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Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze are living in complete and utter grief. No sooner had their necklaces been destroyed when an incident that they would rather forget comes to occur, destroying the trio and leaving a shattered duo. Through it all, a single girl sets out to make their lives more happy. With something sweet, of course!

Dedicated to all my friends down at Anti-Depression Ponies, and for all of you who feel down sometimes.

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Twilight Sparkle, a magnificent alicorn and now a joint ruler of Equestria, watches quietly as her closest friends all die around her, one by one. However, the more she watches each death occur, one fact nags at the back of her mind: what if her friends deaths aren't just accidents? More occur, then the letters come. They all bear one repeating request. Give up the throne, or watch more ponies close to her die. That is, if Twilight can find the murderer first.
-Inspired by the movie Nonstop.
*I did not put the real murderer in the list of characters in this story. The character tag will be added at the end of the story, to prevent spoilers.*
-Coverart is courtesy of MetaDragonArt on DeviantArt. Thank you!

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Fluttershy loved picking flowers of all kinds, but one day she finds a magic, golden flower hidden in a large patch. She digs it up and takes it home, hoping to add it to her garden. Little does she know that the flower has magic healing powers that could heal an entire changeling army and their queen along with it. Queen Chrysalis sees Fluttershy take the flower and goes after it. But when she arrives at Fluttershy's house, the flower is gone, and all that is left is a sleeping pegasus and yards and yards of pale, pink mane. Chrysalis makes a choice that could be her victory and her destruction.
A semi-darker version of Disney's Tangled, with a few pony twists thrown in. Enjoy!
I do not own Disney or My Little Pony!!!

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Rainbow Dash, after suffering a severe accident involving a high powered fan, refuses to return to the hospital to heal her broken wing. Instead, Twilight takes her in and makes her a potion to heal her wing. In an unfortunate accident, the potion swaps Rainbow's wings for a horn! As Twilight searches for a cure, she tells Rainbow that she may have to live with the horn for a while.

*Thank you to sapoltop on Deviantart for the photo: Uni Dash*
Featured on 6/22/14!!! :D

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Emerald Blast and Cobalt Star are the exact opposite of each other. While Emerald Blast is a loud and proud party stallion, Cobalt Star prefers books and a quiet corner. But when the Princess's Diamond Gala causes them to go into the Canterlot Mine to mine for an extremely rare gem, they're in for a world of surprise.

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