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Prism Shine

Guess who joined the Undertale Trash Can?


One normal day in Ponyville, and idea hits Rarity and she's eager to do it.

Rarity must style Rainbow Dash's delicate hair.

A/N: Look, this was sorta a challenge (Make a story without editing it later) so I honestly give little to no bucks what you think about it. Leave all the constructive criticism and hate you want, because I'm never gonna edit it again.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

Sunset Shimmer's short.

Now, you make me wish there was pic of Rainbow Dash in pigtails.

Sorry, I meant, Haaaa!


Ooh, I might draw it one day. :raritywink:

This felt rushed and unfinished

Eh... I think it was a bit too short.

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