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War is at the border of Equestria, Princess Celestia has requested an old tradition. The elements of Harmony are to choose one among them to enter the war, but will that pony be the same once she comes back? Or will that pony even come back alive?

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Needs more work, I can lend a hoof if you wish. :pinkiehappy:


I've been helping proofread but didn't want to change too much in terms of wording. :twilightblush:

Oh, and Princess is spelled with two s's. Fix that in your description. >.>

I dunno... Usually most of the stories have something that catches me... but this story... doesn't have it... Uhm...
I need to think about this...

Pretty good fic, but with it saying "Tragedy" and "Dark" in the tags; it's almost obvious what could happen next.
There's a few paths this could follow.
-Rainbow Dies/gets severely injured
-Rainbow makes a friend who dies/gets severely injured
-Someone(mane 6?) dies/gets severely injured while Rainbow is gone
-Rainbow gets kidnapped
-Someone else gets kidnapped
If I'm wrong, I will be utterly surprised.
Very good story nonetheless, keep writing.

You may want to find a better editor, though.

Done x3>>1135371 It is only the first chapter^^ if you read about 1-2 chapter more and it might set the spark you are interested in^^

Done x3
1135371 It is only the first chapter^^ if you read about 1-2 chapter more and it might set the spark you are interested in^^


As my edditor say "I've been helping proofread but didn't want to change too much in terms of wording. :twilightblush:"

You might be suprised if you keep reading^^

1136450 Meh... let's see where this ends...

yay so glad you added it back! i has been waiting for it to be back :rainbowkiss:

still yet, im intruiged like last time, and cant wait to see where this goes

For one with dyslexia, this is impressive.
Here is a mustache and a Me Gusta.


Thank you very much:twilightsmile:
I don't know if you've been to my page but as it says:moustache:
"I'm a guy with dyslexia, i don't have a problem with getting my ide down on the paper, only to get it correctly down on the paper" :rainbowderp:
So i managed to get a co-writer along to help me get it right :twilightsmile:

I love it I want maor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


The funny thing is the story is finished, I just don't have a pre-reader to fix my grammatical errors:ajsleepy:


Yeah :ajbemused: four of my pre-readers quited..... Not by telling me but by not doing a shit for weeks and don't respond to my messages:applejackconfused:

I will be your pre-reader:twilightsmile:

2098084 Pre-reader and editor? :applejackunsure:

Awesome! When the next chapter comes out :raritywink:?

2117797 The whole story is finished:ajsmug: I'm just going over it once again before i send it to my pre-reader/Editor so it comes out more nicely:twilightsheepish: I'm currently working on chapter 2 as we speak:twilightsmile:

So unbelievable awesome :rainbowkiss:!! Can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:!

2240415 Thank you! :twilightsmile: I'm working on chapter four whenever i have the time :twilightblush:

2281102 Thank you so much:twilightsmile:

Ah yes, the "War is as good as won" declaration.
As history teaches us, it's worth a flying feather.

Waiting for next chapter.

2283547 I'm thinking about making an alter ending:twilightsmile:

Daaaw, awesome Chapter; Like always :rainbowkiss:! Can't wait for more :rainbowdetermined2:!

2287140 stay tuned than :rainbowdetermined2: it won't be too long^^

This chapter was amazing!

Keep up the great work!

2444976 Already working on the next chapter as we speak :raritywink:

Great Chapter, like always :rainbowdetermined2:! But why that damn twist :applecry:? I mean, nothing can take rainbow down :fluttercry:!

2446025 Because if it wasn't any twists it wouldn't be any fun! :pinkiehappy: if you could read out the path in just one chapter what fun would it be :pinkiegasp:

I am actually re-reading this whole thing again just because it's been so long, am I doing okay at editing it, or does it look terrible?

2459672 It's, to quote mlp " it's about 10% cooler" and knowing who that came from it means it is AWESOME! Thanks you again:twilightsmile:

I have given up hope on this story :raritycry:

I have waited so long for a new chapter

2668999 yeah, I'm still eaiting to get it back from my editor:ajbemused: nothing i can do about that:pinkiecrazy:

It's sad to see RD go,but it was amazing!:yay:

2702665 Thank you:twilightsmile: thinking about making a Epilogue:ajsmug:

2702808>>2702808 that would be amazing!:heart:

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