting her friends. While the story could have a little bit more detail to it, I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter. ^^

Probably in the next week. I got a lot of homework and other stuff in my life to do, and I just don't have enough spare time. So in the next week. :heart:

*swings batons in swinging fashion
Yeah sombra x dash is a rare ship which makes it pretty cool. soarindash and somdash are my favs.
Man my English suck ass.

7277864 LOl
Yeah I love both ships, SoarinDash is my, AND always will be my favorite ship though.:derpytongue2:

It's like the trick Discord did in 'Return of Harmony' and challenged her against Cloudsdale and her friends

Only in this case, he kind of pressured her into one option by hurting the ones she cared about and was willing to choose for - Discord showed Cloudsdale falling apart, but that was more an illusion. Still, the concept is incredibly similar. Very nice you made that connection. :raritystarry:

Sheesh, he's a jerkface. Rather expected of him, though. :ajsleepy:

That spell is going to help at all. :rainbowderp:

7283486 isn't* don't post comments when tried :pinkiesick:

Do you watch the anime Black Butler

You have caught my attention good sir/mam/dr :moustache:
Very good story so far :heart:

Don't you mean don't post comments when tired? Also, I've learned that lesson.
Although mine was me trying to be profound, but failing miserably. I FAILED EVERYONE WHO READ THAT COMMENT!

I've always thought Soar in and Spitfire were more of a couple. Stupid auto correct

Dashed in a crimson colour.

Lol what a pun

This was published a few years ago and it said incomplete, so just in case this gets a new chapter, i’m Going to track it

Jeez, i’m Getting cupcakes vibes with this story, that’s why I’m lovingly this story so far, hope more comes out soon

Please. Do add more. It's really good.

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